Engagements and Marriages
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Acocks - Broughton. William George Acocks, married Miss Lella Marine Broughton, daughter of Mr H B Broughton and granddaughter to the late Mr Rees Jones and Mr JA Broughton of Tumut, niece to Messrs HR and JT Jones of Taemas, Yass at Hay on Tuesday. Yass Courier 31.3.1896.
Adams - Brierly. William Thomas Adams BA youngest son of Commander Colonel WL Adams USA married Alice Emma Brierly eldest daughter of JW Brierly of Yass on 6.11.1884 at St Bartholomew's Sydney. Yass Courier 25.11.1884.
Adamson - Brown. Mr Thomas Adamson, contractor of the new AJS Bank, married Miss Brown, of Mr Coen's dressmaking department. Yass Courier 12.11.1886.
Addison - Broughton. Mr George Addison, eldest son of Mr Glenworth Addison, Stipendiary Magistrate of Sydney and brother to Mr Glentworth Addison, CPS of Yass married Miss Beatrice Broughton of Rose Lodge Deniliquin, at St Paul's Church Deniliquin on 18.3.1896. Yass Courier 31.3.1896.
Addison - Dodds. Glentworth Addison, second son of Glentworth WF Addison SM, Sydney married Harriet Binning Dodds, second daughter of Henry Dodds of Yass on 26.11.1884 at Yass. Yass Courier 2.12.1884.
Affleck - Cameron. William Affleck of the Royal Hotel married Miss Catherine Cameron of Gininderra at Gundaroo on 21.8.1865. Yass Courier 26.8.1865.
Affleck - Anderson. William Affleck of Gundaroo married Isabella Anderson late of Greenbrae near Sydney at the Royal Mint Sydney on 17.6.1880. Yass Courier 2.7.1880.
Alchin- Pollard. Mr Alchin married Miss Pollard at Jerrawa yesterday. Yass Courier 2.6.1903. In the Yass Courier 9.6.1903 notice saying Miss Pollard who married on Monday last is the daughter of Benjamin Pollard of Jerrawa is the 12th in the family to marry and another 12 remain unmarried.
Allison- Hines. Andrew J Allison of Greenock Scotland, married Bridget Hines the eldest daughter of of Patrick Hines of North Yass on 11.12.1884. Yass Courier 12.12.1884.
Allman - Faunce. Mr Edmund Allman married Miss Faunce Thursday last. Yass Courier 3.4.1883.
Anderson - Cowden. Mr Peter Anderson married Miss Jane Cowden, the eldest daughter of Mr George Cowden of Yass 10.7.1865. Yass Courier 12.7.1865.
Archer - Thatcher. Mr Walter C Archer of Brooklyn Cavan married Miss Rhonda T Thatcher, youngest daughter of Mr John Thatcher of "The Brook" Cavan on 19.1.1904 at St James' Church Sydney. Yass Courier 22.1.1904.
Armour- Morton. Mr Robert Armour married Miss Irene Mopton of "Clifton Vale" Cooradigbee on 14.5.1902. Yass Courier 23.5.1902.
Armstrong - Poplin. John Armstrong Jnr Esq, Government Licensed Surveyor of Creswell near Yass, married at the residence of the bride's parents, Springfield near Yass, Rebecca Poplin, second daughter of James Poplin Esq on the 6.9.1866. Yass Courier 8.9.1866.
Ashby - Smith. Joseph Arion Ashby of Parramatta married Rebecca Smith, youngest daughter of Mr Richard Smith of Walgrove Yass River on 23.2.1871 at Yass. Yass Courier 24.2.1871.
Audubon - Grovenor. William B Audubon son of the late JW Audubon New York USA married Lucy A Grovenor, eldest daughter of the late James Grovenor of Yass, on 12.5.1885 at the Grange. Yass Courier 22.5.1885.
Ayling - Robinson. George Alma Ayling, eldest son of Thos Ayling Esq of Wandsworth Goulburn married Martha Robinson, third daughter of JA Robinson Esq of Manton's Creek Yass, at the residence of the bride's mother, Alfred House, Queen Street, Newtown, Sydney on 12.3.1878. Yass Courier 22.3.1878.
Bailey - Paterson. William Henry Bailey third son of Mr William Bailey of Berebanglo married Margery Paterson eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Paterson of Berebanglo at the Wesleyan Parsonage Gunning on 10.9.1875. Yass Courier 14.9.1875.
Barber - Murray. George William Barber second son of Samuel Barber Esq married Miss Annie Maria Murray, eldest daughter of the late Jeremiah Murray Esq, formerly of Campbelltown by special license at Bowning. Yass Courier 22.1.1859.
Barber -Brassil. Mr George Barber son of Mr G Barber of Boambolo, married Miss Ellen Brassil daughter of the late J Brassil at the residence of Mrs J Brassil "Clairmont" on 21.6.1899. Yass Courier 30.6.1899.
Barber - Hume. Robert Alfred Barber, the sixth son of the late George Barber Esq of Glenrock Argyle, married Frances Margaret Hume, seventh daughter of FR Hume Esq of Castlesteads Burrowa on 28.4.1869. Yass Courier 4.5.1869.
Barber - Turner. Robert Alfred Barber the sixth son of the late George Barber Esq of Glenrock Argyle married Mary Lucretia Turner, the only daughter of Thomas Turner Esq of North Yass on 3.1.1872 at Yass. Yass Courier 9.1.872.
Barber - Hosford. Mr Samuel Barber Esq married Sophia Floyd Hosford, second eldest daughter of the late Jonathon Hosford Esq from the city of Cork Ireland and relict of the late Thomas Whiteside Esq, both of Parramatta on 7.1.1871 at St Nichol's Church Surrey Hills Sydney. Yass Courier 17.1.1871.
Bartlett - Grovenor. James Bartlett of Prospect Hall Ashfield married Isabella Grovenor relict of the late James Grovenor of Yass at All Saints Church Petersham on 8.9.1881. Yass Courier 17.9.1881.
Bartlett- Styles. James Herbert Bartlett only son of James Bartlett of Prospect Hall, Summer Hill Sydney married Mary Isabelle (Minnie) Styles eldest daughter of JTA Styles JP on 14.10.1885 at the residence of the bride's parents North Yass. Yass Courier 23.10.1885.
Bates - Webb. Mr Edwin W Bates, eldest son of George Bates Esq of Yass, married Edna Webb, third daughter of Mr William Webb, sister to Lotty Webb of Fairlight, in Queanbeyan on 25.4.1905. Yass Courier 12.5.1905.
Bayley - Gunn. John Bayley eldest son of Mr Thomas Bayley of Chain of Ponds married Emily Gunn, fourth daughter of Mr William Gunn of Bloomsbury, Chain of Ponds at the Wesleyan Church Gunning on 28.3.1877. Yass Courier 30.3.1877.
Beamont - Besnard. John Thomas Beamont of Cooroorah Rockhampton married Sarah Pope Besnard, the third daughter of NR Besnard Esq JP of Kangiaroo near Yass at the residence of the bride's father on 11.9.1869. Yass Courier 17.9.1869.
Bedford - Pembrooke. Charles Scott Bedford the eldest son of Mr E Bedford of Normanton, York, England married Maria Kate Pembrooke, third daughter of the late Mr SR Pembrooke, Yass at the residence of the bride's mother on 4.11.1884. Yass Courier 7.11.1884.
Bell - Grovenor. John Bell, at the residence of Mr H Saxby Esq of Gunning on 9.4.1866 married Elizabeth Grovenor, relict of the late William Grovenor of Gunning. Yass Courier 14.4.1866.
Benjamin - Hart. Lewis Benjamin the eldest son the the late Mr Henry Benjamin of London married Deborah Hart the second daughter of Mr Henry Hart of Yass on 14.5.1865 at the residence of the bride's parents. Yass Courier 20.5.1865.
Bennett - Lloyd. Thomas Bennett of Jugiong married Jane Eliza Lloyd the eldest daughter of Frederick Charles Llyod of Burrowa at St Clement's Church Yass. Yass Courier 18.1.1865.
Besnard - Heron. Peter Besnard of Euabindal married Jane Heron, niece of NR Besnard Esq JP of Kangiaroo and the second daughter of the late John Besnard Jnr Esq JP of Cork Ireland, at Kangiaroo on 15.9.1864. Yass Courier 8.10.1864.
Besnard - Mackintosh. Thomas Besnard the fourth son of the late NR Besnard of Kangiaroo married Annie Mackintosh, the second daughter of the late RC Mackintosh, formerly the Manager of the AJS Bank of Yass at Yass on 5.9.1883. Yass Courier 21.9.1883.
Best - Line. Henry Thomas Best the youngest son of Robert Best Esq, Albert Vale Gunning married Emma Maria Line, the eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Harrington Line of Gunning at Gunning on 10.2.1874. Yass Courier 17.2.1874.
Best - Paterson. Peter Alfred Best Esq married Margaret Paterson of Gunning on 24.9.1868 at the residence of Dr Lowe of Gunning. Yass Courier 29.9.1868.
Best - Hannah. Mr Samuel Gilbert Best, son of Mr Best of Tangmangaroo, now living at "Ravensworth", Singleton married Isabella Hannah, daughter of Joseph Hannah of Sydney and late of Vineleigh, at Nubba on Wednesday. Yass Courier 28.4.1905.
Beveridge - Caldwell. Mr James Beveridge Esq of Wantabadgery married Miss Jane Caldwell, second eldest daughter of Steel Caldwell Esq on 14.4.1862 at Moombucca Bland. Yass Courier 30.4.1862.
Beveridge - Colls. John Smeil Beveridge of Sydney married Mary Jane Colls, youngest daughter of Thomas Colls Esq of Albury late of Yass at St John's Church West Melbourne on 31.3.1877. Yass Courier 6.4.1877.
Blennerhassett - Chute In Dublin Miss Rowena Chute of County Kerry Ireland, sued Mr John Blennerhassett, a magistrate and gentleman for damages of four thousand pounds for breach of promise. She was awarded one thousand pounds. Yass Courier 24.2.1866.
Bole - Grimes. John Bole, Railway Department Sydney married Elizabeth Matilda Marchant Grimes, only daughter of HJ Grimes at Lucerne Vale Yass on 14.7.1897 at the residence of the bride's parents. Yass Courier 21.7.1897.
Bonynge - Daley. Thomas Bonynge the second son of Thomas Riley Bonynge Esq of Betaghstown Kildare, Ireland married Miss Jannette Daley, third daughter of Mr J J Daley of Yass by special licence in Yass on 4.12.1866. Yass Courier 12.12.1866.
Borman - Carter. Mr Alfred Borman of North Yass married Miss Jean Carter daughter of Mr James Carter on Wednesday last. Yass Courier 25.9.1903.
Boulding - Robinson. Mr Edward Boulding married Miss Jessie Robinson, daughter of William Robinson of Sutton Grange at Bowning on Wednesday last. Yass Courier 6.8.1897.
Boyes - Kerby. James Irvine Boyes of Sweaburg married at Christ Church Longford Tasmania by Rev Alfred Stackhouse to Grace Antoinette Kerby, sixth daughter of the late William Jerby Esq of London on 31.5.1866. Yass Courier 16.6.1866.
Bourke - Malony. Mr C Bourke of Adelong Quartz Reef married Mary Malony the eldest daughter of Mr Daniel Malony of Maryborough Victoria and late of Dundalk, Ireland, at Tumut on 7.7.1859. Yass Courier 13.8.1859
Bourne - Wall. Amos Walter Bourne fourth son of Walter Bourne of Kent England married Ellen Helena Wall, eldest daughter of William Wall of Limestone Creek Bowning on 27.1.1886 at St Bernard's Church Botany. Yass Courier 12.3.1886.
Bowler - Fennell. John Charles Bowler Esq of Billabong, Ten Mile Creek married Miss Ellen Lucy Fennell second daughter of Mr Patrick Fennell of Wagga in Wagga 16.4.1860. Yass Courier 28.4.1860.
Boyton - Masters. Mr John Boyton, formerly of Bowning married Miss Emma Masters, only daughter of Robert Masters of Sutton Grange at Bowning on Boxing Day. Yass Courier 31.12.1901.
Bradford - Downey. William the eldest son of JJ Bradford, St Kilda Melbourne married Elizabeth Margaret Downey the youngest daughter of the late WH Downey late of Yass NSW at All Saints, Wickham Terrace on 18.4.1874. Yass Courier 15.5.1874.
Brander - Milne. Andrew G Brander of Yass married Annie Milne, second daughter of Mr James Milne of Clifton Hill Coolamon, Wagga Wagga at the residence of the bride's parents on 1.3.1894. Yass Courier 6.3.1894.
Brennan - Murray. Charles Joseph, the eldest son of Inspector Brennan of Yass married May M (Lena) Murray the second daughter of Charles Murray View Street Annandale, late of Avondale Milton at Leichhardt on 13.2.1889. Yass Courier 1.3.1889
Brewer - Grogan. Samuel Brewer, son of the late John Brewer RN married Mary Grogan of the Rock of Cashel, Yass, in St Mary's Cathedral Sydney on 16.10.1869. Yass Courier 19.10.1869.
Brice - Costley. Thos J Brice of Bristol England married Mary Ann Costley the eldest daughter of C Costley of Yass on 22.7.1885 at the residence of the bride's father. Yass Courier 14.8.1885.
Brigstocke - Howell. Charles Arthur Brigstocke, eldest son of the late Rev. CF Brigstocke Yass married Florence Jessie Howell sixth daughter of the late William Howell Esq of Llangrove Burrowa at Yass on 9.2.1876. Yass Courier 15.2.1876.
Brigstocke - Howell. William Henry Brigstocke second son of the late Rev. CF Brigstocke of Yass married Sarah Jane Howell fourth daughter of the late William Howell of Llangrove at Yass on 20.12.1876. Yass Courier 22.12.1876.
Brodie - Tucker. George Gray Brodie CPS of Murrumburrah married Eliza Mary Frances Tucker, youngest daughter of the late JE Tucker of Sydney and niece of Dr Blake, Shantella Yass, at Yass on 29.1.1877. Yass Courier 13.2.1877.
Broughton - Jones. Mr Henry Bingham Broughton of Hiawatha married Elizabeth Ann Jones, eldest daughter of Mr Rees Jones of Taemas, Murrumbidgee on 28.12.1869 at Taemas. Yass Courier 4.1.1870.
Broughton - Williams. Lachlan Wentworth Broughton, son of the late John Archer Broughton of Deniliquin married Susie Williams, third daughter of the late George Llewellyn Williams of Yass on 21.4.1887 at Yass. Yass Courier 10.5.1887.
Brown - Bryan. Mr Simon Brown, widower of Gunning married Mrs Ann Frances Bryan widow at Gunning on 5.7.1864, both were from Frankfield NSW. Yass Courier 9.7.1864.
Brown - Crago. Mr E Brown of Dalton married Miss Crago, daughter of Petheric Crago of Yass Flour Mills. Yass Courier 27.8.1886.
Brown - Mitchell. Stephen Brown fifth son of Mr W Brown of Dalton married Isabel Mitchell the eldest daughter of Mr R Mitchell of Picton at Dalton on 12.2.1875. Yass Courier 16.2.1875.
Brown - Smith. Thom Brown the son of Mr T Brown of Wesley Vale married Emma Smith, the daughter of Mr G Smith on 30.6.1864 at Wesley Vale. Yass Courier 9.7.1864.
Brown - Jones. William J Brown Solicitor of Brisbane married Marion Maud Jones the youngest daughter of Rees Jones of Taemas, Yass atYass on 20.3.1876. Yass Courier 28.3.1876.
