Manaro Mercury
Cooma and Monaro Districts
Birth Deaths and Marriages
General Information (Hotel Licences, Land Grants , Bankruptcy)
1864 - 1905


Bankes wife of Walter P Bankes on 15.8.1898 at her residence "Lynegrove", Bourke - a daughter. Manaro Mercury 12.9.1898
Clarke wife of Mr CE Clarke, Teacher, at her residence Collrington 24.5.1893, a daughter. Manaro Mercury 6.6.1893.
Cox wife of JF Cox at her residence, Nimitybelle on 20.10.1890, a daughter. Manaro Mercury 25.10.1890.
Evans Mrs Richard on Thursday 2.6.1887, at her residence Lambue Street Cooma, a daughter. Manaro Mercury 5.6.1887.
Gunning wife of Mr H gunning at her residence Lambie Street Cooma on 12.7.1890, a son. Manaro Mercury 15.7.1890.
Halliday Mrs EJ at her resence Lambie Street Cooma on 18.5.1892, a son. Manaro Mercury 28.5.1892.
Harnett wife of Mr L Harnett at Eucumbene 9.12.1887 - a son. Manaro Mercury 17.12.1887.
Mullach Mrs Orro A at her residence at Jeff' Creek on 9.7.1887, a daughter. Manaro Mercury 13.7.1887.
Pennefather wife of Mr G Pennefather on 25.8.1887 at Cooma, a son. Manaro Mercury 6.8.1887.
Ryrie Mrs Wallace Ryrie at her residence "Harlowe" Cooma on 1.10.1891, a son. Manaro Mercury 10.10.1891.
Welch wife of Mr CF Welch at her residence Vale Street Cooma on Tuesday 2.9.1890, a son. Manaro Mercury 6.9.1890.
Williams Mrs, wife of a selector near Bookham had triplets, two boys and a girl. Manaro Mercury 6.2.1892.



Agnew Mrs Bridget died at her residence Massie Street Cooma on Sunday aged 57 years from inflammation of the lungs, her mother Mrs Dobie from Rock Flat died a fortnight ago, buried in the RC Cemetery Mittagang. Manaro Mercury 18.7.1898.
Agnew James husband of Norah Agnew died at Umaralla on Tuesday 21.6.1892. Inquiry held. Manaro Mercury 25.6.1892.
Alexander Janey an aboriginal in the Monaro District, wife of Charles died. Inquiry held, husband charged. Manaro Mercury 14.5.1892.
Arundel George "Long Jack", living near the Murrumbidgee Brewery drowned whilst trying to cross over the river on Sunday. Manaro Mercury 17.6.1890.
Attwater Alfred, Manager at Mr Edward's "The Grange" Station near Cooma died aged 64 years, leaving a wife and large family, cause of death typhoid fever with hydatids supervening. Funeral helds 20.6.1893, buried at the New Cemetery Cooma. Manaro Mercury 17.6.1893.
Attwater Mr James senr. Resident of the district for 28 years died at Bukalong on 1.6.1887 aged 71 years. Manaro Mercury 8.6.1887.
Ayling William who was deaf and dumb, resided with his brother at Green Hills died aged 55 years, buried at Mittagang Wesleyan Cemetery today. Manaro Mercury 8.3.1892.
Backhouse Son of Mrs David Backhouse of Braidwood aged 4 years, drowned while crossing Currowan Creek. Manaro Mercury 30.3.1893.
Baker Mr James of Nimitybelle was killed by a falling tree yesterday aged 68 years. Manao Mercury 23.9.1898. Inquest for James Baker, husband of Martha 26.9.1898.
Baker James late of Square Range near Nimitybelle, labourer, intestate, probate by widow Martha Baker. Manaro Mercury 9.12.1898.
Baldwin Mrs D of Tinderry Vale died on Thursday 12.5.1887, whilst visiting her son Mr John Baldwin from a burst blood vessel aged 77 years. Manaro Mercury 21.5.1887.
Baldwin Mrs George died at Bombala on Friday from inflammation of the lungs, leaving a husband and five young children. Manaro Mercury 12.8.1898.
Ball daughter of Henry died at Kiandra from influenza. Manaro Mercury 8.7.1898.
Bankes Arthur Fairclough died at his parent's residence, WP and LM Bankes, Lyngrove Bourke on 9.7.1898. Manaro Mercury 12.9.1898.
Bardwell Mrs George of the Wagga district died aged 67 year. Manaro Mercury 15.4.1893.
Barry Lucy, daughter of John and Lucy Barry of Moonbar died yesterday 5.7.1887 at Cooma aged 15 years. Manaro Mercury 6.7.1887.
Barry Mrs James of Moonbah died on Saturday morning aged 33 years. Manaro Mercury 17.11.1891.
Barry Sarah Jane, wife of James Barry, daughter of James Thompson of Cobbin died on 14.11.1891 at Barry Park Moonbah from influenza aged 36 years, leaving a husband and 6 children. Manaro Mercury 28.11.1891 and 5.12.1891.
Barwick Mrs E of Cooma, sister to Mrs Doney and Mrs Jose of Cooma, Mr RW Welsch of Billyrumbuck died aged 47 years from a weak heart, Funeral Tuesday Church of England Cemetery Cooma. Manaro Mercury 1.9.1899.
Barwick Son of Mr Barwick of Sunnybrook Umaralla died aged 3-4 years. Manaro Mercury 14.6.1890.
Bede Francis the second son of JJ Bede of Cooma died on 25.5.1899 at "Windermere" Moore Park aged 26 years. Manaro Mercury 2.6.1899.
Bede Francis, late of Sydney, Clerk deceased died intestate. Manaro Mercury 5.6.1899
Bell James born Durham England died yesterday at Riverdale Estate aged 68 years. Manaro Mercury 21.2.1898.
Bennison Frank H, a Miller drowned in the Bombala River. Manaro Mercury 7.5.1892.
Berney Leslie George son of Mr JH Berney of Cooma died in the Children's Hospital, Glebe from a hip complaint on 22.2.1899 aged 2 years 6 months. Funeral Thursday at Rookwood. buried in the same grave as his mother who died only 15 months ago. Manaro Mercury 27.2.1899.
Beuzeville Mr James Paroissien husband of Hannah Ann nee Watt, one time Manager of Dangelong Station, then Arton near Bombala died at Wagga on Monday. ( James was educated at Bathurst, joined the A.J.S.Bank, and later went to Queensland where he compiled a vocabulary of the language of the Mankeburra Tribe of Aboriginals. This work was published in 1919.
After his marriage he managed a Station at Dangilong near Cooma, NSW, then managed a Station at Aston, near Bombala, NSW.
Health reasons forced him to seek a warmer climate, but he eventually died at Wagga Wagga, NSW, on 19th October 1891. He is buried at Wagga Wagga Cemetery. Hannah died at North Sydney on 12th June 1924). Manaro Mercury 24.10.1891.
Blyton Mr Charles of Rock Flat who was thrown from his horse some time ago died last Friday. Manaro Mercury 10.5.1892.
Blyton Mr James of Jindabyne died Wednesday aged 52 years leaving a wife and large family, funeral held at Gegedzerick today Friday. Manaro Mercury 4.11.1898.
Boag Mary died on Friday night from croup. Manaro Mercury 8.6.1887.
Boate George died in the Mourya Hospital on Friday. Manaro Mercury 25.7.1891.
Boate Mrs Margaret, old resident of Cooma, mother of Mrs W Kemp Jnr of Cooma died at Colinton on Thursday aged 66 years, buried at Micalago Cemetery on Sunday. Manaro Mercury 26.5.1899.
Bobbin Andrew Walter New Year, only son of James Bobbin Jnr of Springs Rock Road near Cooma died aged 20 months. Interred on 8.9.1890 in Church of England Cemetery Cooma. Manaro Mercury 13.9.1890.
Brandon Joseph died on Sunday afternoon at the Cooma Hospital from bronchitis and abcess on the lung, funeral this afternoon at the Old Cooma Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 26.6.1899.
Brodie Miss Elsie of Spring Creek died on Sunday from diphtheria. Manaro Mercury 3.5.1892.
Brogan Mrs Thomas of Bredbo died at Dodd's Hotel Cooma yesterday. Manaro Mercury 16.4.1887.
Brooks Mr Arthur died at Cooma. Manaro Mercury 31.10.1891. Funeral held on Sunday for Gegedzerick Cemetery 7.11.1891 full description 3.11.1891.
Brosnan Mr P of Cowra near Cooma, native of Ireland, Manager of Bredbo Station for the late Mr P Clifford of Rose Valley died 17.7.1891, leaving a wife and ten children. Manaro Mercury 11.8.1891.
Brosnan Patrick, late of Cowra near Cooma, NSW, Grazier deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 21.7.1891.
Brown Mr Thomas of Columbo died Friday last. Manaro Mercury 12.9.1891.
Buckley John, a Blacksmith accidentally drowned while crossing a river on horseback at Jindabyne. Manaro Mercury 31.12.1891.
Buckley Mrs John, native of Kilkenny, sister to Stephen and James Lawlis died at Myalla aged 51 years from disease of the liver, leaving a husband, eight sons and four daughters. She had been on the Monaro for 40 years, funeral Wednesday at Nimitybelle. Manaro Mercury 16.6.1899.
Buckley Mr died when he fell from his horse. Description was 6ft 3" and 18 stone, leaving a wife and children at Mount Cooper. Manaro Mercury 25.3.1892,
Burke Elizabeth, wife of John Burke Jnr, died in Cooma Hospital on Thursday, she had been living with her sister Mrs Henry Turner at Woolway. Manaro Mercury 25.7.1891.
Burke Patrick who would have celebrated his 75th birthday on St Patrick's Day died on Monday 14.2.1898, buried Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 21.3.1898.
Burke Mr W, one of the Old Nine-Mile Miners, lately resident at Addicumbene was buried at Kiandra on Sunday. Manaro Mercury 8.12.1891.
Burns Mrs Mary died at Captains Flat, buried on Saturday at Cooma in the Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 15.8.1898.
Burton Mrs of Lambie Street died on Saturday as a result of falling down the stairs a few weeks ago aged 50 years, leaving one unmarried daughter. Manaro Mercury 13.5.1890.
Butler Dr died on Wednesday from inflammation of the lungs. Manaro Mercury 4.6.1892.
