Yass Courier from 1857

Angelo Charles Heathcote, is requested to communicate with the undersigned who has information from England which will prove to his advantage. His mother died in June 1874. JT Faulder Presgweene, Yass. Yass Courier 28.9.1877.
Aria Mr DC, insolvency meeting held on Monday. Matthew Grieves a witness to the signatures. Yass Courier 26.6.1883.
Ashby Messrs W & J have opened a new bakery business in the Old Barracks, Cooma Street Yass. They have reduced the price of a 2lb loaf of bread to 3-1/2d. Yass Courier 21.4.1882.
Barren Jack Weir Discussion about the building of Barren Jack Weir. Yass Courier 28.4.1903.
Barry Mr John was charged as being a deserter from the 12th Regiment was arrested at the back of Mrs Ryan's Public House near Yass. Yass Courier 6.8.1864.
Barry John, Blacksmith of Yass, bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 23.3.1894.
Beeton William of Yass, Fruiterer. Bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 21.12.1894.
Ben Hall and his mates appeared in Burrowa and took up lodgings in the stables of a public house 5 miles from Burrowa. Yass Courier 6.7.1864.
Ben Hall shot dead on Saturday morning last by Inspector Davidson. Yass Courier 6.5.1865.
Besnard Miss Elsie daughter of Thomas Besnard of Yass passed Musical examination with honors on Saturday last. (London College of Music).
Best Mr W of Tangmangaroo had a good yield of apples and sent to Sydney some 2000 cases and hopes to sent another 5000 cases before the end of the season. He gets 14/- per case. Yass Courier 16.5.1899.
Biffin All persons are hereby cautioned against giving credit to my wife Jane Biffin on my account as I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by her from this date. James Biffin, Cootamundra 13.7.1874. Yass Courier 17.7.1874.
Blewitt. Messrs Thomas Henry Blewitt and Joseph Blewitt Jnr. Let me know your address. Your free selection may be forfeited if you don't communicate your whereabouts. Write to me without delay. WG O'Neill - Queanbeyan 3.5.1873. Yass Courier 9.5.1873.
Bloomfield. My wife Elsie Elizabeth having left her home without any just cause, all persons are cautioned against habouring her, or giving her credit on my account, as I will not be responsible for same. signed James Bloomfield. Yass Courier 28.2.1879.
Boer War Returned Soldiers Of Yass A reception was held for Troopers Lucas, Smith, Turner, Besnard, Leonard, Masters, Lane, Simpson and Horton after returning from the Boer War. Yass Courier 10.6.1902.
Bourke Richard. Missing husband 22 February 1875. "Mr M Kaye, Deare Sir will you Ablige me By leting me know if you have A man the Name of Richard Bourke goes in the name of dick Bourke or if you haff A man of the name of John Ayess A melbourn man, A Big man the cut of A navey very ruff indeade my husband Bourke left me 3 weeks last Sunday not telling ware he was going to in A drunkin fit and i haff not herde from him since i haffe 6 Children and no means of Soporte the youngest 3 monce Ould if you Shoulde haffe a man of that name i Shall Be much Ablige to you if you whould tell my husband to righte to me and Send me A litel Soporte for his Children for that i can not get heney Credit do Please for the love of god hancer this for i ham in deepe distress we are from Sugarlofle Neare Standthorpe Queensland. Adres to me Margaret Bourke goulburn Post Office NSW. Bourke wore wen he went Away from me A tusken hat with turban and drabe cote Blackvest". Yass Courier 23.2.1875.
Bradford Mr SE broke the record for the bicycle ride from Yass to Goulburn on Saturday last. He left at 3 minutes past 12, passed through Gunning at 10 minutes passed 2 pm, that's 26 miles in 2 hours, arrived Goulburn Post Office before 5 pm, 56 miles in 4.5 hours. Rode back yesterday in 5 hours with head winds the whole way. Yass Courier 9.7.1895.
Brown Adam, native of Glasgow. Your father in Glasgow hasn't heard from you since 1854. Any person knowing the whereabouts of Adam Brown who arrived in Melbourne in the early part of 1854 and went to the diggings, will oblige by writing to the Courier Office Yass. Yass Courier 6.7.1867.
Brown Adam. Missing friend. Adam Brown native of Edinburgh, left from Glasgow and who arrived in Victoria in 1853-4 is requested to communicate with the undersigned. His mother died on 21.2. last and his instructions are required to his interest in the Freehold Property left. Anyone in a position to supply particulars of the present residence of the person abovenamed will oblige by communicating with JJ Brown - Yass. Yass Courier 1.8.1873.
Burgess Mrs H on Sunday last was thrown from her horse and received a fractured forearm as well as severe contused wounds, she was brought into Yass for medial treatment. Yass Courier 22.1.1865.
Buckley Charles was charged with attempted murder near Gundaroo of Jane Crabtree. Yass Courier 24.10.1876.
Bushman's Contingent from Yass to the Boer War. Alick Burke, M McNamara, G Herfort, F Butler, P O'Grady and P Clarke.
Business - Saddlery Mr F W Patterson has opened a business as a saddler and harness maker in Cooma Street, next to the Oddfellows Hall. Yass Courier 27.10.1899.
Carpenter John was granted a hawker's license. Yass Courier 14.1.1898.
Carroll Edward. Absconded from apprenticeship from Alex Reid on 19.2.1872. Yass Courier 20.2.1872.
Casey Archibald was charged with being absent from work, he was employed by John P Sheahan as a coach driver for the mail from Yass to Jugiong. Yass Courier 21.8.1858.
Casey George who was charged with the Collector Mail robbery was acquitted at 10 pm. on Saturday night after the jury had been deliberating for five hours. Yass Courier 30.6.1874.
Casey Thomas charged Mr RB Smith, schoolmaster of Yass with trespass. Mr Casey was seeking £5 for the damage to his garden by several cows in the charge of the defendant. A verdict of £1 and costs. Yass Courier 10.4.1858
Casey William. Advertisement. "Erins Green Isle" Public House, originally known as "The White Horse" opens under the above name 1.10.1858 at Mullenbolla. Thoroughfare by Yass, Wagga, Albury, The Levels etc. William P Casey Mullenbolla. Yass Courier 2.10.1858.
Casey WP. Insolvent estate of WP Casey, a first dividend of 7 shillings 11 1/2 d in the pound has been announced by the Official Assignee in the Insolvent Estate of WP Casey, late Innkeeper of Murrimboolla. Yass Courier 2.7.1859.
