Allman Sarah of Creek Cottage Yass, relict of the late Capt Francis Allman, probate granted to Geo Cimetiere Allman. Yass Courier 10.2.1864.
Angel Walter late of Marengo in the Colony of New South Wales, probate to his wife Emma Angel. Yass Courier 26.11.1859.
Archer Mary in memory of our mother who died 16.3.1894. Inserted by her children Norman and Milton Archer. Yass Courier 15.3.1895.
Armour Mr John late of Wattle Vale near Bookham, grazier, probate by William Fancourt Wilkinson, Proctor of Yass. Yass Courier 27.3.1903.
Arthur Edward Hughes, late of Yass, Painter, probate to Elizabeth Arthur. Yass Courier 2.6.1896.
Arthur Edward Hughes who died in the Yass Hospital on 15.5.1896. Notice inserted by E Pearce, Burke Street Yass. Yass Courier 14.5.1897.
Atkins Richard late of Yass NSW Freeholder, probate of Esther Britton of Yass, widow. Yass Courier 8.5.1874.
Bailey (Baily) Patrick Late of Murrumbidgee River near Yass, farmer. Executors to will John Joseph Garry of Mylora near Binalong. Yass Courier 29.12.1899.
Bailey Robert of Chain of Ponds farmer deceased, probate to James Grovenor, Yass, Feeholder, William Reynolds of Gunning, Butcher, and William Grovenor of Gunning, Miller. Yass Courier 12.3.1864.
Barber Henry Charles late of Cooradigbee near Bookham in the Colony of NSW, Grazier deceased. Intestate. Probate Notice. Yass Courier 15.11.1898.
Barber Henry James late of Coordigbee near Bookham, Grazier. Probate Notice. Yass Courier 12.7.1898.
Barber Kenneth Leslie died 21.10.1902 eldest son of Mrs ML and the Late RA Barber - Humewood Station, grandnephew of the late Hamilton Hume, Australian Explorer aged 30 years. Yass Courier 24.10.1902.
Barber Robert Alfred. Probate granted to Mary Sucretia Barber. Yass Courier 23.5.1902.
Bates Earnest Hammond of Yass, bankruptcy estate notice. Yass Courier 5.12.1890.
Bayly Robert of Chain of Ponds Yass , Farmer deceased, probate to widow Esther Bayly. Yass Courier 15.3.1865.
Bendock. In memory of my mother who died at Narrandera on 4.1.1897 after a short illness. Inserted by Arthur J Bendock, Public School, Chain of Ponds. Yass Courier 22.1.1897.
Benjamin Mrs Sarah deceased, probate notice. Yass Courier 3.7.1867.
Best Henry Thomas, formerly of Gunning NSW, late of Kimberly in the Colony of Western Australia, Grazier, intestate. Yass Courier 8.7.1884.
Best Mr John late of Humewood near Gunning, NSW deceased intestate, probate granted to his widow Mary Best. Yass Courier 26.10.1861.
Best Mary late of Homewood near Dalton NSW Widow deceased, probate to William Buist of Homewood, Grazier, son of deceased. Yass Courier 26.9.1876.
Best Thomas late of Tangmangaroo near Yass NSW, Farmer deceased, probate of Peter Best of Gunning. Yass Courier 9.10.1874.
Blake Anne late of Yass NSW widow of the late Isadore Blake Esq Prospect Hill in the County of Galway, Ireland deceased. Probate granted to her son Isadore Maurice Blake of Yass Esq. Yass Courier 30.7.1859.
Blake Anthony Joseph late of Bogolong of Lachlan district on the colony of NSW, Grazier deceased. Probate to Mrs Ann Blake widow and John Blake of Sydney, Barrister at Law. Yass Courier 10.4.1858.
Bliss Mr Henry of Windy Point Yass River near Yass, probate granted to George Bliss (father). Yass Courier 3.3.1903.
Boswell Elizabeth Sully died 9.11.1896 and Velletta Boswell died 9.7.1898. Inserted by parents Henry and Amy Sully and Henry and Harriet Boswell. Yass Courier 8.11.1898.
Boswell in memory of our daughter who died 9.11.1896 aged 24 years, inserted by mother H Boswell. Yass Courier 7.11.1899.
Boswell Elizabeth (Lizzie), 9.11.1896 Yass Courier 9.11.1900.
Boswell Elizabeth died 9.11.1896, inserted by parents H & H Boswell. Yass Courier 8.11.1902.
Brady Thomas late of Milora near Bogolong NSW, gentleman deceased. Probate to Owen Hilly of Yass, licensed victualler and Lawrence Garry of Albury, mail contractor. Yass Courier 10.4.1858.
Brassil Ann, late of Waroo Yass widow deceased probate notice. Yass Courier 7.4.1891.
Brassil John late of Waroo near Yass Grazier probate notice. Elizabeth Brassil as executrix. Yass Courier 8.5.1891, 12.8.1892.
Brassil Patrick. Insolvent estate notice for Patrick Brassil. Yass Courier 1.1.1886.
Brennan John, late of Derringullen near Yass, farmer deceased, probate to Sarah Gillulay Brennan of Derringullen, widow. Yass Courier 9.9.1873.
Brennan P. Probate Allen Campbell Wood executor. Yass Courier 3.11.1899.
Brien Francis, in memory of my father who died 1.4.1895 at Yass Cottage, Petersham, inserted by daughter Ellen E Brien. Yass Courier 21.4.1896.
Briggs Henry, fettler, probate granted to his son Thomas Henry Briggs of Albury. Yass Courier 3.10.1902.
Brigstocke Charles Ferdinand who died on Tuesday 11.10.1859 at St Clement's Parsonage, Yass, Clerk deceased. Probate to John Stiles of Yass and Allan Campbell, Yass, John George Llewllyn Williams. Yass Courier 15.10.1859.
Brown John late of Spring Creek North Yass, farmer, probate to Morgan O'Connor of Yass, doctor of medicine. Yass Courier 14.6.1872.
Buist William of Jerrawa, insolvency meeting of the estate. Yass Courier 17.3.1885.
Bullman Andrew, probate granted to Elizabeth Bullman and D'arcy Hubert Bucknell. Yass Courier 30.9.1902.
Burke James of Binalong NSW, Carcass Butcher. Probate to son Edward Burke. Yass Courier 16.5.1863.
Burton WE in memory of my father who died 3.8.1898. Inserted by his daughter CL Smith. Yass Courier 4.8.1903.
Burton William E died 3.8.1898. Inserted by daughter of CL Smith of Yass. Yass Courier 5.8.1902.
Burton William E died 3.8.1898 inserted by daughter CL Smith. Yass Courier 5.8.1902.