Butler Dr Matthias who died was buried on Thursday in Adaminaby, leaving a wife and children in New Zealand. Manaro Mercury 4.6.1892.
Butler Mary, mother who died 30.4.1893 at Cooma, remembered by son and daughter-in-law, Martin and Mary Butler. Manaro Mercury 24.6.1893.
Butler Mrs John resident of Cooma died yesterday aged 75 years, funeral to leave Mr Martin Butler's house, Vale Street this afternoon. Funeral notice. Manaro Mercury 2.5.1893.
Callan George died after being bitten by a snake at Big Badja at Cooma on Saturday. Manaro Mercury 30.11.1887.
Caller Mrs Albert (Agnes), fifth daughter of Willand Margaret Butler of Cooma died on 23.4.1899 at Cunnamulla Qld aged 26 years from childbirth. Manaro Mercury 28.4.1899.
Carney Mrs died at Queansgullery (Queansgallery) on Monday last after giving birth, only been married for 12 months. Manaro Mercury 28.11.1891.
Casey Nellie was fatally scalded on Saturday aged 12 years. Manaro Mercury 11.3.1898.
Cassilles Alice Sophia aged 8 years was burnt to death at Timbery Range on Friday - Inquest. Manaro Mercury 26.6.1899.
Chalker Mr JH died on Wednesday night, old resident of Manaro, came to Billylingra owned by Mr Cosgrove about 60 years ago, aged 80 years, funeral Friday. Manaro Mercury 24.6.1893.
Charles Edward, employee of Mr PH Throsby of Moss Vale aged 27 years was found dead on Monday, after eating mushrooms, inquest held. Manaro Mercury 8.4.1893.
Clarke Sophia Jane, wife of CJ Clarke of Nimitybelle died on 11.5.1893 at Sydney. Manaro Mercury 20.5.1893.
Coberoft Mrs relict of Mr John Coberoft oldest resident of the district and the colony died at Singleton on Saturday aged 92 years. Manaro Mercury 17.12.1887.
Cogan Mr David of Buckleys Crossing died on Thursday aged 65 years. Manaro Mercury 17.11.1899.
Cohen Rebecca died after being treated for Cancer. Samuel and Thomas James Hood were charged. Manaro Mercury 3.5.1892. Samuel aged 79 years was sentenced to 7 years penal servitude in Darlinghurst and Thomas James was sentenced to 5 years. Manaro Mercury 7.5.1892.
Cole Thomas of Braidwood died at the Briadwood Hospital aged 80 years. Manaro Mercury 2.5.1893.
Collins daughter of Mr Fred Collins of Jindabyne died early this week from measles, buried at Moonbah on Thursday. Manaro Mercury 24.2.1899.
Colls Mr Thomas represented Yass in Parliament for 8 years, husband of Mrs M Colls nee Lindsay, late of Cooma died aged 77 years. Manaro Mercury 7.3.1898.
Conder William Jacomb, late of Cooma MSW, Chairman of the Land Board, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 23.4.1892.
Condon Mr died. Manaro Mercury 9.12.1890.
Connelly Mr John Senr of Adelong, native of Galway, Ireland came to Australia in 1859, died this last week aged 81 years, leaving four daughters and one son, Mrs MH Simpson of Tumbarumba, Mrs E Perkins of Cooma, Mrs T Nestor of Tumut, Mrs C Nestor of Victoria and Mr John Connelly of Adelong, funeral held on Saturday. Manaro Mercury 20.10.1891.
Corey In memory of John who died at the residence of his daughter Mrs Snowden of Myalla on Sunday 8.5.1887 aged 87 years
Corey John died on 8.5.1887 at the residence of his daughter Mrs Snowden, Myalla aged 87 years, leaving 2 sons, 2 daughters, grand children and great grandchildren. Manaro Mercury 11.5.1887. Obituary Notice. John Corey born County Clare Ireland in 1800, migrated to NSW around 1827, he hired himself to Mr Hill of Lane Cove Sydney and planted a large orchard, lived there for 20 years. Then went to Molong to Mr Rutledge's place, returned to Mr Hill, lived with Mr Wentworth of Vauclause, moved on to New England, emplyed by Mr Danger, then returned to Mr Hill. Came to the Monaro in 1859 to work for Mr JP Clifford of Rose Valley, married, his first wife died and he remarried, lost his sister and then his second wife, left 2 sons, 2 daughters, 31 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren, died at the residence of his daughter Mrs Snoden of Myalla aged 87 years buried at Cooma Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 21.5.1887.
Costello Mrs Edward of Dry Plain died yesterday after confinement, baby is one day old. Manaro Mercury 20.6.1893.
Costello wife of Edward of Monkety a few miles from Adaminaby buried Friday. Manaro Mercury 24.6.1893.
Cotter Mrs John died on Monday 9.11.1891. Manaro Mercury 17.11.1891.
Coulton Mr W late of Bombala died. Manaro Mercury 30.5.1893.
Cox Rebecca Jane wife of JF Cox died at her residence Nimitybelle on 20.10.1890, aged 20 years (full obituary). Manaro Mercury 25.10.1890.
Crawford Frederick George, late of Jindabyne, Farmer deceased Intestate. Manaro Mercury 24.7.1899.
Crawford Infant daughter born sometime in November to Isabella Crawford, buried Square Range near Nimitybelle, inquest held. Manaro Mercury 30.12.1898.
Crickshank John, late of Gunningrah near Bombala, grazier, deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 15.12.1891.
Cridge Mrs J of Umaralla died last week aged 49 years. Manaro Mercury 28.2.1892.
Crisp Evelyn May, daughter of David and Eliza Jane Crisp of Ellerslie, Jimenbuen died at Surry Street Darlinghurst Sydney on 29.5.1892 aged 8 months. Manaro Mercury 11.6.1892.
Crisp Grace Susan late of Jimenbuen near Buckley's Crossing, Spinster died intestate, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 3.10.1898.
Crisp Grace Susan, youngest daughter of Elizabeth and the late Amos Crisp died at Jimenbuan on 5.8.1898 aged 25 years 7 months from scarlet fever, she was engaged to be married, buried at Boloca Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 8.8.1898.
Crowe Jane who died 1.5.1892 aged 17 years, missed by mother, father, sisters and brothers, remembered by a friend. Manaro Mercury 28.5.1892.
Cullen John of Bunyan, born Kilkenny Ireland and settled in Australia half a century ago died on Friday aged 79 years leaving a wife, two sons and three daughters. Buried in Mittagang Cemetery on Sunday. Manaro Mercury 12.6.1899.
Cullen John died in the Cooma Hospital on Monday aged 58 years, funeral Wednesday New Cemetery Mittagang. Manaro Mercury 8.9.1899.
Cummins Michael of Michelago was reported missing in July last, his body was found in the Queanbeyan River by a picnic party. Manaro Mercury 31.12.1891.
Curtis William, Selector at Bradley's Plains died, born c 1812. Inquest held. Manaro Mercury 5.9.1890.
Davidson Mrs Alexander died at Eden on Monday Morning, mother of Mr George Davidson of Cooma aged 87 years, funeral held tomorrow, Wednesday. Manaro Mercury 28.6.1892.
Delaney Patrick, old resident of the Yass District, died at Polding Street Yass on Saturday aged 87 years. Manaro Mercury 6.9.1890.
Delaney Son of Mr W Delaney of Eaglehawk died on Saturday after an accident from a horse, aged 11 years. Manaro Mercury 23.11.1887.
Dennison Mr W N, old resident of Braidwood District died in Wagga the other day. Manaro Mercury 14.3.1893.
Devereux Frank late of Rock Flat near Cooma died Sydney yesterday aged 26 years, buried at Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 26.5.1899.
Donovan child of Mr John Donovan drowned at Mourya. Manaro Mercury 15.8.1891.
Donovan Dr came to the district in 1874 lived at Cooma, died Sunday at Sydney buried at Waverley Cemetery, leaving four daughters and two sons, married Miss Cosgrove, a sister to Mrs Charles Hudson of Cooma. Manaro Mercury 31.10.1898.
Douglass Mrs Walter of Inveralochy, sister to Mrs CF Pryce and Messrs W and H Brooks died. Manaro Mercury 7.11.1891.
Drew Francis, native of Ireland found burnt to death in Junction Hotel paddock, East Trenthan Victoria. Manaro Mercury 8.8.1891.
Driscoll John late of Nimitybelle NSW Grazier, probate notice by Henry Dawson, Barrister, Elizabeth Street Sydney. Manaro Mercury 2.12.1890.
Driscoll Mr John Vincent Senr, late of Summer Hill, only son of the late Daniel Driscoll, died at the residence of his sister Mrs Cullen of Bunyan on Saturday 6.8.1890 aged 63 years. He has spent 54-55 years on the Monaro, one son living Mr John Driscoll of Nimitybelle. Manaro Mercury 19-23.8.1890.
Druitt Mrs, old resident of Manaro died at her residence at Summer Hill near Sydney, wife of the late Archdeacon Druitt aged 79 years. They were married at Lisbon and she leaves five sons and four daughters, the eldest daughter is married to Harry Dawson. Manaro Mercury 9.5.1898.
Druitt Ven Archbishop died on Wednesday and buried at Rookwood Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 31.12.1891 Another notice 9.1.1892.
Dyce Mr A of Lillygrig, Gundaroo died, father of Miss WP Dyce, Coolamon; OG Dyce, Public School Teacher Murrumbateman; HJ Dyce, Post and Telegraph Master at Fernmount; AA Dyce, Albury; LR Dyce, Lake George. Manaro Mercury 17.3.1899.
Eccleston Mr John Charles of Buckley's Crossing died Wednesday, Also a funeral notice. Manaro Mercury 19.7.1890.
Edwards daughter of Mr HT Edwards of Bibbinluke died from scarlet fever aged 4 years. Manaro Mercury 21.10.1890.
Edwards John Wilbraham, eldest son of the late Captain John Alexander Edwards of Her Majesty's 17th Foot Regiment and grandson of Brigadier Wilbraham Tollemache Edwards of the same Regiment died at Bobundarah on 6.7.1891 aged 62 years. Manaro Mercury 11.7.1891.
Edwards John Wilbraham, grazier deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 23.1.1892.
Ellerman Clarence Henry, third son of CH Ellerman died on 1.4.1887 at Glenbrook of diptheretic cough aged 3 years 3 months. Manaro Mercury 6.4.1887.