Casey Wm of Upper Gundaroo, labourer. Bankruptcy notice, liabilities £52.16s, Assets £6. Yass Courier 26.11.1886.
Cathling William. £2 reward for the whereabouts of a lad named William Cathling, sallow complexion, five feet high, brown hair and eyes. Aged 15 years. Absconded from my service on 13.9.1873 taking with him a small bay mare branded with J over P in a circle near shoulder, W off the shoulder with saddle and bridle. Reward paid for recovery of mare, bridle and saddle and conviction of the thief. Patk Collins - Collector 20.10.1873. Yass Courier 24.10.1873.
Cockatoo Island The penal settlement in commotion. Nearly 100 of the prisoners have banded together to perform "no work" until the abrogated regularities responsible for Tickets of Leave shall be again bought into operation. All cells were occupied and a great part of Captain Scott's time for several days has been occupied with his duty as visiting Magistrate of Cockatoo Island. Yass Courier 9.1.1861.
Coen The Federal Hotel changed hands from Mrs Coen and occupied by Mr T Brassil, was taken over by Mr S Mandelson. Yass Courier 21.8.1903.
Coen Mr Michael wrote letters to the Yass Courier about his trip to England by Ship. The first 16.5.1902 to Freemantle. Second to Columbia. Third 30.5.1902 to France. Fourth to England 13.6.1902. Fifth and sixth letters, England - Coronation 1.7.1902 Seventh 25.7.1902 Declaration of Peace. Next 22.8.1902, 5.9.1902 and 9.9.1902 letters about Ireland Letter 19.9.1902 Coronation Letters 17.10.1902 31.10.1902 Lakes of Killarney Ireland Letter 8.11.1902 Cork Ireland. Letter 14.11.1902 Ireland to London. Letters 21.11.1902 and 25.11.1902 Windsor Castle. Letter 2.12.1902 Hampshire. Letters 5.12.1902 and 12.12.1902 Hastings. Letters 16.12.1902 and 23.12.1902 Scotland. Mr Coen arrived back in Sydney 13.1.1902. Great descriptions of travelling by boat, stories of all the countries he traveled through and the costs of food and clothing in 1902.
Coen Mrs M has decided to renovate the whole of the Australian Stores and premises both inside and out. The successful tender was Mr Geo Morris. Yass Courier 28.4.1899.
Coen Mr M, has purchased the old White Horse Inn from Mr John Curran for £750. At present it is occupied by Mr J Kops as as general store. Yass Courier 31.3.1882.
Collison James Challenge. The undersigned will play Mr H Carey at any price he may select 5 games of Quoits for five pounds a game and give him his own distance. This challenge will be open for a fortnight from this date. Money at Ward's Royal Hotel Yass. Signed James Collison, Cavan April 8 1889. Yass Courier
Collison Samuel conditional purchase of land, 60 acres Section 21 parish of Taemas, County of Cowley. Yass Courier 4.6.1881.
Colls Thomas made a new Magistrate for Yass. Yass Courier 14.6.1881. 
Commercial Hotel of Yass was burned down yesterday morning, owned by Mr Eagar of Yass. Yass Courier 12.6.1903.
Costs of Grocery Items Etc
Flour 25's 3s 4d. Kerosene 3s 3d gallon tin, Coca 31/2d pk., Coffee 91/2 per lb., Raisins 41/2d per lb., Milk 7d tin, Worcester sauce 31/2d a bottle, Tobacco 4s 3d per lb., Billy tea 1s 3d.
Drapery; White Calico 21/2d per yard, Flannelette 3d per yard, Damask 9d per yard. Women's black hose 3d per pair, Men's black sox 3d per pair, Boys and Girls black hose 3d per pair, Singlets ladies 3d each. Men's tweed suits 10s. Men's shirts 1s and silk ties 6d. Yass Courier 20.2.1903.
Court House. The new Court House at Yass opened Wednesday last 28.1.1880 at 11 o'clock. Yass Courier 30.1.1880.
Cox Joseph Advertisement Yass Courier 12.5.1903. For Dysentry, Diarrhoea, Cramp or pain in the Stomach, his Dysentry and Diarrhoea Cure gives instant relief. His Eucalypti Ointment is a great healing salve for cuts, and abrasions, wounds, burns, sores of long standing boils and sore breasts etc. Why suffer corns? His corn exterminator is guaranteed to remove. There is but one reason why the public should use the above preparation in preference to all others and that is they are the best of the kind procurable. I remain, dear sirs, yours truly Jos Cox, Yass. PS Keep a stock on hand, it is of more value than gems or gold. Yass Courier 8.5.1903.
Cox Mr John of North Yass, had a very painful accident on Wednesday last. Mr Cox started out for a load of wood and on reaching the common about four miles from town, he climbed a tree for the purpose of cutting some limbs off. The weather being wet, Mr Cox's foot slipped and he fell first to a limb and then to the ground, breaking several ribs and severely cutting one foot between the toes. As soon as he came round he walked home, his boot being full of blood. Dr English was sent for and attended to Mr Cox, who will not be able to get about for some time. Yass Courier 20.5.1898.
Crago Mr W of Church Hill Yass has succeeded in bringing his chrysanthemums to perfection this year. Yass Courier 28.4.1899.
Crocker Messrs and party struck gold at Nanama Creek. Average 36 ozs per ton. Yass courier 17.9.1901.
Cross Sarah Ann. anyone habouring my daughter Sarah Ann Cross after this date will be proceeded against as the law directs, the said Sarah Ann Cross being a minor. Signed G Cross, Coppabella, dated 15.1.1889. Yass Courier 22.1.1889.
Crossley . All person are cautioned against giving anyone credit on my account without my written consent. Sarah Crossley Wargiela. Yass Courier 17.4.1885.
Crozier Whereas John Richard Crozier aged 13 years left his home on Monday 23 November and has not since been seen by his father and it is supposed he went in the company of another boy named Richard Roche aged 13 years. Any person giving information to the undersigned of his whereabouts, will confer a great kindness on the boys parents. He had on him when he left home, light straw hat, light twill jacket and vest, light tweed trousers and elastic side boots. W Crozier, Baker, Yass. Yass Courier 4.12.1874.
Cullen Mr John of the "Squatters Arms" Bunyan has been appointed Agent for the Yass Courier in the above district. Yass Courier 6.6.1860.
Cullen Mr of Dalton had opened a new butcher shop in Yass in Lead Street next to the Salutation Hotel . Yass Courier 25.3.1902.
Cummins Patrick of Binalong applied for a license to slaughter cattle, he was refused because of previous convictions. Yass courier 6.7.1864.
