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Macansh Mr William, owner of Garangula Station died on Tuesday. Yass Courier 3.8.1894.
MacFarlane Mrs Duncan wife a a farmer from Murrumbidgee drowned whilst trying to cross the river behind her husband yesterday. Body has not yet been recovered. Yass Courier 25.8.1871.
MacFarlane Duncan, son of George MacFarlane, farmer Murrumbidgee near Cavan died Saturday last when a tree hit him whilst riding home with his cousin Duncan Ledger. Yass Courier 17.6.1879.
Mackay Annie Mary Williamina, eldest daughter of Alex Mackay of Wallenbeen died at Yass on 20.11.1868 of diphtheria aged 5 years, 11 months and 5 days. Yass Courier 24.11.1868.
Mackay Dr died at Tarrawingee and formerly of Goulburn. Yass Courier 17.7.1867.
MacKay Mr Henry of Wargiela died from peritonitis. Yass Courier 14.2.1902.
Mackay Miss Sarah of Wargiela daughter of the later Henry Mackay died aged 29 years. Yass Courier 31.12.1902.
Mackay William the son of James Mackay died at Derringullen Creek on 26.10.1861 aged 20 years. Yass Courier 2.11.1861.
Mackenzie Charlotte, widow of the late Lieutenant Colonel JK Mackenzie, 4th of Kings Own Regiment died at Coodra Vale near Yass on 5.10.1875 aged 79 years. Yass Courier 12.10.1875.
Mackenzie Mary Ann of Gully Road Blakney Creek. Stewart Mackenzie her husband was committed to stand trial for the death of his wife due to ill treatment. Yass Courier 15.1.1878.
Mackintosh Robert Charles, native of Ireland died at his residence Australian Joint Stock Bank Yass on 22.4.1879 of paralysis aged 48 years, leaving a wife and 7 children. Yass Courier 25.4.1879.
Mackintosh Norman Alexander from the Australian Joint Stock Bank, Yass, youngest son of RC Mackintosh Esq died 21.8.1875 aged 4 months 14 days. Yass Courier 24.8.1875.
Mackintosh Sydney Norman youngest don of RC Mackintosh died at his parent's residence, Australia Joint Stock Bank Yass on 2.1.1877 aged 2 months 3 weeks. Yass Courier 5.1.1877.
Macky Bridget wife of Archibald Macky a farmer of Derringullen Creek near Yass, sister of Mary Galvin, Rosanna Galvin and Mr Campbell died, husband was later charged with manslaughter. Yass Courier 18.4.1884.
Madgwick Mr William John, born Chichester Sussex England c1752, believed to be the oldest man in the colony died aged 108 years on Saturday last. He was 36 years old when the colony was founded and had resided at Richmond for 33 years. Well respected in the Windsor area. Yass Courier 23.6.1860.
Maess William Charles of Gullen Flat near Crookwell died, mother was committed to Kenmore and both parents committed to trial. Yass Courier 22.7.1902.
Magner William, teamster drowned at Thorn's Crossing, Goulburn. Yass Courier 22.7.1870.
Maguire Mrs Molly, a widow of North Yass for 20 years, died. Yass Courier 20.6.1892.
Maguire Mr Hugh, eldest son of Mr D Maguire of Jone's Creek Yass was found dead in bed at Cootamundra yesterday leaving a wife and family. Yass Courier 14.2.1888.
Mahon M, suffering from Anthrax poisoning died at Corowa on Wednesday last. Yass Courier 1.10.1901.
Mahoney Miss Colette. Sister of Mercy at the Yass Convent, native of Cooma known as Gabriel died at the Yass Convent aged 18 years. Yass Courier 12.12.1893.
Mahoney Frank son of Mr and Mrs J Mahoney of Temora was badly burnt and died on Monday. Yass Courier 25.6.1901 Tuesday.
Mair Mr Geo JP of Douro near Yass, born Aberdeenshire Scotland and educated at Kings College Aberdeen, died Saturday. Yass Courier 26.7.1892.
Mair Jessie daughter of George Mair, Douro, died at the residence of her sister Mrs Kennedy, Clayton, Thursday evening last aged 29 years. She had two brothers who left for South Africa with the Bushman's Contingent for the Boer War last week. Yass Courier 27.1.1900.
Maitland Mr James died at Murrumbidgee. Yass Courier 7.10.1902.
Malone John Thomas beloved son of James Malone died at the residence of his father, Lead Street Yass aged 20 years. Also funeral notice Tuesday 3 pm. Yass Courier 1.11.1881.
Malone Miss Mary eldest daughter of Mr James Malone of Lead Street Yass died of consumption on Tuesday last aged 17 years. Funeral notice, Wednesday. Yass Courier 26.1.1888.
Maloney Mr P Jnr died Friday evening last from a fall from a horse. Yass Courier 29.12.1869.
Maloney Mrs William nee Lawler died at Burrowa. Yass Courier 16.7.1901.
Maloy Mr Thomas died at his residence Yass River, leaving a wife and a large family. Yass Courier 22.5.1883.
Mallyon Alfred Ernest died at Yass on 4.5.1868 aged 3 months. Yass Courier 13.5.1868.
Mallyon. Mr Godfrey Mallyon of Bendenine brought his daughter into Yass last Saturday, she died of diphtheria aged 8 years. Yass Courier 17.5.1898.
Mallyon. Godfrey Alexander. Funeral notice for Mr JHP Mallyon's deceased child Godfrey Alexander will leave his residence in North Yass. Yass Courier 27.3.1874.
Mandelson Nathan Esq died at Goulburn on 3.7.1867 from a fit of apoplexy, father of Mrs D Davis of Yass, he leaves a large family. Yass Courier 6.7.1867.
Mann Mr HJ Solicitor of Yass, came from Manchester England, died aged 33 years. Yass Courier 14.7.1860.
Margules Charlotte Elizabeth Evangeline, fifth daughter of Mr and Mrs Louis Margules of the Gap Inn, died at the Globe Hotel Yass 30.8.1875 aged 5 years. Funeral notice. Funeral to leave Mr Shipway's Globe Hotel tomorrow. Yass Courier 31.8.1875.
Margules Mrs died on Friday last at the residence of her husband at the Gap where he kept a hotel, after visiting her son Mr George Merriman on Thursday and a daughter Mrs Geo Davis on Friday. Inquiry held. Yass Courier 14.4.1896.
Marina Mrs, wife of Carlo and mother of the late Mrs JR Colls and James Tout of Melrose Plains, died aged 81 years. Yass Courier 17.10.1902.
Marsh Thomas Snr died at his son-in-law's place, Mr James Kershaw of Byong Reefs on 18.5.1902 aged over 90 years. Yass Courier 27.5.1902.
Marshall Archibald of Murrumbateman aged 78 years died on Saturday last. Yass Courier 15.5.1900.
Marshall Mrs David died of sunstroke leaving five young children totally unprovided for, the youngest nine years old. The father David Marshall, native of this Colony, was convicted of cattle stealing (second offence) and was sentenced 4 years and 8 months hard labour on the roads. Yass Courier 30.1.1872.
Marshall Fanny, daughter of Alex Marshall of Murrumbateman died at the Yass Hospital on Friday last aged 34 years. Yass Courier 2.3.1897.
Marshall Mr Geo died in Sydney Hospital last Sunday week. He had gone there for an operation. Leaving a wife and family almost destitute. Yass Courier 25.10.1898.
Marshall Mr William died Monday morning last from an attack of cynanche, followed by aedema glottidis at Narrengullen. Yass Courier 11.8.1876.
Martin Elizabeth goaled for medical treatment died in the Yass Goal on Wednesday. Yass Courier 26.10.1886.
Martin George of Allen's Flat near Yackandandah was shot by his brother Robert. Yass Courier 26.7.1901.
Martin John Thomas died at his residence in Cooma Street Yass on 8.5.1877 aged 77 years. Yass Courier 11.5.1877.
Martin Mary Ann relict of the late JT Martin, who kept a butcher shop in Dutton Street Yass died at the residence of her son-in-law Mr D Lynch at Yass on 12.11.1891, leaving 3 daughters, Mrs Hill, Mrs Costley and Mrs Lynch and 2 sons, one being the Rev, H Martin of Waterloo Sydney . Yass Courier 13.11.1891.
Martin William the second son of John Thomas Martin died at Yass on 4.3.1873 aged 25 years. Yass Courier 7.3.1873.
Marzol Francis Charles . Inquest held at James Collison's residence of Rice's Flat near Cavan. Died of a haemorrhage of the brain, caused by a fall from his horse. Yass Courier 23.5.1902.
Marzol Lizzie, second daughter of Mr Joseph Marzol of Wee Jasper near Yass, died in Sydney on Sunday. Yass Courier 22.11.1904.
Massey Joseph Alphonse, father of Charles and son-in-law Mr EH Barber, a staunch Britisher who settled in the Gundaroo area many years ago died aged 71 years. Yass Courier 7.3.1902.
Masters Mr Charles died at his son's residence Gundaroo on 29.8.1894 aged 83 years. Yass Courier 11.9.1894.
Masters Roderick Elias, nephew of Henry Barber, died after a fall from a horse at Goodradigbee near Yass aged 18 years. Yass Courier 8.11.1881.
Matthews Mrs Fred, youngest daughter of Mr Archilbald Marshall of Gundaroo died on Tuesday at her parent's residence. At the same time the mother was at the Yass Hospital at the dying bed of her other daughter Fanny. Yass Courier 26.2.1897.
Matthews Mrs, daughter of George Thomson of Church Street Yass, died aged 30 years in Sydney, leaving five children. Yass Courier 2.9.1902.
Matthews Samuel of Cumbamurra died aged 45 years. Yass Courier 1.5.1858.
Maughan Aphrasia, wife of John Maughan Esq and mother of Rev Thos Kemmis of St Clement's Church Yass died at St Mark's Crescent, Darling Point 27.10.1863. Yass Courier 31 October 1863.
McAlister Richard, son of the late John McAlister, brother to Mr M McAlister of the Australian Hotel Yass died in Sydney on Friday. Yass Courier 14.2.1905.
McAlroy Sarah was found dead in the bush near Gunning. Inquest held, she died from exhaustion and exposure. Yass Courier 2.6.1876.
McAppion. Child aged 4 years, son of Mr T McAppion, Rossi Street Yass, died of diphtheria yesterday. Yass Courier 11.7.1882.
McAppion Mr Thomas, whose wife is living in Yass only confined for a few days, died at Wyalong. Yass Courier 21.4.1896.
McAuley Mr CT, assistant at the Post Office, died Thursday last aged 35 years, leaving a young wife, the second daughter of Mr W Denning of Yass and 2 children. Yass Courier 2.6.1899. Funeral notice 6.6.1899.
McAuliffe Rev Father of Queanbeyan, accidentally smothered himself while trying to get a drink of water from a water hole. Yass Courier 9.9.1879.
McBean Adeil Wedderburn (Dellie), second youngest daughter of John McBean, died at Black Range Yass on 25.4.1886, aged 3 years 6 months. Yass Courier 27.4.1886.