Bush James late of Jerrawa near Yass, Farmer deceased, probate of widow Louisa Bush. Yass Courier 23.7.1880.
Bush Ham late of Jerrawa, Farmer, probate to Jeremiah Bush and Henry Bush. Yass Courier 20.1.1899.
Byne Mary late of Byrnesville Dalton, spinster deceased intestate. Executor James Byrne Grazier. Yass Courier 17.11.1899.
Cahill Michael late of Lambing Flat (Young) deceased intestate, probate to widow Mary Cahill. Yass Courier 28.6.1862.
Campbell Allan, late of Yass in the Colony of New South Wales, surgeon deceased, will and codicil, granted to Robert William Pearson, Allan Campbell, the younger and Robert Adye Campbell as executors. Yass Courier 21.6.1895.
Campbell Allan late of Yass, Surgeon. Probate notice. Executors Robert William Pearson, Allan Campbell and Robert Dye Campbell. Yass Courier 27.9.1898.
Campbell Allan of Yass, gentleman, probate notice. Yass Courier 9.5.1899.
Campbell Robert William Pearson Allen late of Yass, surgeon, Will and Codicil. Yass Courier 25.8.1899.
Carder Arthur late of West Wyalong - miner and also in the will of Sarah Carter wife, both of whom formerly resided at Mundoonan Yass River. Yass Courier 2.12.1902 Probate notice.
Carroll Mr Edward of Chidowla near Bookham, grazier, probate to Margaret Celia Carroll, daughter. Yass Courier 16.10.1903.
Carroll Martin of Yass River near Yass, farmer deceased, probate granted to his widow Catherine Ann Carroll, with leave reserved to Richard Hassett of Yass, Innkeeper. Yass Courier 5.2.1868.
Carter Arthur, late of West Wyalong, miner and also the will of Sarah Carter, wife, both of whom formerly resided at Mundoonan, Yass River. Yass Courier 2.12.1902.
Casey WP, Insolvent estate, a first dividend of 7s 11 1/2d in the pound has been announced by the Official Assignee made in the insolvent estate of the late WP Casey, Innkeeper of Murrimboolla. Yass Courier 2.7.1859.
Coen Michael, storekeeper of Yass. Probate notice. Yass Courier 16.12.1898. Also a notice on 24.7.1896.
Coen Michael late of Yass Probate notice. Yass Courier 7.11.1899.
Colls Emily Florence, late of Yass, married woman deceased, intestate. Yass Courier 23.9.1904.
Colls Mr John, probate granted Lucy Sophia Colls and James Tout. Yass Courier 7.7.1903.
Colls Thomas. Probate to Minnie Colls, Charles Robert Colls and James Waddell. Yass Courier 11.3.1898.
Colvin Elizabeth late of Yass Executor William Henry Crago. Yass Courier 14.1.1902.
Colvin George late of Yass NSW, gardener, deceased, probate notice, executors Patrick Hartigan and Joseph McEvoy. Yass Courier 15.2.1895.
Comins William Joseph. Insolvent Estate of William Joseph Comins, Innkeeper Yass. Yass Courier 20.8.1886.
Conley Sarah Eleanor Emily, William Richard and Charles Alexander infants under the age of 21 appoint John Paul Pierce as their next friend as plaintiffs. Against Charles Crisp, Edward Crisp, William Lester, William Wise and John Hunter Kirkpatrick are the defendants the creditors of the late William Conley late of Albury NSW, cattle dealer, deceased who died about December last 1857. Yass Courier 2.4.1859.
Connell James of Gunning, NSW, probate to Ellen Connell. Yass Courier 25.7.1863.
Cooper John late of Rose Vale near Gunning, farmer deceased, probate to widow Bridget Mary Cooper of Rose Vale. Yass Courier 5.2.1868.
Cooper Mrs departed this life at Cavan on Wednesday 27.3.1889 aged 79 years. Yass Courier 4.4.1889.
Cooper William, intestate estate, late of Yass, labourer. Yass Courier 22.2.1895 and 5.3.1895.
Corcoran Michael late of Hovell's Creek near Burrowa NSW Farmer deceased, probate to widow Rose Corcoran. Yass Courier 14.6.1870.
Corcoran Roger, late of Burrowa, farmer deceased, probate granted to Michael Russell of Maneroo, farmer. Yass Courier 30.7.1859.
Cox Florence Jane who died 9.10.1905, remembered by mother and father, Robert and Mary Webster. Yass Courier 6.10.1905.
Croaker Thomas late of Burrowa River NSW, carrier deceased Intestate. Probate granted to widow Mary Croaker. Yass Courier 6.3.1858.
Crozier. In memory of Fred Wm Crozier September 3 1882. Elat 50 ann. Yass Courier 12.12.1882.
Cummings Mary late of Illalong, NSW deceased intestate, probated granted to her daughter Bridget Darcy of Stockinbengil NSW. Yass Courier 27.11.1861.
Curran Patrick late of Yass, licensed Victualler deceased, intestate, probate granted to his widow Ann Curran. Yass Courier 13.8.1859.
Dale Lydia. Probate granted to Thomas Augustus Dale and Samuel Barber Dale. Yass Courier 5.9.1902
Daly Timothy late of "The Pines" near Dalton in the Colony NSW, grazier , Intestate, probate granted to his widow Catherine. Yass Courier 2.12.1898.
Davis Mr George of Murrumbateman Creek near Yass, Yeoman deceased, probate to Mary Davis Murrumbateman Creek, widow and George Davis Jnr, Farmer. Yass Courier 4.1.1868.
Davis Mrs G who departed this life 17.5.1894 aged 78 years. Inserted by her daughters Mrs Joseph Buckmaster and Mrs C Woodman. Yass Courier 29.5.1896.
Davis James Snr late of Mundoonan, Grazier, probate to Alfred William Davis. Yass Courier 12.5.1899.
Davis William late of Sutton North Yass probate notice. Yass Courier 28.6.1904.
Davis William probate granted to William Davis and Alfred Thomas Davis. Yass Courier 15.5.1903.
Davis William Senr who died 7.5.1903, inserted by son William Davis Jnr and Family. Yass Courier 17.5.1904.
Dawes George Thomas who died 29.7.1895, inserted by Parents, brothers and sisters. Yass Courier 31.7.1896.
Devitt James late of Grabben Gullen deceased intestate, probate to widow Mary Devitt. Yass Courier 15.1.1862.
Doo George Devon late of Yass, gentleman, deceased, probate to Michael Cassidy of Yass, Freeholder. Yass Courier 3.6.1865.