Dacey John. To John Darcey of Stockinbengie, supposed to be at the Lambing Flat diggings and to all whom it may concern. This is to give notice that the aboved named person has deserted his wife and family for nearly three years, she desires it to be known that he has no claim whatsoever on his family or any property his wife has become possessed since he left home. His wife has since been living at her mothers as he left her without any means of support. Signed Bridget Dacey Illong 13.3.1861. Yass Courier 23.3.1861.
Davis Darcy son of George Davis of Gounyan accidentally shot in the thigh. Conveyed to the Yass Hospital and the bullet was removed. Yass courier 14.5.1901 Tuesday.
Dirigo. A ship called "Dirigo" arrived in Sydney 13th April 1860 carrying 445 immigrants. Yass Courier 21.4.1860.
Donegal Ireland Emigration to New South Wales from Donegal. A free passage to New South Wales has been obtained for 150 persons lately evicted from their holdings at Derryveagh County Donegal. Fifty men and 100 women between the ages of 15 and 40, married or single provided they are healthy and strong for their age. Each must have two suits of clothes, but new bedding and cooking utensils will be provided on board and will be given to the emigrant on landing if well conducted during the voyage. Such is the tenor of a notice extensively circulated by the secretary of the Donegal Relief Committee. Yass Courier 22.1.1862.
Douro Auction. Sale of Douro owned by the late Mr Maire failed to sell at an auction, later sold privately to Mr Osborne who also bought the sheep, horses and cattle. Yass Courier 2.12.1892.
Drake Charles.- Hungerferd. Send address to Arthur Cubitt to missing friends office in Sydney. Yass Courier 21.10.1873.
Eager Mr W was fined for selling liquor on a Sunday. Yass Courier 23.12.1898.
Edgeworth Patrick. Missing. Left his home Barwang about 14 days ago. Patrick Edgeworth aged 74 years. 5 ft 9 ins. 5 pound reward. Signed Daniel Edgeworth, Barwang. Yass Courier 25.11.1879.
Edwards Joseph Benjamin absconded from hire service near Yass on 12.5.1865. Aged 11 years and has stolen a cream pony, last seen on the Bowning-Binalong Road. Signed by Samuel Wilson of Couridge near Yass. Yass Courier 17.6.1865.
Edwards William opened a Baker and Confectionery Business in Yass. Yass Courier 3.4.1858.
Elliott Thomas Allan. All persons are hereby cautioned against habouring my son Thomas Allan Elliott. Any person doing so after this date will be prosecuted. Maria Jane Stricksen, Yass 21.1.1887. Yass courier 21.1.1887.
Evans Charlotte, charged with absconding from service of Mr J Garry, Mylora under indentures of apprenticeship from Parramatta Orphan School for 3 years. Yass Courier 2.3.1875.
Fallon Condemned Prisoner in the Yass Goal. Fallon who was sentenced to death on 1.9.1872 for the murder of a shepherd named James Meekin. He was kept in chains in the goal and a separate cell. Yass Courier 24.10.1873.
Forbes Martha. I hereby caution all parties against habouring my wife Martha Forbes after this date, otherwise they will be prosecuted to the utmost rigour of the law and I will not be answerable for any debts that she contracts. Francis Forbes, 4.7.1871. Yass Courier 7.7.1871.
Fox Mrs. Lost in the bush between the Gap Public House and Mundoona on Tuesday fortnight, while proceeding to her mother's residence on the Limestone or Hovell's Creek, the wife of Mr William Fox, she was last seen at the Gap by Mr Davis' boy. Description, about 40 years, mid height, nearly blind, rather deaf, had on a pink cotton gown, blue shawl and a white hood, when last seen. A reward of £10 will be given for information that that may lead to her recovery if alive and if dead the same reward for the remains of the unfortunate woman on application to William Caldwell near the Gap. Yass Courier 23.4.1858.
Fox Mrs Mary. Found at Wargrove near Yass. Gone missing on 19th March last year, left her residence 10 miles from Gunning to visit her mother, Mrs Caldwell about 1/4 of a mile away. Francis Garner, a resident of Wargrove was out in the bush with his bullock team getting railings when he found the body, which had been burnt from a bush fire that has gone through the area. William Caldwell, her step father identified the body from the clothes. Verdict, death believed to have been caused by starvation. She was found a few miles from town. Yass Courier 12.3.1859
Frazier Flood at Jugiong, Mr D Frazier's house has been totally destroyed. Yass Courier 3.5.1870.
Galley Edmund. A free pardon was granted to Edmund Galley, a shepherd in the employ of Mr Henry Brown JP of Illalong and Bendinine near Yass, charged with murder in 1836 spent 43 years in goal for something he didn't do, a group of people were trying to get him some compensation for his old age. Yass Courier 23.9.1879.
Galong Church The Catholic Church at Galong was opened by Bishop Gallagher of Goulburn after it was handed over by the executives to the Ryan Estate. Yass Courier 3.6.1902.
Gardiner Gang Johnny Gilbert was shot by police in 1865. Ben Hall was also shot the same year by Mr Campbell at Goimble. Frank Gardiner was captured and sentence to prison for 32 years, but was released after ten, on the condition he left the colony. He went to San Francisco and kept a pub. Yass Courier 12.5.1903
Garland Samuel , North Yass, labourer. Bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 18.2.1896.
Garry Mr JJ son of JJ Garry of Mylora Binalong passed 2nd year exams in mining and emetallurgy. Yass Courier 31.3.1903.
Garry Mr Thos. Medical Preliminary Notice. Mr Thos J Garry, late pupil of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and the Meath and St Vincent's Hospital, Dublin will be opening a Dispensary and Chemist business in his native town - Yass. Yass Courier 16.2.1872.
Gilligan Christopher. Information required with respect of the present residence of Christopher Gilligan, soap boiler and tallow chandler by trade. Native of Inniskillen Ireland. Address any correspondence to his brother James Gilligan at Mrs Hilly's "The Squatter's Home" Yass. Yass Courier 1.5.1861.
Glasgow Master John. A Notice appeared in the paper that this 13 year old boy was believed to be lost riding his horse from Wagga to Windsor. Any information to his mother C/- Rev. C Garney - Windsor. Yass Courier 14.12.1861.
Goal to be built at Yass. Yass Courier 6.8.1859.
Gold A nugget of gold weighting 132 ozs was found near Ballarat. Once it was smelted down it yielded 120 ozs of pure gold. Also John Willett unearthed a nugget of pure gold weighting 1.5 lbs and 4 ozs of loose gold in the Avoca District Victoria. Yass Courier 2.9.1902.