Elliott Mr EA, resident of Gundaroo died. Manaro Mercury 13.5.1893.
Evans Mr Charles Senior, Farmer and Carrier of Myalla died on Sunday. Inquest held 2.9.1898. Manaro Mercury 29.8.1898
Evans HA, wife who died 25.4.1898 aged 31 years, remembered by husband John E, Rock Flat. Manaro Mercury 19.9.1898.
Evans Mrs John of Fountain Head near Nimitybelle, daughter of Mr John Smith of Rock Flat died this morning at the Coffee Palace, Cooma. Manaro Mercury 25.4.1898.
Evans Mrs John, wife of a farmer from Myalla died, funeral held Wednesday, buried Mittagang Cemetery, Cooma. Manaro Mercury 29.4.1898.
Evans Mrs daughter of Mrs Smith, Rock Flat died last September, only recently returned from Canada with her husband. Manaro Mercury 9.12.1890.
Evans Mrs Richard. At her residence Lambie Street Cooma on Thursday 2.6.1887, a daughter. Manaro Mercury 5.6.1887.
Evans Richard, late of Cooma, Chemist deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 14.7.1891.
Fairley Mr James of Cooma, brother of David born Fifeshire Scotland, came to Australia in 1854, died from inflammation of the lungs aged 68 years. Buried Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 19.5.1899.
Finn Arthur who dislocated his spinal column in a horse accident at Adaminaby about six months ago, died at the Price Alfred Hospital on 12.7.1899 in Sydney. Manaro Mercury 17.7.1899.
Fisher Mrs Isaac, eldest daughter of the late Mr John Mooney of Rock Flat Cooma died at St Vincent's Hospital Sydney on 26.1.1899 aged 32 years, interred in the Spring Valley Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 6.2.1899.
Flood John Foxton died in the Goulburn Hospital on Wednesday aged 13 years 6 months from peritonitis, caused from eating unripe fruit. Manaro Mercury 30.3.1893.
Foley Laurie aged 11 years, son of Mr P Foley died on Saturday. Manaro Mercury 4.6.1892.
Ford Mr Samuel died at his daughter's residence Mrs Charles Dent (Mayfield) on 16.10.1887, aged 56 years, also the father of Mrs HR Ryan of Bombala. Manaro Mercury 26.10.1887.
Foster Dennis drowned in the Umaralla River on Thursday. Inquest held. Manaro Mercury 11.2.1892.
Fraser Mr Roderick, Grazier of Murrumbucca died on Tuesday who his dray fell on him aged 70 years, inquiry held. Manaro Mercury 18.3.1893.
Freebody John late of Arable Creek Monaro NSW, Grazier deceased, probate notice by Henry Dawson, Barrister, Elizabeth Street Sydney. Manaro Mercury 2.12.1890.
Freebody Mrs died at Arable on Tuesday last aged 98 years leaving five sons and daughters, buried yesterday at Gegedzerick. Manaro Mercury 11.11.1898.
Freebody Mrs Simon buried at Gegedzerick yesterday. Manaro Mercury 10.9.1887.
Freeman Mrs Wm of Cooma, native of Goulburn died on Monday from paralysis aged 48 years, leaving a husband and large family, funeral Tuesday buried at Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 24.2.1899.
Gait? Thomas the elder, late of Glenbog near Nimitybelle, NSW, Grazier, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 14.1.1898.
Gallagher Mr Michael died Tuesday at Tuggranong aged 95 years. Manaro Mercury 18.11.1898.
Garagaly George drowned in the Murrumbidgee near Rosedale on Wednesday aged 20 years. Manaro Mercury 20.8.1887.
Garrett Mr Thomas, born 16.7.1830, Liverpool England died at his residence, Petersham on Wednesday. Manaro Mercury 28.11.1891.
Geddings Mr Robert, known as "Bob, the Sailer", lived at Adaminaby for a number of years died yesterday, to be buried at Round Plain tomorrow, Friday. Manaro Mercury 7.11.1891.
George Ezekiah John aged 14 years was killed by a falling tree at Tarago. Manaro Mercury 2.5.1893.
Giddings Robert, late of Eaglehawk near Adaminaby, framer, deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 14.11.1891.
Giles William drowned in the Cooma Creek Tuesday last aged 13 years. Body found at Rosebrook on Wednesday, buried in Cooma on Thursday. Manaro Mercury 14.11.1891.
Glenman Mrs John, sister to Mr James Owers, Contractor of Cooma died on Sunday at Rock Falt from consumption aged 30 years, leaving five children, buried at Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 15.8.1898.
Glennan Alexander, second son of Mr Lawrence Glennan of Cooma died at his residence on Sunday last at Cooma aged 25 years, he was unmarried and his funeral was held on Monday (yesterday). Manaro Mercury 27.10.1891.
Goldstein Mrs, wife of Mr Goldstein, a Tailor of Vale Street Cooma, died in childbirth aged 31 years. Manaro Mercury 6.6.1893.
Goodwin Mrs Henry of Jingera died on Monday last, buried at Cooma on Wednesday. Manaro Mercury 1.11.1890
Goodwin Mrs Senr. of Middle Flat died aged 90 years, leaving 20 grand children and 12 great grand children, buried yesterday, Friday. Manaro Mercury 31.10.1891.
Grace Wm G, Tinsmith, drowned at Willoughby. Manaro Mercury 13.11.1899.
Green Mr George died this morning at Adaminaby aged 28 years. Manaro Mercury 17.11.1899.
Grogan Mrs of Bungendore died suddenly on Sunday morning. Manaro Mercury 15.4.1893.
Grundy Constable, who was stationed at Adaminaby a few years ago was thrown from his horse and killed at Germantown. Manaro Mercury 21.3.1898.
Hain Miss Annie, daughter of Gracie and the late George Hain died, funeral on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 29.4.1893. Funeral description 2.5.1893.
Hall Edward who died 24.4.1899, inquest held Tuesday - pneumonia. Manaro Mercury 28.4.1899.
Hall Richard, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 9.4.1887.
Hallaron Patrick, late of Cooma NSW, Labourer deceased Intestate, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 6.6.1893.
Halloran Patrick died at his residence at Cooma on Sunday aged 27-28 years. Manaro Mercury 9.12.1890.
Hannon John, resident of Rhine Falls, funeral held yesterday at Adaminaby, died leaving a wife and seven children. Manaro Mercury 30.5 / 3.6.1893.
Hanson John late of Rhine Falls near Cooma NSW, Innkeeper deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 13.6.1893.
Hanson Mr of Rhine Falls, old resident of Manaro died. Manaro Mercury 27.5.1893.
Hargraves Mr, gold discoverer interred in Waverley Cemetery on Saturday, father of Edward T Hargraves, Hon Harman Tarrant MLC and Rev. William Shaw are sons-in-law, second son Mr William Hargraves, Deputy Registrar was unable to attend the funeral due to ill health. Manaro Mercury 7.11.1891.
Hargraves Robert died when he was lost in the bush from Number One aged 77 years, inquest held. Manaro Mercury 30.4.1887.
Harkness child of Mr W Harkness of Lincluden near Myalla died on Wednesday from intersusception of the bowels aged 2 years 11 months, buried at Cooma Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 7.5.1887.
Harkness William Haslisoden Jamieson, son of William and Matilda Harness of Lincluden, Manaro died 4.5.1887 aged 2 years 11 months. Manaro Mercury 11.5.1887.
Harnett Mauirce, late of Rosebank near Cooma NSW, Grazier, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 4.6.1892.
Harris Mr Henry, resident of Glory hole near Kiandra, native of Birmingham, England, a Butcher died from influenza aged 79 years leaving a wife and family. Manaro Mercury 22.8.1898.
Harris Mary, wife of Mr John Harris of Cooma died at the residence of Mrs Sampson, Edgeley Street Surrey Hills on Tuesday 22.11.1887 aged 46 years. Manaro Mercury.
Harris Mr accidentally fell on a butcher's knife at Kiandra last week died at Adaminaby on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 1.4.1898.
Harris Robert, Private Jurisdiction, late of Kiandra. Probate notice. Manaro Mecury 22.7.1898.
Hart Mr Lewis, representative of Messrs Vickery and Martin of Sydney, arrived in Tumut by coach from Parramatta died on Saturday night from influenza aged 39 years, buried at Tumut. Manaro Mercury 31.10.1891.
Hassall Infant child of Mr James Hassall died of measles and pneumonia at Adaminaby. Manaro Mercury 3.3.1899.
Hemming Henry Charles, late of Cobbin near Cooma, NSW, deceased, intestate, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 1.12.1891.
Heyland child of Mr P Heyland died aged 3 months. Manaroo Mercury 16.4.1887.
Hickey Mrs P died on Monday at Nimitybelle from paralysis, funeral on Wednesday, buried in the Catholic Cemetery Nimitybelle. Manaro Mercury 28.7.1899
Hoffman only daughter of Mr and Mrs Hoffman of Woolway died on Wednesday from a chest complaint. Manaro Mercury 5.9.1890.
Houghton Thomas Sherbrooke late of Aaron's Exchange Hotel Sydney NSW Licensed Surveyor deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 17.6.1893.
Huggett Mrs Wm died from inflammation of the lungs yesterday, leaving a husband and four young children. Manaro Mercury 24.9.1887.
Hyde Joseph aged 84 years died at Bombala. Manaro Mercury 30.5.1893, inquiry held 8.4.1893.
Jack the Rooster an old man died of senile decay in the Bombala Goal on Tuesday aged 75 years. Manaro Mercury 3.2.1899.
James. Four members of the James family of Laggan all died recently from typhoid. Manaro Mercury 18.6.1887.
Jamieson only son of AF and Amelia Jamieson died at Mowembah Woolway, 13.10.1864 aged 5 years 9 months, grandson of Mr W Reid, buried at Gegedzerick cemetery. Manaro Mercury 20.10.1885.
Jardine Mrs William of Curry Flat died on Tuesday 3.6.1898 aged 73 years from asthma. Born in the highlands of Scotland 14.4.1824 married 3.6.1852, buried at Round Flat near Berridale, on her 46th Wedding Anniversary. Manaro Mercury 3.6.1898 - 6.6.1898.
Johnson William Wallace died at Kiandra, funeral held on Sunday in the snow. Manaro Mercury 25.7.1891.
