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Union Jack - Tumbarumba NSW
Situated around five kms from Tumbarumba New South Wales.
Sacred to the memory of those boys who fell in the Great War

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Union Jack Memorial Tumbarumba


Union Jack School 1942
Union Jack Memorial


Tumblong NSW
Unveiled by W Manns Esq assisted by R Innes Noad MLC 14 November 1917

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Boer War
Luff W

Yass NSW

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour

George Grieves - KIA 19.5.1915

Stuart F Spratt- Wounded

Jack C Thomson - Wounded

VP Bush

Thomas M Harvey

Fred Newth

Chas Weatherby - Wounded

Chas Barber - Wounded

Fred Manego

Reg A Shiel

CJA Thomson

Cecil J Weatherby

Victor K Grieves

Archibald Kerr - Wounded

CV Bush

MS Dickson

Syd McKinnon

Leslie M Knight

Percy Barber

Robert A Jones

Glen Barber

Alex Rodden

George Kerr

Frank Beasey

Jas B McFeeters

Jas W Thomson

Keith McCallum

The Glorious Dead

Yass and District

Yass Tribune

Major F Coen

Sgt H Barber

Sgt WT Crago

Sergt E Bennett

Corp R Whytt

Corp Reg Kenny

L-Corp C Powis

L-Corp W Shea

Trooper Tom Harvey

Pte G Grieves KIA 19.5.1915

Pte H Williamson KIA 19.5.1915

Pte E Eager died of wounds

Pte JA Howard died of wounds

Pte F Beeten

Pte HJ Carey

Pte I Buckmaster

Pte RJ Crew

Pte WP Garland

Pte Bert Garland killed at Rabaul

Pte G Honneysett

Pte HC Morris

Pte CJ McGrath

Pte E Pallaird

Pte RE Penty

Pte Basil Penty

Pte P Sykes

Pte HH Styles

Pte P Wall

Pte Roy Bush

Pte Roy Hall

Pte G Clarke

Pte J Saunders

Pte L Faulder

Pte W Dunn

Pte Preece

Driver G Johnson

Submitted by
Rob Ryan
N.244163 Private George Leonard Farrell Bliss, 3 Aust Inf Battalion KIA
Kokoda Track, New Guinea, age 20. Buried in Kokoda War Cemetery, Bomana,
Grave D.D.14. On Roll of Honour, Yass, NSW.
Service Australian Army
Place of Birth YASS, NSW
Date of Enlistment 2 December 1941
Locality on Enlistment SPRING VALLEY
Place of Enlistment YASS, NSW
Date of Death 19 October 1942
Posting on Death 3 Australian Infantry Battalion
Australian Infantry. 19th October 1942. Age 20. Son of Farrell and
Rebecca Bliss (nee Privett), of Yass, New South Wales. C7. E. 10.
George Leonard Farrell Bliss was born on the property known as "Spring
Valley" - the same property his grandfather, George Henry Bliss,
convict, was granted when given a Ticket of Leave in 1839.
He was called up in 1942 into the Militia and drafted into the Third
Australian Infantry Battalion. He was not tall and was slightly built
but quite used to hard farm work and sleeping rough, whilst out rounding
up cattle.
Following his call-up and brief training, he was sent to New Guinea and
Kokoda. He was amongst A.I.F. returned volunteers.
His rural background made him keenly observant of things around him and
he was used to using a gun.
George and another young soldier were sent as scouts by their Unit
Lieutenant, who was later demoted for sending out inexperienced
youngsters in this role.
Both youngsters were killed on the track and cannibalised
There is a memorial to George and others killed on the Kokoda Track in
Concord, NSW.
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