Gold at Gundagai 490 ozs of rock yielded 370 ozs 15 wt 20 grs to the ton. Found by Elliott and Party at Bark Hut 4 miles from Gundagai - stone treated at Reefer Battery at Adelong. A nugget found Wednesday 32 ozs weight at Kianga Creek near Bodalla by McDonald and Smith. Yass Courier 17.4.1903.
Gold Escort . Tumberumba H & T Littlewood 70 ozs, 3 cwt. of gold. Yass Courier 19.12.1860.
Gold found 40 miles from Yass at "Shakin Bog" South of Yass. Yass Courier 3.4.1858.
Gold in the Yass District Messrs Jordon, Grieves and Party are more than pleased with the result of their last crushing. Yass Courier 2.8.1898.
Gold Mines Gooda Creek owned by Mr SC Bradfield., Nanama Rush worked by Remington, Grieves Party, Murrumbateman worked by McClung and Party, Mair and Party, Woodman and Party, Cow Hill Reef by Johnston and Party.
Goldspink Ed and Henry Boswell, butchers at Yass dissolved their partnership. Yass Courier 13.3.1877.
Goldspink James was assaulted by John Edson at Tumberumba on 30.7.1864. Yass Courier 29.10.1864.
Goldspink Mr John was admitted to bail for himself in £100 s and two sureties of £50 each or one of £100 to appear at the next session of this Court to answer the charge of horse stealing. Yass Courier 4.2.1860
Goldspink Mr was fined for assaulting William Garland of North Yass. Yass Courier 23.12.1898
Golf Links. A golf club was formed in Yass by Mr Middleton, who has kindly given players permission to use Marchmont flat. Yass Courier 24.2.1903.
Goodwin Joseph notice in paper, strayed from Bango Creek on Sunday last, one roan horse branded DA on the shoulder, shod all round. Mr Joseph Goodwin, Tangmangaroo. £1 reward. Yass Courier 24.3.1882.
Goodwin Mrs T donated the sum of £8.10s.6d towards the Yass Hospital as a result of the Hospital dance held at Tangmangaroo a few weeks ago. Yass courier 11.10.1901.
Goodwin Thomas made a conditional purchase of land of 60 acres Section 21 Parish of Crosby, County of King. Yass Courier 4.6.1881.
Grovenor Mr A has decided to open a Hairdressing Saloon in Yass. Yass Courier 28.4.1899.
Gruber Mrs Ann. You are requested to communicate with your husband without delay. NB Any person habouring my wife and daughter (Lucy) after this date will be prosecuted according to the law. Any parties knowing the residence of the above known are kindly requested to forward the address to JE Gruber, Decorator and Painter. Yass Courier 15.2.1862.
Gundaroo Hotel changed hands, Mr Nicholas Walsh of Yass bought the hotel from Mr Alf Cox. Yass Courier 14.10.1902.
Gurnett - Stevens - Wilmore. If Betsy, wife of Charles Gurnett and Hannah wife of Henry Stevens, children of Richard Wilmore, late of Skipton, Winslow in the County of Bucks, England or their representative, if dead, will communicate with Willis and Willis Solicitors of Winslow , Bucks, England, they will hear something to their advantage. Yass Courier 31.12.1895.
Hairdressing Salon. Mr Bob Flynn opened a hairdressers two doors down from the Royal Hotel. Yass Courier 7.4.1899.
Hilly Mr Owen, Publican license for the premises in Rossi Street Yass, lately the Prince of Wales Hotel, known as the Globe Hotel. Yass Courier 13.7.1864.
Holder Moses of Jerrawa Siding near Yass, labourer bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 17.2.1888.
Hill John a prisoner at Darlinghurst Goal received a flogging of 45 lashes on Friday afternoon last for knocking down a guard. Yass Courier 8.2.1865.
Hilly Mr Owen changed the name of his licenced premises in Rossi Street Yass from The Prince of Wales Hotel to Globe Hotel. Yass Courier 13.7.1864
Hollingsworth - Colls. Transfer of the Royal Hotel from Mr Malachi Hollingsworth to Mr John Colls Jnr. Yass Courier 5.5.1896.
Honours Mr Joseph Coen, son of Mr M Coen of Australian Store received Honours for results of his third year exams at the Faculty of Medicine. Yass Courier 24.12.1902.
Horton William of Wargiela near Yass, farmer, bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 31.7.1888.
Hotel Licence Thomas Comins Yass Hotel, Francis Coulter North Yass Hotel, Joseph Cox Commercial Hotel, RS Duddleston Royal Hotel, BA Nichols Salutation Hotel, Elizabeth Ryan Australian Hotel, AT Davis Murrumbateman Hotel, and Annie Lawless for Telegraph Inn at Gunning. Yass Courier 16.6.1903. Then Maria Dowling and Eliza Jane McCabe for Dalton Hotel, Yass Courier 10.7.1903.
Hutton William, alias Tom Robinson, alias Tom Burns, alias Tom the soldier, alias Waterloo Tom was on Saturday committed to stand trial at Goulburn for the murder of Jeremiah McCarthy. Yass Courier 18.7.1876.
Ireland- Letterkenny. Forty Five person, chiefly women and orphans were at the Letterkenny Work House on 28th April. They were a portion of 242 persons evicted at Derryveagh. They were in a pitiful state. The remainder of the rest were wandering near the ruins of their homes. No Donegal men could be got to level the houses, work was done by persons from a neighbouring County. Yass Courier 31.7.1861.
James Henry Augustus of Hard's Flat Insolvency notice. Yass Courier 18.7.1884.
James My wife Mrs Mary James having left home nearly a fortnight ago without provocation of any sort, this is to caution the public that I will not be responsible for any debts she may contract. Signed by William James of Wargiela 10.4.1865. Yass Courier 12.4.1865.
Johnson Mr Peter transferred the license of the Australian Hotel to Mrs Elizabeth Ryan. Mr O'Brien applied for the transfer Yass Courier 6.9.1901.
Kavaney Patrick of Boambolo near Yass, Grazier. Bankruptcy notice no 3591. Yass Courier 30.6.1891.
Kay Samuel missing. Last heard of working at Two Mile Creek, Bowning by Yass, working in a sawmill. He is described as 5 ft 8 in in height, stout build, light hair, sandy whiskers, very much tanned by exposure. Please communicate with Gordon and Gotch Melbourne or JT Quartly, 30 Budge Row London , England. Yass Courier 22.10.1875.