Joy James late of Jindabyne NSW Labourer - intestate. Manaro Mercury 12.5.1899.
Joy Mrs M, born 63 years ago at Boloco Station near Buckleys Crossing, eldest child of late Mr James McEvoy of Wollindibby Station Jindabyne, relict of late James Joy of Jindabyne died at Jindabyne. Funeral Monday. Manaro Mercury 17.11.1899.
Keating Mr Michael Senr. of Buckleup Crossing died. Manaro Mercury 7.11.1891.
Keeffe James of Guise's Flat was killed when thrown from his buggy on Sunday when returning home from Queanbeyan. Manaro Mercury 30.9.1890.
Kelly Mrs William died at her residence Spring Vale near Micalago on Sunday, wife of the late W Kelly, former resident of Garryowen, Queanbeyan aged 80 years, sister to Mrs Graham of Queanbeyan. Manaro Mercury 15.4.1893.
Kelly Rebecca wife of John F Kelley, third daughter of John Caldwell senr, died at her father's residence Rose Neath near Bobundarah on 1.8.1887 aged 24 years 11 months, leaving a husband and one child. Manaroo Mercury 17.8.1887.
Killaway Fred, a dredge carpenter late of Merrylands Kiandra died at the Kiandra Hotel on Saturday from an enlarged heart, funeral Sunday. Manaro Mercury 13.11.1899.
King Jacky An aboriginal expired at the camp below the Royal Hotel Cooma on Saturday morning, buried the same day. Manaro Mercury 10.11.1891.
Langhorne son of Mr T Langhorne of Buckley's Crossing died of rheumatic fever, buried at Bombala Cemetery on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 7.11.1898.
Lawless Mrs, mother of Mr Jas Lawless of Myalla died at Mrs McCarron's residence, Cooma aged 75 years, funeral held on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 11.8.1891.
Lawrence Mrs, well known at Manaro, sister to late Mr W Coulter who died recently at Dubbo, died at Sydney the other day, she is related to the Dudley's at Bombala. Manaro Mercury 13.6.1893.
Leary Simon Peter died on the road two miles from Bombala after a fall from a horse aged 13 years. Manaro Mercury 28.7.1891.
Leonard James, body was found on the Cooma - Nimitybelle Road, inquest held at Nimitybelle Monday last, exposure. Manaro Mercury 5.8.1898.
Leonard Patrick died in Cooma on Tuesday, funeral Thursday. Manaro Mercury 27.10.1899.
Linnane Mrs of Kippax Street Sydney died, sister of John Normoyle, buried at Rookwood Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 21.5.1887.
Litchfield child aged 2 years of Mr Fred Litchfield of Matong died on Saturday from measles. Manaro Mercury 6.2.1899.
Litchfield eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs GF Litchfield of Matong died on Tuesday from inflammation of the lungs and measles aged 6 years 6 months. Manaro Mercury 27.2.1899.
Litchfield Infant, died at Woodstocke, child of Mr EH Litchfield, funeral Saturday Cooma. Manaro Mercury 4.12.1899.
Lloyd William G of Umaralla died at his son's residence in Cooma on Sunday aged 62 years, leaving 7 sons and 1 daughter. also a funeral notice to leave his late residence near Perkin's Hotel Cooma on Tuesday for the New Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 8.12.1891.
Lloyd William will be interred in the New Cemetery this afternoon. Manaro Mercury 12.12.1891.
Locker Mrs Thomas JP of Happy Valley died at Cooma on Monday 11.8.1887 aged 81 years, leaving one daughter and three sons, buried at Adaminaby. Manaor Mercury 17.8.12887.
Love Mr Samuel senr of Dangelong near Cooma died Thursday aged 62 years leaving a wife and large family. Manaro Mercury 22.7.1898.
Love Samuel who died at River Side 20.7.1898 aged 61 years, rememebered by sons and daughter-in-law Samuel, James and Elizabeth Love River Side. Manaro Mercury 23.9.1898.
Love Samuel, late of Riverside Cooma Farmer deceased died intestate. Manaro Mercury 12.9.1898.
Lucas Mr Samuel of Coutaguinea died Monday last. Manaro Mercury 22.10.1887.
Lynch Owen of Bulgundra near Buckley's Crossing, Farmer, deceased probate notice. Manaro Mercury 22.8.1891.
Lynch Mrs Ellen, wife of the late Mr Thomas Lynch of Cootalantra died Wednesday aged 75 years, her husband died about 25 years ago, buried in the Old Catholic Cemetery, funeral on Thursday. Manaro Mercury 26.8.1898.
Lynch Thomas died at Adaminaby. Manaro Mercury 3.6.1893.
Lynch Thomas, late of Bolairo near Adaminaby NSW, Selector, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 20.5.1893.
Madden Mr James of Arable died yesterday whilst ploughing. Manaro Mercury 24.8.1887.
Mahoney Mrs of Bombala Street Cooma died on Sunday aged 48 years. Manaro Mercury 12.10.1887.
Marshall Dr Henry Morton, born Boston Seaport Town Lincolnshire 1831, traveled to the South Sea Islands then studied medicine in Amercia, came to Victoria in 1855, married 1858, father of Mr Godfrey Marshall of Cooma died at his residence Sheridan Street Gundagai on Monday, buried at North Gundagai. Manaro Mercury 10.2.1899.
Marshall Mrs, mother of Rev. J Marshall died Thursday last. Manaro Mercury 9.1.1892.
Martin infant child died in a pool of water at Braidwood. Manaro Mercury 25.6.1892.
McAuliffe Mr FJ probate notice. Manaro Mercury 9.4.1887.
McCann Mr F, acting Goaler at Cooma died on Wednesday, funeral held on Friday. Manaro Mercury 16-19.1.1892.
McCann Robert, son of Mr Aering McCann goaler, died after eating briar berries aged 9 years. Manaro Mercury 28.6.1890.
McCarthy Mrs John died at her residence Frying Pan near Dry Plains on Tuesday, she had given birth on Wednesday week last aged 26 years, leaving a wife and two young children, funeral held on Thursday to Cooma Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 22.8.1891.
McCormack Mrs James died at Charleyong near Braidwood from strychnine poisoning after drowning her son Sylvester in the river near her house. Manaro Mercury 15.8.1891.
McDonald Mrs, a resident on the road to Mittagang died from La Grippe. Manaro Mercury 21.6.1890.
McDonald Mrs, wife of Samuel, JP of Nimitybelle died at her residence last Saturday. Manaro Mercury 10.5.1892.
McDonald Patrick of Whinstone Valley Jingera, Farmer died intestate, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 25.11.1898.
McEvoy Ethol aged 5 years, daughter of Thomas McEvoy of Woollindibby died on Thursday last, buried at Moonbah on Saturday. Manaro Mercury 14.7.1899.
McGrath James, convicted at Garfield last Thursday for indecent exposure, died at the Goulburn Goal on Monday. Manaro Mercury 27.2.1892.
Meares John Devenish who served in the NSW Police Force since 1862, being stationed at Cooma at one time died at his residence at Petersham on Wednesday aged 70 years. Funeral at Rookwood on Thursday. Manaro Mercury 16.10.1899.
Menzies Mr John, miner from Kiandra until 22.9.1898, his brother lives in Glen Innes, died at the Cooma Hospital on Tuesday from an injury to the spine, buried Wednesday at Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 31.10.1898.
Mesae The Right Rev Thomas DD, Bishop of Goulburn died aged 76 years. Manaro Mercury 19.3.1892.
Mestor Miss A died on Monday, suffered from a hip disease aged 19 years, funeral Tuesday, buried in the New Cemetery. Manao Mercury 26.1.1893.
Miller infant daughter of Mr GTC Miller MLA died. Manaro Mercury 17.6.1893.
Miners Maggie, daughter of Mr James Miners of Arable died on Wednesday. Manaro Mercury 20.9.1890.
Miners Mr Wm of Nimitybelle died on the road on Saturday evening from a horse accident aged 55 years. Manaro Mercury 4.12.1899.
Montague Mr Alexander Senr. Born County Tyrone Northern Ireland in 1815 arrived in Australia 1841 aged 26 years, died on Friday buried in the Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 10.10.1898.
Mooney Mrs John of Cooma Creek, formerly Miss Barton of Goulburn died on Friday in Sydney aged 38 years leaving seven young children. Manaro Mercury 9.1.1899.
Morris Michael died at Mittagong whilst riding home when a tree fell on him aged 14 years. Manaro Mercury 21.7.1891.
Mott Thomas, inquiry into his suicide at Boggy Plains on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 10.3.1899
Mullach Mrs Orro A at her residence at Jeff's Creek on 9.7.1887 - a daughter. Manaro Mercury 13.7.1887.
Mullane Mr Patrick, proprietor of Australian Hotel, Sharp Street Cooma died Sunday, native of Cork Ireland, aged 63 years, buried at the Mittagang Cemetery, Twice married leaving 3 sons and 1 daughter from first marriage and second marriage was about 17 years ago. Manaro Mercury 1.8.1898.
Mullane Patrick, late of Cooma, Licensed Victualler deceased, probate by Thomas Mullane and James Hugh Montague. Manaro Mercury 19.8.1898.
Myles Mr James, native of Scotland, brother of the late Mr David Myles of Cooma, resident of Cooma, died early yesterday from an abcess on the lungs aged 51 years, leaving a wife and two daughters, buried at the Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 19.8.1898.
Naughton Mr John, Commercial Traveller, brother-in-law of Mrs Quirk of Cooma, drowned at Thornley's Lagoon near Forbes on Thursday, leaving a wife living in Sydney. Manaro Mercury 1.8.1898.
Newton Mr AJ died yesterday morning. Manaro Mercury 5.10.1887.
Nicholson Mr Edwin Horace, son of charles, Grazier from Sutton Forest died on Tuesday, brother of Mrs E Gomm of Cooma, Mrs Oxley of Yass, leaving a wife and three children. Manaro Mercuty 8.7.1898.
O'Mara Denis late of Nimitybelle, Gentleman deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 27.1.1899.
O'Mara Mrs Morgan died at Berridale leaving a husband, there were no children. Manaro Mercury 25.7.1891.
O'Reilly Dr, son of Canon O'Reilly, died at Mourya. Manaro Mercury 15.8.1891.