McBean Annie wife of John McBean Esq of Black Range, third daughter of Henry Hall Esq JP, died on 2.6.1875 at Yass from diphtheria after measles aged 29 years. Yass Courier 4.6.1875.
McBean Annie Adiel, infant daughter of Wm McBean died at Spring Mount on 16.12.1882 aged 1 year 5 months. Yass Courier 19.12.1882.
McBean Mrs Alexander of Wee Jasper, Little River, eldest daughter of Mr McPherson of Sydney, died of consumption aged 41 years. Yass Courier 14.2.1893.
McBean, the youngest son of Alexander McBean of "Bowsprings drowned in the Murrumbidgee River aged 14 years. Yass Courier 3.4.1858.
McBean Daniel the youngest son of Alexander McBean Esq of "Bowspring" near Yass died last Friday 2.4.1858 aged 14 years. Yass Courier 10.4.1858.
McBean James second son of William McBean died at Spring Mount on 15.4.1885 aged 17 years. Yass Courier 17.4.1885.
McBean James Milne second son of William McBean died at his parent's residence Spring Mount on 15.4.1885 aged 17 years 5 months. Yass Courier 21.4.1885.
McBean John Henry the only son of John McBean Esq of Black Range died on 4.6.1875 of diphtheria aged 10 months. Yass Courier 8.6.1875.
McBean Maria Sophia Craig, widow of the late Alexander McBean "Bowspring" and mother of Messrs John McBean, Black Range, Alexander Hugh McBean "Little River and Mrs Ritchie of Linton North Yass, died at her daughters residence "Linton" North Yass Tuesday last aged 79 years. Yass Courier 19.8.1887.
McBean Mrs William of Springmount near Yass funeral to move from Mr McBean's residence on Thursday next. Yass Courier 12.8.1863.
McBean Mr W, JP died at his residence Spring Mount near Yass on Saturday morning last, He belonged to the company of McBean Bros graziers and squatters of Black Range and Little River. Born Inverness Shire Scotland in 1828, and 10 years after he arrived in the colony with his father and family arrived in Yass. Twice married, first wife was the sister f the late Mr Thomas Laidlaw JP of Yass, second marriage the daughter of the late Rev. James Milne of Paddington, he leaves two sons and four daughters. Yass Courier 9.2.1886.
McBean William died at Spring Mount near Yass on Friday 5.2.1886 aged 58 years. Yass Courier 12.2.1886.
McBean Miss eldest daughter of Mr Alexander McBean, sister to Misses John and Alexander McBean died at her residence Bow Spring Friday morning last. Yass Courier 17.1.1899
McCabe Mr Chas and old resident of Currawang died Thursday last when he tried to jump over a creek fell and broke his neck. Inquest held. Yass Courier 18.8.1891.
McCallum Mr Archibald died on 16.4.1867 at Good Hope near Yass aged 79 years. Yass Courier 20.4.1867.
McCallum Miss Hope, eldest daughter of Mr Argyle McCallum of Good Hope died on Sunday aged 21 years. Yass Courier 14.3.1893.
McCann Andrew was found dead beside his cart on Saturday last with his neck broken, he was thrown from his cart. Inquest held at the North Yass Inn by Dr Blake. Yass Courier 18.3.1879.
McCann Patrick died after crawling under a furnace owned by Mr Scott's Mill at Burrowa and died shortly afterwards, aged 54 years. Yass Courier 11.5.1864.
McCarthy Jeremiah murdered near Yeumburra near Queanbeyan aged 45 years. Gunshot wound, inquest held. Yass Courier 7.7.1876. William Hutton alias Tom Robinson, alias Tom Burns, alias Tom the Soldier, alias Waterloo Tom committed to stand trial for his murder. Yass Courier 18.7.1876.
McCauliffe Mrs of Jeir died at her residence "Dungarra" in the vicinity of Ginninderra aged 87 years. The late Mrs McAuliffe (sic) leaves a large family. Yass Courier 6.9.1898.
McClung Mary relict of the late Alexander McClung died at her residence, Bungendore on Saturday 13.6.1885, aged 69 years. Yass Courier 19.6.1885.
McConville Charles Joseph, brother to John McConville of Yass, married to Miss Bridget Costello was killed at Goulburn in a railway accident on Thursday aged 25 years. Inquest held. Yass Courier 25.6.1895.
McCooey Henry James, the son of John McCooey, bush naturalist and poet and once resided in Binalong, died at Wangaratta.. Yass Courier 17.10.1902.
McCormack Stuart. Three months ago whilst travelling from Tumut to Gundagai he suffered a pain in the head and was compelled to lie under a tree for two to three days without food. He then travelled on to Yass and was put into Hospital, Stuart died three weeks ago from and abcess of the brain. Yass Courier 4.7.1893.
McCovey Catherine the wife of John McCovey died on 30.4.1865 at Burragorang immediately after giving birth to two sons, leaving a very disconsolate husband and ten children. Yass Courier 10.5.1865.
McDermott Lillian Mary, daughter of Edward McDermott was scalded on Saturday and died on Tuesday. Yass Courier 14.8.1896.
McDonagh Sister Mary Josephine died at the age of 20 years of consumption, at the Convent of Mercy Goulburn. Yass Courier 4.9.1903.
McDonald Elizabeth Caroline of Uriarra died on Wednesday when her dress caught on fire. Yass Courier 30.7.1895.
McDonnell Margaret Annie, second daughter of Mr and Mrs JJ McDonnell of Wyalong late of Bowning, died Saturday last aged 16 years. Yass Courier 2.12.1898.
McEroe Mr died at Gundaroo. Yass Courier 20.11.1891.
McEvoy Michael father of Joseph McEvoy died Sunday last aged 69 years. Yass Courier 13.10.1896.
McEvoy Mrs Senr, mother of Joseph McEvoy of Yass, late of Goulburn died on Saturday. Yass Courier 15.10.1895.
McGann Thomas died in Yass Goal yesterday evening from old age, aged 86 years. Inquest held. Yass Courier 14.1.1876.
McGill Isabella, wife of David McGill, contractor, died at her residence, Dutton Street Yass on Sunday 21.1.1892 aged 56 years. Yass Courier 26.2.1892.
McGoon Mrs Robert of Pudman Creek died Tuesday last. Yass Courier 4.10.1870.
McGovern Mrs wife of Joseph , proprietor of the Goulburn Soap Factory died at Faithful Street Goulburn on Tuesday aged 47 years. Sister-in-law to Mrs J Knopp of North Goulburn and niece to Mrs JT Faulder of Belle Vale. Yass Courier 8.11.1901.
McGrath Miss Lizzie of Young died Monday last aged 15 years of brain fever, buried at Yass. Yass Courier 28.11.1902. Also, Louisa McGrath, daughter of Mr and Mrs James Smith, funeral left her uncle's house, Mr William Smith of North Yass. Yass Courier 2.12.1902
McGrath Mrs P, wife of Patrick died at Yass River. Yass Courier 28.1.1898.
McGrath Mrs, resident of Tarago found dead in a tub of thick milk. Yass Courier 5.3.1889.
McGrath Mrs Patrick of Lang's Creek, daughter of Mr John Hutchison died from influenza. Yass Courier 24.11.1891.
McGrath. The son of Mr Richard McGrath died Wednesday morning last at Rooney's Hotel aged 4 years. Yass Courier 6.1.1899.
McGuire Dennis of Cootamundra , father of Mrs Bates, died last Friday night aged 85 years. Worked at Good Hope for 65 years for Captain McCallum. Yass Courier 23.7.1901.
McInerney Master John Joseph son of Mr McInerney, our local goaler died last Wednesday aged between 17 - 18 years. He had been a prominent member of the local fire brigade. Yass Courier 20.11.1903.
McInerney. Son of Patrick McInerney of Hassell's Creek near Yass was scalded to death Thursday last. Yass Courier 8.4.1873.
McIntyre Gerald John died Tuesday last at Yass, his mother came from Queensland. Inquest held. Yass Courier 21.12.1888.
McJannett Mr Robert died at his granddaughter's residence, Mrs Hancock of Braidwood aged 77 years. Yass Courier 1.5.1885.
McJannett, wife of Robert McJannettt of North Yass died at her residence yesterday. She had been in the Yass area for 34 years. Yass Courier 2.6.1882.
McKay. The daughter of Mr Alex McKay died after eating poisonous fungi. Yass Courier 7.4.1860.
MaKay Mrs, mother of Mrs Lawless of Yass, resident of the Gunning district died Sunday last aged 65 years. Yass Courier 8.7.1892.
McKeg Alexander of Kitty's Creek near Murrumbateman, succumbed to cancer aged 84 years. Came to Yass some 50 years ago and leaves two sons and one daughter. Yass Courier 14.2.1902.
McKeig Mrs Jnr, daughter of Mr Crocott (Grocott) of Jeir, died at Yass Hospital, confined a week ago, aged 23 years. Yass Courier 10.9.1895.
McKenzie John of North Lismore was found dead. Yass Courier 11.4.1902.
McKenzie Mr Don of Cootamundra died last Friday at his mother's residence from Bright's disease. Yass Courier 30.9.1902.
McKinnon Mrs wife of the late Mr Roderick McKinnon of Murrumbidgee died Tuesday last aged 79 years. Yass Courier 12.8.1898.
McKinnon Catherine Jane Eveline daughter of Margaret McKinnon died aged 3 years 2 months. Yass Courier 20.7.1886.
McKinnon Jessie the youngest daughter of Mr Donald McKinnon died at Spring Gully Murrumbidgee near Yass on 20.6.1881 aged 29 years. Funeral notice leaves Spring Gully on Wednesday 22.6.1881 to reach Yass at 3 pm. Yass Courier 21.6.1881.
McKinnon. Son of Mr Lachlan McKinnon of Rockwood near Yass was burnt to death yesterday aged 4 years. Inquest held. Yass Courier 16.7.1886.
McKinnon Neil, brother to the late Donald McKinnon, died at his residence Glebe Street North Yass on 7.9.1891 aged 77 years, also a funeral notice. Yass Courier 8.9.1891.
McLaughlan Felix died in Yass Goal in Friday morning from kidney disease. Inquest held . Yass Courier 31.1.1893.
McLaughlin William died at Uriarra from a fall off a horse. He drove the mail from Uriarra to Brindabella, leaving a widow and nine children. Yass Courier 26.9.1902.
McLean Frances Ann, wife of John McLean Jnr of Big Ben Creek, was killed when she was trying to milk a cow, leaving 3 children, the youngest being 8 months. Buried in the South Gundagai Cemetery on Wednesday. Yass Courier 23.5.1871.
McLean Jas a fireman at the Mill died on Saturday from burns. Yass Courier 20.6.1860.
McLead Mr William Charles James,Teacher of the Catholic School Binalong and Bulla Creek died at his sister's residence, Miss McLeod, Cunningar. Yass Courier 27.4.1886. Notice on 30.4.1886 - William Charles James, only son of Mrs McLeod died at his sister's residence Cunningar on Saturday 17.4.1886 aged 28 years. Yass Courier 30.4.1886.