Buckland - Barrett. Mr Alfred Buckland, Night Officer of Yass married Miss Grace Barrett, eldest daughter of Mr Barrett last Wednesday at Yass. Yass Courier 24.10.1902.
Buckmaster - Hillier. Jas Buckmaster of "Chiltern" married Miss Hillier second daughter of Thomas Hillier of "The Gap" on Wednesday afternoon at Yass. Yass Courier 14.8.1903.
Bullen - Webster. Mr Henry Bullen, teacher of the Public School Cavan married Miss Webster daughter of Mr Arthur Webster of Bloomfield Murrumbidgee on Thursday. Yass Courier 27.4.1886.
Bundock - Archer. Arthur Bundock, fifth son of William Bundock, contractor of Naranderra married Ethel? Archer, oldest daughter of John Archer of Warro at Cherry Hills Waroo on 27.6.1894. Yass Courier 29.6.1894.
Burke - Potter. Mr John Burke of Cavan married Miss Frances Potter eldest daughter of John Potter of "Moss Vale" Cavan at Yass. Yass Courier 11.7.1903.
Burnaby - Scott. Mrs AE daughter of the late Lord Delemore divorced husband on grounds of adultery with the Lady Sophie Scott daughter of Earl Cardogan, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Yass Courier 6.12.1901.
Burne - Thomson. Mr O T Burne, son of Alfred Burne of Darlinghurst married Lizzie Thomson daughter of George Thomson of Yass. Yass Courier 10.7.1900.
Cad(g)e - Williams. Joseph W Cad(g)e married Jane Williams on 13.11.1866 in Yass. Yass Courier 22.12.1866.
Calvert - Atkinson. JS Calvert Esq JP of Cavan married Louisa Atkinson, the youngest daughter of the late James Atkinson Esq JP of Oldbury on 11.3.1869 at Oldbury. Yass Courier 19.3.1869
Cameron - McDonald. Mr Donald Cameron of Ginninderra married Elizabeth McDonald, the eldest daughter of Mr Alexander McDonald of Woodlands Gundaroo at the residence of the bride's parents on 23.4.1868. Yass Courier 29.4.1868.
Campbell - Pearson. Henry Fifield Campbell, the second son of Dr A Campbell of Yass married Augusta Jessie Pearson eldest daughter of RW Pearson, Manager of the Commercial Bank Yass, on 29.8.1884. Yass Courier 26.9.1884.
Campbell - Harrigan. Mr W Campbell, youngest son of the late Dr Campbell, JP, married Miss Marcella Harrigan, eldest daughter of Mrs Coady of Waroo at Yass on Wednesday. TJ Sheekey was groomsman and the bride was given away by her stepfather Mr Coady, Miss Brassil, a cousin and Miss Wade were bridesmaids. The couple left by train to live in Adelaide. Yass Courier 10.4.1896.
Carpenter - Howell. Horatio Carpenter, second son of the late Edward Carpenter Esq, Long Court, Shroud, Gloucestershire, England married Miss Lydia Howell, the eldest daughter of the late John James Howell Esq of Arstone Forest County King at Cobbitty on 15.1.1861. Yass Courier 26.1.1861.
Casey - Ryan John Casey, the only son of Thomas Casey married Bridget Ryan, the youngest daughter of Richard Ryan, both of Yass on 13.5.1872. Yass Courier 17.5.1872.
Cassidy - Hayes. Mr John Cassidy of Burrowa married Miss Mary Hayes niece of Mr and Mrs P Johnson of Yass last Wednesday afternoon at Yass. Yass Courier 29.4.1898.
Caswell - Barber. Mr Charles Caswell Licensed Surveyor of Lismore married Miss Barber, eldest daughter of Thos Barber Esq JP of Oak Hill North Yass at Oak Hill. Yass Courier 1.5.1888.
Chambers - Weatherby Mr Randal Chambers married Miss Letitia Weatherby of North Yass at 11 o'clock Wednesday last in Yass. Yass Courier 19.9.1902.
Chambers - Cooney. Mr Solomon J Chambers of Lambing Flat married Miss Mary Cooney of Jugiong on Sunday last. Yass Courier 18.3.1863.
Chapman - Crocker. Mr George Chapman, eldest son of Benjamin Chapman of Bell Vale, married Miss Elizabeth Crocker of Yass, at the residence the the bride's parents on Monday 11.10.1897. Yass Courier 22.10.1897
Clancy - Hinds. Mr James Clancy third son of Mr P Clancy, Clear Hills married Miss JM Hinds, eldest daughter of Mr T Hinds Esq of Moorefield, Gunning. Yass Courier 29.11.1887.
Clarke - Johnstone. Mr W Clarke of Wagga, eldest son of Mr W Clarke of Wagga married Miss J Johnstone, third daughter of Mr W Johnstone of Coolalie n Yass on 23.12.1891. Yass Courier 1.1.1892.
Clifford - Stuart. Mr MJ Clifford of Ballina, late of Yass married Emmie Stuart, daughter of Mr Jas Stuart of Coolalie near Yass at St Mary's Erskinville Sydney. Yass Courier 12.4.1904.
Coen - Dwyer. Mr Michael (King) Coen of Cooma Street Yass, brother to Joseph Coen, married Miss Bessie Dwyer daughter of Michael Dwyer of Murrumburrah on the 5.2.1902 at Ashfield by Rev Father O'Reilly assisted by Rev Father Alphonsus (brother of the groom). Yass Courier 14.2.1902.
Coggan - Cowden. Phillip Coggan, second son of Thomas Coggan of Jugiong married Elizabeth Cowden, daughter of George Cowden of Bowning at the residence of the bride's parents, Bowning on 13.10.1880 by Rev. Robert Jackson. Yass Courier 15.10.1880.
Coggan - Lloyd. William Coggan, first son of Mr Thomas Coggan, of Cooney's Creek married Elizabeth Mary Lloyd, first daughter of Mr Francis Lloyd of Jugiong on 25.8.1865 at Coolac. Yass Courier 6.9.1865.
Coleman - Coleman - Money. Jemima Coleman was charged with bigamy in Goulburn she was aged 42 years and married William Money when she was still married to Charles Coleman. She married Coleman at the aged of 14 years and believed that the separation papers were her divorce papers. Yass Courier 13.4.1883.
Collier - Collier. Kate Ann Collier filed for divorce from Henry Collier. They were married North Shore Sydney 6.11.1890 and lived at Gunning NSW . Owned a shop. She had not seen him for four years and divorced on the grounds of desertion. Granted custody of the children. Yass Courier 23.11.1900.
Collins - Hore. Mr John P Collins of the Roads Department Albury formerly of Yass married Miss Mary Hore daughter of Mrs Thomas Hore of Cumberoona House Macauley Street Albury on Tuesday 24.2.1903 at St Patrick's Church. Brother, Patrick Hore gave the bride away and bridesmaid was Miss Tilly Hore. Best man Mr FW Tietyens. Yass Courier 3.3.1903.
Colls - Regan. Alfred Thomas Colls, eldest son of Thomas Colls Esq Mayor of Yass married Sarah Regan eldest daughter of the late Denis Regan Esq of Curruburrima near Young at Young on 13.5.1875 . Yass Courier 14.5.1875. (See below)
Colls - Regan. Alfred Thomas Colls, eldest son of Thomas Colls Esq, Mayor of Yass married Sarah Regan the eldest daughter of the late Denis Regan Esq of Curruburrima near Young by special licence at St John's Church Young on 13.5.1875. Yass Courier 14.5.1875. Another notice on 18.5.1875 states the late Denis Ryan Esq of Burrangong and the couple were married at Burrangong near Yass. by special license.
Colls - Tout. John Richard Colls, second son of Thomas Colls Esq of Yass married Mary Ann Tout, the only daughter of the late James Tout Esq and stepdaughter of Carls Marina Esq, Moppity, Young at Young by special license on 8.10.1874. Yass Courier 13.10.1874.
Colls - Pearson. John Richard Colls, second son of Thomas Colls Esq JP, Mayor of Yass married Emily Florence Pearson the second daughter of RW Pearson Esq, Manager of the Commercial Bank Yass at Gunning on the 20.9.1882. Yass Courier 26.9.1882.
Colls. Mr and Mrs Thomas Colls of Albury Villa North Yass celebrated their Golden Wedding. Yass Courier 14.2.1893.
Conningham - Conningham. Arthur Conningham, married 11.3.1893 in Sydney filed for divorce from Alice Stanfind Conningham nee Dowling. Yass Courier 5.4.1901.
Cook - Wilson. Mr Cook, a teacher at Manton's Creek Public School married Miss Wilson , daughter of Henry Wilson of Yass River last Wednesday. Yass Courier 19.9.1902.
Coppin - Hodgson. Herbert Owen Coppin, second son of Christopher Coppin of Eel Creek Station, North West married Sophia Abbott Hodgson, youngest daughter of the late William Hodgson of Yass on 4.4.1904 at St John's Church Perth. Yass Courier 2.6.1904.
Cotter - Murray. Mr TW Cotter of "Fairmount" Breadalbane married Miss M Murray of "Violet Hill" near Gunning, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs D Murray on Wednesday 7.10.1903, in the Roman Catholic Church. Yass Courier 16.10.1903.
Coulter - Smith. Mr C Coulter married Mary Smith on Wednesday last in Yass on Wednesday last. Yass Courier 22.9.1905.
Cowden - Jones. Mr James Cowden of Bulawayo South Africa youngest son of George Cowden of Harden, formerly of Yass married Miss Elizabeth (Doll) Jones eldest daughter of Mr Charles Jones Cooma Street Yass in the Wesleyan Church. Bridesmaids, Misses Tot, Harriett, Margaret and Maria Jones and Miss Reid of Murrumburrah and Temora (cousins) and the best man Tom Jones. Left by boat for South Africa. Yass Courier 7.2.1899.
Cox - Crossley Mr John Cox Jnr, son of Robert Cox of Limestone Creek married Jane Crossley the second eldest daughter of Mr J Crossley of Wargiela on 2.1.1865 by special licence, at the bride's father's house. Yass Courier 25.1.1865.
Crago - Steer. Mr Albert Crago, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Petherick Crago married Miss Ethel Steer, second daughter of Mr and Mrs R Steer, sister to Millie and William of Bowning at Bowning on Wednesday. Yass Courier 22.4.1904.
Crocker - Battye. Mr Herbert David Crocker second son of Mr WW Crocker of Paddington married Matilda Maude Battye, second daughter of Mr EJ Battye of Yass at St Thomas' Church Balmain on 10.10.1892. Yass Courier 15.11.1892.
Cromby - Wotton. Mr Cromby, Manager of Union Bank of Australasia at Burrowa married Miss Wotton, daughter of Mr WJE Wotton, Police Magistrate of Burrowa on Tuesday. Yass Courier 15.7.1887.
Crozier - Gold. Frederick William Crozier the second son of Henry Robert Crozier Esq of 25 Upper Gloucester Place, Dorset Square married Eleanor Roberta Gold the second daughter of Major General CE Gold on 10.3.1864 at Marylebone Church London by Rev Phillip Melanthon Holden rector of Upminster Essex. Yass Courier 11.6.1864.
Crundwell - Benfield. Mr Edward Crundwell of Gunning married Miss Ruth Lillian Benfield, daughter of Mr Benfield of Fish River. Yass Courier 3.11.1891.
Cullan - Gill. Andrew Cullan the sixth son of John Cullan Esq Balrath Meath Ireland married Mary Agnes Gill the only surviving daughter of the late M Gill Esq MD Galway, on 13.12.1863 by special license at Burrowa. Yass Courier 23.12.1863.
Curtis - Massey. Miss Hettie Curtis youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs James Curtis of Adelong, at her parents residence "Adelong House" married Mr Charles WH Massey of Yass. Miss Curtis was bridesmaid and Mr Hugh Stewart of Yass was best man. Yass Courier 12.5.1903.
Massey - Curtis. Mr Charles Massey of Yass married Miss Hettie Curtis. Yass Courier 21.4.1903.
Cusack - Cassidy. Mr John Cusack of Yass married Miss Minnie Cassidy of Good Hope on Easter Monday at 6 am in St Augustine's Church Yass. Yass Courier 15.4.1898.
Dalley - Sherbin. Richard B Dalley the youngest son of John Dalley Esq of Macquarie Street Sydney married Mary Anne Sherbin the youngest daughter of the late George Sherbin of Camperdown on 8.6.1868 at St Benedict's Church. Yass Courier 27.6.1868.
Davies - Gourlay. Wm John Davies married Jeannie Buckland Gourlay, niece of Mr James Buckland, timber merchant of Yass on 27.8.1890 at Wollongong NSW. Yass Courier 9.9.1890.
Davis - Cooksey. George Davis Esq of Topsham Devon, Inland Revenue Officer married Fanny Teswell Cooksey from Kidderminster, cousin of Mr James M Wincote of Yass NSW at St George's Church Kidderminster, England on 21.8.1877 by Rev. WE Thompson. Yass Courier 20.11.1877.
Davis - Webster. Mr George Davis Jnr of Murrumbateman married Miss Minnie Webster youngest daughter of David Webster last Tuesday. Yass Courier 14.2.1902.
Davis - Goodyer. Mr Henry Davis married Miss Lily Goodyer, second daughter of Mr James Goodyer at the residence of the bride's parents, Wargiela, on Tuesday 13.7.1897. Full description given. Yass Courier 20.7.1897.
Davis - Collins. Nathan Mandelson Davis second eldest son of David Davis Esq of Young and second eldest grandson of Nathan Mandelson Esq late of Goulburn married Phoebe Collins the eldest daughter of Abraham Collins Esq of Sydney at the bride's parent's residence at 459 Pitt Street Sydney on 23.8.1876. Yass Courier 29.8.1876.
Dawes - Duff. Miss Mary Dawes fourth daughter of William Dawes of Murrumbidgee married to Michael Duff, the second son of James Duff. Yass Courier 26.10.1900.
Deane - Arnold. William Roland Deane, son of BB Deane Esq JP of Ballydevane House Clonakilty Cork Ireland, married Edith Margaret Arnold, youngest daughter of Eugene Arnold, Chemist late of Guernsey Channel Islands on 9.3.1886 at Wollahra Sydney. Yass Courier 12.3.1886,
Dee - Daley. Mr Thomas William Hamilton Dee, son of the late Rev Thomas Dee of No 20 Rutland Square North Dublin married Christina Daley, second eldest daughter of Mr JJ Daley of Yass on 23.5.1861. Yass Courier 29.5.1861.
Delahenty - Hobbs. Michael Joseph Delahenty, eldest son of Michael Delahenty Esq of Springdallah Victoria married Mary Ann Hobbs, fourth daughter of the late William Hobbs Esq of Wollongong at Berremangra on 4.9.1877. Yass Courier 25.9.1877.
Dewdney - Tucker. George W Dewdney of Lismore married Mary Theresa Tucker, eldest daughter of JE Tucker and niece of Dr Blake on 25.10.1884 at Petersham. Yass Courier 25.11.1884.
Dickinson - McBean. Mr Samuel Thorton Dickinson the eldest son of the Rev ST Dickinson married Miss Jennie McBean eldest daughter of Mr W McBean of Spring Mount Wednesday last in the Presbyterian Church. The bride was given away by her brother Mr Alexander McBean and Mr Alexander (Sandy) Dickinson was best man. Yass Courier 31.3.1899.