O'Brien John, native of the district, married to the daughter of Mr Blyton drowned in the Bega River near King's Crossing. Manaro Mercury 21.3.1893.
Oliver Mr W died at his residence at Berridale on Thursday, buried at Gegedzerick. Manaroo Mercury 20.8.1887.
Oliver Mr William of Berridale, manager of Mr Andersons stores died aged 70 years. Manaro Mercury 24.8.1887. Also notice on 27.8.1887.
O'Mara Denis, the Elder late of Nimitybelle, Gentleman deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 24.6.1898.
O'Mara Mr Dennis, died at his residence on the Monaro on Sunday, resided at Nimitybelle and a brother at Bobundarah, aged 74 years, funeral Wednesday 17.6.1898. Manaro Mercury 10.6.1898.
Orr William resident of Cowra Creek died in the Cooma Hospital n Tuesday aged 80 years. Funeral Thursday. Manaro Mercury 27.10.1899.
Parker Joseph died on Tuesday on his way from Jingera to Cooma. Manaro Mercury 10.9.1887.
Patrick child of Mr John Patrick died yesterday at Kiandra. Manaro Mercury 25.7.1891.
Patterson Mr of Greenlands near Nimitybelle, father of Mrs J Mitchell of Lambie Street Cooma died. Manaro Mercury 12.12.1891.
Payten James died at Woodbine Campbelltown on 3.12.1890 aged 56 years. Manaro Mercury 13.12.1890.
Pendergast Michael, late of Cottage Creek near Bobundarah, NSW, Grazier, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 14.5.1892.
Phillips Wm drowned in the Murrumbidgee River at Billylingra . Inquest held on Thursday. Manaro Mercury 28.6.1890.
Pooley Frederick William, late of Cooma, Grazier deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 18.8.1891.
Pooley Frederick William, late of Cooma, Grazier deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 19.9.1891.
Pooley Mr Fred, well known in the Monaro district died on Wednesday morning in Sydney, interred in the Goulburn cemetery on Friday. Manaro Mercury 15.8.1891.
Power Mr James Senr died on Wednesday at Caddigat eight miles from Adaminaby aged 56 years whilst driving a waggonette to the Caddigat Creamery, the horse bolted and he was caught under the waggonette, married to the daughter of Mr George Barrett of Inglewood near Adaminaby, leaves a wife and nine children. Manaro Mercury 18.11.1898.
Primmer Child of Mrs Primmer's drowned at Berridale, funeral held last Thursday. Inquest held on 8.4.1893. Manaro Mercury 30.3.1893.
Pryce Miss Charlotte, sister of Rev. EG Pryce funeral to leave Arable on Saturday 10.6.1890 for the Gegedzerick Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 21.6.1890.
Pryce Edward Weston, eldest son of Rev. EG Pryce of Braidwood died 27.2.1864 at his brother's residence aged 27 years. Manaro Mercury 15.4.1878.
Pryce Mr Hamilton of Woolway died and buried at Adaminaby yesterday. Manaro Mercury 22.7.1898.
Pyke Mrs died at her residence in South Cooma on Monday, funeral on Thursday. Manaro Mercury 26.7.1890.
Quigg Nellie, died at Colinton aged 18 years, daughter of Neil W Quigg, funeral to leave from Railway Station on arrival of the train on Tuesday 3rd for the Church of England Church then to Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 3.11.1891.
Quin Mr JL died at the dinner table died from natural causes aged 79 years, leaving a wife and large family. Inquest held. Manaro Mercury 12.4.1892.
Rankin Mrs John nee thornton of Nimitybelle died aged 26 years from blood poisening, funeral today, Friday. Manaro Mercury
Rankin Mr Thomas, served with the Irish Revenue Police in 1854, landed in Victoria 1858 was in the Police Department at Wagga, Albury, Deniliquin and Cooma, died at his residence in Wagga on Wednesday aged 67 years, leaving a wife and nine children. Manaro Mercury 2.12.1898.
Read Emanuel late of Alpine View near Green Hills Cooma, Orchardist, probate notice Manaro Mercury 3.10.1898.
Reed Mr Emanuel of Green Hills near Cooma died on Wednesday from cancer of the stomach buried at the Mittagang Cemetery, unmarried. Manaro Mercury 30.9.1898.
Reardon Mrs of Manton's Creek died from childbirth a few moments after giving birth. Manaro Mercury 30.5.1893.
Reynolds Mrs Francis died at her residence near Cooma Creek on Wednesday from heart disease and dropsey aged 54 years. Twice married, firstly to Edward Burke then to Francis Reynolds, funeral yesterday at Mittagang. Manaro Mercury 20.10.1899.
Roach Daughter of Mr T Roach of Myalla aged about 15-16 years died last Saturday, buried yesterday (Monday). Manaro Mercury 13.5.1890.
Roberson Agusta our daughter who died 19.3.1897 remembered by mother and father Jane and William. Manaro Mercury 25.2.1898.
Roberson Jane Addess domestic servant of Mr GF Litchfield, Matong Station died aged 20 years, inquest held on Wednesday. Manaro Mercury 20.5.1898.
Robertson Frances died at his residence Wren's Nest, Jindabyne aged 72 years 2 months, leaving a wife and large number of sons and daughters. Manaro Mercury 28.2.1893.
Robinson daughter of Mr Fred Robinson of Bunyan died on Friday aged 12 months, buried on Sunday. Manaro Mercury 28.7.1891.
Roddan John late of Cooma, Undertaker deceased intestate, probate by Janet Muirhead Roddan, eldest daughter. Manaro Mercury 9.12.1898.
Roddan Mr John Senr. Native of Glasgow Scotland arrived with his brother James in 1854 at Melbourne, then to Sydney and monaro died at Sharp Street Cooma on Saturday aged 66 years, leaving three daughters and two sons, the eldest in Queensland, his wife died 18 years ago, buried in the Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 10.10.1898.
Rodden Mr William, eldest son of James Rodden of Cooma, died at the residence of his mother, Newtown, Sydney on Thursday aged 34 years from pleurisy, buried at Rookwood Cemetery. Manaro Mercury.
Rowe Mrs E of The Gap, Rocky Plain died and buried at Gegedzerick Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 22.7.1898.
Rowe Mrs Edward of Bullabalong near Rocky Plains, daughter of Mrs E Constance, came out to Australia 43 years ago from Northern Ireland, died at her residence a fortnight ago aged 63 years. Manaro Mercury 25.7.1898.
Roy James, Caretaker at the Tumut Turf club was shot dead in bed on Wednesday by Archie McGillivray, accidentail death. Manaro Mercury 15.12.1891.
Russell son of Mr Edward Russell of Cabmurra near Adaminaby died aged four months. Manaro Mercury 3.11.1891.
Rutherford William JP died at Nimmo on 7.6.1887 aged a long and painful illness aged 71? Years. Manaro Mercury 25.6.1887.
Ryan George, native of Cooma died on Monday at Double Creek near Cooma aged 19 years, inquest held. Manaro Mercury 10.2.1899.
Ryrie Miss Edith died on Monday 9.11.1891. Manaro Mercury 17.11.1891.
Ryrie Miss, daughter of Mr A Ryrie of Michelago died yesterday morning. Manaro Mercury 10.11.1891.
Ryrie Mrs Stewart died at Sydney on Saturday, relict of the late Mr S Ryrie of Cooradigbee, formerly of Jindabyne, she lived at Yass after the death of her husband, buried at Yass. Manaro Mercury 6.5.1893.
Scanes William Norris Henry, third son of Frederick John Scanes, Blacksmith, late of Cooma died at Ironmongie 12.9.1885 at the residence of his Uncle aged 13 years 5 months. Manaro Mercury 20.10.1885.
Seears Alexander, late of Hollyhock near Cooma, Blacksmith, Intestate, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 20.5.1893.
Seears Alexander, late of Hollyhook Lodge near Cooma, Blacksmith, deceased intestate. Manaro Mercury 24.11.1891.
Seears Alick, lived near Coolrington died when he fell under the wheel of his team aged 40 years, buried at the Gegedgerick Cemetery 24.10.1891, also funeral description. Manaro Mercury 20.10.1891
Seears Mr Geroge of Bobundarah died at his residence. Manaro Mercury 7.1.1898.
Seears Mr George born England died at his residence Ironmongie on 3.7.1898 aged 88 years. Manaro Mercury 8.7.1898.
Shanley Willie, son of Mrs J Shanely died on Wednesday, she had only lost her husband a few months ago. Manaro Mercury 20.2.1892.
Shannon Amelia, late of Cooma, widow deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 24.11.1891.
Sharp Mr W of Newtown Sydney, late of Kiandra, former owner of Pine Valley Hotel and grounds died on Monday in Newtown Sydney. Manaro Mercury 20.4.1887
Sheche Mrs died on Friday. Manaro Mercury 19.8.1890.
Sheehy Martha died on Tuesday from Scarlet Fever aged 9 years. Manaro Mercury 21.11.1891.
Sheehy Mrs Edward, funeral to leave her late residence at Berridale at 8 am Sunday arriving in Cooma at 2.30 pm, buried at the New Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 13.5.1893.
Sheehy Roger an old Coomaite died at Mittagong, a week ago he received a subscription to enable him to to be buried with his wife at Murrumburrah where his wife died and is buried. Manaro Mercury 7.11.1891.
Shiels In memory of my sister Beckie who died 7.3.1898 - Mary Clarke. Manaro Mercury 27.2.1899
Silk Mrs OE fo Nimitybelle died recently at Redfern on Saturday last. Manaro Mercury 9.1.1892.
Simmons Mrs of Forbes Street Sydney died a few days ago aged 98 years. Her husband founded the firm of Messrs David Jones & Co. Manaro Mercury 12.7.1890.
Simms Mrs JH, died at Commissioner Street Cooma yesterday from typhoid and a weak heart, buried at Adaminaby. Manaro Mercury 27.6.1898.
Sindel Mr R, Storekeeper, old resident of Goulburn, Braidwood and Manaro district died in Sydney. Manaro Mercury 17.11.1891.
Slattery daughter of Mr E Slattery of Mittagang died aged 7 years, funeral on Sunday. Manaro Mercury 7.10.1890.
Small Mr William of Ryde, grandfather of Mr Small, Lands Office Cooma died. Manaro Mercury 14.11.1891.