Kelly Mr JJ left Yass for Deniliquin , he was the Yass Sheriff for 2 years. Yass Courier 6.5.1902.
Kelly Edward (Ned) Executed. Yass Courier 16.11.1880.
Kelly Sarah. Apology. I hereby apologise for having accused Mrs Malachi Hollingsworth of Murrumbateman of sending scurrilous anonymous letters to members of my family. signed Sarah Kelly. Yass Courier 27.8.1889.
Kiandra Elections Hawkins, Quarmby and Messrs Millington, Stewart, O'Neill, Calhourn and Elder returned in elections. Yass courier 18.2.1863.
Kiandra Mr Kidd from Albury returned from Kiandra with examples of specimens of stalactite crystals from a remarkable cave on the Yarangobilly Creek, 16 miles from the diggings. they carried torches through the cave to explore it and walked for nearly a mile and then turned back. the entrance was 80 ft high and 20 ft wide. Yass Courier 5.4.1862.
Lancashire distress continues 45,000 people getting relief, £6,000 subscribed daily and
£90,000 has been collected at a meeting in Manchester.
Leonard John Joseph of Yass, labourer, bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 29.9.1891.
Letter To The Editor by an Harassed Husband complaining about the women's revolt and them waiting for the Women's Sufferage Bill to be passed so they could throw off all their wifely duties and society was on the brink of destruction. Up till now they had been content to cook, wash and rear babies, now they turn on us and demand, as human beings, equal political rights and privileges!!! Yass Courier 13.5.1902
Lewis Thomas, schoolmaster of Bango sued Mr William Cooke, a farmer from the same area,9 pounds 13s for wages owing. Yass Courier 10.7.1858.
Littlewood Mr. From Tumberumba a gentleman informs us that early on the morning of the 22nd instant two men broke into the recently erected store of Messrs Littlewood from Beechworth. They were soon captured. A lot of trouble in the district caused from the men returning from the goldfields at Kiandra and Snowy River half starved and disgusted at their own folly. Yass Courier 4.7.1860.
Long (Loy) John. Was found guilty of unlawfully permitting music on a licenced premises at the Royal Hotel in Burrowa, on the night of the 3rd August. Fined 10s, 4s 10d Costs. Yass Courier 29.8.1899
Loomes. A runaway yesterday afternoon at 1 pm. Young Loomes in the employ of TP Williamson, baker of Yass, delivering bread when in the act of getting on the cart, his foot slipped off the step and he fell in front of the wheel, causing his horse to start and the wheel passing over his left arm. The horse bolted down Cooma Street and turned into Rossi Street, the cart turned over smashing both shafts and otherwise damaging the vehicle. Yass Courier 29.8.1893.
Lynch Mr William Lynch to open a new Butchery in Yass. Yass Courier 18.7.1884.
Mackin William, Charles and Jane, last heard of in Yass will hear of the sisters, Catherine, Eliza and Mary Mackin. Address to the care of the Yass Courier. Yass Courier 6.11.1877.
Malone Miss Emily. Taking of the Veil. Miss Emily Malone daughter of James Malone of Yass. Her name in religion is Sister Mary Agatha. Yass Courier 5.8.1887.
Marzol Joseph Just of Wee Jasper near Yass bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 29.9.1891.
Maxwell Mrs , late at Mr Robert's station near Yass. Your mother died on Sunday 22.1.1871, at Dora Dora Upper Murray. Yass Courier 31.1.1871.
McClung Mr W of Murrumbateman, notwithstanding the dry season had a special crop of melons of all kinds this season. Yass Courier 28.4.1899.
McGlynn Andrew was the Mail Tender from Adelong, Reedy Flat, Laurel Hill to Tumberumba, twice weekly for 3 years £145 per annum conditionally. Yass Courier 26.10.1880.
McKeogh Anne of Five Mile Creek. Lachlan District on 12 March 1858 deserted by her husband Patrick McKeogh at any time after such desertion as aforesaid shall be protected from his creditors. Yass Courier 29.10.1859.
McLelland Samuel, married man who resides near Young was sentenced to death for the rape of a married woman, Elizabeth Keir. Yass Courier 28.11.1879
Minton Herbert alias Roberts and Minton Joseph alias Roberts were charged with robbery at Henty on August 6th , and wounding Alfred Lampost. Yass Courier 4.10.1901.
Morgan Mad Dog. News has reached us of the movements of this ruffian that he has left the neighbourhood of Tumberumba and is supposed to be making higher up the Hume River. It is likely that his old haunts are too hot for him. Yass Courier 30.7.1864.
Moriarty Mr NP passed final Law Examinations. Yass Courier 7.3.1903.
Mortin. Challenge. I W Mortin hereby challenge to run old Charlie Steward one hundred yards for £5 or £20, being the smallest man in the four colonies, weight 5 stone. To be run on Saturday 15.11.1890 at 6 o'clock. W Mortin. Yass Courier 11.11.1890
Motor Car Trip On Wednesday afternoon last Mr Maddrell of Bedervale near Braidwood passed through town on a 14 horse power oil driven motor car, at the rate of 17 miles per hour. Yass Courier 23.10.1903.
Murder Conroy's Gap . John Conroy, his wife, young man named Smith, a shepherd named White and another shepherd name unknown were murdered by Ticket of Leave man, William Monday or Collins arriving in the colony on the "Havering" in 1849. He was a shoemaker from County Tipperary and was tried for manslaughter in Maitland in 1854 sentenced to 15 years. Yass Courier 21.3.1868.
Murdieman Samuel was charged with the murder of John Davis on 31.10.1857 at Blakney's Creek. Two years hard labour at Goulburn goal. Yass Courier 27.3.1858.
Murphy John native of Wexford who married Johanna Sullivan, native place Limerick, sailed from Cork in the "James Patteson" at the end of 1833 or early 1834, she was living in Sydney in the service of Mr Livingstone before marriage. Notice by her brother Michael Sullivan of Albany US. Yass Courier 19.6.1861.
Murray Mary who arrived in Sydney January 27th 1856 ex "Bangalore" from London, would she please oblige by writing to her sister Margaret Johnson address C/- of Messrs Godfrey & Co Yass. Yass Courier 10.7.1861.
Nanima Reefs On Saturday last the front of the Bank of NSW was the scene of great excitement on account of the first returns received from the Nanima Battery from Croker and Party's claim. Messrs Grieves and Party started crushing yesterday. The result is expected to be very good. Yass Courier 12.7.1898.