Douglas George of Burrangong deceased. Probate granted to Margaret Douglas. Yass Courier 8.6.1861.
Downes James deceased of Gunning, Storekeeper, probate granted to Bridget Downes. Yass Courier 12.9.1863.
Druitt John Turner probate notice. Yass Courier 8.1.1886.
Drummond Thomas, late of Bogolong NSW, Innkeeper deceased, probate to widow Marion Drummond of Bogolong. Yass Courier 7.1.1873.
Duff James late of Yeumburrah near Yass. Probate notice. Yass Courier 14.6.1898.
Duff James who died 16.12.1896, inserted by wife Maria Duff. Yass Courier 17.12.1897.
Duigen Rev R. Intestate Estate, lodged with Leopold Yates, Agent for Intestate Estates. Yass Courier 13.6.1871.
Dwyer Phillip of Castle's Creek near Burrowa, a stockholder probate to Thomas Bell Gibbons of Burrowa, storekeeper. Yass Courier 26.11.1864
Edwards Charles late of Yass, deceased intestate, probate to widow Mary Edwards. Yass Courier 9.4.1862.
Edwards Edward. Intestate Estate of Edward Edwards. Yass Courier 26.8.1873.
Egan Robert of Throsby's Creek near Yass NSW, Farmer deceased, probate to widow Margaret Egan. Yass Courier 14.9.1877.
Elliott. In loving memory of Mary wife of Robert Elliott who departed on 19.5.1886. Yass Courier 20.5.1887.
Fallon Mrs . Mr P Fallon inserted funeral notice for his late mother, will leave his residence "Bango" tomorrow 1 pm and will be in Yass by 3 pm. Yass Courier 7.10.1898.
Fitzgerald John, late of Bowning, Gentleman deceased. Executor Michael Gregory Fitzgerald of Bowning, probate granted to William Fitzgerald, gentleman, brother, his next of kin. Yass Courier 22.6.1880.
Fitzgerald MG, who died at Bowning on 2.5.1880. Yass Courier 1.6.1894.
Flinn Matthew late of Barbara Dam near Binalong NSW, Feeholder deceased intestate, probate to widow Elizabeth Flinn of Binalong. Yass Courier 12.5.1866.
Foley Patrick of Cullarin Creek near Gunning NSW, farmer and grazier, probate granted to Ellinor Foley. Yass Courier 19.5.1874.
Foot Henry Brown who died 19.1.1896 aged 75 years. Inserted by daughter Emily Leseburg. Yass Courier 19.1.1897.
Foot Henry Brown. Father, HB Foot who died 19.1.1896. Inserted by daughter and son-in-law James and Sarah Goldspink, Hillgrove North Yass. Yass Courier 19.1.1897.
Foot Henry Brown died 19.1.1896, our mother Eliza Foot died 4.9.1901. Inserted by Sarah and James Goldspink. Yass Courier 19.1.1904.
Fox Thomas late of Wagga NSW licensed Victualler deceased, intestate, probate granted to Sarah Fox, widow. Yass Courier 30.4.1859.
Franklin Joseph late of "Oakvale" near Boambolo, Farmer and Grazier. Probate to son George Franklin. Yass Courier 31.5.1898.
Franklin John. Insolvent Estate of John Franklin of Gundaroo, Storekeeper. Yass Courier 13.7.1886.
Freemantle Solomon of Burrowa, farmer, NSW, probate to John Allen of Burrowa , Innkeeper. Yass Courier 12.5.1860
Furlong Laurence late of Yass River near Gundaroo deceased, intestate estate notice. Yass Courier 3.7.1891.
Gamball Frank Leopold late of Yass, probate to Margaret O'Connor. Yass Courier 28.4.1899.
Gardner Henry late of Yass, NSW, Esquire deceased, intestate. Probate to his brother Frederick Gardiner late of Callandoon Queensland but now of Yass NSW, Esq. Yass Courier 5.1.1861.
Garner James of Yass river, NSW, probate to John Jenkins of Nangus near Gundagai and Francis Jenkins of Buckinbong Murrumbidgee. Yass Courier 29.8.1860.
Garner Mary Ann late of Narrandera formerly of Yass, probate to James Merriman of Jerrawa. Yass Courier 22.9.1903
Garrotty Timothy late of Yass River, farmer, probate granted to Joseph Buckmaster of Yass River. Yass Courier 15.1.1859.
Garry James of Binalong deceased intestate. Probate granted to John Joseph Garry of "Milora", eldest son. Yass Courier 18.6.1862.
Garry James late of Mylora near Binalong, Grazier deceased intestate. Yass Courier 10.10.1879.
George Jonah, Chain of Ponds, NSW, Farmer, deceased, Executrix Helen Apps. Yass Courier 22.3.1870.
Gibney Connor late of Nunick Creek, farmer deceased, probate to Peter Besnard of Kangiaroo, Miles Murphy of Binalong and Mary Gibney, widow of Nunick Creek. Yass Courier 5.4.1862.
Giles Ruth late of Yass, probate to John Porter Harris Giles. Yass Courier 6.1.1899.
Goldspink Margaret. Our mother Margaret Goldspink departed this life 12.5.1898. Son and daughter-in-law James and Sarah Goldspink. Yass Courier 12.5.1899.
Gill Henry Francis Davis, late of Yass, gentleman, probate to brother-in-law Andrew Callon of Young, Teacher. Yass Courier 12.8.1866.
Glover Thomas, late of Red Hill near Bowning, farmer and grazier deceased, probate to John and Thomas Glover, both of Red Hill. Yass Courier 30.8.1904.
Goodwin Joseph late of "Essex House" Tangmangaroo near Yass, grazier deceased. Probate notice 9.12.1898.
Goodwin Joseph late of Tangmangaroo near Yass, Grazier probate notice. Yass Courier 16.5.1899.
Gorham James, late of Gunning, farmer and grazier, probate to widow Jane Amelia Gorham, Hovell's Creek. (Samson Cade declined to act as executor). Yass Courier 11.10.1865.
Grace Bridget, late of Bay Street Glebe Sydney formerly of Yass NSW widow deceased, probate to Richard Dunne, storekeeper of Bay Street Glebe Sydney. Estate notice. Yass Courier 9.11.1893.
Grace Martin late of Yass in the Colony of New south Wales, farmer, deceased, intestate. Yass Courier 15.5.1894.
Graham Helen, late of the Reval Hotel. Probate notice. Yass Courier 19.10.1897
Graney Martin of Manton's Creek NSW, probate to Thomas Colls, Yass, John Collins of Yass, John Colls of Yass. Yass Courier 24.1.1863.
Granger Jonas probate to Maria Granger, widow. Yass Courier 6.5.1873.