Smith Miss Alice Rebecca died at Andy Flat Countaguinea on Saturday, she gave birth to a child at 6 o'clock on Saturday morning, who is still living. Manaro Mercury 20.3.1899.
Smith Amos died on Monday, son of Mr JW Smith of Stanmore Rocky Plain, buried on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 7.1.1898.
Smith Amos, brother who died 3.1.1898 aged 21 years 7 months, remembered by sister JS, Rocky Plains. Manaro Mercury 11.2.1893.
Smith Amos who died 3.1.1898 aged 21 years 7 months, remembered by fried Mary Lawlis, Rocky Plain. Manaro Mercury 7.3.1898.
Smith Mr Isacc Billing, farmer and carrier of Rock Flat dropped dead this morning aged 50 years leaving a wife and family. Manaro Mercury 3.10.1898. Another notice 7.10.1898 states he died at Dangelong on Monday from a heart disease buried at Mittagang, leaving a wife and five children.
Smith Mrs Mary, born Queenstown Ireland 15.11.1815, arrived Australia 1833, resided at Cowpastures and Bathurst then came to Manaro died in Cooma on Wednesday aged 82 years leaving five daughters and three sons. Funeral Thursday to the Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 28.8.1899.
Smith Mr and Mrs Smith's returned thanks to community on their recent bereavement. Manaro Mercury 25.2.1898.
Spooner Joseph, who worked at Montgomery's Champion Saw Mills died at Mrs Wood's residence on Sunday after a log rolled onto him. Manaro Mercury 20.10.1891.
Stephen Comatte died from the result of a mining accident last Saturday, buried on Monday. Manaro Mercury 18.5.1887.
Stewart Mr Robert, grazier of Mount Marshall near Bombala, brother of Mr Andrew Stewart of Tyrvine Station, also Mr Archibald Stewart of Cathcart, Mr Anges Stewart of Tyrvine near Bombala, died Friday last at his late residence. Manaro Mercury 12.9.1891.
Stokes Mrs P daughter of Mr McMannus of Cooma Creek was buried on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 10.9.1887.
Stuart daughter of Mr Stuart, Postmaster of Delegate died at Bibbinluke at the residence of Mrs Peters. Manaro Mercury 21.10.1890.
Sutton James, came to the Manaro in 1829, 63 years ago, bringing stock for Mr Moffat at Bolairo, also known as "Ruggie Jim", died at the residence of Mr AF Jamieson of Prahan on Thursday 18.2.1892 aged 93 years. He often resided with the Smith family. Manaro Mercury 27.2.1892.
Terry Mr HM, eldest son of the late Hon. SH Terry MLC, Sydney, son-in-law of Mr WF Wilkinson of Weitaiaba, Yass died in Yass on Saturday. Manaro Mercury 21.11.1891.
Thomas Mrs relict of the late Dr Thomas, Bishop of Goulburn died at Goulburn. Manaro Mercury 25.6.1892.
Thornton Ann Amelia late of Woodbine near Nimitybelle, widow deceased, probate by James Henry Thornton, eldest surviving son. Manaro Mercury 9.12.1898.
Thornton father who departed this life 7.2.1892, remembered by daughter Cecelia T. Manaro Mercury 28.2.1893.
Thorton John late of Woodbine near Nimitybelle, Carrier, intestate, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 15.4.1898.
Thorton John Patrick died on Wednesday when a bullock waggon he was driving crushed him at Biggam Station owned by Angus Jardine. Manaro Mercury 22.4.1898.
Thurbon Clara daughter of Richard and Margaret Thurbon died 15.2.1898 at Whinstone Valley from concussion of the spine aged 25 years 11 months. Manaro Mercury 25.2.1898.
Tivey Alfred late of Mole's Station near Nimitybelle NSW, Grazier deceased intestate probate notice. Manaro Mercury 8.4.1898.
Tompsitt Capt George died on Monday at Queanbeyan, inquest held. Manaro Mercury 13.2.1892.
Tozer Caroline, eldest daughter of Thomas and Sarah Tozer died at Bobundarah, Monaro on 5.8.1890 aged 15 years 9 months. Inserted by loving Aunt Ann Tozer, Wambrook. Manaro Mercury 9.9.1890.
Tozer Miss C, daughter of Mr T Tozer of Mount Pleasant, Bobundarah died from heart disease, funeral held Thursday. Manaro Mercury 23.8.1890.
Tozer Mrs G, sister to Mrs Thorpe of Berridale, funeral notice. Manaro Mercury 29.9.1891.
Tozer Mrs G, wife of Mr G Tozer died on 23.9.1891 at her residence Limekin, Jingera, funeral held at 2.30 pm on Sunday 27.9.1891 for the Gegedzerick Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 26.9.1891. Also 29.9.1891.
Tozer Mrs Ann, wife of Thomas Tozer Senr, an old resident of Manaro District, formerly of Arable and spent 40 years in the district, died at Cooma yesterday 4.8.1898, aged 79 years, funeral detail 8.8.1898, buried in the Wesleyan Cemetery Mittagang tomorrow, she left six sons. Manaro Mercury 5.8.1898.
Tozer Mr Thomas died on Wednesday aged 82 years, leaving six sons, buried at the Wesleyan Cemetery Mittagang, his wife died a week ago. Manaro Mercury 12.8.1898.
Tozer Thomas the Elder of Cooma, Gentleman deceased, probate by John Thomas Tozer of Adaminaby and Thomas Tozer the Younger of Bobundarah, Grazier. Manaro Mercury 29.8.1898.
Try John F died from Diabetes aged 36 years, leaving a widow and 5 children. Manaro Mercury 27.8.1887.
Try Mr John of Adaminaby died on Sunday at Cooma, buried Adaminaby. Manaro Mercury 24.8.1887.
Tweedie Mr CL, one time Proprietor of Bombala Times, died Monday last at Parramatta aged 51 years, leaving a wife and large family. Manaro Mercury 4.8.1891 and 15.8.1891.
Venables daughter of Mr G Venables of Adaminaby died on Wednesday aged 9 years. Manaro Mercury 29.11.1890.
Venables Mrs George died at her residence on Wednesday leaving a husband and six children, funeral yesterday. Manaro Mercury 24.11.1891.
Walker Mr Percy, brother of Mrs JG Brazely of Cooma died in Sydney on Thursday. Manaro Mercury 30.8.1890.
Wallace Mr John JP of Garden Hill Wollongong, brother of Henry Wallace of Cooma died on Tuesday from a breaking of blood vessel in the stomach. Manaro Mercury 6.2.1899.
Walters Mr Timothy of Gegedzerick formerly of Buckley's Crossing, Jeff's Creek, Mafra and Cooma, born Essex England arrived in Australia in 1862 died on Thursday 3.7.1890 aged 78 years. Manaro Mercury 8-12.7.1890.
Walters Mrs C old resident of Cooma, died at the residence of her daughter Mrs Carroll of Bombala aged 79 years, buried at Bombala. Manaro Mercury 3.11.1891.
Walters our father who died at Sheprith 3.7.1890. Manaro Mercury 11.7.1891.
Ward Mr John died at his residence Maffra Lakes on 26.4.1890 aged 48 years, leaving a wife and 6 children. Buried near his house overlooking the Lakes. Manaro Mercury 13.5.1890.
Ware Alfred Joseph late of Bredbo NSW, Innkeeper, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 21.3.1893.
Ware Alfred Joseph, late of Bredbo, NSW, Inkeeper, deceased, intestate. Manaro Mercury 15.8.1891.
Ware Mr Fred, Publican from Bredbo died Friday and buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery on Sunday. Manaro Mercury 7.7.1891.
Warne Catherine (Katherine) wife of Mr Albert Warne of Cooma died on Monday aged 28 years, leaving a young family of two boys and one girl. Funeral Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 18.8.1899.
Warne George Henry, second son of George and Eliza Warne of Cooma, died at his residence, 250 Evans Street, Balmain on 11.8.1891 from the bursting of a blood vessel, aged 32 years, leaving a wife and one little son to mourne their loss. Manaro Mercury 18.8.1891.
Warne Mr George, second son of Mr George Warne of Cooma, former Keeper of Cooma Lunatic Asylum died at Callum Park Asylum on Tuesday from a burst blood vessel aged 32 years, leaving a wife and one child. Manaro Mercury 15.8.1891.
Warne Isabella May, daughter of William Warne died 15.9.1890 from diptheria, funeral to leave residence Commissioner Street Cooma on Wednesday for the New Catholic Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 16.9.1890.
Warran Mrs, member of the Salvation Army was buried on Thursday at the Mittagang Cemetery. Manaro Mercy 12.7.1890.
Warren Miss died at Nimitybelle on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 26.3.1892. Funeral description 2.4.1892.
Watling Mr G died at Jindabyne on 18.4.1892 aged 73 years. He was employed by the late Mr Blomfield at Marranumbla Station for 29 years. He was buried at the Boloca Cemetery. Manaro Mercury 30.4.1892.
Weekes Nicholas was buried on Saturday with full Masonic Honors at Cooma. Manaro Mercury 18.6.1887.
Welch Baby of Mr and Mrs Welch of Pine Valley died aged 5 weeks. Manaro Mercury 26.4.1890.
Welch Norman John Austin, infant son of AH and E Welch, died 12.9.1891 at Stanmore, Rocky Plain aged 6 months four days. Manaro Mercury 26.9.1891.
West daughter of Mr W West of Adaminaby died aged 14 years, funeral yesterday. Manaro Mercury 7.1.1893.
Westlake Edwin Charles, Journalist died 9.8.1899 Victoria Parade Manly aged 47 years. Manaro Mercury 11.8.1899.
Woodhouse daughter of Mr and Mrs Woodhouse of Gegedzerick Station died Tuesday from Scarlet Fever aged 3 years. Manaro Mercury 1.11.1890.
Wren Mr Henry, part owner and manager of Kameruka Estate died in the Bega district on Thursday leaving three sons and four daughters. Manaro Mercury 2.5.1898.
Wright Mr William died at the residence of his son-in-law Mr John Blyton Senr of Rock Lodge on 30.9.1885, aged 82 years, leaving a wife, son and daughter, also 15 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. Manaro Mercury 20.10.1885.
Wroe Elizabeth who died 13.2.1892 aged 29 years, remembered by her daughter Esther. Manaro Mercury 25.6.1892.