Nash John. I challenge to run any man in Yass, £5 or £10 pounds, 50 yards. W Barry excepted. Challenge open for one week. John Nash - Yass. Yass Courier 22.4.1873.
Nash Miss Millie on Saturday afternoon daughter of Mr and Mrs H Nash fractured her leg riding a bike from the hospital in Sydney where her sister is dangerously ill. Yass Courier 22.10.1901.
Nash Notice. On and after this date I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife Catherine Nash. Signed Patrick Nash, Yass. Yass Courier 18.3.1884.
Newman. Wanted 10 or more good stone breakers. highest wages given. apply at the camp near Pearse's Inn. Joseph Newman. Yass Courier 28.3.1873.
Oldest married couple in the world are living at Marulan, he is the stepfather of Mr O'Neill, publican and wheelwright, the husband is 111 years old and his wife is 107, she is the second wife. He arrived on the first fleet in 1788 and spent 75 years in the colony. Another notice says he died last Thursday and she was not expected to live much longer. They were both bed ridden and being looked after by Mr O'Neill. Yass Courier 25.2.1863.
O'Keefe Patrick Shoemaker of Tumut, insolvency notice. Yass Courier 21.7.1871.
O'Neill Charles. Sale of Intestate Estates of the late Mr Charles O'Neill of Vranah realised a handsome sum of £4,462.9s.6d for the station. 600 head of cattle purchased for £4,000 by Mr Talbot. Yass Courier 10.4.1858.
O'Neill Patrick and Thomas Carney had a run transferred to them from Joseph Ward at Thoco. Yass Courier 22.1.1859.
Osborne William George of Jugiong, Miner, bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 28.6.1895.
Oven Building TP Williamson Some time ago Mr T P Williamson published a paper the "Practical Baker" on ovens and oven building which was regarded by practical men as a highly important step towards advancement of the art. Since the publication of the paper Mr Williamson has supervised the erections of a number of ovens and on Tuesday last left Yass for the purpose of supervising the erection of one at Murrumburrah. Yass Courier 28.11.1902.
Penrose Charles Jnr, of Binalong, insolvency meeting. Yass courier 17.6.1887.
Perry Joshua, wheelwright. If this notice should meet the eyes of Joshua Perry he will received particulars of his wife and two sons. Reply to Mathias Hehir. Yass Courier 18.6.1861.
Petition for the abolition of hanging Yass Courier 6.9.1901.
Phillips Michael aged 17 years absconded from his Printers Apprentiship from JJ Brown - Yass. Warrant issued. Yass Courier 18.11.1873.
Prisoners, Crookwell, Lee, Weaver, Owens, Slattery and Berryman condemned to be hanged for the murder of Constable Raymond. Yass Courier 30.5.1866.
Publican's License "The Rose Inn" North Yass owned by Francis Larkins to be opened on 14 May 1864. Yass Courier 18 May 1864.
Purcell Stephen charged with the murder of Daniel Delohery at Murrumburrah. Yass Courier 10.12.1872.
Quolls a strange Animal
A remarkable specimen of Australian zoology was shown to us a few days ago. Up to the time of seeing it we thought we were well aquainted with all the native animals of this region, but it seems the case otherwise. However the new object of interest exhibited to us, we believe is exceedingly rare in New South Wales, although by no means in Tasmania.
The appellation by which it is known, namely the tiger cat is certainly a misnomer, as it has not the slightest affinity in external appearance to the tiger or cat species. The specimen shown to us is about 8 inches in height and measures 3 ft 4" from tip to tip, the tail which is not bushy, being fully as long as the body. The head is entirely dissimilar from that of the tiger cat, or ounce and is shaped more like that of a rat, the neck being remarkably thick. The legs short and not much unlike those of the native bear, with long claws, no doubt given for the purpose of assisting the body in climbing. The fur is of no length, harsh to touch and we should suppose of no commercial value. the colour is reddish brown with white spots. this strange animal was hunted down and killed by dogs belonging to Mr Paterson of Manton's Creek (near Yass) and we are informed that a second and much larger specimen has been seen by the same person, but it eluded the chase that was made for it. The skin has been well dried and temporarily stuffed in order to give an idea of the creature while alive, but Mr Colls to whom Mr Paterson has given it, purposes having it stuffed afresh, and as it is a decidedly interesting contribution to Australian zoology it is worth any trouble or labour that may be bestowed upon it. Mr Colls will be happy to show the animal to any person who may be curious to see it. Yass Courier 26.7.1862.
Railway The Goulburn to Crookwell railway was opened. Yass Courier 22.4.1902.
Reid Michael Joseph of Yass, Blacksmith, bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 28.2.1888.
Riley Mr Cameron appointed Sheriff's Officer at Yass. Yass Courier 9.5.1902.
Riley George. Challenge. I George Riley better known as Jimmy Shaw's mouse an prepared to box the pet of the push (who brags that he can knock any man out in two rounds) for any sum he likes to mention. I will guarantee to dish the gentleman up and close his peepers within ten minutes. Man and money ready at any moment. Weight 8st 4lb. Yass Courier 30.11.1894.
Roach John from Bowning has had a large bushfire on his property. Yass Courier 18.4.1902.
Rogan and Scott, the Wantabadgery Bushrangers, were hung in Sydney after killing 5 people. Yass Courier 23.1.1880.
Run of Crown Lands - Conversion of lease. Monaro Ucumbean, Hartnett and Cullen. Monaro, Buckinderry P O'Neill. Yass Courier 25 November 1863.
Ryan John, a tramp was brought into the Bowral Cottage Hospital by Mittagong Police, suffering from starvation, exposure and exhaustion. They ordered his clothes to be burnt and when he complained that he had money hidden in them, they search the burnt remains and found £16. Yass Courier 25.3.1902
Ryan Phillip. If this should meet the eye of Phillip Ryan who addressed a letter to Inspector of Schools , Yass District, dated 24.6 1876, he will hear something to his advantage by calling or sending his address in full to the undersigned. George Moore, Teacher Public School Binalong. Yass Courier 4.8.1876.
Sainsbury Thomas. £1 reward, Any persons giving the undersigned such information as will lead to the whereabouts of Thomas Sainsbury, soldier in the Salvation Army at Yass, who left the Yass District by train on or about 27 April last, will receive the above reward. Arthur Carter - Yass river. Yass Courier 17.5.1887,
Sale of Property Mr T P Williamson of Cooma Street has purchased from the Catholic Church the block of land between the Oddfellows Hall and Mr Williamson Bakery at a very satisfactory price. It is Mr Williamson's intention to erect several offices on the site. We wish alderman Williamson every success with his new venture. Yass Courier 11.7.1899.