Grant Edward late of Weaver's Creek near Blakney Creek deceased intestate, probate to widow Anastasia Grant. Yass Courier 29.1.1868.
Grogan John late of Yass in the Colony of New South Wales, Licensed Victualler deceased, intestate, probate to widow Mary Grogan of Yass. Yass Courier 23.2.1867.
Grovenor James late of Yass NSW, Gentleman deceased, probate to Isabella Grovenor of Yass, widow. Yass Courier 19.6.1877
Grovenor William late of Gunning, Freeholder deceased. Probate granted to his wife Mrs Elizabeth Grovenor of Gunning and James Grovenor of Yass, Freeholder. Yass Courier 10.4.1858.
Gurnett Charles of Dry Valley County of Harden NSW. Probate Elizabeth Gurnett. Yass Courier 24.10.1899.
Hallam Joseph late of Fish River, NSW, Farmer deceased intestate, probate to widow Winifred Hallam of Fish River. Yass Courier 27.2.1867
Handrihan John of Gunnong Flat NSW Stockholder, deceased intestate, probate to widow Johanna Handrihan. Yass Courier 17.12.1859.
Harney Patrick, late of Frankfield near Gunning NSW, Boundary Rider deceased, Francis Rawden Hume, the younger, Grazier named as his Executor, Yass Courier 30.3.1877.
Harper Mr David late of Yass, NSW, Builder, deceased intestate, probate to widow Mary Harper. Yass Courier 23.10.1861.
Harrigan Joseph late of Bloomfield on Murrumbidgee River, grazier deceased. Probate granted to Thomas Colls, Yass, licensed Victualler and Richard Gorman of Taemas, Murrumbidgee River, grazier. Yass Courier 18.6.1859.
Hart William late of Grabben Gullen and Yass, farmer deceased, probate to his widow Margaret Hart. Yass Courier 4.1.1862.
Hatley Thomas late of Limestone near Hovell's Creek County of King NSW, farmer deceased on the 30.12.1857. Intestate. Probate granted to Mary Hatley, widow . Yass Courier 2.1.1858.
Hatton Mr Allan died 5.11.1902. Inserted by mother and father Mr and Mrs J Hatton and brother-in-law and sister Mr and Mrs C Walker. Yass Courier 6.10.1903.
Heap John late of North Yass, gentleman deceased, probate notice. Yass Courier 21.7.1905.
Hearn Sarah Elizabeth departed this life 1.8.1898, by sisters and brothers. Yass Courier 4.8.1899.
Henderson James, farmer intestate, probate to wife Bridget Henderson. Yass Courier 14.7.1860.
Hickey Michael late of Gunning deceased, intestate estate. Yass Courier 18.12.1874.
Higman J, a miller insolvent Estate . Yass Courier 13.11.1867.
Hill Thomas late of Blakeney's Creek, deceased. Probate to Wife Mary Hill. Yass Courier 7.11.1860.
Hilly Fanny Montgomery of Chapel Street East St Kilda in the colony of Victoria formerly of Cloyne, late of Kenilworth near Yass, spinster, probate to Richard Rouse Terry of Ryde. Yass Courier 24.2.1893.
Hinds Thomas formerly of Jerrawa near Yass, currently inmate of hospital for insane at Gladesville, claim for creditors. Yass Courier 22.8.1890.
Holding Joseph late of Bookham, probate granted to Joseph Holding. Yass Courier 29.8.1902.
Hollingsworth Malachi Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney 9.7.1898. Yass Courier 9.7.1901.
Holmes Robert, Blakney's Creek NSW, intestate. Probate granted to his widow Alice Holmes. Yass Courier 4.9.1861.
Howard Annie Ethel second youngest daughter of E and C Howard, in memory of, who departed this life at her sister's residence, Wombat on 30.7.1891 aged 16 years. Inserted by parents E and C Howard. Yass Courier 31.7.1896.
Howard daughter Annie Ethel who died suddenly at Wombat on 30.7.1891 aged 16 years 4 months, Interred at Yass. Remembered by E and C Howard. Yass Courier 3.8.1897.
Howard Catherine died 9.8.1901, inserted by husband Elijah Howard. Yass Courier 8.8.1902.
Howard W. Insolvent Estate of W Howard, trading under the name of Howard & Murphy of Binalong. Yass Courier 25.3.1873.
Howell Anna Margaretta of Throsby's Creek near Yass NSW deceased. Probate notice. Yass Courier 26.8.1887.
Howell AM of Tangmangaroo estate notice. Yass Courier 8.2.1887.
Howell Ann late of North Yass, widow deceased, probate to Mary Jane Elizabeth Bradford, in the said will named Mary Jane Elizabeth Howell. Yass Courier 14.3.1905.
Howell David, of Yass, builder and contractor, probate to widow Ann Howell. Yass Courier 9.2.1872.
Howell William, Llangrove. Executors Charles Cobb Wildash of Burrowa and William Douglas Campbell of Beverley. Yass Courier 26.5.1860.
Hugh Thomas of Burrowa, farmer deceased, probate to widow Margaret Hugh. Yass Courier 18.2.1865.
Hume Francis Rawdon, the younger late of Frankfield near Gunning NSW Grazier deceased. Executors Allan Campbell of Yass, Surgeon, Robert Henry Kennedy of Collingwood near Gunning, Grazier, Alexander Dillon Middleton of Raymond Terrace NSW Esq and Robert William Pearson, Yass, Bank Manager. Yass Courier 11.2.1879.
Hume H of Cooma Cottage near Yass NSW Esq deceased, probate to widow Elizabeth Hume, Francis Rawdon Hume of Gunning, Gentleman, Robert Alfred Barber of Humewood near Yass, Gentleman and Allan Campbell of Yass as executors. Yass Courier 2.5.1873.
Jackson Robert of Yass. Insolvent Estate notice. Yass Courier 8.11.1872.
James Esther M, beloved daughter of Mrs McKay who died 31.5.1883 aged 12 years and 6 months. Yass Courier 2.6.1885.
James TL, Solicitor of Binalong deceased intestate. Yass Courier 18.5.1880.
James Thomas of North Yass licensed Publican deceased, probate to Mary James of North Yass, widow. Yass Courier 17.11.1876.
Jenkins. Insolvent Estate of Charles Jenkins, Yass, Surveyor of North Yass. Auction 21.11.1870. Yass Courier 25.11.1870.
Jobbins Edward, Back Creek Gundaroo farmer deceased, probate to John Jobbins, Yass River eldest Son. Yass Courier 22.11.1870.