McMahon Eliza, second youngest daughter of Mr Thomas McMahon, a miner of Captains Flat died an Saturday when she strangled herself to death on a rope swing. Yass Courier 24.9.1895.
McNally Mrs E, arrived in Yass 43 years ago died Tuesday aged 75 years. Yass Courier 28.8.1891.
McNally Mr P. , who had lived for 40 years in the district on the Murrumbidgee died. Yass Courier 27.3.1883.
McNamara Denis of Yass, native of Clare Ireland died at Gundagai on Monday 7.3.1887 aged 42 years, leaving a wife and 4 children. Yass Courier 11.3.1887.
McNamara John Snr, of Queanbeyan died Thursday last aged 88 years. Yass Courier 11.10.1901.
McNamara Mr James, youngest son of Mr James McNamara Senr of "Londonbridge" near Queanbeyan and a brother of Mrs J Leonard of Yass, died last Tuesday in the Yass Hospital aged 27 years. Buried Queanbeyan. Yass Courier 17.11.1899.
McQuigan Daniel committed to trial at Young, died in the goal hospital on Saturday of pneumonia. Yass Courier 25.10.1901.
Mead Jeremiah drowned Friday last. Yass Courier 12.12.1899.
Medway, the daughter of George Medway aged 7 years was burnt to death when her clothes caught fire at Fish River near Dalton. Yass Courier 1.7.1902.
Medway William of Garwang near Dalton died Thursday last when his horse and buggy bolted. Yass Courier 1.10.1881.
Meldrum Robert William Blake, infant son of RW Meldrum, licensed surveyor of Grenfell died at Shantalla, Yass on 31.1.1877 aged 7 months. Yass Courier 6.2.1877.
Mellish Mr HT of Sydney, married to the daughter of the late Mr John Alt of Yass, died last Saturday. Yass Courier 1.3.1898.
Melville Mr David, educated for the Scottish Bar and a son of the late George Melville. died Sunday last aged 66 years. Yass Courier 9.11.1875.
Menns Mr Benjamin a veterinary surgeon from Tumut staying at Goulburn on his way to Sydney was killed when his pony bolted, aged 40 years. Yass Courier 14.7.1860.
Meredith Mr Frederick at Liverpool Road, Sydney. father-in-law of Mr John Colls of Yass. died 4.2.1861 aged 60 years. Yass Courier 16.2.1861.
Merriman Charlotte. Inquest into the death of Charlotte Elizabeth Merriman aged 2 months. Yass Courier 25.5.1869.
Merriman Mr James deceased from Haslam's Creek funeral notice. Main mourners Mr George Merriman of Yass and Mr William Merriman. Yass Courier 18.5.1883.
Meurant Icy, youngest daughter of the late FN Meurant and sister to Mrs W Best died at Frontignac on 15.6.1892. Yass Courier 21.6.1892.
Middleton Jessie Huon, wife of AE Middleton and eighth and youngest daughter of FR Hume Castlesteads Burrowa died at Broughtonsworth, Burrow on 24.4.1876 aged 25 years. Yass Courier 2.5.1876.
Miles Mr Edwin, very old resident, father-in-law of Mr George Harcourt died at Gininderra, Buried in Canberra. Yass Courier 14.7.1903
Miles, son of Mr William Miles of Yass died aged 7-8 years. Yass Courier 11.12.1858.
Millar Capt. John , ship-broker and brother of Mrs Thomas Robertson of Bowning died suddenly at Harbour Head Kirkaldy Fifeshire Scotland on 8.2.1885. Yass Courier 24.4.1885.
Millar Lockhart Esq of Newfield, Stonehouse, near Glasgow, Scotland died 16.6.1868, brother to Mr William Millar, teacher of the Presbyterian School at Yass. Yass Courier 26.8.1868.
Miller Alfred Ernest the eldest son of George and Amelia Miller of Weddin Street Grenfell died at his parent's residence on 14.11.1878 aged 8 years 10 months and 23 days. Yass Courier 6.12.1878.
Milne Fitzroy Kelly MA, second son of Rev. James Milne MA and brother to Mrs W and J McBean of Spring Mount and Black Range of Yass NSW, died at Bundamba Queensland on 5.9.1893. Yass Courier 15.9.1893
Milne Mr George William Henry, son of Jas D Milne Esq of Oriental Bank Corporation died at Yass 21.10.1865 of diphtheria aged 13 months. Yass Courier 25.10.1865.
Mills Miss Laura, daughter of Mr William Mills formerly of Wargiela now of Parramatta died at the residence of her sister at Wargiela aged 13 years. Yass Courier 15.3.1887.
Mills William, late of Castle Hill Parramatta, died at his residence Cooma Street Yass on 19.1.1891, aged 70 years. Yass Courier 30.1.1891.
Minaham Mr died aged 56 years, brother of Mrs Daniel Curtan of Frankfield Hotel. Yass Courier 25.10.1898.
Minahan Daniel Jnr of Bowning Station died from a fall from a horse. Funeral notice 12 pm Bowning to arrive in Yass 3 pm. Yass Courier 9.3.1877.
Minahan John, native of County Cork Ireland and brother to Mr D Minahan of Bowning Station near Yass died on 20.2.1867 at Bowning aged 80 years. Yass Courier 27.2.1867.
Minahan Patrick, brother of Daniel, died at Bowning aged 71 years on 15.4.1874, funeral leaves Bowning this day (Friday) at 11 am reaching Yass at 2.30 pm. Yass Courier 17.4.1874.
Mitchell Margaret the wife of Francis Garden Mitchell Esq, eldest daughter of the late Archibald Warden Esq of Newtown Park Glasgow Scotland and Aunt of Mr John Duff, Accountant and Storekeeper to Henry O'Brien Esq of Douro Yass, died 23.7.1864 at Claremont Crescent Edinburgh Scotland aged 70 years. Yass Courier 24.9.1864.
Molesworth ? Edward died at the residence of Mrs Leathart on 23.9.1889 aged 68 years. Yass Courier 27.9.1889.
Monaghan Mr Patrick disappeared at Adelong at the Gibraltar Mine and found at the bottom of the mine. Yass Courier 25.8.1903.
Money Catherine wife of William Money, funeral will leave his residence North Yass on Saturday (tomorrow) 24.6.1882 at 3 pm. Yass Courier 23.6.1882.
Money Matilda fourth daughter of Mr William Money of Berrima died in Yass 14.6.1877 aged 7 years. Yass Courier 19.6.1877.
Monteith Mr, goaler at Wagga Wagga died last Sunday morning. Yass Courier 10.3.1876.
Monteith Mrs, a native of Ireland, widow of the late WJ Monteith, sister to Mr W Smith of Bowning, sister-in-law to Mr Mat Grieves, "Bango", aunt to Mrs Weatherby of North Yass, died at her residence in Kinkaid Street Wagga Wagga on Friday, a resident of 40 years. She leaves two brothers at Yass and the other at Wyalong. The funeral will leave her residence tomorrow (Sunday). Yass Courier 15.8.1899.
Moody Mrs John in the company of her son and another were on horseback from Tumberumba, between Meragle and Paddy's River died when thrown from her horse. Yass Courier 24.12.1862.
Mooney Lena drowned at Gunning last Monday. Yass Courier 5.11.1901.
Moorby John native of Tangmangaroo rode his bike at a fast pace into town from his grandfather's residence, Mr T Glover at Bowning to collect the mail. Whilst crossing the causeway at Derringullen, Mr Eglinton saw him fall and carried him to the hospital unconscious, died yesterday. Yass Courier 21.8.1903.
Moore Anastatia, relict of the late Patrick Moore died at Dutton Street Yass on 7.9.1881, aged 72 years. Yass Courier 8.9.1881.
Moore. Daughter of Mr P Moore died from paralysis and diphtheria aged 3 years. Lost a son a few weeks ago. Yass Courier 13.6.1893.
Morgan Sydney, son of FA Morgan of Petersham drowned in the Gunning Creek aged 16 years. Yass Courier 13.11.1896.
Moriarty James died on Sunday in the Yass Goal aged 43 years from dropsy, after being goaled for one months for having no visible means of support. Inquest held. Yass Courier 14.9.1880.
Moriarty Merion , solicitor of Church Street Yass , died last Saturday. He came to Yass three years ago and purchased his practice from the late EA Iceton. Buried at Bungendore. Yass Courier 27.5.1902.
Morley Mary wife of William Morley died at Young on 21.10.1876 aged 26 years. Yass Courier 27.10.1876.
Morley Robert George, son of Robert Morley, died while working on the railway line at Binalong on 11.1.1875, aged 16 years. Inquest held. Yass Courier 15.1.1875.
Morley Mr William Snr. Yass Courier 4.1.1878.
Morris George Eric infant son of Mr G Morris of Dutton Street died of dysentery aged 8 months. Yass Courier 31.12.1902.
Morris George died on 15.8.1878 in the Yass Goal from inflammation of the lungs and asthma. Yass Courier 20.8.1878.
Morris Thomas accidentally shot at Hardwicke at E Kiley's property 9.10.1900. Yass Courier 13.10.1900.
Morrison Mrs, wife of Daniel Morrison of Dam Creek near Jeir, died Saturday last aged 80 years. Yass Courier 24.5.1898.
Morton Albert, infant son of Mr William and Emily Morton of Narrangullen died in his mother's arms being brought into the doctors, Inquiry held. Yass Courier 28.9.1886.
Moses Hannah wife of the late Mr M Moses of Yass, one time she owner of the Yass Hotel in Cooma Street which is at present kept by Mr C Steward, died at her residence L'Avenue, Newtown on 30.11.1892. Yass Courier 6.12.1892.
Moses Moses, died Sunday last aged 68 years. Buried in the Jewish Burial ground. Born 1790 and had been in Yass for 45 years. In May 1842 was granted a medal for endeavoring to capture the bushranger Massey. Twice married. Yass Courier 17.7.1858. Death notice , he died 11.7.1858 at his residence, father of Mrs JG Raphael of Sydney and brother to Mr A Moses, Russell Square London. Yass Courier 17.7.1858.
Mote Mr James, proprietor of the Salutation Hotel, married to Mrs Alt, widow of the late John Alt died aged 47 years leaving three sons and three daughters. Yass Courier 25.4.1893.
Mote Mr James Frederick died at his residence Salutation Inn Yass on 23.4.1893 aged 47 years. Yass Courier 25.4.1893.
Moule Frederick George, husband of Elizabeth Moule died on Friday. Inquest held. Yass Courier 31.7.1891.
Mullaly Mr John of Burrowa died at Yass on 10.6.1861 aged 36 years. Yass Courier 12.6.1861.
Mulligan Edward Joseph of North Yass infant son of Edward and Sarah Mulligan died 15.6.1884 aged 5 months. Yass Courier 17.6.1884.
Mulligan Mrs Edward, notice for her funeral by Mr Mulligan for his wife, leaves his residence in North Yass today. Yass Courier 18.10.1895. Description of the funeral in Yass Courier 22.10.1895.