Wroe John late of Kara near Berridale, Grazier deceased, probate notice. Manaro Mercury 20.5.1898.
Wroe son of Mr Thomas of Buckley's Crossing died from rheumatic fever. Manaro Mercury 14.6.1892. 
Aitchison - Mcdonald Mr Dan Aitchison of Berridale married Miss Mary McDonald of Berridale at St Benedict's Church Sydney on monday 18.4.1898.
Aitchison - Wellsmore Mr George Aitchison married Miss Christina Wellsmore, third daughter of Mr T Wellsmore at Buckley's Crossing. Manaro Mercury 11.2.1893.
Ball Mr of Adaminaby intends to marry a lady from Young. Manaro Mercury 30.8.1890.
Blackwood - Adams nee Scott Dr FM Blackwood of Summer Hill married Mrs Adams nee Scott from Cooma on 15.2.1898 at Darlinghurst. Manaro Mercury 21.2.1898.
Blaxland - Hensleigh Mr F Blaxland, solicitor of Cooma married Miss Hensleigh, daughter of the late Mrs Hensleigh of Bendoe and sister to Mrs Maurice Hartnett of Rosebrook. Manaro Mercury 19.9.1891.
Bradley Silver Wedding Mr and Mrs Henry Bradley celebrated their Silver Wedding on 17.11.1898 at Yarrangobilly. Manaro Mercury 25.11.1898.
Brown - Brooks Mr AA Brown, teacher, late of Matong, now of Wolumla married Miss Nuttal Brooks, daughter of Mr Henry Brooks of Rocky Plains. Manaro Mercury 21.12.1887.
Buckley - Gleanon. Mr Buckley married Miss Gleanon. Manaro Mercury 7.5.1892.
Buckley - Taylor Mr Con Buckley, son of Mr J Buckley of Myalla married Miss Taylor, eldest daughter of Mr Chas Taylor of Holts Flat at Nimitybelle on Wednesday 24.8.1898. Manaro Mercury 29.8.1898.
Bulmann - Avery Mr RL Bulman married Miss Clara Avery at Berridale. Manaro Mercury 31.1.1898.
Burgess - Shingles Mr W Burgess married Miss M Shingles at Adaminaby on Wednesday. Manaro Mercury 6.10.1899.
Carter Mr and Mrs George of Teviot near Adaminaby celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 30.5.1887. Manaro Mercury 28.5.1887. Another description of the couple said they were born in Scotland in 1811, arrived in Australia 1853. Mr Carter was a very good violinist. Manaro Mercury 5.6.1887.
Coleman - Scarlett Mr E Coleman of Sydney married Miss Hessie Scarlett a the residence of Mr Scarlett. Manaro Mercury 10.5.1892.
Clugston - Locker Mr WJ Clugston of Dry Plains married Miss Sarah Frances Locker, daughter of Mr JG Locker of Willowgrow Adaminaby. Manaro Mercury 20.5.1898.
Clugston - Locker Mr Samuel C Clugston of Mayfield Dry Plain married Edith Frances Locker, youngest daughter of M and MJ Locker at the residence of John Locker "Hazelwood", Adaminaby. Manaro Mercury 15.7.1898.
Chantler nee Bassingthwaite. Jane Susannah Chantler applied for a divorce in Sydney on Monday from John Joseph Chantler, they were married in Cooma in 1884 - divorce granted. Manaro Mercury 25.8.1889.
Crawford - Locker Mr J Crawford married Mrs Locker, widow of late Mr H Locker. Manaro Mercury 6.10.1899
Curry - Curry Elizabeth Curry divorced her husband Henry on the grounds of desertion. Married at Slack's Plain near Cooma in December 1868, together until 1872. Manaro Mercury 14.3.1893.
Deasy - Tynan Mr John Deasy married married Miss Tynan, daughter of a leading politician in August last in Carlow Ireland. Manaro Mercury 19.9.1891.
Delaney - Gilchrist Denis, fourth son of late Mr James Delaney of Buckenderra married Margaret (Cissie), second daughter of Thomas Gilchrist of Paddinton, Sydney on 26.4.1893 at St Francis' Church Paddington. Manaro Mercury 13.5.1893.
Doyle - Hay Mr Doyle married Miss Mary Hay, third daughter of Rev. George Hay at Marrickville last week. Manaro Mercury 19.8.1898.
Elphick - McDonald Mr HS Elphick of Kybean near Cooma married miss Charlotte McDonald of Rockhampton at the Presbyterian Manse Cooma on Wednesday. Manaro Mercury 9.9.1898.
Evans - Miners George Evans second son of John Evans Esq of Tathra near Bega married Adeline Miners, eldest daughter of WJ Miners Esq of Rockdale Nimitybelle on 9.8.1899 at Nimitybelle. Manaro Mercury 18.8.1899,
Fitzroy - Andrews Miss Andrews, eldest daughter of Mr R Andrews married Reginald Fitzroy, draftsman of the Lands Office Cooma, at St Paul;s Church Cooma. Manaro Mercury 30.1.1892.
Green - Tivey Samuel Green of Columbo married Miss Ruby Tivoy of Kybean at St Peter's Church of England Nimitybelle on Monday 4.4.1898. Manaro Mercury 8.4.1898.
Hawkins - Jamieson On 22.6.1887 at the residence of the bride's parents by Rev. JHL Zillmann, Mr Joseph Hawkins, free selector of Towrang near Cooma married Miss Mary Ann Jamieson, fourth daughter of Mr Robert Jamieson, free selector of Gegedzerick. Manaro Mercury 29.6.1887.
Hayes - Evans Mr William Hayes second son of Mr John Hayes of Adaminaby married Miss Clara Evans, daughter of the late Mr EO Evans of Queanbeyan, sister to Mrs Pooley of Royal Hotel Cooma at St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Cooma on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 19.8.1898.
Horne - Hayes Mr W Horne, former School Teacher, Adaminaby now of Trundle married Miss Ettie Hayes, youngest daughter of John Hayes, late of Adaminaby now of Sydney at Newtown Sydney. Manaro Mercury 17.4.1899.
Jackson - Barry Mr J Jackson of Bombala married Miss Lizzie Barry of Moonbah at the resident's of the bride's parents on Monday 22.2.1892. Manaro Mercury 27.2.1892.
Jamieson - Muir Eli F Jamieson, fourth son of Mr Alexander Jamieson of White Hill Farm married Agnes M Muir of Burnside Gegedzerick at the residence of the bride's paretns on 28.6.1887 by Rev. JHL Zillmann. Manaro Mercury 2.7.1887.
Jardine - Robbie Mr James Jardine, youngest son of Mr William Jardine of Curry Flat married Miss Robbie of Bullembalong Public School on Wednesday at "Biggam". Manaro Mercury 22.4.1898.
Kimball - Burke Mr Chas Kimball of Umaralla married Miss Jane Burke of Green Hills in the Catholic Church Cooma. Manaro Mercury 27.10.1891.
Lette - McKeahnie Mr Donald Lette, second son of Mr J M Lette JP of Adaminaby married Miss Janet E McKeahnie, eldest daughter of Mr Alexander McKeahnie JP of Sydney at Canterbury Presbyertian Church Sydney 1.6.1893. Manaro Mercury 17.6.1893.
Litchfield - Pechey Mr Edward H Litchfield of Woodstock Station Cooma, third son of Mr James Litchfield late of Hazelton Station now of Homebush married Miss Jessie Maude Pechey, fourth daughter of the late Mr Pechey of Bathurst at St Thomas' Church Enfield. Manaro Mercury 5.8.1898.
Livingstone - Ford Mr Dan Livingstone married Miss Clara Ford at the Presbyterian Church Cooma on Monday. Manaro Mercury 7.5.1892.
Locker - Stewart Mr Edward Henry Locker of Bolairo married Miss Alice Jane Stewart, third daughter of Mr H Stewart of Cooma at St Paul's Church Cooma on Wednesday. Manaro Mercury 18.3.1893.
Mahoney - Moran Alderman Thomas Mahoney married Miss Moran on Thursday at the Roman Catholic Church Cooma. Manaro Mercury 20.2.1892.
Mawson - Bennett Mr Arthur Mawson married Miss Lonie Bennett at St Paul's Church Cooma on monday. Manaro Mercury 30.4.1892.
McDonell - Sheaffe Rev. TW McDonell married Miss Sheaffe, daughter of Mr Sheaffe, District Surveyor, sister of Mrs Ernest Hartnett of Rosebrook at St Saviour Cathedral Goulburn on Wednesday 24.4.1899. Manaro Mercury 17.4.1899.
McMillan - Brown Mr D McMillan married Miss Annie Brown at the Gegedzerick Church a few days ago. Manaro Mercury 10.5.1892.
McShane - McCann James McShane youngest son of Mr J McShane of Goulburn married Elizabeth McCann eldest daughter of the late Mr Francis McCann of Cooma at St Patrick's church Cooma 10.8.1898. Manaro Mercury 12.8.1898.
O'Connor - Smith Mr Francis James O'Connor married Miss Theresa Smith at Guise's Flat on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 30.4.1892.
O'Sullivan - Morton James O'Sullivan, School Teacher, eldest son of Martin O'Sullivan of Araluen married Annie Morton, second daughter of the late Alfred Morton of Cooma at St Patrick's Church Cooma by Rev. Dean Slattery. Manaro Mercury 31.12.1891.
Oxley - Nicholson Mr FN Oxley, resident Engineer for Roads in Wollombi District married Miss Kathleen Nicholson, youngest daughter of Mr Charles L Nicholson of Newbury, Stton Forrest on Wednesday at Sutton Forrest Church of England Church. The bride is the sister of Mr Comm and Miss Haxby of Cooma. Manaro Mercury 15.9.1891.
Proctor - Andrews Mr Gw third son ofBenjanin Proctor of Camden married Miss EJ Andrews, second daughter of Mr R Andrews of Cooma in the Wesleyan Church Cooma. Manaro Mercury 26.1.1898.
Richmond - Staughton John Richmond, eldest son of James Richmond, Monzies Castle Crief Scotland married Florence, eldest daughter of Mr HW Staughton of Exford Melton at St John's Church Tookak on Wednesday 19.10.1898. Mr Richmond a recent arrival in Monaro district has taken over Rose Valley Station. Manaro Mercury 4.11.1898.