Jobbins Thomas of Binalong, farmer deceased, probate to Patrick Ryan and William Harris Howard of Binalong. Yass Courier 8.3.1870.
Jones Ann Rees, Taemas near Yass widow deceased, probate granted to Hamlyn Rees Jones and Joseph Travers Jones. Yass Courier 15.12.1903.
Jones Evan of "Everton" Rye Park. Probate granted to Hamilton Rawdon Francis Hume of "Everton" Rye Park. Yass Courier 18.7.1902.
Johnston John late of Yass NSW, gentleman deceased, probate to Albert Augustus Napthali of Blowering Tumut. Yass Courier 20.6.1866.
Johnson Thomas, late of Spring Flat near Yass, farmer deceased, executor Argyle McCallum of Good Hope with reserve leave to John Kearns. Yass Courier 5.9.1876.
Kearns Paul late of North Yass in the Colony of New South Wales, Gentleman, deceased. Probate notice. Yass Courier 11.2.1896.
Kelly John Freeholder deceased of Yass probate granted to his widow Ann Kelly. Yass Courier 5.11.1864
Kelly Matthew late of Tangmangaroo near Yass in the colony of New South Wales, stockholder deceased. Probate granted to William Grogan, Limestone Creek. Yass Courier 19.2.1859.
Kelly Richard, Will and Codicil of Fish River, Colony of King, farmer deceased, probate to Michael Watson of Fish River, farmer. Yass Courier 4.4.1868.
Kelly Thomas late of Yass, carpenter, deceased, probate to Catherine Sophia Kelly. Yass Courier 16.2.1894.
Kenny Patrick late of Yass, Freeholder deceased, probate to widow Mary Kenny. Yass Courier 31.5.1862.
Laidlaw Charlotte, wife of Alexander Laidlaw, probate to son Thomas. Yass Courier 20.10.1868.
Laidlaw Thomas, of Yass Esq deceased, probate notice, executors, Allan Campbell of Yass, Surgeon, Robert William Pearson, Bank Manager, William Douglas Campbell, Beverly near Burrowa. Yass Courier 20.6.1876.
Laidlaw William Ryther of Yass NSW, gentleman deceased, probate to William McBean of Springmount near Yass and James Peter Ritchie of Yass. Yass Courier 3.5.1865.
Larkham John late of Diamond Swamp in the colony of NSW, county of Goorgiana, stockholder. Intestate. Probate granted to eldest daughter Mrs Mary Ann Davis, formerly Mary Ann Larkham wife of James Davis of Yass. Yass Courier 31.7.1858.
Latham Charles Estate notice. Yass Courier 26.2.1884.
Latham Mr Harry funeral notice. Yass Courier 6.10.1899.
Lawson George late of Sydney, gentleman deceased, probate to Jessie Howell Ritchie, widow of North Yass. Executors, Alexander Hughes McBean of Weejasper near Yass, Grazier, John Cole Yeo of Yass, storekeeper. Yass Courier 16.6.1882.
Leathart Agnes died at Yass 11.12.1897. Inserted husband and family. Yass Courier 16.12.1898.
Leathart Agnes in memory, inserted by children. Yass Courier 15.12.1899.
Lees Adam, late of Carolan Creek, farmer, probate to widow Margaret Hilder, wife of Benjamin Hilder of Carolan Creek, farmer. widow of deceased. Yass Courier 7.1.1873.
Lees John David, late of Gundaroo in the Colony of New South Wales, deceased, intestate, probate to his father David Lees. Yass Courier 3.4.1896.
Lehane Jeremiah late of Beramangra, Reedy Creek near Yass, Grazier deceased, probate to Hanna Maria Lehane of Beramangra, and George Eason of Gegullalong near Burrowa. Yass Courier 6.1.1874.
Lehane Jeremiah late of Beremangra, Reedy Creek near Yass NSW Grazier deceased, executor George Easton of Burrowa, Gentleman leave reserved to George Easton. Yass Courier 24.6.1879.
Lukeman James late of Yass in the colony of NSW, Constable deceased. Probate to Mr Richard Hassett and Martin Doyle of Yass. Yass Courier 10.4.1858.
Mackay Mr Henry of Wargiela died 11.2.1902 . In memory Yass courier 6.2.1903.
Mackay William Stewart of Burrowa, licensed victualler. Probate to widow Maria Mackay. Yass Courier 26.11.1862.
Mair George late of Douro Yass NSW, grazier deceased. Estate Notice. Yass Courier 12.8.1892 and 31.10.1893.
Mann John Henry Marshall late of Yass, Solicitor. Probate granted to his wife Mary Anne Mann. Yass Courier 14.7.1860.
Mansfield Mrs, funeral notice. Yass Courier 13.10.1899.
Margules Charlotte Elizabeth late of Yass probate to James Merriman. Yass Courier 7.7.1903.
Martin Esther Jane who died 31.3.1904, inserted by husband and sons, also JW Martin Senr. Yass Courier 31.3.1905.
Martin Joseph. Insolvent Estate of Joseph Martin of Burrowa. Yass Courier 28.10.1873.
Martin Mr JW Senr died 31.3.1904. Daughters Mrs EP Wheeler and Miss Martin. Yass Courier 31.3.1905.
Marzol Joseph late of Murrumbateman NSW, Farmer deceased probate to his widow Vrena Marzol. Yass Courier 19.6.1877.
Mason John "Currumbee" Lachlan District, grazier intestate, probate granted to wife Elizabeth Mason. Yass Courier 25.7.1860.
Mathews Thomas of Began Began New South Wales died March last or before 30 October. Yass Courier 3.9.1864.
McAuley Charles Thexter late of Yass, Postal Assistant, probate to Mabel Harriet McAuley. Yass Courier 1.8.1899.
McBean Alexander late of Bowspring near Yass in the Colony of New South Wales deceased. Probate to widow Maria McBean, John Styles and Alan Campbell. Yass Courier 1.11.1862.
McCabe James Edward late of Gunning in the Colony of New South Wales, grazier deceased, probate to Winifred McCabe. Yass Courier 1.2.1895.
McCallum Archibald Esq, late of Good Hope , deceased, probate to widow and James Peter Ritchie of Yass, Storekeeper as Executor. Yass Courier 4.5.1867.
McFeeters Charles Snr late of Yass River, NSW, Farmer deceased, probate to widow Elizabeth McFeeters. Yass Courier 28.8.1877.
McGrath Louisa died at Young 23.10.1902 aged 15 years. Inserted by father and mother and brothers James and Richard of Young. Yass Courier 24.11.1903.
McGuire John of Yass, Freeholder deceased. Probate granted to James George Davidson of Douro, Gentleman and Owen Hilly of Yass licenced victualler. Yass Courier 15.5.1858.