Donald - Cowden. James Lee Donald of Yass married Isabella Cowden of Yass at Limestone Creek on 10.7.1877 by Rev. W Gardner. Yass Courier 13.7.1877.
Donnelly - McFarland. Napoleon Donnelly of Felton Queensland married Marion McFarland, the eldest daughter of Mr Charles McFarland of Hagerty Point Murrumbidgee River near Yass by special license at Yass on 14.1.1878. Yass Courier 18.1.1878.
Dowling - Bush. Mr Robert Dowling Jnr of Piercefield by Jerrawa married Miss Mary Ann Bush of Frankfield Jerrawa River, near Dalton, parish of Gunning on 11.12.1865 in Wooden Church of Immanuel on Jerrawa. Yass Courier 27.12.1865.
Drummond - Hall. James Drummond eldest son of the late T Drummond of Bookham NSW married Katherine Hall, youngest daughter of Mr T Hall of Wallan Wallan, at Wallan Wallan Victoria on 24.5.1877. Yass Courier 1.6.1877.
Duff - Jordon. Charles Duff, youngest son of Mrs James Duff of Yeumburra married Miss Jordon, daughter of Mr Richard Jordon of Jeir near Yass at Yass. Yass Courier 17.2.1905.
Duff - Hayes. Mr Peter Duff, fourth son of Mr J Duff of Yeumburrah married Mary Louisa Hayes, eldest daughter of Mr Horace Hayes of "Woodoomby" Jeir on Wednesday last at Yass. Yass Courier 2.9.1904.
Duff - Johns. Miss Duff eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs James Duff of West Yeumberra married William Johns, son of John Johns of Sydney. Yass Courier 26.10.1900.
Duffy - Cassidy. Mr James Duffy youngest son of James Duffy of Good Hope married Miss Sarah Cassidy third daughter of Peter Cassidy at Yass Wednesday, brother John Cassidy gave the bride away. Sisters Kate and May Cassidy bridesmaids and John Grace best man. Yass Courier 6.2.1903.
Duffy - Cassidy. Mr James Duffy eldest son of James Duffy of Good Hope married Miss Cassidy, second daughter of Mr Cassidy at Wednesday afternoon, Mr James Duffy Jnr was best man. The wedding breakfast was held at Mr Johnson's Hotel. Yass Courier 28.6.1895.
Dunn - Goslett. William Dunn of Nanama married Miss Sarah Goslett of Gundaroo, at Gundaroo on 1.3.1869. Yass Courier 5.3.1869.
Dwyer - Cass. William Dwyer third son of MA Dwyer of Burrowa Hills married to Miss Bridget Cass eldest daughter of Edward Cass of Evergreen Douglas on Tuesday. Yass Courier 24.9.1901
Dyball - Faulder. Miss Louisa Dyball married Mr C Faulder last Wednesday evening in Yass. Yass Courier 14.3.1902.
Elliott - Cox. David James Elliott, eldest son of the late Henry Elliot, watchmaker of Yass married Agnes SM Cox the youngest daughter of the late S Cox, Mathematical Professor of Carlow College and Head Master of Grammar School Limerick Ireland at Cootamundra on 15.12.1881. Yass Courier 17.12.1881.
Elliot - Wood. Henry Elliot, a watchmaker married Margaret Wood, eldest daughter of Mr James Wood, Clothier of Yass on 7.7.1857. Yass Courier 11.7.1857.
Elworthy - Large. Mr JB Elworthy married Henrietta Sophia Jane Large the third daughter of William Large Esq MD on 6.4.1865 at Tumut. No Cards. Yass Courier 12.4.1865.
Eustace - Ducker. Mr FWL Eustace married Mrs Helena Ducker, widow of the late Captain Alexander Ducker of Sydney on Monday 15.4.1861 at Yass Yass Courier 20.4.1861.
Evans - Colvin. John Evans the eldest son of J Westropp Green Evans Esq of Carker House Donerculi Ireland married Elizabeth Colvin, third daughter of Mr G Colvin of Yass on 6.1.1886 at the residence of the bride's parents. Yass Courier 8.1.1886.
Evenis - Plunkett. Mr William Henry Evenis married Elizabeth Ann Plunkett the third daughter of Mr E Plunkett of Binalong on 2.8.1864 at South Yass . Yass Courier 6.8.1864.
Fahey - Fitzgerald. Mr Patrick Martin Fahey of Aurora Terrace Wellington New Zealand, the second son of the late Edward Fahey Esq Ballaylean, Ormond View and Cappycurra and nephew to present William Fahey Esq of Ballaylean, Cappycurra, in the parish of Taynagh County Galway Ireland, married Margaret Fitzgerald the eldest daughter of the late John Fitzgerald Esq of Milora, Lachlan District NSW on 9.9.1861 at St Clement's Church Yass. Yass Courier 21.9.1861.
Fahy - Ovens. Amelia Fahy aged 35 of Burrowa filed for breach of contract for marriage against Henry Ovens 8.18.1893. She claimed five hundred pounds for cattle he had stolen but was granted only one hundred pounds. Yass Courier 26.3.1901
Faunce - Everett. Mr A Faunce the eldest son of Rev Canon Faunce married Miss Everett of Corowa. Master M Faunce was best man and Miss Styles of North Yass was bridesmaid. Yass Courier 10.11.1899.
Faunce - Saunders. Mr Robert Faunce third son of Rev Canon Faunce married Miss Saunders eldest daughter of Sergeant Saunders of Campbelltown at Yass on Wednesday morning last. Bridesmaid Miss Muriel Payne. Yass Courier 17.2.1899.
Fisher - Seddon. Mr Samuel Fisher married Martha Seddon, relict of the late Mr Joseph P Seddon of Islington England on 10.5.1865 at Samuel's residence near Burrowa by Rev WH Pownall. Yass Courier 20.5.1865.
Fitzpatrick - v - Fitzpatrick. John James Fitzpatrick, Sergeant of Police at Windsor, born in Dublin and married 30.3.1861, with 8 children, filed for divorce from his wife Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, native of Burrowa, on the grounds of adultery. Edward McPhee was a constable boarding with the couple at the time and was named as the other party. Divorce granted. Yass Courier 6.11.1877.
Fitzgerald - Shine. Mr Daniel Fitzgerald of Long Gully married Honora Shine, daughter of Mr C Shine of Connorville Kangiaroo Creek on 22.5.1871 at Yass. Yass Courier 26.5.1871.
Fitzgerald - Briggs. Mr William Fitzgerald of Bowning married Miss Briggs of Bowning at Yass. Miss Hinds of Goulburn was bridesmaid and Mr Thomas Briggs best man. Yass Courier 13.1.1893.
Flatman - Alldis. Mr Edward Henry Flatman, son of William Flatman Esq Norfolk England and brother to JC Flatman Esq BA Essex England married Louisa Alldis, the eldest daughter of Henry Alldis Esq Baldhill Cottage Burrowa, by special licence at the bride's father's residence on 19.7.1864. Yass Courier 27.7.1864.
Florence - Pinkstone. James EA Florence of Coolamon, son of Dr Florence of Cootamundra married Eliza Pinkstone, daughter of Fred Pinkstone of Cootamundra on Thursday. Yass Courier 28.4.1905.
Foley - McMahon. Mr M Foley of the Railway Department, second son of Mr Michael Foley of Gunning married Miss Maggie McMahon of Barbers Creek, near Marulan, at Bundanoon , on Monday 24.8.1903. Yass Courier 8.9.1903.
Franklin - Lampe. John Maurice Franklin of Brindabella married Susannah Margaret Eleanor Lampe, eldest daughter of the late Oltman Lampe of Talbingo Tumut on the 26.11.1878 at the residence of the bride's mother. Yass Courier 3.1.1879.
Fraser - Howard Mr J Fraser of Gundaroo, Storekeeper, married to Emma Howard the third daughter of Mr John Howard of Goulburn in Yass on the 1.1.1859. Yass Courier 22.1.1859
Frost - Bain. Mr John Frost of near Yass married Miss Louie Bain, third daughter of John Bain of Barber's Creek near Yass, on Wednesday last. Yass Courier 25.8.1899.
Gallagher - Halloran. Mr John Ambrose Gallagher married Miss Elizabeth Bridget Halloran, both of Yass at Yass on 7.2.1859 by special license. Yass Courier 19.2.1859.
Galley - Howard. Edmund Galley married Jane Howard at Mount Pleasant Illalong Station on 11.6.1875. Yass Courier 18.6.1875.
Gardner - Wilson. Rev. William Gardner BA of Yass married Agnes Bow Wilson, daughter of the late A Wilson of Glasgow Scotland at Goulburn on 6.2.1877 by Rev AM Tout, brother-in-law to the bride. Yass Courier 9.3.1877.
Garner - Young. John Garner of Vale View Yass married Elizabeth Young, sixth daughter of the late Mr George Young, builder, formerly of Paddington, London and late of Sydney, at 124 William Street Sydney, the residence of Mr George Swyng, brother-in-law of the bride on 16.8.1880. Yass Courier 28.9.1880.
Garner - Jones. William Garner of Toomooroma married Mary Jones, fourth daughter of the late Mr G Jones of Toomooroma on 5.4.1893 in Tumut. Yass Courier 11.4.1893.
Garry - Silver Wedding. Mr and Mrs Garry of Mylora celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary . Full description given. Yass Courier 21.8.1894.
Gash - Wilson. Thomas Gash, eldest son of John Gash, Dublin Ireland , married Emmeline Wilson, eldest daughter of the late Henry Wilson of Goulburn by special license in Sydney on 22.1.1870. Yass Courier 4.2.1870.
Gazzard - Adams. Mr Albert Ernest Gazzard married Miss Marie Josephine Adams of Gunning in Gunning, Bridesmaid Miss Edie Adams (sis), Miss Florrie Hart (Niece) and Ivy Saxby. Best man Mr Amos Wheatley. Yass Courier 8.4.1898.
Geikie - Hume. Mr Eric M Geikie youngest son of the late Rev Dr Geikie of Bathurst became engaged to Miss Ethel Hume daughter of FW Hume Esq of Tarengo near Burrowa. Wedding will take place Wednesday next at Tarengo . Yass Courier 17.4.1903. Wedding also mentioned in Yass Courier 21.4.1903, also Yass Courier 24.4.1903, full description of the wedding.
Godfrey - Vautin. HT Godfrey, the eldest son of LH Godfrey of Yass married Frances Sarah Ann Vautin, the eldest daughter of James Vautin Esq of Rockhampton Queensland on 21.4.1867 at Rockhampton. Yass Courier 4.5.1867.
Grace - Lidgen. Mr EG Grace eldest son of Mrs Edward Grace of Gungahleen married Miss Blanche Lidgen second daughter of Mr and Mrs Lidgen, Cleveland, Darling Point at St Marks Church Darling Point on 8.12.1903. Yass Courier 4.12.1903.
Grace - Loomes. Mr John Grace youngest son of John Grace of Middle Station Cavan married Miss Annie Loomes youngest daughter of Mr E Loomes of Gap Range near Bowning on Tuesday evening the 30th of June St Mary's Catholic Church Sydney. Yass Courier 7.7.1903.
Grainger - Crago. James Grainger of Collector married Miss EA Crago, second daughter of Petheric Crago, sister to Julia and Lena Crago of Yass at the Wesleyan Church Yass on Wednesday. Yass Courier 30.11.1888.
Gray - Wheatley. John William Gray JP, eldest son of the late John Fraser Gray JP of Byalla married Adelong Wheatley, third daughter of John Wheatley of Dalton on 4.1.1882 at Dalton. Yass Courier 10.2.1882.
Grey - Carter. Robert Grey of Kangaroo Valley married Elizabeth Stuart McPherson Carter, eldest daughter of James Spencer Carter of North Yass at the residence of the bride's parents, "Aberlour Cottage" on Monday 7.8.1882. Yass Courier 11.8.1882.
Grieves - Connell. Mr Alexander Grieves of Bango married Miss Martha Connell of Down Hill near Jeir on Wednesday morning by Rev James Barr. Yass Courier 18.9.1903. A quite wedding was celebrated on 16.9.1903 at down Hill, the residence of Mr James Connell, when Miss Martha Connell and Mr Alex Grieves of Yass were married. Yass Courier 29.9.1903.
Grimes - Whitney. William Grimes, eldest son of HJ Grimes, Lucerne Vale, Yass married Edith Whitney, second eldest daughter of JS Whitney of Ryverswell, Ashfield on Wednesday 7.4.1897 at Ashfield. Yass Courier 20.4.1897.
Grimshaw - James. Charles Grimshaw, the son of James Grimshaw of Braidwood married Ettie James, the eldest daughter of William James of Yass at Christ Church on 24.11.1883. Yass Courier 30.11.1883.
Grogan - Best. Mr BJ Grogan, proprietor of Yass Tribune, brother to Marie Grogan , married Lily Best daughter of William Best of Taunton, sister to Susie and Fred Best in on Sunday last. Yass Courier 30.4.1901.
Grovenor - Styles. Samuel James Grovenor of Yass married Mary Helena Styles the eldest daughter of JR Styles of Bullamalita near Goulburn at the residence of the bride's father on 12.7.1883. Yass Courier 24.7.1883,
Grovenor - Worthy. Stirling John Bede Grovenor, fourth son of William Grovenor JP, Stangrove Gunning married Ada Rachel Worthy, third daughter of George Worthy of Yass at Gunning on 19.10.1904. Yass Courier 8.11.1904.
Hadfield - Tuckwell. Herbert Hadfield married Susan Tuckwell the eldest daughter of the late Charles Tuckwell on 4.5.1891 at Yass. Yass Courier 8.5.1891.
Hales - Stewart. Frederick William Hales eldest son of FB Hales PM of Bombala married Miss May Stewart, eldest daughter of the late HY Stewart of Bombala on the 7.3.1892 at the residence of the bride's aunt "Yarildun", Snails Bay. Yass Courier 18.3.1892.
Hall - Hall. Charles Middleton Hall, second son of Henry Hall Esq JP of Yass married Charlotte Kate Hall , second daughter of Charles Hall Esq JP of Yeumburra on 20.12.1877 in Yass. Yass Courier 25.12.1877.
Hall - Hall. Edmund W Hall third son of the late H Hall of Charnwood married Jane Hall the eldest daughter of Charles Hall of Yeumburra Yass at Yass on 18.8.1881. Yass Courier 27.8.1881.
Hall - Grovenor. Robert Leicester Hall sixth son of H Hall Esq of Yass married Maria Elizabeth Grovenor youngest daughter of James Grovenor Esq, Park Villa North Yass at Yass on Yass Courier 3.11.1876.
Hall - Drummond. Thomas McDiarmid Hall third son of Thomas Hall Esq Wallen Victoria married Jean Drummond the eldest daughter of Thomas Drummond Esq of Bookham at Bookham on 25.10.1875. Yass Courier 26.10.1875.
Hall - Hall. William Sydney Hall, fifth son of the late Henry Hall married Edith Hall youngest daughter of Charles Hall Yeumburra at Yass on 31.8.1881. Yass Courier 6.9.1881.
Halloran - Lenehan. Robert Turnbull Halloran son of the late Rev L H Halloran DD and grandson of Captain Robert Turnbull RN married Miss Annie Lenehan, formerly of Adelaide Terrace Glanmire Cork Ireland, at Burrowa on 29.11.1863 by special license. Yass Courier 9.12.1863.
Hammond - Pearse. Mr J Hammond married Kate Pearse daughter of J Pearse on 17.8.1872 by Rev. J Gibson at the residence of the bride's father, Pearse's Hill. Yass Courier 23.8.1872.