Mulligan Master Gordon second son of ET Mulligan post and telegraph master of Yass, died last Friday. Yass Courier 25.9.1900.
Munday Mrs J Senior of Ginninderra died aged 70 years. Buried in the Church of England Cemetery Canberra. Yass Courier 23.4.1901.
Murnane Mr Michael of Burrowa died on 29.5.1874, Friday. Yass Courier 9.6.1874.
Murphy Ann the wife of Miles Murphy died at her residence at Murrumburrah on Monday 8.2.1869 aged 52 years. Yass Courier 9.2.1869.
Murphy James , youngest son of Miles Murphy Esq of Murrumburrah died on 25.10.1867 at St Augustine's School Yass from pneumonia aged 9 years. Yass Courier 2.11.1867.
Murphy James Beresford, son of James fell into a fire in a neighbour's paddock near father's residence, Yass River, died aged 17 months. Inquest held at the White Horse Inn. Yass Courier 31.8.1877.
Murphy James died in the Yass Goal yesterday. Inquest held, disease of the heart. Yass Courier 7.2.1879.
Murphy John died when riding into Yass from Hard's Flat in the company of Mr Keelan, he asked him to help him off his horse and died in Mr Keelan's arms aged 68 years. Yass Courier 15.6.1860.
Murphy Mrs of Bendinine died of pneumonia on Thursday. Yass Courier 24.9.1897.
Murphy Mr Miles died at his residence in Murrumburrah on 8.4.1869 aged 50 years. He arrived from Dublin some 26-27 years of age and came to Yass. He conducted building affairs as a wheelwright then moved to Binalong and built an Inn and Store. Then purchased Kalangar Station near Murrumburrah, where he built the flour mills. He then built a large store in the main street of Young where his son Mr JA Murphy ran the business. When the gold rush at the "Flat" was on he moved his business back to Murrumburrah. Buried at Milora near Binalong on Saturday. Yass Courier 9.4.1869.
Murphy Mrs, wife of James Murphy, sister to Mr John Barry died in North Yass Tuesday last from cancer aged 49 years. Yass Courier 23.10.1896.
Murphy Thomas the fifth son of the late Miles Murphy Esq died at Marsden's Bland Creek on 17.12.1876 aged 26 years. Funeral notice for St Mary's Church Murrumburrah at 8 am, Wednesday 20.12.1876, arriving Galong at noon. Yass Courier 19.12.1876.
Murphy William had a fight with John Curran, a blacksmith who was working at Wyalong, died from the fight. Curran was arrested. Yass Courier 4.1.1895.
Murray Frederick and old half caste aboriginal from Mission Camp North Yass died last Thursday aged 70 years. Yass Courier 11.7.1902.
Murray Jane died of suffocation travelling on the coach from Grong Grong to Yass, accompanied by her daughter and son. Inquest held. Yass Courier 26.1.1872.
Murray Mr JB, native of the Yass district died at Wagga Wagga Monday last from congestion of the lungs. Yass Courier 6.6.1884.
Murray Jeremiah Bede died at Wagga Wagga on 2.6.1884 aged 41 years. Yass Courier 10.6.1884.
Murray Mr JH inspector of Schools who came from England and arrived in Sydney 1855 and set up the first national school at Parramatta arrived in Yass in 1875, died. Yass Courier 11.7.1903.
Murray John Aloysius infant son of Charles Henry and Emma Jane Murray died at his parent's residence Binalong on 20.12.1875 4 months 8 days. Yass Courier 31.12.1875.
Myles Mary Ann, youngest daughter of William Myles died at Yass from diphtheria on 29.11.1868 aged 11 years 1 month. Yass Courier 1.12.1868.
Myles Mr William an old resident of the Yass District who came to Yass in 1829 and worked at Douro then went to Jugiong before returning to Yass, died on Sunday leaving a wife, one son, two daughters and two stepsons, Henry and Thomas Jackson. Funeral notice leaves the residence of Mrs Myles Pritchett Street Yass. Yass Courier 24.1.1893.
Naghten Mr Thomas Charles died at Merriwa on Tuesday. Yass Courier 10.10.1884.
Nash Florence Miss, eldest daughter of HM Nash died Saturday last aged 18 years of typhoid fever. Yass Courier 19.11.1901.
Nash Norman Eccles beloved and only son of HM and ES Nash died on 2.1.1886 at Llawhaden aged 10 months. Yass Courier 8.1.1886.
Neville Eliza died after giving birth last night. Elizabeth Walker charged with causing death and not being a certified midwife. Yass Courier 24.3.1893.
Newan Mrs, mother of Mrs William Garlan of North Yass, died at Rye Park Wednesday aged 69 years. Yass Courier 19.6.1903.
Newman Patrick funeral leaving the residence of Mr J Newman, near the bridge this afternoon. Yass Courier 27.6.1905.
Nicholls Mrs wife of CJ Nicholls of Bongongolong died last Friday at Cootamundra. Yass Courier 22.11.1901.
Nichols Mrs BA, wife of Alderman Nichols, eldest daughter of the late Mr John Loomes of Bowning died Saturday last aged 31 years, leaving a husband and four children, the youngest being 14 months old. She also leaves a mother, six brothers and five sisters. Yass Courier 13.2.1894.
Nichols Mrs, mother of Mr BA Nichols of the Salutation Hotel died Saturdaylast aged 81 years. Yass Courier 1.12.1903.
Noakes. Son of Mr T Noakes died Sunday last, interred in Rye Park. Yass Courier 19.7.1887.
Norris Mrs Norris' little boy was killed when a horse bolted. Yass Courier 26.2.1884.
North Mr Samuel Esq, formerly from HM 102nd Regiment of Foot and late Water Police Magistrate of Sydney, died at his residence in Crown Street Sydney on 4.6.1864 aged 74 years. Yass Courier 8.6.1864.
Nott Mr John, partner in the firm of O'Brien & Co, fellmongers died last Sunday aged 39 years. Yass Courier 26.7.1898.
Nutland Mrs, sister to Mrs GH Weatherby, Cooma Street Yass died in Sydney. Yass Courier 12.1.1904
O'Brien Cornelius died at Bendemine near Yass Sunday last. Before coming to Australia he resided with an uncle in Galway Ireland. Yass Courier 6.7.1869. Also notice An old resident of Bendemine, Yass died on 4.7.1869, Cornelius O'Brien Esq JP died aged 73 years. Yass Courier 13.7.1869.
O'Brien Mrs Cornelius, formerly of Hardwicke died at 254 Liverpool Street Sydney on Monday, aged 84 years. Yass Courier 14.12.1888.
O'Brien Denis, resident of Ironbong was run over by a train on Saturday night near Bowning. Yass Courier 14.8.1896.
O'Brien Henry Esq JP died at Douro Yass on Saturday 27.1.1866 aged 78 years. Yass Courier 31.1.1866.
O'Brien Mr Henry Jnr, son of Henry O'Brien of Douro died at Aldershot aged 20 years. After travelling to England with his parents he went to Eton College and then joined the 39th Regiment and proceeded to Bermuda in the West Indies. On the eve of his return to England he proceeded to Aldershot. Yass Courier 23.8.1865.
O'Brien Mrs Henry of Douro Yass mother of one son who died in England about 20 years ago, died aged 85 years. Inscription on her coffin reads, Elizabeth Sadlier O'Brien of Douro, Yass died at Bishopthe, Goulburn 21.6.1892 aged 89 years. Yass Courier 21-24.6.1892.
O'Brien Mr JE of Sydney grandson of James Connell of Yass, married Miss Ryan of Binalong, one time teacher of the Yass Public School, died last Thursday. Yass Courier 11.6.1901.
O'Brien John, resident of Gunning died when he was thrown out of his cart Tuesday last. Yass Courier 28.5.1897.
O'Brien Mr John of Sunnyside died Thursday last aged 82 years of senile decay. Came to South Australia 60 years ago. Yass Courier 3.2.1903.
O'Brien Mrs Joseph died last Friday at her residence "Sunnyside", husband had died a week ago, aged 82 years and buried in Goulburn. Yass Courier 10.2.1903.
O'Brien Mrs Mary resident of Binalong, daughter of Mr Barry of Binalong died at the residence of her son-in-law Mr Charles Lucas in Cooma Street Yass aged 55 years. Yass Courier 17.8.1897.
O'Brien Mr William of Towrang the only son of Mr John O'Brien manager of the Fellmongery at Towrang and former manager of the Woolscouring Works, grandson of Mr Joseph O'Brien Snr, was away buying wool and skins in Cooma and on returning felt unwell and died on Saturday last (22.5.1899) aged 20 years from quinsy. Buried at Goulburn. Yass Courier 30.5.1899.
O'Connor James of Woolpack Creek died aged 82 years. Buried at Burrowa Cemetery. Yass Courier 27.8.1901.
O'Connor Mrs MA of Derringullen, native of Ireland, died Sunday last in Sydney, mother of Miss Marion O'Connor, who was at the Public School at Derringullen after coming from from Booigal Village on Lachlan River 50 miles beyond Hay. One son Joshua worked at the Customs Department in Sydney. Yass Courier 30.6.1903 and 3.7.1903.
O'Connor. Son of Mr Michael O'Connor, Innkeeper of Marengo run, died when run over by a dray, Thursday last. Inquest. Yass Courier 5.6.1877.
O'Connor Dr Morgan resident of Wagga Wagga, and for many years a resident of Yass died on Tuesday. Yass Courier 13.8.1895.
O'Dare John of Manton's Creek near Yass died on 24.9.1873 aged 4 years. Yass Courier 26.9.1873.
Oddy Mr JS of Mount Cook Brewery, well-known in the Yass district, died after falling into a mash tub. Yass Courier 22.2.1889.
O'Donnell Mrs John of Glenbower on the Murrumbidgee, daughter of the late Mr Alexander Shaw of Glenelg, mother of Mrs Duncan Ledger and Mrs Cooper died at Wyalong on 22.3.1899 of measles aged 68 years. Yass Courier 31.3.1899.
O'Grady Miss K, daughter of Patrick O'Grady died on Wednesday from peritonitis. Yass Courier 25.5.1894.
Ogilvie Mrs CG of Wagga, eldest daughter of Mr HCG Pearce of this town died of typhoid. Yass Courier 17.2.1882.
O'Hara Mr John an old resident of Burrowa district died Saturday morning last aged 67 years. Yass Courier 25.10.1898.
O'Keeffe Edward drowned at Blakney Creek Friday morning last, he was a claimant of intestate estate of Charles Robert O'Keeffe who died in India leaving five million pounds. Inquest held. Yass Courier 6.9.1878.
Omant James was murdered at Emu Flat near Binalong in a store stick up. He was shot by robbers on Saturday evening . Funeral held today at 3 pm to leave the Globe Hotel Rossi Street Yass. Inquest 3.3.1876. Yass Courier 29.2.1876.
O'Mara Mr Thomas C, born in the Tumut District died at Burwood on Tuesday. Went into OMar Pasha? and educated in Ireland. Yass Courier 26.6.1891.