McKay Elizabeth late of Yass widow deceased, Probate notice. Yass Courier 14.4.1893.
McKay Henry of Wargiela, died 11.2.1902, memoriam. Yass Courier 6.2.1903.
McKinnon Donald Snr late of Murrumbidgee River near Yass farmer and grazier deceased probate notice. Yass Courier 16.5.1890.
Mead Jeremiah drowned in Murrumbidgee River 8.12.1899. Yass Courier 8.12.1903.
Mead Jerry drowned in the Murrumbidgee River 2 years ago in an heroic attempt to save his comrades. Yass Courier 6.12.1901
Mehaffey James of Foley's Creek near Gunning NSW, Freeholder deceased intestate, probate to widow Catherine Mehaffey, Foley's Creek near Gunning. Yass Courier 2.3.1867.
Minaghan Daniel late of Wargiela, Yass, farmer deceased intestate, probate to widow Margaret Minaghan of Wargiela. Yass Courier 19.8.1866.
Minehan Patrick late of Bowning near Yass, NSW, farmer, probate to Daniel Bergin and Jeremiah Bede Murray. Yass Courier 5.5.1874.
Mitchell Margaret estate of , late of Sydenham near Yass. Yass Courier 15.8.1902.
Molesworth Edward formerly of Yass in the colony of New South Wales laterly of Burwood, Bookkeeper deceased, probate notice. Yass Courier 3.1.1890.
Mooney John late of Cherry Mount near Gunning, NSW, farmer deceased, probate to his widow Mary Ann Mooney. Yass Courier 5.5.1874.
Mooney Thomas late of Gunning, probate TW Garrett Registrar. Yass Courier 29.5.1903.
Moore Maurice late of Blakeney's Creek, NSW Farmer deceased, probate to Martin Tully of Killiamella near Wheeo, farmer. Yass Courier 3.10.1866.
Mullaly John of Burrowa NSW intestate, probate to widow Martha Mullaly. Yass Courier 12.6.1861.
Mulligan Sarah Ann, late of North Yass, married woman deceased, intestate, probate to Edward Joseph Mulligan, husband. Yass Courier 25.2.1896.
Mulligan Sarah late of North Yass died 18.10.1895. Inserted by son PJ Mulligan. Yass Courier 20.10.1896.
Murphy Miles, storekeeper probate to John Aloysius Murphy , Storekeeper. Yass Courier 9.4.1869.
Nicholls Catherine Emily, late of Yass married woman deceased intestate, probate to Benjamin Arthur Nicholls, husband, hotelkeeper of Yass. Yass Courier 23.5.1905.
Nutland Mr James died Sydney 15.6.1902. Inserted by his wife and daughter Florence and Agnes. Yass Courier 16.6.1903.
O'Connor Cornelius late of Hillside, Colony of King NSW, farmer deceased. Probate to John Frost and Christopher O'Leary, farmers. Yass Courier 19.8.1866.
O'Keefe John of Burrowa NSW, licensed Victualler. Probate to his wife Mary O'Keefe. Yass Courier 26.5.1860.
O'Rourke Mr Terence of Jeir, Grazier, probate to Patrick O'Rourke. Yass Courier 24.11.1903.
Osborne Mr Patrick Hill. The will of. Stamp duty has been paid on the will of Patrick Hill Osborne, grazier of Currandooley Station near Bungendore. Stations are to be divided amongst sons and his widow received 3,000 pounds a years until sons come into possession of the respective legacies when annuities of 3,000 pounds are to be paid to her from the stations. Yass Courier 10.3.1903.
Parkman John late of Calabash, Lachlan district, Licensed grazier deceased intestate. Probate to his widow Sarah Parkman. Yass Courier 17.4.1861.
Paterson John late of Illalong, licensed grazier, probate to his widow Emily Susannah Paterson and John Donald Macansh Esq of Gurley. Yass Courier 5.9.1871.
Patterson Henry late of Barabangalo, NSW. Farmer deceased. Probate to wife Marjery Patterson of Barabangalo. Yass Courier 24.10.1860.
Pearce Helen . In memory of my mother who departed this life on 14.4.1893. Inserted by her son Edmund Pearce. Yass Courier 20.4.1894.
Peterson Marion Zita, who departed this life 14.9.1896, inserted by parents and grandparents. Yass Courier 15.9.1896.
Petty William late of Yass River, Farmer deceased, probate to Richard Hassett of Yass and William John Carey Yass River. Yass Courier 18.7.1860.
Ratliffe Henry Cook late of Burrowa, freeholder deceased, probate granted to widow Mary Ratliffe. Yass Courier 15.10.1859.
Rayner James. In memory of James Rayner who died 21.10.1893 aged 81 years. Inserted by wife and children. Yass Courier 19.10.1894.
Reardon John of Yass, Painter and Glazier, probate to John McJannett of Bungendore, Victualler, Michael Conlan of Yass, Bookseller and Joseph Hart of Sydney, Commercial Traveller. Yass Courier 26.7.1872.
Reardon Michael of Binalong. Notice for insolvent estate. Yass Courier 13.6.1884.
Reed John late of Goulburn, storekeeper deceased. Probate to widow Elizabeth Dunn Reed. Yass Courier 10.12.1862.
Rees Rev William Memoriam. Yass Courier 29.1.1869.
Reid Alexander In memory of my dear father who departed this life October 11, 1891, inserted by daughter Mary Ann Reid of Wagga Wagga. Yass Courier 17.10.1893. Also his son MJ Reid Cooma Street Yass. 25.10.1892.
Reynolds Jack in memory , died 1.11.1901 aged 15 years "Rosebank" Bookham. Yass Courier 31.10.1902.
Reynolds Thomas, late of Catherine's Creek in the County of King, Colony of New South Wales, farmer deceased, intestate, probate to uncle Joseph Sibraa of Catherine's Creek, farmer. Yass Courier 30.4.1859.
Richmond Joseph. Intestate Estate of Joseph Richmond , Miller deceased. Yass Courier 26.8.1873.
Roberts James of Currawang NSW, Grazier deceased who died 21.11.1876, probate notice. Yass Courier 24.7.1877.
Roffe James died 30.10.1900, inserted by son and daughter-in-law J & M Roffe aged 71 years . Two more obituary notices by his sons JWF and GS and EL Roffe. , and wife Jennett Roffe of Jerrawa. Yass Courier 24.10.1902.