Hanlon - Scanlon. Mr Denis Langton Hanlon, brother of J Hanlon of Yass married Miss Mary Scanlon at Tumut Wednesday 25 .9.1901 in Yass. Yass Courier 4.10.1901.
Hanna - Crago. Mr John Hanna married Sadonia (Donie)?, fourth daughter of Mr PT Crago on Wednesday last at Yass. Yass Courier 7.4.1905.
Hannam - Hallum. Mr Frank Hannam, third son of Mr John Hannam of Breadalbane married Miss Hallum, youngest daughter of the late Joseph Hallum Esq of this district on Tuesday. Yass Courier 17.2.1882.
Hannam - Walford. John Hannam of Cooradigbee married Harriet Jane Walford, eldest daughter of Benjamin Walford, Victoria Street Darlinghurst at Yass on 20.4.1876. Yass Courier 5.5.1876
Harding - Davis. Constable James Harding of Yass married Miss Mary Davis eldest daughter of Mr E Davis of North Yass on Wednesday afternoon last, given away by her brother Henry Davis, Maggie Davis was bridesmaid and Thomas Harding best man. Yass Courier 5.6.1903.
Harper - Smith. Mr Robert Harper married Alice Helena Smith daughter of Mrs Smith,Yass at the bride's mother's residence on 24.11.1870. Yass Courier 9.12.1870.
Harris - Gray. George Harris Esq of Goulburn married Miss Hannah Wright Gray the only daughter of John F Gray of Byalla by special licence on 17.12.1861 at Byalla near Gunning. Yass Courier 11.1.1862.
Hartigan -Townsell. Patrick Hartigan, the eldest son of Patrick Hartigan, Clare Ireland married Mary Townsell, third eldest daughter of Mr Michael Townsell of Lissycasey, County Clare Ireland by special license at Sydney on 25.7.1871. Yass Courier 28.7.1871.
Hayes - Besnard. James Hayes Esq JP of Borowa married Frances Foott Besnard second daughter of Nicholas R Besnard Esq of Kangiaroo on 19.6.1861 at Kangiaroo Yass Courier 3.7.1861
Heat - Bush. Miss Janet Heat of Jerrawa, eldest daughter of Mr R Heat married Mr Thomas Bush son of Arthur Bush Snr. Yass Courier 8.5.1903.
Henderson - Cooke. Mr Walter Henderson of Parramatta married Miss Mary Cooke of Bango at the residence of Samuel Barber Esq Parramatta on 28.10.1869. Yass Courier 2.11.1869.
Herfort - Chapman. G Herfort of Yass married Maria Chapman of Yass at the Registrar's Office Yass 19.8.1875. Yass Courier 20.8.1875.
Herridge - Allen. HF Herridge eldest son of Mr C Herridge of Richmond, Surrey England married AE Allen, eldest daughter of Mr J Allen of North Yass at Yass 0n 23.10.1878. Yass Courier 25.10.1878.
Hewitt - Leathart. Robert Henry Hewitt, second son of John Hewitt, late of Lythorne, County of Warwick married Julia Placia Leathart, eldest daughter of the late Charles Leathart of London at Yass on 7.5.1861. Yass Courier 11.5.1861.
Hickman - Mair. Charles Hickman, eldest son of Charles Hickman Esq Bedford England married Emily Mary Mair, third daughter of George Mair Esq of Douro Yass on 4.12.1891 at Douro. Yass Courier 8.12.1891.
Hill - Martin. George Hill, son of Mr William Hill of Goulburn married Mary Ann Martin, second daughter of Mr JT Martin at Yass on 1.8.1869 . Yass Courier 6.8.1869.
Hill - Mackintosh. James Dick Hill, eldest son of the late JD Hill of Columbia USA married Kate Frances Mackintosh youngest daughter of the late RC Mackintosh of Yass on 12.1.1890 at Yass. Yass Courier 23.1.1891.
Hill - Glasson Rev William Hill, Wesleyan Church Minister of Yass married Susie Reid Russell Glasson, eldest daughter of William Glasson Esq JP of Holwood Kings Plain on Wednesday 25.10.1865 in Blayney. Yass Courier 1.11.1865.
Hilly - Privett. Mr Owen Hilly married Miss Privett at Yass. Yass Courier 26.1.1904.
Hinds - Leary. Thomas Hinds of Western Australia and late of Yass Plains Station married Miss Emily Leary daughter of Arthur Leary Esq. Of Greenfield Farm Mundoonan on Wednesday last. Bridesmaid was Kate Leary. John Hinds best man. They left for WA by train. Yass Courier 11.4.1902.
Hobson - Whiting. James Hobson, late of Auckland New Zealand married Blanche Antoinette Whiting, daughter of George Robert Whiting, Church Hill at Sydney on 28.2.1880. No cards. Yass Courier 9.3.1880.
Holgate - Pollen. Miss HA Holgate daughter of Mr Holgate married Mr M Pollen of Rye Park. Yass Courier 2.5.1902
Holgate - Brown. Mr James Holgate, youngest son of James Holgate Esq married Sarah Brown, fourth daughter of Thomas Brown Esq, both of Jerrawa at Jerrawa on 20.5.1860. Yass Courier 6.6.1860.
Horn - Brierly. Henry William Horn, second son of Frederick Horn Esq, JP Goulburn married Edith Isabell Brierly, third daughter of James W Brierly Esq , Public School Yass at Yass on 25.3.1880. Yass Courier 30.3.1880.
Hosking - Frost. James John Hosking of Goulburn married Mary Ann Elizabeth Frost of Yass at Murrumburrah on 9.4.1877. Yass Courier 17.4.1877.
Howe - Davison. William Howe Esq JP, son of Thomas Howe Esq of Jugiong married Elizabeth Mary Davison eldest daughter of the late Robert Davison Esq JP of Gundagai at Gundagai on 10.11.1869. Yass Courier 16.11.1869.
Howe - Davison. William Howe Esq JP, eldest son of the late Thomas Howe Esq of Jugiong married Elizabeth Mary Davison, eldest daughter of the late Robert Davison Esq JP Gundagai, formerly of the Illawarra, at Gundagai. Yass Courier 16.11.1869.
Howard - Clifton. Edward Howard second son of E Howard of Yass married Lucy Annie Clifton the eldest daughter of Rev. J Clifton of Ryde on 24.6.1885 at Parramatta by the bride's father. Yass Courier 17.7.1885.
Howard - Bice. Miss Kate Howard daughter of E Howard, sister to L & H Howard of Yass married Mr William Bice son of Hon. JG Bice MLC of "Norley Bank" Beaumont Adelaide last Wednesday evening. Yass Courier 2.5.1902.
Howard - Hughes. John William Howard, eldest son of E Howard of Yass married Addie Hughes, second daughter of Rev WC Hughes on 25.11.1891 at the residence of the bride's parents the Wesleyan Parsonage, by the bride's father. Yass Courier 22.12.1891.
Howell - Pryce. John Howell eldest son of the late John James Howell of Arkstone Forrest Burrowa married Eleanor Mary Pryce only daughter of the Rev EG Pryce, incumbent of St Andrew's Church Braidwood, at Braidwood on 17.12.1877 by the father of the bride, the Rev. EG Pryce. Yass Courier 8.1.1878.
Hughes - MacNevin. Mr R Hughes married Miss Edith MacNevin only daughter of Mr T MacNevin (Police Magistrate of Parramatta), on Thursday last at Cootamundra. Yass Courier 14.1.1898.
Hughes - Russell. RW Hughes of Bega married Jane Russell, youngest daughter of Bourn Russell Esq, Habour Master, Eden, Twofold Bay and granddaughter of the late Hon. Bourn Russell MLC and niece of HC Russell Esq, Government Astronomer Sydney, at the residence of the bride's parents, Eden on 27.9.1880. Yass Courier 15.10.1880.
Hughes - Elbourn. William Hughes of Yass married Miss Catherine Elbourn the fourth daughter of Mr Edmund Elbourn of Bovingdon, Herefordshire England at Sydney on 24.4.1882. Yass Courier 2.5.1882.
Hume - Gill. Mr Andrew Hamilton Hume of Young married Miss Madeline Selby Gill the eldest daughter of Mrs Rawden Hume of Everton Burrowa at Church Hill on Thursday 26.9.1902 last. Yass Courier 30.9.1902.
Hume - Jenkins. Edward B Hume fifth son of FR Hume of Castlesteads near Burrowa married Ellen Adye Jenkins the only daughter of Charles Jenkins LS of Yass at Yass on 18.8.1881. Yass Courier 20.8.1881.
Hunter - Blake. Frederick Verdon Hunter, licensed Surveyor of Nowra married Fanny Winifred Blake second daughter of Isidore Maurice Blake of Shantalla Yass at Yass on 24.6.1876. Yass Courier 7.7.1876.
Iceton - Wild. Edward Arthur Iceton of Yass, Solicitor married Annie Meltor(n) Mileham Wild the only daughter of John Henry Wild, formerly of Vander Ville near Picton on 25.4.1889 at Yass. Yass Courier 5.5.1889.
James - McGrath. Mr George James of Wargiela married Mary Jane McGrath, second daughter of Mr James McGrath of the Telegraph Inn on 3.2.1870 at the Telegraph Inn, North Yass. Yass Courier 8.2.1870.
James - Turner. Mr William James married Miss Sarah Turner, eldest daughter of the late Henry Turner, Storekeeper of Yass on 15.8.1868 by license. Yass Courier 22.8.1868.
Jenkins - Adye. Charles Jenkins Esq, licensed Surveyor Crowns Lands Commissioner Jugiong married Sarah Ellen Adye, the fourth daughter of Wm Adye Esq JP of North Yass on 1.10.1861. at Yass. Yass Courier 9.10.1861.
Johnstone - Regan. Arthur B Johnstone, licensed surveyor of Forbes, second son of Ronald Johnstone Esq, CE Sunnyside, Lanarkshire Scotland married Harriet Regan second daughter of the late Denis Regan Esq Burrangong on 4.3.1875 at Bulla Creek Church, Young. Yass Courier 9.3.1875.
Johnston - Terry. Edward Charles Johnston, youngest son of the late Captain Robert Johnston RN, Annandale married Carrie, eldest daughter of WF Wilkinson Esq, Solicitor of Yass, widow of the late HM Terry, Kenilworth, Yass on 11.12.1897 at St James Church Sydney. Yass Courier 24.12.1897.
Johnston - Murphy. Mr John Johnston, a Bootmaker married Winifred Murphy sixth daughter of Mr Patrick Murphy of Two Mile Creek near Murrumburrah, late of the Goulburn district, by special license at Murrumburrah on 19.7.1868. Yass Courier 25.7.1868.
Johnson - Barry. Thomas Johnson eldest son of Thomas Johnson, Spring Flats Murrumbidgee married Mary Barry eldest daughter of James Barry of Yass on 24.2.1870. Yass Courier 1.3.1870.
Jones - McDermott. David Jones, son of Chas Jones, Butcher of Yass married Eliza McDermott of Sydney at "Shannon Hill" on 28.2.1889. Yass Courier 5.3.1889.
Jones - Brown. Rees Rutland Jones, BA Solicitor married Matilda Jane Brown, eldest daughter of WJ Brown, Sub-Collector of Customs, Rockhampton on 12.12.1865 at Rockhampton Queensland. Yass Courier 30.12.1865,
Josephson - Marina. Mr JP Josephson, of Habours and Rivers Department, resident of Young married Miss Marina, daughter of Carlo Marina of Moppity at Young at St Johns Church. (Full description). Yass Courier 15.12.1882.
Keith - Donald. Alfred George Keith Esq of "The Meadows" Cullinga married Agnes Ceeney Donald of "Ayrdale" Cullinga, eldest daughter of the late Mr George Donald of Yass at Roseneath Cottage North Yass on 8.7.1889. Yass Courier 12.7.1889
Kelly - Rynehart. James Kelly of Binalong married at Illalong on 17.5.1864 to Bridget Rynehart of Illalong. Yass Courier 25.5.1864
Kemmis -Gunther. Rev Thomas Kemmis third son of the late Arthur Kemmis Esq of Melbourne married Lydia Woodruff Gunther, the eldest daughter of the Rev James Gunther, at Mudgee on 20.6.1860. Yass Courier 7.7.1860.
Kenny - Cole. Patrick Joseph Kenny of Yass married Agnes Cole also of Yass at Sydney, on 23.4.1889. Yass Courier 26.4.1889
Kensit - Gay. Sarah Kensit, second daughter of Mr Kensit JP of Woodford Narowa married John Gay son of Thom Gay JP of Gullen. Yass Courier 4.10.1901.
Keys - Howard. Mr Edward Keys, teacher of Public School Good Hope married Miss Emily Howard, second eldest daughter of Mr Elijah Howard of Yass on Wednesday. Full description of the wedding. Yass Courier 9.9.1887.
Kilky - Webster. Robert Kilky of Ginninderra married Jane Webster the only daughter of Mr A Webster of Bloomfield on 19.5.1864 at Bloomfield. Yass Courier 25.5.1864.
King - Jeffs. Mr John King of Buckinghamshire England married Amelia Jeffs the eldest daughter of Mr Samuel Jeffs of Kingston near Yass on 27.4.1871 at the residence of the bride's father, Manton's Creek. Yass Courier 28.4.1871.
Lade - Lawton. John Trill Lade of Murrumbateman married Alice Lawton, the eldest daughter of Mr John Lawton of Nanama Creek in Mundoonan. Yass Courier 6.10.1866.
Latham - Graham. Chas Latham Esq of Cooma Street Yass married Mrs Jane Graham of Dutton Street Yass, at the residence of the bride "The Williows" on 28.5.1883. Yass Courier 5.6.1883.
Lawton - Veness. Miss Caroline Lawton of Mount Pleasant youngest daughter of the late John Lawton married Mr William Veness eldest son of Mr T Veness of Waterloo Sydney at Gunning. She was given away by her brother Joseph and bridesmaid were two of her nieces Clare Lanham and Hannah Lawton. Yass Courier 11.4.1902.
Leahy - Hope. Mr Jeremiah Leahy of Gundaroo married Miss Alice Hope of Hornsby Junction and late of Yass in Goulburn Wednesday last. Yass Courier 3.5.1898.
Leahy - Hassett. Mr John Leahy the second son of Mr D Leahy of Gundaroo married Margaret Mary Hassett, the eldest daughter of Mr R Hassett of "Fortune of War Hotel" Yass on 21.10.1862 by special licence at Yass. Yass Courier 22.10.1862.
Leary - Flannagan. Mr Arthur Leary of Yass Plains married Miss Kate Flannagan eldest daughter of T Flannagan Esq of Bywong Station Gundaroo at Gundaroo. Yass Courier 7.2.1899.
Leathart - Godfrey. Mr Frederick J Leathart married Miss Eliza Louisa Godfrey, the eldest daughter of Mr Henry Godfrey of Yass, by special license in Paddington, on 18.2.1863. Yass Courier 21.2.1863.
Lee - Dodds. Alfred Lee, eldest son of F Lee of Christchurch married Minnie Dodds, eldest daughter of Henry Dodds of Yass on 10.3.1879 at Yass. Yass Courier 28.3.1879.
Lee - Boucher. Mr Lee of Gundaroo married Miss Boucher of Jeir. Yass Courier 24.3.1903.
Leeder - Goodwin. Mr Reginald Arthur Leeder the only son of FW Leeder of Yass married Cissie Goodwin only daughter of T Goodwin of Foxdown Tangmangaroo on 24.3.1902 at Essex House Tangmangaroo, home of her parents. Yass Courier 11.1.1902.