O'Mealley Emma died at Burrangong Hospital Saturday morning last aged 23 years. Yass Courier 19.4.1889.
O'Neil Mrs Thomas, sister to Mr JR O'Leary of Gunning died at Hovell's Creek near Burrowa. Yass Courier 7.12.1888.
O'Neill Allan William only son of Mr W O'Neill died on 27.12.1865 at Gundagai aged 8 months and 16 days. Yass Courier 3.1.1866.
O'Neill John James infant son of Mr W O'Neill, Chief Constable of Queanbeyan died 6.5.1860 aged 13 days. Yass Courier 12.5.1860.
O'Neil Mrs Mary nee Butler, died at her residence on 28.12.1872, Little Plains, leaving seven children and husband. Clonmel papers please copy. Yass Courier 31.12.1872
O'Neill Patrick Joseph, a miner, dropped dead at Spring Ponds aged 51 years. Yass Courier 15.3.1901.
Ordige Jane - Mother of Mrs T Hayhow of North Yass died 1.2.1901 aged 74 years. Yass Courier 5.2.1901.
Ordige Master Thomas, eldest son of Edward Ordige of Yass died at Gunning during a horse race. Yass Courier 24.3.1905.
Ordige Thomas, son of K and EM Ordige accidentally killed while riding on 22.3.1905 aged 15 years 6 months. Yass Courier 28.3.1905.
Orridge Inspector died at Goulburn on Thursday. Yass Courier 5.1.1894.
O'Rourke Mary wife of Christopher O'Rourke in Yass on 11.3.1859, aged 34 years. Yass Courier 19.3.1859.
O'Rourke Mr Terence died at Jeir and buried in Queanbeyan on Monday. Yass Courier 25.12.1896.
Orton John died at his residence Wargiela on 23.4.1877 aged 70 years. He was 30 years in the district and a colonist of 50 years standing. Yass Courier 27.4.1877.
Osborne Mrs H P from Curran Dooley near Bungendore died aged 72 years. She leaves a husband and five daughters, one married Major Peak, living in England, another married Major De Courcy of Hamilton who saw active service in South Africa. A son Harry Osborne of Douro married Miss Madden daughter of Sir John Madden, Chief Justice of Victoria. Yass Courier 21.10.1902.
Osborne Mr James AKA "King of Jugiong" died at his residence "The Cottage" Jugiong aged 73 years. Native of Ireland married Miss Sheehan, daughter of John Sheehan and at one time managed the Redbank estate for his brother Mr Ben Osborne. Yass Courier 15.1.1904.
O'Shea Mrs, mother of Mrs Pegram of Bowning and grandmother of Mr JJ McDonnell of the Commercial Hotel Bowning died aged 83 years. Funeral notice. Yass Courier 29.4.1890.
O'Sullivan Mrs O, widow of the late John O'Sullivan died at "Dromore Park" on Sunday, 11.5.1902 aged 55 years. She leaves eight children and was the daughter of Mrs Malloy of Milltown, Yass River. Yass Courier 20.5.1902
Owen Charles. An inquest was held at the Hotel Bowning by Dr Thane. Charles Owen of Goodradigbee dropped dead at the Railway Station. Yass Courier 20.3.1900
Owen Gladys Barber, died the Royal Hotel Thursday last aged 4 years. Inquest by Dr Thane and cause of death from Asphixia poisoning from eating stramoniam seeds (caster oil plant). Yass Courier 20.1.1899.
Owens William son of Mr Owens of Coodradigbee died when they think his horse fell over a bullock when he was riding home one night with two mates. Inquiry held. Yass Courier 9.4.1895.
Palmer Jas, infant son of Mr Palmer of North Yass died suddenly on Christmas morning from convulsions caused by teething. Yass Courier 30.12.1892.
Parkman Mr John died at his residence "The Calabash" on 29.3.1861 aged 44 years, leaving a wife and young family. Yass Courier 10.4.1861.
Parkes Henry died this morning. Yass Courier 28.4.1896. Funeral description Yass Courier 1.5.1896.
Pascoe John died yesterday morning when he was thrown from his horse on the Yass Plains. Employed by Francis Garner. Yass Courier 23.12.1879.
Passfield Mrs James, resident of Gunning died in the Yass Hospital Wednesday aged 26 years, leaving a husband and three children, buried in Gunning. Yass Courier 28.5.1897.
Paterson Henry of Berebangalo, native of Caithness-shire Scotland, died October 19th 1860 aged 52 years. Yass Courier 27.10.1860.
Paterson James MD died at Bridge of Allan near Glasgow, Scotland on 21.6.1881, formerly Professor of Midwifery in Anderson's College, Glasgow and father of Mrs JC Yeo, Park Villa of Yass. Yass Courier 13.8.1881.
Paterson John Esq of Illalong died on 9.8.1871 aged 40 years. Yass Courier 11.8.1871.
Paterson Mr of Luckwell died at Yass Hospital aged 27 years. Yass Courier 3.3.1893.
Patmore Mrs died at her parent's residence Cooma Street Yass , funeral description 2.7.1897. Yass Courier 29.6.1897.
Patterson Mr Anthony, eldest son of Mr Patterson of Derringullen died at the Yass Hospital aged 57 years. Yass Courier 7.4.1899.
Patterson Mr J, an employee of Messrs McBean on the Black Range Estate, died Saturday last at Black Range near Bowning of hydatids aged 60 years. Yass Courier 7.7.1903.
Patterson Mr Thomas, employed by Messrs McBean Bros died last Friday at Black Range Homestead aged nearly 90 years. Yass Courier 23.9.1902.
Patison Charles James the infant son of Mr AL Patison died at his father's residence the Globe Hotel on 29.12.1861 aged 15 days. Yass Courier 1.1.1862.
Patmore Margaret, wife of Edwin Patmore died at Munday Street, Goulburn on 25.5.1892 aged 85 years.
Patrick William died on 8.10.1864 at his daughter's residence, Mrs CS Quail's of Rose Hill Cottage Yass aged 79 years. Yass Courier 22.10.1864.
Pearce Mr A died on Saturday at Cootamundra. Yass Courier 2.11.1886.
Pearce Edmund, twin son of Edmund and Emily Pearce died at Yass on 26.3.1891 aged 6 weeks. Yass Courier 27.3.1891.
Pearce Hamilton CG, second son of the late Rev. John Pearse St Paul's Chapel London died at his residence Lead Street Yass on 24.10.1890 aged 57 years. Yass Courier 31.10.1890.
Pearce Mr JT funeral notice at 4 pm today, deceased was a brother-in-law of John Gwyther. Yass Courier 11.1.1878.
Pearce Mr William, Mounted Constable died on Tuesday last aged 35 years while trying to save a boy named Thomas Baker from drowning. Both drowned at Merriwa. Yass Courier 13.12.1898.
Pearse James S died at his residence "Cooma" Petersham on 31.3.1889 aged 79 years. Yass Courier 9.4.1889.
Pearson Mr Edward Charles died on Sunday last in Wagga from heart disease, he was the brother of Mr RW Pearson of Yass and married to Miss Best. Yass Courier 23.12.1887.
Pearson Mrs EC, born at Baulkham Hills Parramatta, an old resident of the Riverina residing with her son-in-law Mr CJ Thompson, Wagga, died Wednesday aged 80 years. Came to the Murrumbidgee with her husband the late Robt Halet Best in 1846. She has 3 sons and 3 daughters from her first marriage, Mr MA, Mr TF and Mr BP Best, Mrs James Rudd, Mrs Scriven and Mrs CJ Thompson. In 1857 married Mr EC Pearson and had one child, Mrs Ross. Yass Courier 12.9.1899.
Pearson Mrs RW wife of Mr Pearson, who was the manager of the Commonwealth Bank in Yass, daughter of the late Mr John Gurner "Duxford" Glenmore Road died Saturday 24.7.1903, aged 70 years. Yass Courier 28.7.1903.
Pellow Margaret, wife of John Pellow, second daughter of Thomas Robertson, Mahcoolma near Bookham died at Gundaroo on 11.3.1876 of erysipelas aged 29 years. Yass Courier 14.3.1876.
Pembrooke Elizabeth, the last surviving daughter of the late John Pembrooke of Dover died at Hope Villa, 73 Bromfelde Road, Clapham, England on 16.3.1895 aged 82 years. Yass Courier 26.4.1895.
Pembrooke Mrs, caretaker of the Yass Mechanics Institute died last Tuesday aged 74 years. She came to Yass with her husband who was a teacher for the Church of England School. Yass Courier 23.12.1898.
Pembrooke Mr Selwyn, Clerk of Petty Sessions and Crown Lands Agent at Gunning found dead. Yass Courier 24.3.1891.
Pembrooke William John Eastes, eldest son of William Benjamin Pembrooke of Hope Villa, Blomfelde Road, Clapham, England died on 1.3.1896 aged 30 years. Yass Courier 17.4.1896.
Penberthy Thomas a pauper died in the Yass Goal on 25.5.1879 from a disease of the lungs aged 46 years. Yass Courier 27.5.1879.
Penny Mr Charles M, former chemist of George Street Sydney died at his residence Guilford Lodge, Glebe Point aged 50 years. Yass Courier 29.8.1857.
Penrose Mrs Katherine of Cooma Street Yass, relict of Charles Penrose, died last Friday aged 69 years. Her husband was a dealer between the Yass, Goulburn and Lambing Flat (Young) at the time of the diggings. Yass Courier 24.10.1899.
Perry Australia Harwell Nathalie, infant daughter of M Perry Esq JP CRCSE died at Church Villa Yass on 26.3.1881 aged 6 months. Yass Courier 29.3.1881.
Perry Bertha Annie Sarah infant daughter of M Perry Esq JP died at Church Villa, Yass aged 7 weeks. Yass Courier 18.12.1877.
Perry Mr James of Temora was killed by a train, married to the eldest daughter of Matthew Grieves, of Bango near Yass. Inquiry held, full description. Yass Courier 6.7.1897.
Peterson Elizabeth Mary, wife of SL Peterson died at "Kinellen", Rossi Street Yass died on 15.10.1905. Yass Courier 17.10.1905.
Peterson John was found dying outside of Yass brought into Yass Hospital died shortly afterwards aged 48 years. Inquest held. Yass Courier 15.12.1896.
Peterson Marion Zita, daughter of Francis William and Agnes Peterson, who own the Federal Store at Yass and great granddaughter of Mrs M Ledger, Church Street Yass died at her parent's residence Cooma Street Yass on 14.9.1895, from whooping cough aged 2 years 1 week. Yass Courier 17.9.1895.
Peterson Mrs SL Senr, mother of Mr FW Peterson of Federal Stores, Yass died on Sunday leaving five sons. Yass Courier 17.10.1905.
Petony Jane of Boambola was found floating in the Murrumbidgee River. Yass Courier 10.2.1882.
Petty Elizabeth at Elizabeth Fields, Mundoonan near Yass, relict of William Petty died on 31.12.1876 aged 68 years. Yass Courier 5.1.1877.
Phelan Thomas, Telegraph Master of Gunning died yesterday. Yass Courier 1.11.1878.