Roffe Mr James accidentally killed 30.10.1900 aged 71 years. Son and daughter-in-law J and M Roffe . Notice also by his wife Jennet of Jerrawa. Also Roffe Mr James accidentally killed by a tree falling on him at Clevedon Coolalie 30.10.1900 aged 71 years 9 months, inserted by son IWF Roffe and daughter AM Weatherby of North Yass. Yass Courier 3.11.1903.
Russell Mrs James died 14.10.1901, inserted by her sister Mrs John Potter "Mossvale" Cavan. Yass Courier 14.10.1902.
Ryan Catherine late of Yass, widow deceased, Probate notice and executors Joseph McEvoy and George Walker Bates. Yass Courier 15.2.1895.
Ryan Catherine late of Yass, widow deceased who died 14.2.1895. Probate notice. Yass Courier 14.6.1895.
Ryan Catherine of Yass widow deceased, probate notice. Yass Courier 5.6.1896.
Ryan Connor of Blakeney's Creek near Yass in the Colony of NSW, probate to James Connell of Yass, Freeholder and Owen Ryan of Duringullen Creek Yass, Freeholder. Yass Courier 26.11.1859.
Ryan Edward late of Galong in the Lachlan District NSW, grazier deceased, probate to son John Nagle Ryan of Bally Ryan near Burrowa Esquire. Yass Courier 5.5.1871.
Ryan James late of Water Hole Flats near Burrowa, farmer deceased NSW. Probate to Bridget Ryan the Executrix, Thomas H Corcoran of Burrowa, Innkeeper and Robert H Hewitt also of Burrowa, Chemist. Yass Courier 31.3.1866.
Ryan John Ryan Senior, Upper Burrowa River, Farmer deceased intestate, probate to John Ryan Junior. Yass Courier 8.3.1870.
Sarson Thomas Hugh of Murrumbateman. Probate granted to Margaret Ellen McClung wife of William McClung, sister to Thomas. Yass Courier 13.6.1902.
Savage . In memory of my dear mother who died one month today. Inserted by her daughter Mrs M Gately Yass. Yass Courier 16.5.1890.
Scanes Ann Elizabeth late of Yass widow deceased. Probate notice. Yass Courier 19.10.1886.
Scurr WJC, Ironmonger and Tinsmith. Insolvent Estate. Yass Courier 4.9.1877.
Scurr William John Charles, from Old Barracks Cooma Street Yass Insolvent Estate. Yass Courier 4.6.1880.
Shannon Mr Patrick funeral today. Yass Courier 3.11.1903.
Shannon Patrick who died 1.11.1903 aged 87 years, inserted by daughter Ellen Sexton . Yass Courier 1.11.1904.
Shaw Mr John. In the Estate of Mr John Shaw Insolvent. First dividend at the rate of 7s , 5d, and 11-13d in the pound will now be paid in the above estate on application. Yass Courier 12.9.1873.
Sheehan John who died 13.12.1858, of Nanangroe, Murrumbidgee District, licensed grazier, probate granted to William Cassidy of Nanangroe. Yass Courier 18.12.1858.
Sheekey Insolvent Estate of Patrick Sheekey, Baker Yass. Yass Courier 6.8.1875.
Sheldrick John, my husband who died 20.10.1894 aged 58 years, inserted by his wife Caroline Sheldrick. Yass Courier 25.10.1904.
Sheldrick John, late of Rose Vale, Jerrawa in the Colony of New South Wales, farmer deceased. Probate to Caroline Sheldrick. Yass Courier 13.11.1894.
Sheldrick Louisa died at Yass Hospital 13.2.1902 aged 19 years. By parents, brothers and sisters. Yass Courier 16.2.1904.
Sheldrick Mr Walter died 14.12.1902 aged 25 years. (Inserted by mother Caroline and sister and brother -in-law G and L Sheldrick, nieces Lily and Eva, also he had brother and sister-in-law Alfred and mother Charlotte Sheldrick. Yass Courier 15.12.1903 and Yass Courier 13.12.1904.
Shipway Joshua Insolvent Estate of J Shipway of Yass, Tailor and Clothier. All debts paid to Mr J Cottrell of Yass. Yass Courier 26.4.1865.
Sims Edward late of Yass deceased, intestate estate. Yass Courier 18.12.1874.
Smith John George who died at Yass 14.3.1877. Inserted by son Cecil A Smith. Yass Courier 16.3.1894 and 15.5.1895.
Smith James Snr Miller of Yass, estate notice. Yass Courier 17.1.1888.
Smith Job late of Nunick, Nunick Creek, Farmer Deceased. Yass Courier 14.7.1860
Southwell William late of Rye Park, farmer deceased, Intestate. Probate Notice. Yass Courier 18.11.1898.
Southwell William late of Pudman NSW, Farmer deceased, probate to Caroline Southwell of Pudman, widow. Yass Courier 24.7.1877.
Starr - Coults. Two young men drowned at Young last January. In memory of John A Starr aged 25 years and John Coults aged 18 years. Memorial tablet at the Wesleyan Church, Young. Yass Courier 21.8.1900.
Starr Timothy, late of "Eschol", Dalton in NSW, Freeholder, deceased. Probate notice, executors, William Richard Reynolds and Timothy Starr. Yass Courier 25.2.1896.
Stephenson Sarah late of Binalong near Yass, probate to TW Garret Registrar. Yass Courier 25.9.1903.
Stevenson Sarah of Binalong, probate granted to Jewison John Stevenson, widower of the deceased. Yass Courier 5.9.1902.
Stewart Donald, late of Kangiaroo near Yass, grazier deceased, probate to Martha Stewart, Donald Merriman Stewart and Hugh Andrew Stewart. Yass Courier 12.7.1904.
Strachan Andrew of Yass a labourer deceased. Executor Thomas Laidlaw Esq. Yass Courier 3.5.1865.
Stuckey Ann late of Willy Plomer near Gundagai NSW, widow deceased probate to William S Stuckey of Bungoonar near Albury, grazier. Yass Courier 14.5.1864.
Sullivan Michael of Burrowa River, farmer, probate to Nicholas Richard Besnard of Kangiaroo Esq. Yass Courier 26.7.1872.
Sunderland William drowned in the Murrumbidgee River 2 years ago in an heroic attempt to save his comrades. Yass Courier 6.12.1901.
Swift Amos late of Cooradigbee near Yass NSW Farmer deceased. Executors, Thomas Robertson of Mahcoolma North Yass, Grazier, reserve to David Robertson of Junee NSW Grazier. Yass Courier 13.7.1877.
Swift John of Curradigby in Murrumbidgee District NSW probate to John Hamman (in the will as John Annam). Yass Courier 24.1.1863
Taylor James late of Coppabella near Yass NSW Labourer, deceased, executrix Hannah Maria Lehane of Coppabella. Yass Courier 5.9.1876.