Sale Two Stations belonging to Mr Kiley, Hardwick Stud and The Yass Plains Estate sold to Mr M Campbell Langtree. Yass Courier 8.8.1902.
Scott. If William Scott who left Wanganui New Zealand for Sydney in 1856 by the brig "Venture" and has since been heard of at Yass NSW, will send his address to Mr Thomas Picken, Solicitor, Camperdown he will hear something to his advantage. Yass Courier 20.8.1874.
Scurr Mr C has opened a new fruit shop in Cooma Street Yass. Yass Courier 7.12.1897.
Sewell Jonathon Richard now of Gunning formerly of Murrumburrah, Bootmaker, bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 29.5.1894.
Shalvey. My wife Esther Shalvey having left her home without provocation, this is to give notice that I will not be answerable for any debts she may contract in my name. Luke Shalvey Muttama Creek, 26.11.1871. Yass Courier 5.12.1871.
Sheehy Mr William passed 3rd years Medical exams, son of PF Sheehy of Shantalla. Yass Courier 27.3.1903.
Sherwood Susan and Margaret Sherwood, the daughters of William Sherwood are requested to come down at once to the Gap where their father will wait one week for them. Yass Courier 9.2.1869.
Shiel Mr John - Yass Publican declared bankrupt 10.7.1899 No 13,538. Yass Courier 13.6.1899.
Ship Munchen The Island Steamer "Ocean" arrived in Sydney carrying passengers from the ship "Munchen" which was lost at sea at YAP in Caroline Islands Yass Courier 2.4.1901.
Ship Wreck Wreck of Steamship "Ly-ee-Moon off Green Cape Lighthouse with the loss of 60-70 lives. Inquest held. Yass Courier 4.6.1886.
Sibraa Mr was issued a license for the premises at Catherine's Creek near the Gap known as "Sawyers Arms. Yass Courier 13.7.1864.
Sifferidge. If Mr George Sifferidge who was for some years in the service of the late Dr Hill of Liverpool and then removed to the Yass district, communicates with the undersigned he will hear from his long lost sister, who has not heard from him for many years. HA Larkham at Webb's Hartrop, Bathurst. Yass Courier 3.2.1874.
Small Mr David of Adelong , saddler and miner, insolvency notice. Yass Courier 13.6.1860.
Smith Eliza. The undersigned will not be responsible for any debts contracted in his name by his wife Eliza Smith or by any person whomsoever. He also cautions all persons from receiving or purchasing clothing or other property belonging to him as on proof being obtained of this so doing, prosecution will instantly follow. Richard Smith, Wargrove near Yass. Yass Courier 28.10.1873.
Smith John conditional purchase of land 40 acres Section 22 County of King, Parish of Bango. Yass Courier 20.9.1878.
Smith alias Regan John was sentenced to death 28.3.1862 for stabbing to death Alfred Bishop of Lambing Flat. He was hung this morning at 9 o'clock. Yass Courier 7.6.1862.
Smith Samuel of Yass was brought up suspicion of being a ticket of leave man from Moreton Bay. Smith was free by servitude and discharged. Yass Courier 10.3.1860.
Smith William, conditional purchase of land, 51 acres 3 roods Section 13 parish of Bango. Yass Courier 31.10.1879.
Smith William Henry, of Harden, Tinsmith, Bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 23.3.1894.
Spannigal. Notice, Whereas my husband, Samuel Augustus Spannigal has deserted me for the last 6 years and 6 months. This is to give notice if the said Samuel Augustus Spannigal does not return within a space of 3 months I intend to marry again. signed Mary Spannigal nee Munroe, Murrumburrah dated 29.6.1871. Witnessed by John Day Bowden. Yass Courier 7.7.1871.
Spencer Mary Hill. My wife Mary Hill Spencer has left her home without any just cause and refuses to return. I therefore give notice that I will not be answerable to any debts she may contract after this date. John Spencer South Gundagai. Yass Courier 5.7.1862.
Spring Eliza requests her brother to write to her at the Yass Courier, regarding his whereabouts, last heard from at Bombala near Cooma. Yass Courier 5.11.1859.
St Patrick's Day. A public dinner to be held and the committee formed had the following people, C O'Brien, E Ryan, NR Besnard, JC Welman, J Ryan, J Hurley, Miles Murphy, John Sheahan, IM Blake, Thomas Laidlaw, GC Allman, AH Hume, James, Barry, Owen Hilly, James Wood, JJ Brown, Henry Godfrey, Thomas Colls, James Grovenor, Bernard Grogan, Michael Norton, J Quilter. Tickets 30 shillings each. Yass Courier 26.2.1859
Styles William aged 103 was sent to six months imprisonment for vagrancy by the Carlton Magistrate, Melbourne today. He came to Melbourne 64 years ago. Yass Courier 21.5.1895.
Sudan Contingent. Two Yass men J Roche and J Cole who went with the New South Wales contingent to Sudan, landed in Sydney on Tuesday and are expected in Yass this morning. Yass Courier 26.6.1885.
Taking The Veil Miss Alice Kelly - Sister M Joseph, Matilda Bartly - Sister Alocoque, Sarah Forde - Sister M Peter and Florence Finn - Sister M Colombiere. Yass Courier 11.1.1901.
Tate Master Albert, son of James Tate of Murrumbidgee was shooting wallabies last Wednesday and was chasing one, he dropped the gun and it discharged shooting him in the thigh. Yass Courier 6.6.1902.
Taylor To Mrs M Taylor - Sydenham. I care no more for the deceased Samuel Taylor's will than I care for a will that is written in this world and never was granted by his maker. Samuel Taylor. Yass Courier 7.3.1873.
Tenders Accepted. Roads in Yass area. Woogarlo - A Grieves £81.5s. Causeway - Roffe's Creek £21.5s. Yass Courier 10.1.1888.
Terry Mr and Mrs HM of Kenilworth leave Sydney today by steamship "Liguria" for Europe. Yass Courier 17.2.1882.
Ticket of Leave Yass. Frederick Summerfield per "Lord Hungerford", British, at Goulburn. William Harmer, per "Randolph", and George Heeland per "Atlas". Yass Courier 15.5.1858.
Tiger cat Percy Pegg of Junee was walking his dog near his property when it was attacked and killed by a Tiger Cat. Then it turned on him and he shot it. It was grey in colour, white spots, tusks and measured 4 feet from tail to nose. Yass Courier 26.7.1901 Friday.