Lees - Jobbins. Mr Jacob Lees son of the late J Lees "Everton" married Lucy Jobbins daughter of the late Peter Jobbins of Back Creek Gundaroo. Yass Courier 5.8.1902.
Lehane - Chadwick. Jeremiah Lehane married Mary Annie Chadwick on 18.3.1861 at Yass. Yass Courier 20.3.1861.
Lehane - Murphy. William Lehane, eldest son of Jeremiah Lehane married Sarah Murphy the only daughter of the late Miles Murphy of Murrumburrah on 20.4.1872 at Reedy Creek. Yass Courier 23.4.1872.
Lemon - Faulder. James Lemon, the eldest son of Robert Lemon Esq of Goulburn married Mary Jane Faulder the youngest daughter of the late Joseph S Faulder of Presqueene near Yass on 3.6.1889 at the residence of the bride's mother Presqueene. Yass Courier 11.6.1889.
Leonard - Bartles James Leonard was goaled after a warrant was issued for not paying maintenance of 8s a week for his child, married Mary Ann Bartles mother of the child in goal. Yass Courier 19.6.1877.
Leseburg - Richards. Frederick A Leseburg the eldest son of David Leseburg of Yass married Jane Richards, third daughter of the late John Richards of Goulburn, at Yass. Yass Courier 23.7.1881.
Leslie - Scanes. Harry Wilfred Leslie late of Harden married Ellen Elizabeth Scanes, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Scanes of Yass on 2.2.1887 at Yass. Yass Courier 11.2.1887.
Leslie - Pearse. Thos Leslie of Adelong Crossing, son of the late Robt Leslie Esq of Sydney married Sarah Pearse the youngest daughter of James S Pearse Esq of Pearse's Hill near Yass at Yass on 10.7.1875. Yass Courier 13.7.1875.
Lindsay - Carroll. Miss Florence Lindsay only daughter of the late AC Lindsay, solicitor of Melbourne married Patrick Carroll of Chidowlah Station near Bookham at Galong on Wednesday. Bridesmaid Agnes Carroll. Yass Courier 27.1.1903.
Lyons - Lehane. Mr John Perry Lyons of Brisbane Queensland, solicitor, married Ellen Lehane, the only daughter of J Lehane of Coppabella Station Yass on 13.2.1867 at Sydney by the Very Rev John Forrest DD rector of St John's College University of Sydney, a cousin to the bride, and assisted by Rev. MJ Dwyer OSB. Yass Courier 20.2.1867.
Mackay - McFeetors. Mr Henry Mackay married Miss Eliza McFeetors at on 1.10.1867 at the residence of the bride's father. Yass Courier 2.10.1867.
Magennis - Fitzjohn-Hall. Mr PJ Magennis of Bloomfield Station near Yass married Lily Fitzjohn-Hall, eldest daughter of Mr JC Fitzjohn-Hall, of Liverpool Street, City, at Sydney on Monday last. Full description. Yass Courier 21.9.1897.
Margrie - Hull. WH Margrie married Alice Clara Hull, second daughter of JP Hull, Redfern, at Sydney on 28.12.1880. Yass Courier 11.1.1881.
Marina - Tout. Mr Carlo Marina married Mrs Eliza Tout at Yass on 18.8.1861. Yass Courier 21.8.1861.
March - Burgess. Mr Frederick March married Miss E Burgess daughter of Mr J Burgess of Mundoonen, Wednesday afternoon in the Church of England Church. Yass Courier 12.12.1902.
Marsh - Mitchell. Miss Minnie Marsh of Yass married Mr John Mitchell late of Parkes in the Yass on Wednesday morning last. Bridesmaid Mrs Charles Locke and Best Man Mr Charles Locke. Yass Courier 15.12.1903.
Marshall - Elliott. Mr Robert Marshall of Gundaroo married Miss Grace Elliott, eldest daughter of Mr E Elliott of Gundaroo on Thursday last. Yass Courier 15.7.1892.
Martin - Hingerty. John Martin of Lagoon Creek near Cootamundra married Marcella Hingerty youngest daughter of Mr John Hingerty, Grazier and Innkeeper of Cootamundra at St Columba's Catholic Church Cootamundra on Sunday 12.6.1881. Yass Courier 14.6.1881.
Martin - Mills. Mr Joseph Martin Jnr, the son of Joseph Martin Sen, Arkstone Forest married Esther Jane Mills, the eldest daughter of Mr William Mills of Wargiela on 13.7.1864 by special licence at the bride's father's residence. Yass Courier 6.8.1864.
Masters - Dale. Elias Masters, the youngest son of C Masters of Gundaroo married Mary Grace Dale at the residence of the bride's parents Bogolaro near Bookham on 26.7.1883. Yass Courier 3.8.1883.
Matthews - Thomson. Mr WD Matthews formerly of Sydney married Miss K Thomson, second daughter of George Thomson of Yass at Montrose Cottage, residence of Alderman George Thomson. Bridesmaids were Miss Ettie and Jessie Thomson and Mr Frank Brennan, solicitor of Yass was best man. Yass Courier 13.1.1893.
McAuley - Denning. Mr McAuley of the Yass Telegraph Office married Miss May Denning, second daughter of Mr Denning of Dutton Street Yass, on Wednesday. Yass Courier 4.12.1894.
McBean - Weir. Mr Alex McBean, Bowspring Yass married Miss Weir, second daughter of G Weir at the residence of Mr G Weir JP. Yass Courier 11.9.1900
McBean - McPherson. AH McBean of Wee Jasper near Yass married Sarah Anne McPherson , second daughter of the late Donald McPherson of Waverley, and of HM Customs on 29.12.1877. Yass Courier 18.1.1878.
McBean - Hall. John McBean Esq of Black Range married Annie Jane Hall, third daughter of Henry Hall Esq of Charnwood, on 6.12.1871 at the residence of the bride's parents. Yass Courier 8.12.1871.
McBean - Milne. John McBean of Yass married Agnes Fitzroy Milne at the Manse Paddington on 19.12.1878 by Rev. J Milne, father of the bride assisted by Rev. PF McKenzie. Yass Courier 27.12.1878.
McBean - Laidlaw. William McBean Esq of Bowspring married Agnus Laidlaw, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Laidlaw Esq. of Scotland on 7.6.1857. Yass Courier 20.6.1857.
McBean - Milne. William McBean, on 20.1.1866 at Paddington by Rev. James Milne (father of the bride), assisted by Rev John Dougall at St Andrew's Church Sydney William McBean Esq of Spring Mount Yass NSW to Helen Jane Milne, third daughter of Rev. James Milne of St John's Church Paddington, formerly of Macduff Banffshire Scotland. Yass Courier 31.1.1866,
McCallum - Campbell. Argyle McCallum, second son of the late Archibald McCallum Esq of Good Hope married Ann Broughton Campbell sixth daughter of of RM Campbell Esq at Beverly Burrowa on 10.6.1870. Yass Courier 14.6.1870.
McCallum - Williams. Robert McCallum, eldest son of Argyle McCallum of Good Hope Yass engaged to Miss Williams of Rosebank, Jermanton. Yass Courier 16.7.1901.
McClung - Sarson. William McClung, the youngest son of Alexander McClung of Bungendore married Margaret Ellen Sarson the only daughter of Mrs Margaret Sarson of Murrumbateman on 10.10.1872 at Murrumbateman near Yass. Yass Courier 15.10.1872.
McDonald -McDonald. Mr JWFR McDonald married his cousin Miss Charlotte McDonald at Uriarra on Wednesday last at the residence of Mr John McDonald JP of Queanbeyan. Bridesmaid were Miss McDonald. Yass Courier 13.3.1894.
McFarlane - McGregor. Duncan McFarlane of Cavan Murrumbidgee, the second son of Duncan McFarlane Esq Argyleshire Scotland married Grace Stanley McGregor the fourth daughter of the late Robert G McGregor, 4th Regiment of Buffs, sister of Staff Sergeant McGregor, Volunteer Force NSW at Yass on 17.6.1874 by Rev. SS Harper by special license. Yass Courier 19.6.1874.
McGibbon - Ritchie. Mr John McGibbon of Sydney married Miss Effie Ritchie, youngest daughter of Mrs JP Ritchie of Linton North Yass at Yass on 5.10.1892. Full description of the wedding. Yass Courier 7.10.1892.
McGibbon - Ritchie. John McGibbon, third son of the late Rev. Dr McGibbon of Sydney married Miss Euphemia Robertson Ritchie, second daughter of the late James P Ritchie of Yass on 5.10.1892 at Yass. No Cards. Yass Courier 21.10.1892.
McGrath - Weldon. Hugh Anthony Joseph McGrath the youngest son of James McGrath of Yass married Sarah Ann Weldon eldest daughter of the late George Weldon, Currawang at Gunning on 18.11.1878. Yass Courier 3.12.1878.
McGrath - Grogan. Mr W McGrath, eldest son of Mr P McGrath of Clearview, Lang's Creek married Miss Annie Grogan, eldest daughter of Mr W Grogan of Moorfield Yass. Yass Courier 19.1.1904.
McGregor - Crossley. Alexander McGregor, youngest son of James McGregor of Wargiela married Ada Eliza Rosetta Crossley, youngest daughter of the late Jeremiah and Sarah Crossley of Wargiela, at Wargiela on 29.6.1887. Yass Courier 12.8.1887.
McGregor - Corney. Alister McGregor Esq of Mackay Queensland married Elizabeth Mary Emma Corney the eldest and only surviving daughter the the late J Corney Esq MD of Warrnambool Victoria, at Mackay Queensland 23.11.1871. Yass Courier 2.1.1872.
McInerney - McGrath. Mr M McInerney of Tangmangaroo married Margaret McGrath, niece of Mr P McGrath of Bald Hill near Burrowa, at Burrowa on Wednesday week last. Yass Courier 17.3.1905.
McIntosh - Williams. JM McIntosh married Anne Williams third daughter of Phillip Williams, Weetangera by special license on 11.6.1878. Yass Courier 21.6.1878.
McIntosh - McDonald. James, McIntosh of Campbell's Spring, formerly of Yass married Margaret McDonald, eldest daughter of Donald McDonald, Round Hill, Canberra near Queanbeyan by special license at the parent's of the bride on 18.8.1880. Yass Courier 10.9.1880.
McIntosh - Paterson. Mr WH McIntosh eldest son of Mrs R Beasy and the late Robert McIntosh of Melbourne, brother to Ruby McIntosh and cousin to Mr Robert H Sutton married Isabel Mackenzie Paterson, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Allan Paterson of Yass on Wednesday last. Yass Courier 6.12.1904.
McMillan v McMillan divorce with costs against the co-respondent Brian Darley. Yass Courier 18.9.1891
McNally - Mead. Miss Sarah Ann,fourth daughter of Mr Peter McNally of Bowspring married Mr John Mead fourth son of Mr James Mead of Yass on Wednesday last 5.4.1899. Bridesmaid was Miss Mary McNally (sister) and was given away by Mr John Lucas, who was also the best man. Yass Courier 21.4.1899.
Meldrum - Pearson. Mr James Meldrum, Road Superintendent of Tumberumba married Miss Fannie Pearson , daughter of Mr RW Pearson, Manager of the Commercial Bank on Wednesday last by Rev. AD Faunce. Bridesmaids were Laura Pearson, sister, Alice Meldrum, sister of the groom and Nellie Sharp. Full description of the wedding. Yass Courier 20.4.1883.
Meldrum - Pearson. James Beal Meldrum third son of JB Meldrum of Wagga Wagga married Fanny Louisa Pearson, third daughter of RW Pearson of the Commercial Bank of Yass at Yass on 18.4.1883. Yass Courier 24.4.1883.
Meldrum - Blake. Robert William Meldrum, licensed surveyor of Grenfell married Winifred Anne Blake third daughter of Dr Blake, Shantalla Yass at Yass on 1.10.1875. Yass Courier 5.10.1875.
Melrose - Donald. George Henry Melrose married Susan Donald the daughter of the late Mr George Donald of Yass , at Yass on 30.3.1874. Yass Courier 10.4.1874.
Merriman - Vallance Miss Merriman eldest daughter of Mr George Merriman married Mr Vallance of Murrumburrah yesterday afternoon. Yass Courier 7.3.1899.
Merriman - Shipway. John Merriman fourth son of Mrs L Margules of Gap near Yass married Eliza Bergin Shipway, eldest daughter of Mr Joshua Shipway of Francis Street, Hyde Park Sydney, formerly of Yass at h Sydney on 29.1.1877. Yass Courier 2.2.1877.
Miller - Bell. Mr George Miller married Miss Amelia Bell the second daughter of the late Samuel Bell of Yass at Goulburn on 9.12.1861. Yass Courier 21.12.1861.
Milne - Wardell. James Duff Milne Esq of the Oriental Bank Yass, married Mary Rose Wardell the daughter of the late Captain George Wardell HM 28th Battalion at Yass on 29.10.1863 by Rev James Milne of St John's Paddington Sydney. Yass Courier 11.11.1863.
Morley - Trenery. William Morley eldest son of the late Richard Taylor Morley of Scarborough England married Mary Lillian Trenery, second daughter of the late Mathew Trenery of Goulburn on 12.5.1877 at Stone Cottage Young. Yass Courier 18.5.1877.
Morgan - Hume. Allan B Morgan Esq, Surgeon of Wagga Wagga married Miss Emma Louisa Hume third daughter of Francis Rawdon Hume Esq of Castlesteads Burrowa on 4.5.1859 at Castlesteads. Yass Courier 7.5.1859.
Morris - Hannam. Charles T Morris, eldest son of GJ Morris of Petersham married Elizabeth L Hannam second eldest daughter of John Hannam of Cooradigbee on 20.3.1884 at the residence of the bride's father. Yass Courier 8.4.1884.
Morton - Douglas. John Morton second son of Mr Johnston Morton, County Cavan Ireland married Jane McKay Douglas, youngest daughter of the late Mr George Douglas of Yass at Riley Street Surry Hills on 1.1.1874. Yass Courier 27.2.1874.
Morton - Wilkinson. William Morton youngest son of Matthew Morton married to Ida Wilkinson youngest daughter of WF Wilkinson, solicitor of Yass, at Phillip Street Sydney on 29.6.1901. Yass Courier 23.7.1901.
Moses - Hart. Barnett Moses the eldest son of the late Mr Moses Moses of Yass married Rachel Hart, eldest daughter of Mr Henry Hart of Yass, on 14.9.1864 at the residence of Mr Elias Moses 277 Castlereagh Street Sydney. Yass Courier 24.9.1864.
Moss - Harrison. Mr John Moss a farmer of Corringham married Sarah Harrison of Springthorpe. Yass Courier 5.9.1860.
Mote - Horton. Mr Fred Mote married Miss Lizzie Horton. Yass Courier 31.12.1902.
Mulligan - Coulton. Edward Mulligan, third son of Mr Cornelius Mulligan of Yass married Sarah Coulton the eldest daughter of Mr Patrick Coulton of Gininderra at Yass on 4.2.1878. Yass Courier 5.2.1878.
Moule - Alt. Mr FG Moule of Messrs Mellersh Moule and Stubbs, auctioneers of Yass married Miss Lizzie Alt daughter of Mrs JF Mote of Yass at Yass. Full description of the wedding given. Yass Courier 31.1.1890.
Murphy - Galvin. Robert Aloysius Murphy fourth son of Warrant Officer Murphy of Carlton Sydney, married Miss Mary Jane Galvin third daughter of John Galvin of Yass in Broken Hill. Yass Courier 29.10.1901.
