Williamson -Goodwin Families Passmore, Walsh,Pye, Humm 

David Campbell Williamson born 4th April 1822 County Leitrim, Ireland, the son of John Williamson and Eliza Rutherford. David's first wife was Anna Corry Arrived in New South Wales in 1851 aged 29 years.
Married Sarah Susannah Pye the daughter of Thomas Pye and Ann Humm in the "Carriers Arm's Inn" at Bathurst New South Wales, he was a widower aged 41 years and she was 25 years old. At that time he was working as a road contractor: Sarah was born 17 August 1838 at Rockley near Bathurst died died 29 May 1904 at Bathurst.
Children of the marriage were
Thomas Pye born c 1864
Elizabeth born c1866
Sarah born c1869
Mary born c 1870
Sidney born c1877
Listed on his David's death certificate there were three boys and one girl deceased. During the time he lived in Bathurst he became The Town Clerk. He was a resident of the town for twenty five years David died on 30th December at Keppel Street Bathurst aged 67 years.
Pye Family
Joseph Pye married Mary Marson who was born in 1735, the daughter of William and Ann Marson. John Pye the son of Joseph Pye and his wife Mary was born 12th March 1769 about 6 o'clock in the afternoon and was baptised on the 2nd May by Mr Griffiths, the dissenting minister. John was sentenced at Warwick to 14 years, it said that he was a foreman in a factory where young boys were being ill treated. On complaining about their treatment, management was believed to have had him charged with a fictitious crime. John arrived on the "Britania" in October 1791
Mary Phillips also sentenced at Warwick and arrived on the "Mary Anne" in July 1791. John Pye and Mary Phillips were married in December 1791
Mary 1793 - 1813
John 1798 - 1845 married Eleanor Murray
Joseph 1796 - 1853 married Elizabeth Ward
Thomas 1800 - 1858 Married Ann Humm
Sarah 1801 married Thomas Rose
James 1803 - 1884 became the mayor of Parramatta and a New South Wales MP.
Elizabeth 1804 married James Thorn
Jane 1808 - 1838 married a Batman, the brother of the founder of Melbourne.
Thomas Pye Williamson - Elizabeth Ester Passmore
Thomas Pye Williamson son of David Campbell Williamson and Sarah Susannah Pye was born on 17th August 1864 at Bathurst. He married Elizabeth Ester Passmore born on 1st April 1866 at Goulburn on the 23rd November 1887 at Goulburn
Arthur born 4th September 1888 married Amy Margaret Goodwin, Alice Mary Finn and Elvie Grocott.
Harold born 18th May 1890 died at the Dardanelles, Gallipoli, Turkey on 19th May 1915.
Thomas Norman born 16th August 1893 and married May Blanche
Francis Roy born 6 May 1895 and married Alma Margaret Williamson on 2nd Mary 1920
Ester Mary Florence born 8th October 1897 and married Sid Davis on 4th November 1918.
Elizabeth Mary Edna born 1st June 1903 and married Edmund O'Connor on 16th April 1930
Cecil Joseph born 1st March 1906 and married Zara March on the 30th March 1929
Leo Colin born 7th March 1909 and married Ruth Horton on the 20th May 1937.
Thomas Pye Williamson came to Yass from Bathurst at the age of twenty in about 1880, and opened a shop in Cooma Street Yass. TP developed into a first class baker. He delivered bread in a basket and later opened a shop in the Oddfellows Hall.
In 1897, Mr Williamson bought the AGS Bank and formed the "Times Bakery". Two years later he bought all of the land between the Oddfellows Hall and the Bakery. It was here that the cordial factory, the 83 Garage, a movie theatre and skating rink were built. In 1900 he wrote a book on the bakery trade which sold for 0ne Guinea. One book, still exists in America at this time.
TP Williamson was first seen driving around town in 1905 in his home made delivery van. He became the local Ford Dealer when Henry Ford's Model T appeared on the scene. TP built a "Motor Van in 1908 and when he "sailed" up Cooma street Yass he was applauded by the bystanders, the van was built with the transmission gear of ten horse power, the frame of American hickory, the steering knuckles being solid gun metal weighing 12 lbs each and capable of speeds up to 12 miles per hour. He then leased out his bakery and later sold it to Mr AH Richardson in 1914 and ceased the manufacture of cordials, this gave him more time to concentrate on the garage. It was claimed to be the most up-to-date garage out of Sydney and he held the agency for Renault, Crossley, Bianchi, Metallurgique and Ford cars. An advertisement in the paper in 1915 states the four seater touring car has been reduced to £195 and the Runabout to £180. You could also have your car washed for a small fee and one part of his garage was capable of holding up to 20 cars. 
His Car was used as an ambulance in 1919 to convey Mr Joseph Curll from Bowning to the Yass Hospital.
 Thomas Pye Williamson died in Yass on 14th December 1928.
Elizabeth died in Yass 17 January 1913. Both are buried in the Yass Cemetery.
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