Robinson - Quirk Mr W Robinson, Tobaconist of Cooma married Annie, second daughter of Mr and Mrs D Quirk at St Patricks RC Church on Tuesday. Manaro Mercury 15.9.1899.
Roche - Freebody Mr D roche, fourth son of Mr W Roche of Yass married Miss Mary E Freebody, youngest daughter of Mr S Freebody of Arable at the residence of Simon Freebody, JP of Arable. Manaro Mercury 3.7.1899.
Rose - Hain Mr Henry Rose, son of Mr Reuban Rose of Beloka married Miss Amelia Hain, eldest daughter of Mr Joseph Hain at St Paul's Church Cooma on Wednesday. Manaro Mercury 3.6.1893.
Ryley - Garritty Mr Allan Ryley married Miss Kate Garritty, daughter of Mr Christopher Garritty of summer Hill at the Hymenial Alter at St Andrew's Church Numitybelle on Monday. (Full description given). Manaro Mercury 12.10.1887.
Salvey - Edwards Mr Alfred Salvey of Sydney and late of Cooma married Miss E Edwards of Bobundara on Wednesday last. Manaro Mercury 24.5.1890.
Scarlett - Woodhouse Mr Henry Scarlett of Oak Vale Berridale married Miss EA Woodhouse eldest daughter of Mr Chas Woodhouse of Gegedezerick at Gegederick on Monday 21.11.1898, they will make their home at Delegate. Manaro Mercury 25.11.1898.
Shanahan - Lawler Mr James Shanahan, third son of Mr Thomas Shanahan of Micalago married Miss Bridget Lawler, eldest daughter of Mr Jas Lawler of Burra last week. Manaro Mercury 9.5.1893.
Shiels - Goldby Mr A Shiels of Buckley's Crossing married Miss E Goldby, youngest daughter of the late T Goldby of Matong at Buckley's Crossing on Sunday. Manaro Mercury 23.10.1899.
Shooks - Wallace Mr J Shookes of Rocky Plain married Miss RA Wallace on 14.6.1899. Manaro Mercury 23.6.1899.
Stapleton - Kearney John Stapleton of Mudgee NSW married Miss Bridget Kearney, second daughter of the late John Kearney of Limerick Ireland at Young NSW on 14.2.1887.
Stapleton - McCarthy William Stapleton of Wollongong married Miss Mary Jane McCarthy, fourth daughter of Mr Michael McCarthy at Reeves Point Adaminaby on Wednesday at the residence of the bride's parents. Manaro Mercury 31.7.1899.
Stone - Curtis Mr William Stone of Bombala married Miss Maysie Curtis, daughter of Mrs RC Curtis of Deltania Bombala, grand daughter of Mr James O'Hare of Currowong at Bombala on Monday. Manaro Mercury 21.8.1899.
Street - Browne Mr Henry Street, late Manager of the Commercial Bank at Delegate married Emma Margaret Browne, second daughter of Thomas Alexander Browne of Rolf Boldrewood, now Police Magistrate of Albury on 2.6.1890 at St Matthew's Anglican church Albury. Manaro Mercury 4.6.1892.
Thompson - Howitt Miss Howitt, daughter of Mr Thomas Howitt of Duke's Springs married Mr William Thompson of Mia Mosa at the residence of the bride's parents. Manaro Mercury 12.9.1891.
Thornton - Thurston A double wedding took place at St Paul's Church Redfern, two sisters Margaret and Roberta, third and fourth daughters of the late Mr Robert Thurston of Lemon Grove Penrith married Edmund and Chas Thornton, sons of Mr H Thorton of Cooma, Manaro. Manaro Mercury 12.9.1891.
Walsh - Barnes Maurice Walsh, second son of the late Maurice Walsh of Goolgong married Mary Barnes, eldest daughter of Richard Barnes of Longfields, Buckley's Crossing on 23.10.1887 at St Malachie's Church, Goolgong, Cowra. Manaro Mercury 9-12.11.1887.
Walton - Fraser William Walton, Eastbourne Adaminaby, eldest son of the late William Walton of "The Towers" Coogee, married Miss Isabella Hannah Fraser, third daughter of the late John Fraser of Middlingbank at the resident of the bride's parents by Rev F McQueen on 7.6.1899. Manaro Mercury 9.6.1899.
West - Thorpe Mr G West of Gabramatta married Miss Thorpe at St John's Church, Adaminaby, she was given away by her uncle Mr G Goodman. Manaro Mercury 12.4.1892.
Weatherill - Weatherill Amy Weatherill of Bega divorced her husband, they were married in 1887. Manaro Mercury 14.3.1893.
Williamson - Williams Archibald Williamson of Rock Vale married Mrs A Williams of "the Glebe" Jindabyne. Manaro Mercury 19.9.1898.
General Information
Blomfield Mr Ernest Blomfield, son of Mrs Blomfield of Cooma has been promoted to the Tumbarumba Branch of the Commercial Bank. Manaro Mercury 14.11.1891.
Blyton - March - Caution I hereby caution Mrs Thomas March of Mount Arrarat against talking about my character in anyway other wise I will take proceedings against her to the utmost rigor of the law - William G Blyton, Landry Heath 4.8.1887. Manaro Mercury 13.8.1887.
Brooks Augusta Maria, residing near Cooma, widow, bankruptcy notice. Manaro Mercury 24.6.1893.
Bryant Anthony of Bombala, Stone Mason, insolvency notice. Manaro Mercury 22.4.1893.
BurkeJames of Jellamattong near Cooma, labourer, insolvency notice. Manaro Mercury 3.6.1893.
Chalker Mr John of Taralga once well known to the police in the old bushrangering days as "Old Jack" is seriously ill. though he served nearly 20 years, he received neither pension, nor gratitude. Manaro Mercury 18.3.1893.
Cooma Lands; Forfeited Conditonal Leases; John Coughran, Nimitybelle, 580 acres; Granted Leases, Michael Byrnes, Middlingbank 200 acres, George Mackey, Adaminaby 35 acres; John Cridge, Umaralla 640 acres; W Eccleston, Rosedale 320 acres. Manaro Mercury 18.7.1891.
Cooma Lands; Conditional Purchases: David Eccleston, Rosedale 40 acres; Daniel McGregor, Jindabyne 100 acres; Benjamin Woohhouse 150 acres; Conditional Leases; David Eccleston, Rosedale 120 acres; Benjamin Woodhouse 459 acres. Manao Mercury 25.7.1891.
Cricket First Test Match England -v- Australia, WG Grace; W Attewell; R Peel; J Bright; WH Lockwood; LCH Palairet; G M Gregor; HT Hewett; A Shrewsbury; AE Stoddart and W gunn. Manaro Mercury 27.5.1893.
Cullen John Bunyan Hotel Bunyan, Hotel Licence granted. Manaro Mercury 18.6.1887.
Dunn - West Licence of the Commercial Hotel was transferred from Mr W West to Mr J dunn at Adaminaby. Manaro Mercury 16.1.1891.
Flannagan Estate of James of Nimitybelle, Insolvency meeting to be held 13.10.1891. Manaro Mercury 12.9.1891.
Goodwin Wm , the Elder of Tumbledown near Cooma, bankruptcy notice. Manaro Mercury 10.5.1892.
Land Court - Rents Act; Messrs McGuffick, Mowenbah Holdings; M Shanley, Caddigat; J Clifford, Bredbo; Messrs McKeahnie, Booroombah; Henry West, Garbamatta; Parsons and Dill, Tantangara; John Wroe, Carrot; WR Hepburn - Coolmatong; McDonald and Webb, Uriarra; Elizabeth Russell, Cabmurra; Messrs Webb, Middle Cotter; Messrs Ryrie, Collrington; Messrs Ryrie ,Micalago; JM Lett, Addicumbene;Robt J King, Cotter Falls; CH McKeachnie, Orroral; McDonald and Ors, Bimben; JC Ryrie Jnr, Maffra; R Hassall, Canowra; HT Whitty, Currangorambla; Messrs Cunningham, Cong Warrah - Kalkite; A Robertson and Ors, Bramina; Austin and Miller, Long Plain; J O'Mara, Moles; A Agnew, Warren's Corner; George King, Dandelong. Manaro Mercury 28.7.1891.
Norris Wm Henry Norris Junr of Cooma - Wheelright, bankruptcy notice. Manaro Mercury 12.4.1892.
Rapmund Henry Hotelkeeper Nimitybelle, bankruptcy notice. Manaro Mercury 3.11.1899.
Rollason Mark, labourer of Cooma, bankruptcy notice. Manaro Mercury 23.5.1898.
Sims HJ Rose Inn Hotel Adaminaby, Hotel Licence granted. Manro Mercury 18.6.1887.
Storen Henry, Cooma, labourer, bankruptcy notice. Manaro Mercury 25.7.1898.
Teachers Transfers for the District Miss A Kennedy, Bombala to Tilba Tilba; Mr W Young of Ingebyra to Townsend Public School; Mr a Pitt from Bullongong, Half Time to Three Bros Provisional; Mr H Clarke Eucumbene to Middlingbank; Mr D Jones, Middlingbank to Eucumbene; Miss M Ehlers, Adaminaby to Arncliffe; Miss E Murphy, Bullongong to Adaminaby; Mr R Ross, Snowy River to Ophir; Mr J Synott, Kowen to Snowy River;Mr J Attwood, Paupong to Kiandra; Miss F Hunt, South Goulburn to One Tree Hill; miss E shea, Jindabyne to Cooma. Manaro Mercury 9.6.1899.
Thomas James Addicumbene near Adaminaby, bankruptcy notice. Manaro Mercury 4.4.1898.
Trustees The following gentlemen have been gazetted as Trustees of the land at Nimitybelle, area 13 acres, viz, sections 14 and 19 dedecated 9.10.1891 for publie recreation, Messrs Samuel McDonald, John Driscoll, Henry Rapmund, George Sims, Edger George Williams, John Jardine and Joseph Francis Cox. Manaro Mercury 10.11.1891.
Ward George Frederick the elder Central Tilba near Bega, Dairyman, bankruptcy notice 20.6.1898.
Wilbers If Sarah Wilbers and her daughter Mary Wilbers of Stockinbingal, last heard of keeping a boarding house at Cooma about 13 years ago or either of them communicate with RH Mathews Solicitor of Cootamundra they will hear of something to their advantage. Manaro Mercury 8.8.1898.
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