Title Deeds. List of Deeds to be delivered. Names and lands listed. Yass Courier 26.9.1860
Tonkin Mr Harry returned from the Boer War. He has a brother Mr Clegg of Sydney and sisters Mrs Rae Moloney and Mrs McKellar . Yass Courier 10.8.1900.
Thompson Edmund L Lucerne Vale near Yass Bankruptcy notice. Yass Courier 29.9.1891.
Tumut Catholic Church At 10.30 on Wednesday morning the bluestone centre arch of the Roman Catholic Church, now in the course of erection, gave way, carrying with it the scaffolding erected over it. Three men who were working fell with the debris. They were frightfully mutilated having fallen upwards of 30 ft. Patrick McNamara, the contractor was much injured about the arms and head and remained unconscious until last night when death put and end to his suffering. Richard Dooley , a stonemason had his left leg smashed and his body much bruised. The hodman was also much injured but hopes of his recovery are entertained. The deceased was at one time landlord of the Globe Hotel, Yass. Yass Courier 12.1.1877.
Unclaimed letters John Dean Esq of Yass, James Harton of Yass, G Jordon Esq of Yass, Chas Albert of Yass, Mrs Anderson of Yass, Morris Asher Esq of Yass, JL Baker Esq of Yass, Michl Collins of Yass, James Collins of Yass, Julius De Smith of Yass, H Douglas of Yass, James Fraser of Gundaroo, J A Graham of Gundaroo, Martin Grany of Yass, J Hull of Yass, John Johnson Esq of Yass, John King of Yass, D McFarlane of Yass, McIntosh Price & Co of Yass, Stewart McKenzie of Yass, Fred Martin of Bungendore, Mrs Margt Mitchel of Yass, Mrs Joseph Thomson of Yass, Mrs Wall of Yass, Joseph Williams of Yass, Thomas Woods of Yass. Yass Courier 21.11.1863.
Unclaimed Letters: Geo Burton, Yass; FS Collins, Gundaroo; Charles Sognies, Yass; JR Thompson, Murrumbidgee; Arthur Bloomfield Esq, Yass; Martin Dwyer, Murrumbidgee; Edward Elkins, Yass; Joseph Foster, Yass; Charles Gregory, Yass; Wm Macleod, Yass; G Mohr, Yass; Wm McLorren. Yass; James Walton, Yass; J Wilson, Yass. Yass Courier 25.1.1865.
Wales Mary Ann. Whereas my daughter Mary Ann Wales left her home on 25.8.1871 without any just cause and any person or persons encouraging or habouring her from this date will be prosecuted as the law directs. John Wales, Reedy Creek Tangmangaroo. Yass Courier 29.8.1871.
Wallaby Drive. At Mr A Bush's on Saturday 7.9.1884 a very successful wallaby drive took place , 118 of these pests biting the dust. An excellent spread was prepared by Mrs Bush, and the hungry hunters regaled themselves at 2 pm. Scores were J Bunfield 12, R Dowling 11, SJ Noakes 9, TT Bush 7, R Grieves 7, C O'Neil 7, G Merrit 5, and so on down to the usual duck egg. Yass Courier 12.9.1884.
Wallaby Drive At Mr J Smith's residence Blackney Creek. S Grieves 3, W Grieves 7, R Grieves 3. Yass Courier 1.10.1886.
Wallaby Drive. At Mr Daley's residence, Little Plain near Blackney Creek. W Grieves 14, R Grieves 2 S Grieves 1. Yass Courier 26.10.1886.
Walsh Mr N . Renewal of license of the Royal Hotel in Gundaroo. Yass courier 3.4.1903.
Weatherby - Thompson. Mr A Weatherby and Mr AP Thompson left Yass on Friday morning last to cycle to Sydney, they arrived in Sydney at 4 pm Saturday afternoon, 187 miles in 36 hours, both men have only been riding for two months. Arrived back in Yass on Tuesday morning. Yass Courier 3.9.1895.
Whiting. Missing Friend. I Thomas Whiting lately arrived from Hampshire, Shirley near Southhampton England am anxious to hear from my brother Henry Whiting who is, I believe resident in this colony. A letter will find me if addressed C/- Mr Arthur Carter Yass River near Yass New South Wales. Yass Courier 7.7.1885.
Williams William of Adelong Crossing celebrated his 102nd birthday on Saturday. He was a miner and the first to discover a quartz reef in the colony at 1,000 feet with payable gold at Lady Mary Mine of Adelong. For this he received a reward. Yass courier 13.5.1902.
Williamson - Council News. Application from Mr T P Williamson Secretary for the Yass Town Band for gas to be laid on to the Band room. Also he requested gas to be laid on his bake house and cordial factory. Request referred to the Lighting Committee. Yass courier 17.6.1898.
Williamson TP. A robbery. Last Saturday night or early Sunday morning some persons entered the premises of Mr TP Williamson and stole a bag of flour. the matter is in the hands of the Police. Mr Williamson will feel obliged to the thief to bring back the bag, as it has to be returned and he will give them a few loaves of bread for their trouble. Yass Courier 23.8.1895.
Williamson TP. Rinking Rinking. Lovers of skating are reminded that the season is nearly over, also that all the skates have been refilled and are in excellent order. Rink open every Wednesday and Saturday . signed TP Williamson. Yass Courier 4.9.1891.
Williamson Mr TP intends to have a fancy dress carnival at his skating rink on Wednesday. Yass Courier 9.8.1892.
Wincote Mr M , has opened a new hairdressing business opposite the Union Steam Mills in Yass. Yass Courier 1.10.1881.
Wingett Gamaliel a citizen of the United State has taken out his letter of naturalisation. Yass Courier 23.7.1862.
Women's Vote The rolls were being prepared to allow women to vote for the first time. Yass Courier 26.9.1902.
Worthy George of Dicks Creek, Sheep Returns for 1881. 640 sheep registered. Yass Courier 1.2.1881.
Worthy Miss. On Saturday last Miss Worthy, daughter of Mr G worthy of North Yass was walking on one of the footpaths in Victoria Park when she trod on lead coloured snake about 18 inches long, she broke about 6 inches off the tail. Miss Worthy attempted to kill the snake but it escaped into the long grass. Yass Courier 10.2.1891.
Worthy. Miss Worthy and Mrs Reid desire to inform the ladies of Yass and the surrounding district that they have opened a dress making business next door to Mr Latham's Saddlers shop, Cooma Street Yass. Plain sewing done also. Yass Courier 20.9.1895.
Yass Weir Building of the Yass Weir commenced. Yass Courier 3.3.1903.
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