Phillips Mr NC Clifford secretary and librarian of Mechanics Institute at Goulburn died of heart failure aged 57 years. Yass Courier 19.9.1902.
Phillips Mr NC of Yass, the manager for Mr W Bradleys's Estates died, spent 25 years in the district. Yass Courier 19.12.1863.
Phillips George accidentally shot dead at Uriarra aged 29 years. He'd been married for 6 years and his wife is in Sydney Hospital at present being treated by hydatids. His three children are at their grandparents house . Henry Cox fired at a kangaroo and the bullet glanced off a rock and hit George Phillips. Yass Courier 8.8.1902.
Phillips Honora relict of the late Mr Stephen Phillips of Yass died at her residence Walker Street, Yass on 23.12.1892, aged 64 years. Yass Courier 30.12.1892.
Phillips Mrs, resident of Yass for 30 years, Mr P Phillips of the Yass Post Office is her youngest son, died on Friday last aged 65 years. Funeral on Christmas day. Yass Courier 30.12.1892.
Pigram Mrs wife of a selector was killed near Coolac on Tuesday by suffocation under a capsized springcart. Her children survived. Yass Courier 3.4.1894.
Pike Thomas riding home to Tuggeranong after attending Mass in Queanbeyan was thrown from his horse, died this morning. Yass Courier 21.12.1875.
Pitt Charles Saunders, the third son of Thomas Pitt Esq RN, Yarmouth, England and beloved father of Chas Jno Pitt, teacher at Gunning died at his residence William Street, East Maitland aged 59 years. Yass Courier 9.10.1874.
Plunkett Mr GF, President of the Farmer's and Settlers Association and had been a resident in the district for 30 years, died at Yerong Creek on Saturday night aged 55 years. Yass Courier 10.6.1902.
Plunkett Mr J H Attorney General died in Melbourne yesterday formerly of Yass and buried in Yass. Yass Courier 11.5.1869.
Poingdestre Lyndon Phillips Esq died on 12.6.1861 at Grammar School Yass, residence of his daughter Mrs Cutcliffe. Yass Courier 15.6.1861
Poll Mr James, of Crookwell resident of the district for 50 years, died aged 87 years. Yass Courier 15.8.1902.
Pollard Sophia, wife of Mr Benjamin Pollard of Dalton and second daughter of the late Mr Thomas Brown died on 2.7.1873 aged 34 years. Leaving ten children, the youngest being 3 weeks old. Yass Courier 15.7.1873.
Polsen Archer of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-law Esq died at St Leonard's on the Sea on 11.7.1866. Yass Courier 17.10.1866.
Poo Lee a Chinese Hawker, resident of Temora was found dead 3.5 miles from West Wyalong. He sold fruit and vegetables. Moonbarrack Dean was charged with his murder (Yass Courier 11.10.1901) Yass Courier 2.7.1901.
Poole Mrs Arthur of Jerrawa Creek died Monday last when she fell into a fire. Her husband was ill in bed at the time and when he got out of bed he found her in the fire. Yass Courier 23.4.1901.
Poole Mr Arthur of Dalton died on Saturday aged 93 years. Twelve months ago his wife had met with an accident. Yass Courier 10.4.1903.
Poplin Mr Alfred, youngest son of Joseph Poplin formerly of Springfield Burrowa, brother to Mr Oliver Poplin died at Bathurst of consumption Monday 15.12.1890 aged 36 years. leaving a wife and five children. Yass Courier 23.12.1890.
Poplin Arthur, the only son of Oliver and Emily Poplin died at his parent's residence in North Yass on 24.3.1882 aged 1 year 18 days. Yass Courier 28.3.1882.
Poplin Emily Mary wife of Oliver died at her residence Rossi Street Yass aged 24 years. Yass Courier 25.11.1884.
Poplin Lucy, wife of JP Poplin died at Springfield near Burrowa on 13.9.1868 aged 30 years. Yass Courier 22.9.1868.
Porter Master Henry Nathaniel, son of Mr Thomas Porter of the Yass Junction died on Tuesday aged 18 years. Yass Courier 21.2.1896.
Poulton Catherine beloved wife of JM Poulton died at her residence Mount Pleasant, Yass NSW on Sunday 9.1.1876 aged 25 years. She was a native of Gundaroo and leaves a husband and two children. Yass Courier 14.1.1876.
Power Mr George, native of Parramatta, died at his residence, Bialla Street Gunning on Thursday aged 80 years. Yass Courier 25.11.1904.
Pownall Rev Dean BD died at Goulburn on Sunday afternoon of diabetes. Yass Courier 1.12.1903.
Pressly (Pressley) Charles, the son of Sir Charles Pressly of Fernhill Farnborough England KCB died at Rafton, Jugiong on 4.6.1876 last aged 48 years, from the effects of sunstroke. Yass Courier 8.12.1876.
Priestly. The daughter-in-law of Mr Priestly, Commission Agent, died not long after aged 18 years and only married for 3 months. Yass Courier 8.8.1866.
Privett James of Manton's Creek died Friday last aged 89 years. Came to Yass 50 years ago took up farming and as a boy he'd lost his leg. Yass Courier 31.12.1901.
Privett Mrs Edward of Bowning aged 28 years, fourth daughter of Mr William Eccles of Euralie died Wednesday last, leaving three children. Buried Bowning Cemetery. Yass Courier 16.1.1903. Also notice in Yass Courier 20.1.1903.
Privett Mrs, daughter of the late Thomas Patterson of Black Range near Bowning died Tuesday last at Bowning from a heart debility aged 57 years. Yass Courier 7.8.1903.
Puckett Mr George, a fettler, well-known in Yass was run over by a train at Junee Saturday last. Yass Courier 4.12.1896.
Purchase Oscar accidentally shot his brother at Temora, Wednesday last. Yass Courier 6.10.1903.
Pyke Hannah died in Yass Goal last Sunday from a disease of the brain. Inquest held. Yass Courier 1.3.18881.
Quail Mr Charles Stewart Snr of Yass died from a fall from a horse Thursday last. Yass Courier 1.8.1876.
Queen Victoria Alexandrina died in England 22.1.1901. Yass Courier 25.1.1901.
Quetcher Henry was killed yesterday when thrown from his horse at Wagga. Yass Courier 16.12.1873.
Quinn Mr H died at Yass, he was a Tinsmith. Yass Courier 22.11.1881
Quinnell Maria Elizabeth, wife of Mr James Quinnell died at her residence in South Gundagai on 12.6.1868 from a long and painful illness aged 51 years. Yass Courier 20.6.1868.
Ramsey Mr FA, Governor of the Goulburn goal and well-known in Yass died Tuesday at Paddington aged 58 years. Yass Courier 9.4.1897
Randell. A child aged between 12-14 years and employed as a shepherd for sheep by Mr O'Neill or Mr Daley died on Saturday last from snake bite. Her mother resided at Jerrawa Creek. Yass Courier 15.2.1870.
Ranyard Mr Samuel JP, of Cedar Lodge Subitan England, uncle to Mr Herbert Ranyard of Yass, died 11.4.1887 aged 79 years. Yass Courier 10.6.1887.
Ravailion Jack son of William Ravailion, railway fettler, drowned at Gunning, aged 11 years. Yass Courier 27.2.1903.
Rayner Mr William died of typhoid fever aged 34 years. Yass Courier 12.3.1869.
Reardon. Mr Reardon's little boy of Meehan Street accidentally drowned on Thursday in a water hole in the rear of his father's cottage. Yass Courier 3.3.1860.
Reardon Mr John died at Yass on 15.7.1872 aged 63 years. Also a probate Notice. Yass Courier 19.7.1872. Also a funeral notice for Wednesday next. Yass Courier 16.7.1872.
Reardon Mrs Snr died at Burrowa, funeral notice for Tuesday. Yass Courier 20.5.1884.
Reardon Margaret relict of the late John Reardon of Yass died at Lachlan House Burrowa on 17.5.1884 aged 67 years. Yass Courier 23.5.1884.
Reardon Mrs M, wife of Mr M Reardon, one time Butcher and Hotelkeeper in this district, daughter of Mr Donald McKinnon of Good Hope died at her residence in Manley near Sydney. Yass Courier 31.7.1888.
Redmayne Mr Richard Miller of Yass died in the Yass Hospital Thursday last aged 40 years. Funeral on Friday. Yass Courier 23.10.1877.
Redmayne Sophia, wife of Richard Miller Redmayne of Frankwell died at the residence of her sister, Yass Hotel on 9.5.1868 aged 65 years. Yass Courier 13.5.1868.
Regan Mr Martin of McMahon's Reef near Binalong died in the Cootamundra Hospital on Saturday last, buried in the Galong Cemetery. Yass Courier 24.11.1893.
Reid (Smith) Mrs wife of Mr Alexander Reid died after falling into the fire holding her baby. Inquest held. Yass Courier 7.8.1858.
Reid Mr Alexander, native of Montrose Scotland, arrived in the colony in 1842 died aged 73 years. Twice married, he leaves 3 sons and 2 daughters, Mr R and Mr D Reid of Murrumburrah and Mr W Reid of Cootamundra, daughter Mrs Jones wife of Mr C Jones, butcher of Yass and another lives in Wagga. Second marriage one son Mr Michael Reid of Yass. Yass Courier 13.10.1891.
Reid (Reed) Mr John storekeeper of Goulburn, funeral notice. Yass Courier 3.12.1862.
Reid Miss Mary, daughter of Mr Alexander Reid and sister of Mrs C Jones of Cooma Street Yass, died at Yass. Yass Courier 3.3.1896.
Reid Mr William, wheelwright of Temora, native of Yass, brother to Mrs C Jones died aged 61 years. Yass Courier 5.9.1905.
Reidy Miss, daughter of Robert of Yass died aged 16 years, lost son a few weeks ago aged 19 years. Yass Courier 19.10.1900.
Reidy Thomas son of Robert of North Yass died aged 19 years, he worked at the Yass Courier and later at Hillston. Yass Courier 4.9.1900.
Reynolds Unknown of Bookham died in the Yass Hospital. Yass Courier 5.11.1901.
Rhall Valentine died on the Margarel Road near Tubbal on Tuesday when he was run over by a bullock team carrying 5 tons of bricks. Yass Courier 53.1895.
Richards Mrs, sister to Mr N McNally died Thursday at Newcastle. Yass Courier 1.9.1896.
Richards Thomas died at Gunning Monday. Yass Courier 13.6.1890.
Ricketson Henry died at Glen Eira Kooyong Road Caulfield, owned stations Baratta, Cornala and Aralula in Victoria, in NSW at Mansfield and Buchan in Vic. Married twice Miss Staniforth of Yass and Miss Were daughter of John Were Consul for Denmark. Yass Courier 15.1.1901.
Riley Bert died from a fall during a horse race at Tumut. His parents resided at Burrowa. Yass Courier 25.3.1904.
Ritchie. Euphenia Robertson. On 10.2.1883 at her residence Church Hill, Yass, Euphenia Robertson Ritchie, relict of the late Rev. Wm Ritchie died aged 84 years. Yass Courier 20.2.1883.