Murray - Brain. Kate Murray at St Francis Xaviers of Gunning fourth daughter of Denis Murray, school teacher at Reno near Gundagai married Austin L Brain a mining engineer at Reno, the son of DW Brain, engineer of Sydney. Yass Courier 7.12.1900.
Murray - Duff. Patrick Murray eldest son of the late Thomas Murray of Godfreys Creek, Cavan Road married Miss H Duff of Yass district at Burrowa in Burrowa. Yass Courier 3.2.1903.
O'Brien - Clancy. Mr James O'Brien eldest son of Mr John O'Brien of Cullarin married Miss Jane Clancy daughter of Mr P Clancy of Clear Hills, sister to Bridget and Mr P Clancy on Wednesday. Yass Courier 5.2.1895.
O'Brien - Leahy. Miss FE O'Brien youngest daughter of John O'Brien of Goulburn married in St Francis church to Mr DP Leahy, son of Mr J Leahy of Gundaroo. Bridemaids Miss Lillis and Miss Ailee Smith. Best man Frank Smith. Yass Courier 6.6.1902.
O'Brien - Allman. Taylor Ormond O'Brien the fifth son of Francis O'Brien married Amy Allman the daughter of the late George Cemietiere Allman, Solicitor of Yass on 20.4.1889 at Enmore. Yass Courier 14.5.1889.
O'Connor - Howard. Mr Thomas O'Connor of Sydney married Miss Howard, eldest daughter of Mr E Howard of Yass. Full description of the wedding. Yass Courier 9.9.1892.
O'Connor - Howard. Herbert O'Connor, only son of Daniel O'Connor of Waverley married Maria (Tottie) Howard, eldest surviving daughter of Elijah Howard of Yass on 6.9.1892 at Yass. Yass Courier 29.11.1892.
O'Donnell - Hanley. Patrick James O'Donnell Esq JP of Cucumbla married Margaret Mary Hanley, eldest daughter of the late Thomas Hanley Esq of Mingay near Tumut on 15.10.1867 at the residence of the bride's mother, Mingay. Yass Courier 23.10.1867.
Offley - Privett. Mr Robert Offley, resident of the Gunning district married Miss Mary Privett at Mr James Privett's residence near Coolalie on Tuesday. Yass Courier 26.10.1897.
O'Keefe - Ginane. Mr John O'Keefe of Burrowa married Miss Ginane of Jugiong at Jugiong on 22.9.1858. Yass Courier 2.10.1858.
O'Leary - Flanagan. Mr Arthur O'Leary of Yass Plains married Kate Flanagan eldest daughter of T Flannagan Esq of Bywong Station Gundaroo. Yass Courier 14.2.1899.
O'Malley - Malone. Bigamy. Thomas O'Malley charged with bigamy. Eliza O'Malley testified she married him in Sydney 22.5.1885 at Surry Hills and has three children. Mary Malone married him 23.1.1187 at the Church of England Yass. Yass Courier 8.3.1887.
O'Neill - Mullally. Thomas Joseph O'Neill, third son of Michael O'Neill Esq of Burrowa married Martha Elizabeth Mullally eldest daughter of the late John Mullally Esq of Burrowa on 11.6.1870 at Burrowa. Yass Courier 24.6.1870.
Osborne - Anderson. Mr James Osborne son of Mr and Mrs PH Osborne of Currandooley was engaged to Elsie Anderson daughter of Mr and Mrs David Anderson of Sydney. Yass Courier 20.5.1902.
Osborne - Madden. Miss Amy Marguerite Frances Madden eldest daughter of Sir J Madden, married Mr Henry Osborne son of Patrick H Osborne of Currandooley near Yass on Wednesday last. Yass Courier 3.3.1899.
Owen - Barber. Charles Alfred Owen, third son of Samuel Owen Esq of Burwood married Mary Barber, only daughter of George William Barber Esq of Guildford, late of Boambolo at Parramatta on 1.3.1881. Yass Courier 8.3.1881.
Page - Ryan. Algernon Page Esq, Anstey, Barton Station Hobart Town married Nellie Ryan the third daughter of the late Woolrych Whitmore Ryan Esq and granddaughter to Sir Edward Ryan, ex-judge (India), member of her Majesty's Privy Council, Garden Lodge Kensington, Middlesex, England and niece of Robert Stanhope Stevens, Public School Marengo, at Launceston on Tuesday 12.6.1874. Yass Courier 21.7.1874.
Palmer - Kerby. Charles M Palmer Esq of Geelong married Wilhelma Kerby the youngest daughter of the late William Kerby Esq on London on 27.2.1862 in Longford Tasmania. Yass Courier 12.3.1862.
Palmer - Wheeler. Mr Henry Palmer late of young formerly of Rye Park married Miss Rebecca Wheeler daughter of Mr EJ Wheeler of Wargiela Wednesday evening last at Yass. Miss E Wheeler bridesmaid and Mr Henry Wheeler best man. Yass Courier 15.5.1903.
Parker - Wilson. Susie Parker daughter of Joshua Parker JP of Pyrmont, married Colin Wilson of the NSW Mounted Police, he is the sixth son of WJ Wilson Esq of Yass and brother to Ira Wilson. Yass Courier 1.8.1902 .
Parkes - Lynch. Sir Henry Parkes aged 81 years married for the third time on Thursday last to Miss Julia Lynch, daughter of a County Cavan Ireland, farmer, she was a member of the household of his residence Kenilworth, Annandale. Yass Courier 29.10.1895.
Parkman - Kelly. Mr John Parkman of Calabash married Sarah Kelly only daughter of William Kelly of Calabash and widow of Mr William Richardson of Yass on 16.3.1858. Yass Courier 20.3.1858.
Parsons - Pearse. Edward W Parsons, the Manager of Brown Bros & Co Limited Sydney married Hester (Hettie) Pearse, the second daughter of John F Pearse of Pearse's Hill near Yass on 15.8.1889 at the residence of Captain Collier "Rutland" Burwood. Yass Courier 30.8.1889.
Paterson - Bailey. Henry Paterson the fourth son of Mr Michael Paterson of Berebanglo married Maria Bailey the eldest daughter of Mr William Bailey of Chain of Ponds, by license on 8.7.1874 at Gunning. Yass Courier 14.7.1874.
Paterson - Wilson. James Paterson of Benmore Cunningham married Mary Wilson of Douglas Lanarkshire, Scotland at Sydney on 27.3.1875. Yass Courier 2.4.1875.
Paterson - Barton. John Paterson Esq of Illalong, Yass married Emily Susan Barton, eldest daughter of Robert J Barton Esq on 22.12.1859 at Boree, Nyrang. Yass Courier 7.1.1860.
Pearse - Townsend. John Pearse the youngest son of Mr James Pearse of Pearse's Hill Yass, a native of Suffolk England married Esther Emily Townsend , the eldest daughter of Mr James Townsend of St Peter's, Cook's River, a native of Newtown NSW on 30.3.1865 by licence. Yass Courier 1.4.1865.
Peek - Chapman. Fyson Peek, the youngest son of the late William C Peek of Soham Cambridgeshire, England married Sarah Jane Chapman, the eldest daughter of Benjamin Chapman of Yass at Bowning on 25.12.1882. Yass Courier 5.1.1883.
Peterson -Leonard. FW Peterson late of Sydney, now a draper of the Corner Store married Agnes Leonard, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Leonard of Ledgerton and grand daughter of Mrs Ledger of Yass, on Monday 24.10.1892 at the residence of Mrs M Ledger of Church Street Yass. Mr Pepper acted as best man. Full description given. Yass Courier 28.10.1892.
Phillip - Bulley. Mr Phillips married Miss Bulley. Yass Courier 18.5.1861.
Poplin - Besnard. Alfred Poplin of Calabash Bogan married Louie (Louise) Besnard youngest daughter of NR Besnard JP of Kangiaroo near Yass on 29.12.1880 at the residence of the bride's father. Yass Courier 7.1.1881.
Poplin - Mackintosh. Oliver Poplin the fifth son of James Polin Esq, Springfield, Burrowa married Emily Mary Mackintosh the eldest daughter of the late RC Mackintosh Esq, Manager of the AJ Bank Yass at the residence of the bride's mother North Yass on 15.12.1879 by special license. Yass Courier 2.2.1880.
Poulton - Goslett. James Morgan Poulton of Yass married Charlotte Goslett daughter of Mr Goslett of Gundaroo at James Poulton's residence. Yass Courier 31.5.1872.
Powell - Blake. Arthur Thomas Powell of the Clarence River married Winifred Agnes Blake on 11.9.1890 at Yass. Yass Courier 12.9.1890.
Preston - McLennan. Miss Edith Preston, granddaughter of the late Hugh Polson married Mr George McLennan of Sydney at Dungog. Yass Courier 14.7.1899.
Preston - Reid. Henry T Preston of Burrowa married Emma Reid, daughter of Mr John Reid of Fish River near Wheeo on 15.8.1865 at Young. Yass Courier 19.8.1865.
Privett - Bray. Mr James Privett, son of Mr James Privett of Manton's Creek married Miss Margaret Bray the daughter of Thomas Bray of Bango Flat on Friday 27th at Alma Cottage, North Yass. Yass Courier 28.2.1863.
Privett - Sexton. Mr William Privett of Bowning married Miss Annie Sexton, eldest daughter of Mrs Sexton of Yass River, sister to Katie and John, on Thursday last. Yass Courier 5.8.1904.
Quinn - Minahan. Rev Dean Hanley Jeremiah Quinn, eldest son of Mr Patrick Quinn of Burrowa River married Ellen Mary Minahan, the eldest daughter of Mr Daniel Minehan of Bowning. Yass Courier 17.10.1863.
Ralph - Holohan. George Barber Ralph of Ramsgate County Kent England married Minnie Holohan, third daughter of the late Edward Holohan of Campbelltown at Sydney on 2.4.1877. Yass Courier 10.4.1877.
Ramsey - McGregor. Fredk. Augustus Ramsey of Keswycke near Gunning the second son of the late Major General JS Ramsey, HM Indian Army (Bombay) of Castle Hall, Painswick near Stroud Gloucestershire England married Kate Maria McGregor the eldest daughter of the late RG McGregor Esq West Maitland by special license at Yass on 8.2.1875. Yass Courier 9.2.1875.
Ranyard - Brown. Mr Arthur Ranyard of O'Connell Town Yass married Miss Mary Brown eldest daughter of Mr William Brown of North Yass on Wednesday afternoon. Yass Courier 18.9.1903.
Rayner - Sainsbury. William Rayner, second son of Mr James Rayner married Caroline Louisa Sainsbury, eldest daughter of Mr Charles Sainsbury, all residents of the Upper Yass River District, at "Chilton" Yass River on 20.8.1888. Yass Courier 31.8.1888.
Reardon - McKinnon. Mr Michael Reardon married Margaret McKinnon, daughter of Mr Donald McKinnon at the residence of the bride's father, Spring Gully by special license on 14.9.1870. Yass Courier 16.9.1870.
Reay - Grovenor. WS Reay, a teacher at Gunning School, married Miss E Grovenor on Monday last, at the bride's parent's residence. Yass Courier 17.6.1887.
Reay - Grovenor. William Shakpare Reay, second son of William Reay, Artist, Cleveland House Hamilton married Elizabeth Grovenor, third daughter of Mr Richard Grovenor of Gunning, at Gunning on 13.6.1887. Yass Courier 8.7.1887.
Reid - Robinson. Miss Reid eldest daughter of Mr David Reid of Murrumburrah married Mr John Robinson a commercial traveler for Massey Harris Machinery in Harden . Bridesmaid were Miss Ellis of Murrumburrah and Miss Florrie Reid of Temora. Yass Courier 9.1.1903.
Reynolds - Tankart. Charles Reynolds married Miss Ann Tankart, Fish River. Yass Courier 18.5.1861.
Rheuben - Davis. Samuel Amos Rheuben Esq of Cowra, fourth son of the late Alderman Rheuen(sic) of Hobart Town married Phoebe M Davis, eldest daughter of D Davis Esq of Young, granddaughter of the late Nathan Mandelson Esq of Goulburn at the residence of the bride's parents Young on 31.7.1878. Yass Courier 6.8.1878.
Richardson - Thompson. Mr JH Richardson of Queanbeyan married Miss Tottie Thompson, eldest daughter of Mr Robert Thompson of Good Hope at Yass, Wednesday week last. Yass Courier 14.3.1905.
Ritchie - McBean. Mr James Peter Ritchie of Yass married Jessie Home McBean the daughter of the late Alexander McBean Esq of Bowspring on 22.3.1865 at the residence of the bride's parents. No Cards. Yass Courier 25.3.1865.
Ridley - Gill (Hume). Mr HT Ridley Manager of the Bank of Australasia, Marborough married Miss Lucy Gill, daughter of Mr and Mrs Rawdon Hume Everton of Rye Park on Tuesday last at Burrowa. Yass Courier 1.12.1903.
Roberts - Pyke. Mr Alfred John Roberts married Mary Ann Pyke, daughter of John Pyke of Parramatta at Gunning on 22.2.1870. Yass Courier 25.2.1870.
Robertson - Perk. Mr David Robertson, of Rockview Junee, late of Woolgarlo married Caroline Mary Perk, the youngest daughter of the late Mr WC Perk, a farmer from Soham, Cambridgeshire England on 27.4.1881 at Bowning. Yass Courier 3.5.1881.
Roffe - Powell. George Roffe, eldest son of Mr James Roffe of Jerrawa married Emma Powell the eldest daughter of Mr George Powell at "The Gums" near Yass on 22.12.1880. Yass Courier 24.12.1880.
Ross - Stukey. Mr John G Ross and Constance Ormond Stukey 4th daughter of the late George Hamilton Stukey of "Long Reach" near Marulan. Marriage to take place next Tuesday at Collingwood Station near Gunning, home of the Bride's elect sister Mrs John H Hume. Yass Courier 23.10.1903.
Ross - Douglass. Mr John Ross, native of Edinburgh Scotland married Ann Douglass, fourth daughter of the late Mr Douglass of the White Swan Inn, Yass, on 26.8.1865 at the residence of the bride's mother Cooma Street Yass. Yass Courier 30.8.1865.
Rowe - Hulbert. Percival Clement Kendal Rowe only son of Thomas Rowe, Architect, Sydney married Edith Mary Hulbert youngest daughter of Rev. DPM Hulbert MA, Manly at Manly near Sydney on 18.6.1878. Yass Courier 21.6.1878.
Rowen - McLachlan. John R Rowen of County Clare Ireland and late of HM General Post Office London married Elizabeth McLachlan of Tumberumba at St Augustine's Yass on 12.7.1875. Yass Courier 27.7.1875.
Rudd - Best. James JA Rudd Esq. of Wagga married Clara Best, eldest daughter of the late Robert Holt Best of Wagga on 20.12.1857. Yass Courier 26.12.1857.
Russell - Campbell. Mr C Russell, Manager of the Oriental Bank Young, married Miss Campbell, eldest daughter of Dr Campbell, sister to Jessie Campbell, at Yass Wednesday last. Yass Courier 14.9.1883.
Rutter - Cooper. Mr John Jewell Rutter second son of ION Rutter Esq. FRS, FRAS & C, Brighton, England married to Cecilia Sophia Cooper the second daughter of Robert Cooper Esq of Lake George NSW on 29.1.1859. Yass Courier 22.1.1859.
Ryan - Sullivan Martha Ryan of "Tea Gardens" Ginninderra married Mr Sullivan of Rockley near Bathurst. Yass Courier 22.6.1900.