Taylor Samuel, late of Sydenham, Murrumbidgee River near Yass in the colony of NSW, farmer deceased, probate to widow Margaret Taylor and Charles Stewart Quail of Young, Freeholder. Yass Courier 14.4.1871.
Terry Henry Montague late of Kenilworth near Yass, Esquire deceased. Probate notice. Yass Courier 28.8.1896.
Terry Henry Montague late of Yass, Esquire deceased, probate notice. Yass Courier 6.12.1898.
Thompson Hannah widow of Yass NSW deceased, probate notice. Yass Courier 7.2.1888.
Thompson Mary Ann late of Gundaroo. Probate. Yass Courier 20.3.1903.
Thompson Mary Ann, Yass River probate notice. Yass Courier 14.4.1899.
Thompson William. Any person indebted to the Estate of the late William Thompson, Blacksmith please settle your account by 1 March 1871. Yass Courier 3.2.1871.
Thomson James, all claims on this estate to be made to Hannah Thomson. Yass Courier 18.3.1884.
Tobin Patrick of Buckmount near Yass, farmer deceased Intestate. Probate granted to his widow Rebecca Tobin. Yass Courier 6.3.1858.
Toohy John late of Wilmount on the Jerrawa Creek, farmer deceased, probate to widow Mary Toohy. Yass Courier 26.2.1869.
Tout James late of Moppity of the Lachlan District in the Colony of New South Wales, grazier deceased intestate, probate granted to his widow Eliza Tout of Moppity. Yass Courier 2.7.1859.
Triggs Maria Sophia, wife of Arthur Bryant Triggs, Bank Accountant, probate notice. Yass Courier 14.9.1897.
Truelove James of Bowning NSW Licensed Publican deceased, probate to Henry Truelove of Cungegong, Licensed Publican. Yass Courier 17.11.1876.
Tuckwell Patterson. In memory of our brother who died 27.2.1893 at Yass aged 27 years. Inserted by his sister and brother. Yass Courier 26.2.1894.
Tunny Hugh, Carrier late of Tumut. Probate granted to widow Ellen Tunny of Tumut. Yass Courier 11.9.1858.
Turnbull William. Estate William Turnbull of Adelong and Tumberumba. Yass Courier 30.9.1870.
Turner Mr Henry late of Yass, Storekeeper, probate to his widow Bridget Turner, John Colls, executor. Yass Courier 22.6.1864
Vallence Hugh late of Murrumbateman near Yass NSW, Gentleman deceased, probate to Margaret Sarsen of Murrumbateman widow, with reserve to Hugh Vallance of Gundaroo. Yass Courier 14.12.1877.
Vicq John Henry late of Bookham in the Colony of New South Wales, farmer deceased, executrix Honorah Vicq. Yass Courier 6.12.1895.
Walker Mary Jane died 29.5.1898 aged 22 at Queanbeyan. Husband JE Walker. Yass Courier 30.5.1902.
Wall George late of Throsby's Creek NSW, deceased. Probate to widow Mary Ann Wall. Throsby's Creek. Yass Courier 20.4.1861.
Wall Bridget Agnes in memory, who died 31.3.1894, inserted by parents, brothers and sisters. Yass Courier 5.4.1895.
Wall BA who died Yass 31.3.1894, inserted by sister Mollie. Yass Courier 3.4.1896.
Wall William died 24.3.1904. Inserted by wife and family. Yass Courier 24.3.1905.
Wallis Jas Estate notice. Yass Courier 16.5.1882.
Walsh James late of Wagga in the Colony of NSW, Storekeeper, probate granted to widow Elizabeth Walsh. Yass Courier 23.10.1858.
Walsh James of Wagga, Storekeeper. Executor widow Elizabeth Walsh. Yass Courier 23.10.1859.
Ward Deborah Mary late of Yass in the Colony of New South Wales, married woman deceased, executors William Joseph Ward and John Joseph Garry. Yass Courier 30.11.1894.
Ward John Joseph, deceased, probate notice. Yass Courier 1.5.1896.
Warden Harriett late of Yass, widow deceased. Probate notice. Yass Courier 23.5.1893.
Wass William late of Nobby's Lagoon, Lachlan District in the Colony of NSW, licensed grazier. Intestate, granted to widow Maria Wass. Yass Courier 7.8.1858.
Weatherby Insolvent Estate meeting for George Weatherby. Yass Courier 1.9.1885.
Webster Arthur, Farmer of Bloomfield on the Murrumbidgee River, late of Woodside Murrumbateman, Farmer deceased, probate to widow Christian Webster. Yass Courier 29.3.1872.
Webster James Kinlock late of "Bloomfield" Yass farmer deceased, intestate, probate granted to father, Arthur Webster of "Bloomfield" Yass, farmer. Yass Courier 2.2.1861.
Weller Thomas late of The Gap near Yass NSW, Farmer deceased, probate to Robert Alfred Barber of Humewood near Yass, Grazier. Yass Courier 6.8.1875,
Weston John late of Bowning near Yass, farmer Deceased probate notice. Yass Courier 3.10.1899.
Weston John, late of Bowning near Yass in the Colony of NSW, farmer deceased. Yass Courier 3.10.1899.
Whalen Peter of Bango Creek deceased intestate, probate to Michael Whalen of Yass, labourer. Yass Courier 18.3.1868.
Wharton James, late of Limestone Creek Yass, farmer, probate to Archibald W Thomson, Glebe Point Sydney. Yass Courier 27.5.1904.
White Stephen of Marraybundingh in Lachlan district NSW, grazier. Intestate. Probate granted to his eldest son. Yass Courier 9.1.1858.
Williams Alfred late of Gallows Creek, Farmer and Grazier. Probate notice, executor Thomas Williams guardian of Eliza Williams and Alfred Williams (minors). Yass Courier 5.8.1898.
Williams George Lewis farmer deceased. Intestate estate. Yass Courier 7.3.1868.
Wilman John Cameron of Baraway, Lachlan District, grazier, probate to his widow Amelia Georgina Wilman and Thomas Laidlaw, Yass Esq. Yass Courier 8.8.1871.
Wilson Mary Ann late of Rye Park. Probate to Frederick Doust and William Dowel. Yass Courier 25.3.1898.
Woodhouse Seaphern Walter of Gunning, NSW, Carrier , intestate. Probate to widow Elizabeth Woodhouse. Yass Courier 25.5.1861.
Worden Harriet late of Yass widow deceased, probate notice. Yass Courier 23.5.1893.
Yates Thomas who died 8.12.1903 North Yass. Inserted by wife and family. Yass Courier 30.12.1904.
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