Ritchie James King, infant son of the late JP Ritchie of Linton North Yass died 5.6.1879. Yass Courier 10.6.1879.
Ritchie Mrs JP of Linton North Yass died Friday last, widow of the late Mr James P Ritchie, youngest daughter of Mr Alexandra McBean of "Bowspring" near Yass. Mother of Mrs J McGibbon of Sydney, her husband James was the son of Rev Wm Ritchie, Presbyterian minister at Yass. Sister to John and Alex McBean and her sons-in-law Mr AB Triggs and John McGibbon. Yass Courier 29.11.1898.
Ritchie JP funeral tomorrow Wednesday, 13.10.1878, son of Presbyterian Minister East Linton, Kinross Scotland. Yass Courier 10.9.1878.
Ritchie Mr James resident of Arbursleigh, formerly of Mummel died yesterday, leaving a wife and seven children. Yass Courier 6.8.1862.
Ritchie Jessie Elizabeth infant daughter of JP Ritchie died on 4.1.1876 at Rossi Street Yass aged 6 months. Yass Courier 8.2.1876.
Ritchie John, son of JH and the late JP Ritchie died at Linton Yass on 31.12.1888 aged 19 years 4 months. Yass Courier 4.1.1889.
Ritchie Mrs Senr, relict of Rev. William Ritchie and mother of the late James P Ritchie, and came to the colony in 1847, died at her residence in Church Hill, Yass on Saturday last, aged three score and ten years (70 years). Yass Courier 13.2.1883.
Ritchie Robert Bruce the youngest son of James P and Jessie H Ritchie died 4.4.1875 aged 16 months. Yass Courier 9.4.1875.
Roach James died in the Yass Goal yesterday afternoon, he was charged with being a vagrant and died of inflammation of the lungs. Yass Courier 10.3.1882.
Roach Mrs John of Chidowla. John Roach notice for his wife's funeral at St Augustine's Church Yass. Yass Courier 22.7.1873.
Roberts Ann Elizabeth wife of James Roberts died at Currawong on 4.12.1868 aged 50 years. Yass Courier 8.12.1868.
Roberts Miss, stationery and fancy goods storekeeper died Saturday last. Yass Courier 8.3.1892.
Roberts Orville John Morton, the youngest son of James J Roberts of the Telegraph Station Yass died on 15.2.1872. Yass Courier 20.2.1872.
Roberts Mr T, late Sub-Inspector of Police, stationed at Hay, nephew of Mr James Roberts JP of Harden, died of consumption, leaving a widow and one child. Yass Courier 1.8.1876.
Robertson David , a gardener and brother of Thomas Robertson of Bowning died at Blebo Craigs Fifeshire Scotland on 8.3.1889 aged 84(2) years. Yass Courier 17.5.1889.
Robertson Mr David of Junee, son of the late Mr Thomas Robertson of Bowning died Tuesday last aged 58 years. Married the eldest daughter of the late Mr Donald McKinnon of Good Hope, then remarried Miss Storey of Yass who died leaving 5 or 6 children, then about 10-12 years ago he married Miss Peek of Bowning. Yass Courier 7.6.1895.
Robertson Jane, beloved daughter of Mr James Robertson of Mahcoolma near Bookham died on 18.1.1878. Yass Courier 22.1.1878.
Robertson Mrs Thos of Bowning, mother of David Robertson of Junee and Mrs Weston of Cooradigbee, wife of Robert Robertson "The Grange" Bookham, died yesterday afternoon aged 78 years. Yass Courier 22.11.1889.
Robertson Mr Thomas died at his residence Bowning on 7.12.1891 aged 78 years, leaving two sons, Mr D Robertson of Junee and Mr W Robertson of Sutton Grange Yass River. Yass Courier 11.12.1891.
Robinson Mr Albert, third son of William Robinson of Sutton Grange near Bookham died aged 34 (31) years. Yass Courier 27.10.1905.
Robinson Mr Duncan, partner in the firm Messrs Crane and Robinson the local Woolscouring Works died Tuesday last at "Sunnyside" aged 43 years. Yass Courier 10.7.1903.
Robinson Mrs of Bowral, only daughter of Mr and Mrs Crundwell of Gunning, only been married for three months died at Bowral. Yass Courier 20.10.1893.
Robinson Mr William "Billy" died in the Yass Hospital on Friday aged 55 years. Yass Courier 9.5.1905.
Roche Mrs Mary relict of the late Mr Patrick Roche of Chidowla, mother of Mr John Roche Bowning, Mr Lawrence Roche of Nanangrove, Mrs JJ Garry of Mylora, Mrs JJ Ward of Yass and Messrs M and K Roche of Bowing, died aged 80 years. Yass Courier 3.4.1891.
Roche Mary wife of the late Patrick Roche of Chidowla died at Bowning on 1.4.1891 aged 80 years. Yass Courier 7.4.1891.
Roche Mr, of Yass and Gundaroo, relative to Mrs Boswell- Snugsborough, died at Bowning. Buried Bowning Cemetery. Yass Courier 25.7.1899.
Roche Mrs wife of Thomas Roche of Blakney Creek , sister of Martin Tully of Grabben Gullen and sister-in-law of PJ Moore of Yass died at her residence aged 59 years. Yass Courier 17.6.1890.
Roderick John drowned at Balmain aged 56 years. Yass Courier 16.11.1900.
Roffe James of Jerrawa died burning timber when a tree he was rolling fell on him on Tuesday. Yass Courier 2.11.1900.
Rogers Elizabeth died at her residence Auburn Street Goulburn on Monday last , wife of Mr C Rogers. Yass Courier 30.3.1877.
Rose Senior Constable died Wednesday at Marengo. Yass Courier 29.11.1904.
Ross Mrs Farquhar died at Goulburn on 21.10.1857 aged 21 years. Yass Courier 24.10.1857.
Ross Mr who married Miss Stuckey of Gunning about 10 months ago died in Melbourne on Tuesday. Yass Courier 2.9.1904.
Ross Mrs, native of Staffordshire England and born 24.12.1824, relict of the late Rev William Ross of Goulburn Presbyterian Church, married at 17 years of age, sister to Mrs Thomas Barber of Yass died aged 79 years. Yass Courier 19.9.1902.
Ross Russell son of JR Ross funeral from father's residence, Bank of NSW, 3.15 pm today. Yass Courier 2.2.1889.
Rossi Capt. Francis Robert Levis Comti De Rossi, formerly of Goulburn died in Sydney aged 74 years. Yass Courier 17.11.1903.
Rowley Phoebe Ellen, daughter of William and Charlotte Rowley suffocated and died aged 8 weeks on Tuesday. Yass Courier 21.1.1863.
Russell Mrs wife of James Russell labourer of Yass died at Yass Hospital aged 46 years Yass Courier 15.10.1901.
Russell Mr John, Solicitor of Young died Wednesday. Yass Courier 11.4.1905.
Rutherford Mr, brother to Miss Rutherford of Craigard, Yass died at Cobar. Yass Courier 22.5.1896.
Rutledge Mrs E died at Queanbeyan, daughter of H Hume of Everton, sister to Mrs Rawdon and Andrew, funeral passed through Yass this morning. Yass Courier 15.12.1882
Rutter Robert John Newall, only son of Mr JJ Rutter of Yass died on 21.2.1861 at the residence of Mr Daley of Rossi Street Yass aged 13 months 7 days. Yass Courier 23.2.1861.
Ryan Catherine Agnes, wife of Mr Edmund Ryan of Mulligan's Flat Gininderra died of natural causes. Inquest held, she had given birth to a male child on 30.5.1889. Yass Courier 18.6.1889.
Ryan Mr Edmund of Galong, third eldest son of the late Michael Ryan, Tipperary and cousin to the late John Nagle Ryan of Galong and Ballyryan, brother to Lawrence, and Anastasia, died at Lewisham Hospital on Thursday aged 65 years. Yass Courier 4.4.1905.
Ryan Mrs John of Burrowa River died. Yass Courier 24.9.1901.
Ryan Mr John . The inquest into the death of John Ryan held at The Rock of Cashel Inn. Yass Courier 9.6.1866.
Ryan John an old feeble eccentric man, gold fossicker was found dead last Wednesday at his hut near Tomorroma on the Bongongo Road near Gundagai, died of natural causes Yass Courier 16.4.1901.
Ryan Margaret relict of the late William Ryan of Nelanglo near Gundaroo died Tuesday of senile decay. Yass Courier 16.6.1903.
Ryan Martha died at her residence No 1 Phillip Street Parramatta on Saturday 23.3.1889 aged 80 years. Yass Courier 2.4.1889.
Ryan Michael. Funeral notice by Owen Ryan for his late son Michael to be held on Wednesday, leaves Derringullen to reach Yass by 2 pm. Yass Courier 1.6.1869.
Ryan Mr Michael, native of Yass then moved to Sydney, married to the daughter of the late James Wood and sister of Mr AC Wood, died Monday. Yass Courier 3.6.1884.
Ryan Mrs relict of the late Owen Ryan, mother of Mr Denis Ryan of Derringullen and Mrs Grogan of Cowra, granddaughters Katie and Nellie Ryan attended her when she was sick, died at her residence Warrambaloola Street Yass on Monday aged 84 years. She came to Yass in 1841 and resided at Derringullen for 42 years. Yass Courier 15.2.1895.
Ryan Owen, only son of Mr T Ryan, Swan Hotel Binalong and grandson of Mr Owen Ryan of Derringullen Creek died at Yass on 21.9.1868 aged 3 years 6 months. Funeral tomorrow, Wednesday. Yass Courier 22.9.1868.
Ryan Owen died at his residence, Dutton Street Yass on Monday 18.2.1889 aged 78 years. Yass Courier 22.2.1889.
Ryan Patrick Henry. Inquest held at the Royal Hotel into the drowning of Patrick H Ryan of Limestone Creek near Yass. Yass Courier 12.2.1869.
Ryan Mrs Rody of Burrowa died Monday last of pneumonia aged 63 years. Yass Courier 16.1.1903.
Ryan Timothy funeral notice. Funeral leaves his father's, Owen Ryan's residence at Binalong this day Tuesday to arrive in Yass at 3 pm in the afternoon. John Colls Undertaker, Yass. Yass Courier 12.7.1881.
Ryan Timothy, the eldest son of Mr Owen Ryan of Derringullen Creek near Yass died at his residence Binalong aged 41 years. Inquest held. Yass Courier 14.7.1881.
Ryan Veronica May , daughter of P Ryan died aged 1 year and 9 months, funeral Monday last. Yass Courier 8.5.1900.
Rygate Mrs Mary Blake wife of Dr Rygate of Grenfell daughter of Dr Blake of Yass died. Yass Courier 9.10.1900.
Ryrie Miss, sister to Stewart Ryrie of Boambolo died at Stanmore near Sydney yesterday. Yass Courier 18.3.1892.
Ryrie Mrs funeral notice at St Clement's Church Yass today Tuesday. Yass Courier 2.5.1893.