Ryan - Wood. MJ Ryan of Sydney married Helen Wood late of Young at Mount Carmel by Rev. J Cunningham on 1.11.1876. Yass Courier 17.11.1876.
Ryan - Hart. Mr Patrick Ryan, resident of Gundagai, married Miss Mary Hart of Jugiong at Jugiong. They intend to live in New Zealand. Yass Courier 12.1.1904.
Rygate - Blake. Dr Robert E Rygate of Grenfell married Mary Josephine Blake, fourth daughter of Dr Blake of Shantalla Yass at St Thomas' Church Petersham on 25.10.1884. Yass Courier 25.11.1884.
Ryrie - ?. Mr Edwin Ryrie married at King Street, Sydney. Mr and Mrs Ryrie spent part of their honeymoon on Douro Estate. Yass Courier 20.9.1903.
Ryrie - Hall. Stewart Mackenzie Ryrie eldest son of Stewart Ryrie Esq, Coodra Vale, Little River married Maria Laura Hall third daughter of Charles Hall Esq of Yeumburra Yass at Yeumburra on 11.11.1876. Yass Courier 21.11.1876.
Ryrie - Mackenzie. Stanley Stewart Ryrie of Michelago married Maud Mackenzie at Darlinghurst on Thursday. Yass Courier 13.2.1900.
Sainsbury -Ranyard. Mr Sainsbury of Yass River married the eldest daughter of Mr Herbert Ranyard on Wednesday. Yass Courier 27.4.1886.
Sallaway - Beeton John Sallaway of Cobar married Bridget Beeton the second daughter of David Beeton late of Yass on Monday 12.9.1885 in the Church of England Church Dubbo. Yass Courier 22.9.1885.
Sargent - Brown. Mr William Thomas Sargent son of Mr Thomas Sargent of Burrowa River married Miss Isabella Brown, daughter of Mr John Brown of Cowra on 7.11.1887. Yass Courier 11.11.1877.
Scott - Fisher. Rev. Andrew NC Scott from the Congregational Church Cumnock Scotland married Wilhelmina Fisher third daughter of John Fisher, Montrose, and niece of Mrs George Thomson of Yass, at the Congregational Church Montrose on 15.5.1882 by Rev. AD Robertson, Edinburgh and assisted by Rev. JP Noble of Dundee. Yass Courier 8.8.1882.
Scurr - Graham. Charles William Scurr, eldest son of WJ Scurr of Sydney married Annie Graham, youngest daughter of Helen Graham, late of the Royal Hotel Yass, by special license on 18.10.1897 at St Saviour's Cathedral, Goulburn. Yass Courier 2.11.1897.
Scurr - Forbes. GH Scurr eldest son of WJC Scurr of Yass married Mary E Forbes eldest daughter of P Forbes of Sydney at Sydney on 17.8.1875. Yass Courier 20.8.1875.
Scurr - Fonville. William John Scurr, second son of Mr WJC Scurr married Mary Fonville, eldest daughter of Mr J Fonville of Cooma Street Yass at Sydney on 30.12.1875. Yass Courier 4.1.1876.
Scurr - Cousley. WJC Scurr of Yass married Mary Elizabeth Cousley the second daughter of John Cousley of Sandgate Brisbane, at Sydney by special license on 26.4.1876. Yass Courier 23.5.1876.
Selmes - Frazer. Henry Selmes of Wheeo married Christina Frazer, daughter of John Frazer, Farmer, Springfield, Wheeo NSW at Yass on 10.3.1874. Yass Courier 13.3.1874.
Shannon - McNally. Mr Peter from Yass River married Miss Elizabeth McNally eldest daughter of Nicholas McNally of Meehan Street Yass in Yass . Ruby McNally was bridesmaid and she was given away by her brother Arthur McNally. Yass Courier 24.7.1903.
Shaw - Blake. Charles Shaw, eldest son of Alexander Shaw of Glenelg, Murrumbidgee married Charlotte Mary Hobart Blake the only daughter of the late Captain Richard Blake at Dalton on 14.1.1881. Yass Courier 21.1.1881.
Shaw - Weaver (Broughton). John Shaw married Frances Weaver, eldest daughter of William Henry Broughton of Broughtonsworth at Yass on 20.5.1870. Yass Courier 24.5.1870.
Sheehan - Murphy. Mr Thomas Sheehan married Kate Murphy, of O'Connelltown, sister to Edward Murphy on Wednesday at Yass. Yass Courier 27.10.1905.
Sheekey - Moule. Mr John Sheekey of Yass married Mrs Moule, daughter of Mrs Mote of Yass on Tuesday in Yass. Yass Courier 23.3.1894.
Simpson -Grovenor. Mr John Simpson of Yass married Sarah Jane Hately Grovenor, eldest daughter of J Grovenor Esq of Yass at Cooma Cottage Yass on 8.3.1860 by Rev W Ross of Goulburn. Yass Courier 17.3.1860.
Simpson - Simpson. Maria Simpson summoned her husband Thomas Simpson for leaving her without support since 13.4.1878 last. She claimed he beat her and would not go back to him. He was ordered to pay 5 shillings a week for 12 months. Yass Courier 28.6.1878.
Skillion - Swift. Mr Richard Skillion of Sydney married Miss Ethel Swift, fourth daughter of Mrs Weston of Cooradigbee and sister to Charles Swift. Yass Courier 12.7.1904.
Smart - Futter. Joseph Richard Smart of Combadello Gwydir, second son of Hon TW Smart, Mona, Darling Point married Florence Margaret Futter, the eldest daughter of John Sedley Futter, Commissioner of Crown Lands Lachlan, at Binalong on 9.3.1875. Yass Courier 12.3.1875.
Smith - Jones. Mr Alan Smith fourth son of Mr and Mrs Richard Smith of Springfield married Miss Margaret Jones youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph Smith at Yass on Wednesday evening. Bridesmaids Edna and Lottie Webb. Yass Courier 1.5.1903.
Smith - Morfer. Alfred John Smith, youngest son of John Smith Esq of Lambeth married Eliza Marion Kinsman Morfer, widow of the late Captain Charles B Morfer RNR on 23.6.1896 at St Barnabas, South Lambeth by Rev. Oliver R Dawson MA, cousin of the bridegroom. Yass Courier 17.7.1896.
Smith - Williams. Mr Francis Martin Smith CE late Manager for Messrs G Royce & Co at Taemas Bridge married Miss Fanny Williams, youngest daughter of the late Mr JG Williams of North Yass at Yass on Tuesday. (Full description of wedding). Yass Courier 2.3.1888.
Smith - Davis Mr Frederick Arthur Smith seventh son of William Smith of Bowning married Lena Olive Davis, third daughter of Mr and Mrs S Davis, Spring Flat Jeir on 29.3.1905 at Jeir. Yass Courier 7.4.1905.
Smith - Burton. James Joseph Smith , son of Mr James Smith of Yass married Christina Letitia Burton eldest daughter of Mr William Burton of Yass at Yass on 21.10.1877. Yass Courier 26.10.1877.
Smith - Large. Mr Charles Frederick Smith the eldest son of CT Smith Esq CCH of Wollongong married Miss Maria Elizabeth Large the eldest daughter of Dr Large from Tumut and niece to AN Wrixon Esq, Judge of County Courts Melbourne on 3.9.1861. Yass Courier 11.9.1861.
Smith - Tonkin. Miss Girlie Smith of Yass married Mr Henry Tonkin of Yass last Monday afternoon. Wedding breakfast was held at bridegroom's residence in North Yass. Yass Courier 27.3.1903.
Smith - Blake. Henry William Smith of Eualdrie, Grenfell the second son of Captain Smith, Goderick, William Street Sydney married Alice Madeline Blake , the youngest daughter of Dr IM Blake, Shantalla at Shantalla Yass on 18.4.1882. Yass Courier 5.5.1882.
Smith - Marshall. Shelton Smith the eldest son of Mr Edward Smith of Ginninderra married Anne Marshall the eldest daughter of Mr Archibald Marshall of Murrumbateman on 4.4.1865 at the residence of the bride's father by license. Yass Courier 8.4.1865.
Southwell - Walker. Mr Alfred Dawson Southwell, eldest son of Samuel Southwell Snr, of Fair View, married Marion Walker, second daughter of Mr FC Walker of Ledgerton on 20.12.1892. Yass Courier 23.12.1892.
Southwell - Bain. John Southwell of Rye Park married Miss Lydia Bain of Bell Vale last Friday. Yass Courier 10.7.1900.
Southwell - Veness. Miss Harriet Southwell, fourth daughter of Samuel Southwell of Hall married Mr George Veness of Sydney in "Wattle Park" Church Hall. Yass Courier 25.9.1903.
Southwell - Smith. Mr Southwell of Wattle Park near Gininderra married Miss Emily Smith daughter of George Smith of Limestone Creek near Bowning. Yass Courier 25.9.1903.
Staniforth - Podmore. Mr CH Staniforth married Miss Podmore. Yass Courier 28.4.1860.
Starr - Wheatley. Caleb Starr, second son of Timothy Starr Esq of Eschol Dalton married Caroline Louisa Anne Wheatley eldest daughter of John Wheatley Esq Dalton and granddaughter to the late Captain Stead of Gundaroo by license at Dalton, on 15.3.1876 by Rev. W Hill. Yass Courier 17.3.1876.
Starr - Fitzwater. John Thomas Starr, eldest son of Mr Thomas Starr of Young, native of Windsor married Susannah Fitzwater, fifth daughter of WG Fitzwater Esq of Belveir Victoria, native of Richmond on 5.9.1865 in Gunning. Yass Courier 9.9.1865.
Starr - Gale. Mr Timothy Starr of Berebangelo, widower married Miss Mary Jane Gale of Waggallalah on 8.9.1865. Yass Courier 13.9.1865.
Stevens - Reisinger. William Stephen Stevens, third son of William Stevens, Veterinary Surgeon, Berkshire England, married Pauline Reisinger, second daughter of John Reisinger of Young at Yass. Yass Courier 8.3.1878.
Stinson - Caldwell. Anthony Stinson second son of Samuel Stinson of Berry Jerry Wagga Wagga married to Elizabeth Jamieson Caldwell the eldest daughter of Steel Caldwell of Moonbucca Bland on 1.5.1864 at the residence of the bride. Yass Courier 13.5.1865.
Stokes - Curry. Mr MJ Stokes married Miss Curry, eldest daughter of the late Michael Curry, sister to Alicia Maggie and Michael, at Marsden near Grenfell. Yass Courier 19.2.1904.
Stokes - Sheekey. Mr William Henry Stokes of Commercial Bank, Parkes, third son of Alfred Stokes of Parkes married Miss Agnes Josephine (Babe) Sheekey, fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs P Sheekey of Yass on Wednesday last at St Augustine's Church Yass. Yass Courier 14.10.1904.
Styles - Duffy. Roy Styles the second son of Mr and Mrs Styles of Cavan married Elizabeth Duffy, second daughter of Mr James Duffy of Learmont at Yass on Wednesday. Yass Courier 8.1.1904.
Sullivan - Lenane. Miss Alice Sullivan married Mr William Lenane on Monday afternoon last. Yass Courier 30.10.1903.
Sully - Boswell. Mr Henry Sully son of Mr John Sully of Glenn Innes married Miss Jane Boswell, eldest daughter of Mr Henry Boswell of Snugsborough near Bowning, at Yass on Wednesday 7.10.1896. Yass Courier 13.10.1896.
Sutton - Cunio. Frederick Sutton, youngest surviving son of Mr W H Sutton married Margaret Madeline Cunio, eldest daughter of Mrs A Cunio of Binalong, at Binalong on 29.12.1878. Yass Courier 3.1.1879.
Taber - Lucas. George Taber second son of the late Mr Thomas Taber of Bathurst married Mary Susannah Lucas, eldest daughter of Mr George Burwood Lucas of Murrumbateman at Yass on 12.9.1877. Yass Courier 14.9.1877.
Taylor - Robinson. Frederick John Taylor, son of JR Taylor of Brisbane Queensland married Eliza Emma Robinson, second daughter of Mr JA Robinson of Yass at Yass on 11.4.1876. Yass Courier 21.4.1876.
Terry - Wilkinson. Harry Montague Terry of Kenilworth, Yass, the eldest son of Hon. SH Terry MLC, Marionette, St Peters Sydney married Carrie Wilkinson, eldest daughter of WF Wilkinson, Solicitor of Yass at the residence of the bride's father Witalaba on 2.2.1882. Yass Courier 7.2.1882.
Thompson - Crago. George Thompson of Harden married Frances Julia Crago, third daughter of PT Crago of Yass on 25.2.1891 at Yass. Yass Courier 17.3.1891.
Thompson - Thompson. Mr Joseph Thompson fourth son of George T Thompson of St Albans, Hawkesbury River married Mss Hannah Maria Thompson, second daughter of the late John Thompson of Mundoonan at Yass on 6.2.1895 Bridesmaid was Miss Thompson and Miss Crago and John Yeo was best man. Yass Courier 8.2.1895.
Thompson (Thomson) - Carmichael. Mr William Thompson, eldest son of George Thompson Esq, contractor of Yass married Mary Ellen Carmichael, eldest daughter of James Carmichael Esq of Mudgee at the residence of the bridegroom's parents Montrose Cottage, Yass on 27.10.1886. Yass Courier 1.2.1887.
Thorn - Hill. Mr Thorn son of Mrs Humphrey Thorn married to Miss Hill. Yass Courier 18.5.1861.
Tinney - Stephens. John Tinney of White Flat Ballarat Victoria and late of St Neot Cornwell England married Jane Stephens the second daughter of Mr W Stephens of St Neot Cornwell England on 13.10.1864 at Yass by licence. Yass Courier 15.10.1864.
Tout - Dallas. George Tout eldest son of James Tout of Marengo, married Anne Dallas sixth daughter of the late Lewis Dallas, Ballindalloch, Scotland, at Yass. Yass Courier 11.5.1861.
Tout - Colls. Mr James Tout, third son of the late Mr James Tout and stepson of Mr Carlo Marina of Moppity near Young married Annie Colls, second daughter of Mr John Colls, Poplar Cottage Yass at Yass on 29.12.1875. Yass Courier 4.1.1876.
Trenery - Rowley. Mr William Trenery of Goulburn married Miss Elizabeth Maria Ann Rowley, the second eldest daughter of Mr John Rowley of Sydney, in Goulburn on 13.4.1863. Yass Courier 25.4.1863.
Triggs - Ritchie. Arthur Bryant Triggs, eldest surviving son of Mr James Triggs, London, married Maria Sophia Ritchie, eldest daughter of the late James J Ritchie, "Linton", Yass on 29.6.1892 at Yass. Yass Courier 15.7.1892.
Triggs - McBean Mr AB Triggs JP married to Miss S McBean, eldest daughter of J McBean, at Yass on Wednesday. Honeymoon at Yarrangobilly Caves then later to England. Yass Courier 8.3.1901.
Trignon - Spike. John Marchant Trignon of Goulburn married Lily Ina Spike daughter of Thomas Spike of railway line near Yass on 27.1.1890 at the residence of the bride's father. Yass Courier 31.1.1890.
Tully - McAppion. John Tully the second son of Patrick Tully of Bialla married Rose Blanche McAppion, third daughter of Nelson McAppion of Hill End and granddaughter of Mr and Mrs Cassidy of Yass on Wednesday 8.4.1891 at Yass. Yass Courier 10.4.1891.
Turner - Gillett. Alfred Devonshire Turner, youngest son of Mr T Turner of Lightwood near Yass married Sarah Gillett the second daughter of Mr Henry Gillett of Sunnyside Louth at Louth on 23.7.1883. Yass Courier 14.8.1883.
Turner - Shields. Charles James Turner eldest son of Henry Turner of Richmond married Carrie Shields daughter of Robert Shields, Surry Hills Sydney on 17.3.1885. Yass Courier 3.4.1885.
Turner - Meldrum. Joseph Francis Turner the second son of Thos Turner of North Yass married Jannette Sarah Meldrum the eldest daughter of Jos B Meldrum of Wagga Wagga at Wagga Wagga on 15.3.1881. Yass Courier 1.4.1881.
Turner - Jones. Mr Humphrey Fox Turner, Staffordshire England, road contractor married Miss Mary Ann Jones, the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs William Jones, farmer from Black Springs Yass Road near Gunning, at the residence of the Bride on 24.10.1861. Yass Courier 2.11.1861
Vallance - Cameron. Mr Hugh Vallance Jnr of Murrumbateman married Miss Christina Cameron of The Glebe near Gininderra on 21.4.1859 by special license. Yass Courier 23.4.1859.
Vicq - Lehane. Mr John Henry Vicq, late Lieutenant of HM 57th Regiment, only son of the late Colonel Vicq HEICS married Miss Honora Lehane, the eldest daughter of J Lehane Esq of Reedy Creek. Yass Courier 9.1.1861.
Waddell - Sharp. Mr James Waddell, Manager of the AJS Bank at Parramatta married Miss Mary Sharp yesterday morning at Mr JB Sharp's residence "Cliftonwood". Yass Courier 22.5.1885.
Waddell - Sharp. James Waddell third son of JJ Waddell of Ashfield, manager of the AJS Bank Parramatta, married Mary Sharp, fourth daughter of AB Sharp, Cliftonwood Yass on 21.5.1885 at Cliftonwood Yass. Yass Courier 22.5.1885.
Wade - Styles. Mr Sidney Wade of Narrengullen Station married Isabella Styles of Cavan Wednesday evening at Yass. Yass Courier 13.12.1901.
Wales -Ward. William Wales, second son of John Wales of the "Woolshed" married Rachel Honora Ward, youngest daughter of Henry Besnard Ward at Illalong on 22.10.1894. Yass Courier 4.12.1894.
Walford - Hannam. Joseph Sparks Walford, third son of Benjamin Walford of Hay married Mary Jane Hannam, eldest daughter of John Hannam of Cooradigbee at Yass on 6.7.1880. Yass Courier 20.7.1880.
Walford - Hannam. Oscar Walford, youngest son of the late Beny Walford of Sydney married Alice Amelia Hannam, third daughter of John Hannam of Cave Flat on 13.7.1886 at the residence of the bride's father. Yass Courier 23.7.1886.
Walker - Faulder. Miss Annie Isabel Walker third daughter of Mr CF Walker of "Ledgerton married William Patrick Faulder the youngest son of the late Mr JT Faulder "Preesgweene" Yass on Wednesday evening at Yass . Bridesmaids Miss Ruby and Kate Walker sisters of the bride. Yass Courier 11.1.1898.
Walker - Ledger. Charles Frederick Walker of Yass married Annie Ledger, daughter of Mr John Ledger, Mullion Forrest on 15.1.1867 by Rev. Mr Dowson. Yass Courier 23.1.1867.
Walker - Bevan. Thomas Henry Walker of Nanama Creek married Elizabeth Bevan, eldest daughter of Mr P Bevan of Fish River. Yass Courier 6.6.1868.
Walker - Adam. Miss Ruby Walker fourth daughter of CF Walker Esq. JP of Ledgerton married John Adam of Ledgerton Public School at Yass. Yass Courier 20.12.1901
Walker - Broughton. Mr James Charles Walker eldest surviving son of the late Rev. James Walker MA married Charlotte Dalton Broughton second surviving daughter of the late WH Broughton Esq of Broughtonsworth Burrowa at Broughtonsworth by Rev T Kemmis on 8.12.1859. Yass Courier 10.12.1859.
Walker - Southwell. Mr John E Walker eldest son of CF Walker JP of Ledgerton married Miss Eleanor Southwell eldest daughter of Mr G Southwell of Coolamon near Brindabella on 8.4.1903, at the bride's parents residence. Bridesmaid Isabel Southwell, best man John Southwell. Yass Courier 10.4.1903.
Walker - Bourke. Mr Thomas Walker eldest son of TW Walker of Griffiths Flats near Nanama married Miss Mary Ann Bourke of Springvale near Yass on Wednesday last, at Yass. Yass Courier 7.2.1902.
Walker - Cohen. Mr W Walker, an auctioneer of Yass was apprehended by police at Parramatta for committing bigamy. He apparently married Jessie Cohen of Yass, the step daughter of BB Cohen, Innkeeper of Sydney. After the honeymoon it was found that he already had a wife in Goulburn. Yass Courier 17.11.1860.
Wall - Sullivan. Mr TM Wall married Miss KR Sullivan at Breadalbane on Wednesday 21.4.1897 by Rev. Father O'Shaughnessy, full description of the wedding. Yass Courier 7.5.1897.
Wallis - Pembrooke. James Wallis, the second son of the late Edmund Vincent Wallis of Finedon Northhamptonshire married Letitia Mary Pembrooke, second daughter of the late Samuel Pembrooke of Yass at Yass on 25.1.1878. Yass Courier 8.2.1878.
Walton - Dudley. Christopher Walton, eldest son of Mr Storey Walton, Railway Line Yass married Rosella Dudley of Mittagong at Yass on Monday 7.5.1888. Yass Courier 11.5.1888.
Walton - Dudley. On Monday last at Bango Mr C Walton married Miss Dudley. Full description of wedding. Yass Courier 15.5.1888.
Warren - Shipway. John Donald Warren, eldest son of the late Alexander Warren of Sydney, accountant married Eva Lydia Shipway youngest surviving daughter of Joshua Shipway of Westella Glenmore Road Paddington Sydney on 20.4.1890 at Sydney. Yass Courier 13.5.1890.
Waters - Banfield. Mr Frank Waters of Gunning married Harriet Banfield of Dalton. Yass Courier 5.8.1902.
Watson - Yeates. Mr Charles Isaac Moss Watson, the proprietor of the "Braidwood News" married Miss Eliza Yeates the eldest daughter of the late John Boden Yeates, late of Braidwood, at Braidwood. Yass Courier 7.9.1861.
Watson - Ewan. Mr James Watson Esq MLA married Margaret Salmon Ewan youngest daughter of the late James Ewan FEIS of Edinburgh on 8.4.1871 by Special License, at Palmer Street, Woolloomooloo. Yass Courier 18.4.1871.
Watson - Smith. Mr Walter Watson of the Royal Hotel Burrowa married Miss Mary Smith of Pudman Creek Wednesday evening last. Yass Courier 2.6.1903.
Weatherby - Mote. Mr James Weatherby, son of George Weatherby of Yass married Amelia Mote, daughter of Mrs George Weatherby and the late Mr James Mote, sister to Albert Mote on Wednesday. Mr Williamson catered for the wedding breakfast. Yass Courier 18.8.1905.
Weatherby - Monteith William Weatherby married Jane Monteith, both from Yass at the Manse Yass on 30.8.1869. Yass Courier 7.9.1869.
Weatherby - Rolfe. Mr William Weatherby, eldest son of Mr W Weatherby of North Yass married Miss Rolfe of Jerrawa on Wednesday. Yass Courier 6.8.1897.
Webb - Crago. Henry Wiltshire Webb the eldest son of Henry Webb Esq of Hobart Town married Miss Sarah Crago, eldest daughter of Mr M Crago, merchant of Sydney, on 26.12.1860 at Sydney. Yass Courier 23.2.1861.
Webb - Buckmaster. Marion Isabella Webb daughter of Thomas Webb, Fairlight Uriarra married William A Buckmaster of Ledgerton son of Joseph of Yass River in the Church of England Church on Monday night. Yass Courier 19.7.1901.
Webb - Buckmaster. Mr G Webb of Uriarra will marry Miss Buckmaster on the 29th instant on Wednesday evening. Yass Courier 21.4.1903. Yass courier 1.5.1903 Wedding took place Mr George Webb only son of Mr and Mrs William Webb of Fairlight Uriarra and AM Buckmaster youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Jones of Cooma Street Yass. Bridesmaids Miss Maria Jones and Phoebe Smith. There's a full description of wedding presents. Also another description in Yass Courier 8.5.1903.
Webber - O'Brien. Mr H Webber of Yass married Miss Kate O'Brien of Stockinbingal in Cootamundra on 11.2.1902. Yass Courier 20.2.1903.
Webster - Vallance. Arthur Webster of Gindera married Elizabeth Vallance second daughter off Mr Hugh Vallance Snr, of Murrumbateman on 7.7.1858 at Murrumbateman. Yass Courier 10.7.1858.
Webster - Vallance. Mr David Webster, the fourth son of Mr Arthur Webster, "Bloomfield" Yass married Janet Ann Vallance the seventh daughter of Mr Hugh Vallance of Murrumbidgee on 3.4.1861 at Yass. Yass Courier 13.4.1861.
Weir - McBean. Miss Weir daughter of Mr G Weir JP married Alex McBean of Bowspring Yass. She was the second daughter of G Weir and was married at his residence. Yass Courier 11.9.1900.
Wentley - West. John Wentley of Somersetshire England married Lucy Emily Rosalite West, only surviving daughter of the late Edward George West of Dundee, Scotland on Thursday 14th June 1860 by special license in Yass. Yass Courier 16.6.1860.
West - Lloyd. Timothy West second son of Mr WM West of Marengo married Mary Ann Lloyd second daughter of Mr FC Lloyd of Burrowa on 29.3.1865 at Marengo. Yass Courier 26.4.1864.
Wheatley - Shaw. Mr John Wheatley of Gunning married Christina Margaret Shaw, third eldest daughter of Mr Alexander Shaw of Yass on 14.7.1857. Yass Courier 18.7.1857.
Wheeldon - Foot. Edwin Richard Wheeldon, eldest son of the late Richard Wheeldon Esq of New Cross, Surry, England married Ellen Foot, third daughter of Henry Brown Foot Esq Yass on 14.3.1879 by Rev. Dr Steel. Yass Courier 4.4.1879.
Wheeler - Palmer. Miss Florence Wheeler daughter of Mr Edward Wheeler of Wargiela married Mr William Palmer of Yass late Young at Yass on Monday evening. Yass Courier 27.3.1903.
White - Lee. Mr White of Gundaroo married Miss Lee of Gundaroo last Monday. Yass Courier 14.2.1902.
Whiteside - Brigstocke. Edward Thomas Whiteside CE, the only son of the late John Ponsonby Whiteside of Felside Cumberland married Emily Brigstocke the eldest daughter of the late Rev. Charles Ferdinand Brigstocke, Incumbent of St Clement's Church on 5.1.1871 at Yass. Yass Courier 10.1.1871.
Willes - Battye. Wilfred B Willes, second son of Dr Willes Tasmania married Emma Battye eldest daughter of EJ Battye of Yass on 14.10.1893 at Paddington. Yass Courier 14.11.1893.
William - Pentany. Jacob William married Rhoda Gledhill Pentany, second daughter of Mrs Pentany of Murrumbidgee on 24.10.1872 at Carcoar. Yass Courier 22.3.1878.
Wilmot - Smith. Mr James John Wilmot of Galong married Jane Smith, eldest daughter of Mr R Smith of Yass River at Yass on 21.3.1860. Yass Courier 31.3.1860.
Wilson - Bain. Mr John Wilson of North Yass married Miss Jane Bain the daughter of Mr Peter Bain of North Yass on 17.3.1863. Yass Courier 18.3.1863.
Wilson - Davis. Mr Henry Wilson married Mary Davis eldest daughter of Mr James Davis at Yass 4.10.1858. Yass Courier 9.7.1859.
Wilson - Cameron. Mr Thomas Wilson married Wilhemina Cameron of Springfield, Yass at Devonia Villa on 3.12.1873. Yass Courier 5.12.1873.
Wilson - Peterson. Walter Graham Wilson of Public Records Lands Department of Sydney, youngest son of TG Wilson of Mudgee married Cordelia Maude Peterson youngest daughter of SL Peterson of Yass at North Sydney. Yass Courier 23.7.1901.
Winter - Starr. Mr Ernest Winter, second son of Mr D Winter of Lade Vale married Miss Ethol Starr, second daughter of Mr Calba Starr at "Eschol", Dalton on 30.12.1903,Y ass Courier 12.1.1904.
Wise - Scurr. Edward William Henry Wise only son of the late John Wise of Sydney, nephew to Commander Chapman Wise RN married Phoebe Anne Scurr, eldest daughter of William John Charles Scurr late of Yass on 21.10.1885 at Yass. Yass Courier 6.11.1885.
Wood - Pembrooke. Allan Wood, the eldest son of the late James Wood married Chatty Pembrooke, the eldest daughter of the late Samuel Pembrooke at Yass on 21.4.1874. Yass Courier 28.4.1874.
Wood - Rolfe. Mr Hebble Wood nephew of James McCarthy of "Glenwood Hall" near Gininderra married Miss Rolfe of Gold Creek near Hall at Yass. Yass Courier 18.9.1903.
Wood - Pegrem. Mr John Wood, youngest son of the late Mr James Wood of Yass, married Elizabeth Mary Pegrem, third daughter of the late David Pegrem, Burrowa River on 16.9.1879 at Yass. Yass Courier 26.9.1879.
Woodman - Davis. Mr Charles James Woodman married Matilda Davis, third daughter of George Davis Jnr of Gounyan Creek near Yass at Yass. Yass Courier 21.7.1860.
Woodman - Bond. Mr Charles Woodman of Murrumbateman married Amelia, only daughter of Mr George Bond at Burrowa on 17.5.1888. Yass Courier 29.5.1888.
Woodman - Webb. Phillip Henry Woodman married Helena Webb widow of the late James Webb at St James Church on Monday 22.7.1878. Yass Courier 2.8.1878.
Woods - Riley Mr Peter Woods of Grogan Bland married Catherine Riley daughter of Mr J Riley of Muttama at Young by District Registrar on 14.6.1865. Yass Courier 17.6.1865.
Woolrych - Sherrington. Francis Woolrych Esq of Binalong married Frances Emily Sherrington fourth daughter of Henry Sherrington Esq of Cornwell England on 23.12.1859 at Yass. Yass Courier 24.12.1859.
Wotton - Broughton. William JE Wotton of Burrowa married Miss Kate Broughton, the daughter of the late WH Broughton Esq of Broughtonsworth on the 1.6.1864 at Broughtonsworth. Yass Courier 11.6.1864.
Wuelfing - Scanes. Mr Otto Wuelfing married Anna Rose Scanes youngest daughter of Mr William Scanes of Yass in Yass on 13.11.1859. Yours Courier 19.11.1859.
Wyndham - Fletcher. Francis Wyndham, fourth son of George Wyndham Esq, of Dalwood, Hunter's River married Harriet Champion Fletcher, eldest daughter of the late George Fletcher Esq of Moreton Bay, at Bonshaw Armidale on 9.3.1858. Yass Courier 3.4.1858.
Yeo - Paterson. John Cole Yeo of Yass married Mary Kirk Paterson fourth daughter of James Paterson Esq MD, CM of Glasgow on 22.3.1879 at Sydney. Yass Courier 1.4.1879.
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