Ryrie Mrs, widow of David Ryrie of Coolringdon near Cooma and sister to Rev. Canon Faunce of Yass, died Monday last and buried at Mittagong cemetery near Cooma. Her husband is the brother of Alexander Ryrie MLC. Yass Courier 28.2.1902.
Ryrie Mr Stewart of Coodra Vale, Little River , son-in-law to Mrs Col Mackenzie died leaving three sons and four daughters. Yass Courier 17.10.1882.
Sainsbury Mr died at his residence North Yass on Sunday night aged 81 years. Yass Courier 17.11.1891.
Sands Mr JS, his wife is a sister of Mrs Foxall of Goulburn and Mr W Sands, auctioneer, is a brother, died at Gunning on Friday, leaving four sons and three daughters. Yass Courier 22.8.1905.
Savage Mrs Catherine, mother of Mrs M Gately of Yass died at Parramatta, Thursday 17.4.1890 aged 74 years. Yass Courier 22.4.1890.
Savage John was dragged to death at Crookwell Monday last. Yass Courier 24.11.1893.
Savelle A girl aged 3 years died last Saturday at Mummell near Goulburn, after her clothes caught on fire. Yass Courier 24.12.1902.
Saxby Mr Henry of Gunning, a storekeeper, died yesterday. Yass Courier 26.7.1898.
Scanlon Michael a teamster died when kicked by a bullock on 29.12.1869. Yass Courier 7.1.1870.
Scanlon Mr Thomas, born Ireland, proprietor of the Cootamundra Hotel died on Friday at Cootamundra. Yass Courier 4.4.1905.
Scanes Arthur, grandson of Mrs Scanes of Yass,died at his brother-in-law's residence Bowning on 11.9.1883 aged 25 years. Yass Courier 14.9.1883.
Scanes Mrs Elizabeth funeral notice to leave her residence Cooma Street Yass tomorrow, Wednesday. Yass Courier 8.6.1886.
Scanes William died at his residence in Yass on 22.11.1959 . He was a carriage maker late of London aged 57 years. Yass Courier 26.11.1859
Schnoor Henry a pawnbroker aged 60 years from Clifford Street Goulburn, was found murdered last Friday. He came from Tenterfield 7 years ago and in his will he left everything to Mrs George Waldron of Queensland, his daughter. Yass Courier 14.5.1901.
Scott Willhelmina, wife of Rev. AN Scott of Edinburgh, niece of Mrs G Thompson of Yass, died at 11 West Mayfield Edinburgh Scotland on 30.7.1888 aged 34 years. Yass Courier 11.1.1889.
Searle Phillip died in custody at Yass on Saturday on 26.11.1881. Constable Murphy charged to stand trial. Yass Courier 1.12.1881.
Seddon Walter Augustus son of Joseph and Esther Seddon died at his parent's residence Meehan Street Yass on 10.3.1886 aged 3 years. Yass Courier 23.3.1886.
Sedgman Mr William Henry was burnt to death at Four Mile Station near Germantown. Yass Courier 30.6.1899.
Seiger Mr Ernest Alfred and Englishman who did his apprenticeship as a butcher in Great Yarmouth in 1888 died at Finley on Saturday last, horse accident. Yass Courier 30.6.1896.
Seller Mrs Thomas Snr died at her residence Missendon Road Newtown on 4.3.1879 aged 83 years, mother of Mrs James Godfrey of Yass. Yass Courier 21.3.1879.
Selmes George Francis died at Jenkins Creek, Fish River on 9.4.1875, leaving a widow and eight children, aged 34 years. Yass Courier 23.4.1875.
Semlitzky Caroline daughter of Mr O Semlitzky died Tuesday from drinking poison aged 3 years. Yass Courier 22.5.1891.
Sexton Mrs, wife of John Sexton died at her residence. Funeral notice for Tuesday, this afternoon. Yass Courier 25.4.1882.
Sexton Mr Martin of Derrengullen near Yass, eldest son of Mr John Sexton of Bango, married to the daughter of Mr Patrick Shannon of Yass River died yesterday aged 40 years, leaving a wife and five children. Funeral notice. Yass Courier 2.4.1897.
Seymour ? died Sunday night last in the Yass Hospital, from a nose bleed, he made a living by collecting rags and bones. Yass Courier 6.2.1894.
Shannon , infant child of Mr and Mrs Peter Shannon died at Mr McNally's residence on Monday. Yass Courier 10.5.1904.
Shannon Mr Patrick, funeral notice for today, Tuesday. Yass Courier 3.11.1903.
Shannon Thomas died at his residence Derringullen Creek near Yass on Tuesday 20.8.1889 aged 85 years. Yass Courier 27.8.1889.
Sharman William Robert, youngest son of John Sharman of Yass died at Yass on 2.1.1894 from bronchitis aged 3 months 3 weeks. Yass Courier 5.1.1894.
Sharp James Burleigh died at his residence Cliftonwood Yass on 28.11.1887 on Monday, aged 74 years. Lived on the station "Green Hills" near Tumut. Yass Courier 29.11.1887.
Sharp Mrs JB widow of the late Mr JB Sharp, JP of "Cliftonwood" died yesterday aged 83 years, leaving two daughters, Mrs J Waddell of Yass and Mrs Geo Waddell of Sydney. Yass Courier 14.4.1899.
Shaw Mrs died on Saturday. Yass Courier 8.4.1884.
Shaw Mrs Charles native of the garrison town of Neagh, Tipperary Ireland, only daughter of the late Capt John Richard Blake, 6th Royal Warwicks, niece of Major John Blake 17th Lancers and the late Judge Blake of Queensland, sister-in-law to Alexander Shaw JP of Cliftonwood Yass died at her residence in Faithfull Street Goulburn on Tuesday aged 52 years. Yass Courier 24.2.1905.
Shaw Christine, wife of Alex Shaw Snr of Glenelg Murrumbidgee, daughter of the late Rev. Donald Ross, Isle of Skye died at her residence in Dalton on 5.4.1884, aged 73 years. Yass Courier 13.6.1884.
Shaw Mr Donald, third son of Mr Alexander Shaw of Dalton, married three months ago to a lady from Bowral, brother to Alexander Shaw from Glenelg near Yass and Mrs Curry, died at Bourke on 24.7.1896. Yass Courier 4.8.1896.
Shaw John and Jane. Parents of John Shaw of Dutton Street Yass died at their residence, Sheffield Gardens, Hyde Park, London. The former on 9.7.1870 and the latter 20.7.1870 aged 67 and 63 years respectively. Yass Courier 4.10.1870.
Shaw Miss, daughter of Alexander Shaw at "Cliftonwood" died on Tuesday from diabetes and buried in the Wesleyan Section of the Yass Cemetery. Yass Courier 8.7.1902.
Shaw Miss Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr Alexander Shaw of Glenelg near Yass, died at her parent's residence yesterday aged 25 years. Funeral notice. Yass Courier 8.10.1897.
Sheedy Mr Thomas of Binalong died when a rock fell on his toe and he contracted Lockjaw and died of Tetanus two days later. Yass Courier 29.8.1860. This notice was reported as incorrect. Yass Courier 1.9.1860.
Sheedy Bridget the wife of Mr Michael Sheedy died on 15.5.1865 at her residence Back Creek, Burrangong, leaving a husband and ten children. Yass Courier 24.5.1865.
Sheehan Bridget wife of Mr Dennis Sheehan died at Jugiong on 12.9.1860 aged 30 years. Yass Courier 19.9.1860.
Sheehan Jeremiah died Sunday last at Galong. Yass Courier 8.12.1893.
Sheehan Timothy went out riding on Sunday at Bungendore, the horse fell on him, died on Tuesday 6.10.1894. Yass Courier 9.10.1894.
Sheehan Mr Timothy died at Gundagai, aged 52 years leaving a widow, four daughters and two sons. Yass Courier 21.4.1903
Sheehy Patrick son of PF Sheehy, Inspector of Schools died in Sydney aged 17 years. Patrick worked of the New South Wales Bank. Yass Courier 5.7.1901.
Sheekey Mr Henry eldest son of Mr C Sheekey of Goulburn nephew of Mr Patrick Sheekey of Yass, died at his residence in Lagoon Street, Thursday of consumption. Yass Courier 7.11.1903.
Sheekey Mrs Terence eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Comins, died aged 24 years, only married for 2-3 years. Yass Courier 12.12.1899.
Sheekey Mr Terence, native of Ireland came to Goulburn 43 years ago died at his residence in Goulburn Thursday evening aged 90 years., he leaves two daughters and three sons, Mr Cornelius Sheekey, cordial manufacturer of Goulburn, Mr P Sheekey of Burrowa, Mrs Sotheran of Goulburn and Mrs Cranfield of Young. Buried Catholic Cemetery Goulburn. Yass Courier 25.10.1898.
Sheldrick Miss, of the Gap near Jerrawa died at 5 o'clock. Yass Courier 14.2.1902.
Sheldrick Mr Walter "Watt", of Jerrawa died Sunday last from heart problems aged 25 years. Yass Courier 16.12.1902.
Shelley Madeline Australia Ann Bella Rubina the youngest daughter of Geo W and Mildren Shelley died on 21.3.1875 from effusion of the brain aged 9 months 9 weeks. Yass Courier 23.3.1875.
Sheriff Ernest Alfred, seventh son of R Sheriff of Gunning died. Yass Courier 28.12.1900.
Sherwood Mr Robert Herbert, native of Monsaterevin County Kildare Ireland died Sunday last in the Young Hospital aged 80 years. Married at Armidale to Margaret Shinkwin, only daughter of the late William Shinkwin of Yass, leaves two sons and eight daughters. Yass Courier 18.4.1905.
Shiels James, a shepherd found dead Friday last, aged c52 years. Yass Courier 24.4.1861.
Shinkwin Thomas of Murrumbateman aged 59 years, son of William, manager of Douro, His daughter was married to Peter Vallance. Roman Catholic Church. Yass Courier 10.7.1900.
Shinkwin William died at Douro near Yass on 20.1.1881 aged 81 years. Funeral held Friday. Yass Courier 21.1.1881.
Shipway Frederick Robert Evans fourth son of Joshua and Mary Shipway died at his parent's residence, Campbell Street Paddington on 1.11.1890 aged 15 years 7 months. Yass Courier 4.11.1890.
Shipway Mr Herbert Arthur Hardy, the youngest son of Joshua's Shipway, of Yass Clothing Hall, Cooma Street Yass, died aged 2 years 5 months. Yass Courier 16.2.1872.
Shipway Joshua, a native of England died in Sydney, owned a Tailor's shop in Yass and also owned the Old Globe Hotel in Rossi Street Yass. Moved to Sydney took up an appointment on the Tramway . He lived at Paddington and Woolahra, Rust Street off Monair Street. Died Monday last with bullet wound to the head. He was aged 72 years. Left seven children. Coroners Inquest. Yass Courier 16.4.1901.
Shoard Mr John died at his residence Currumby Bland on 24.2.1866, leaving a wife and nine children. Yass Courier 10.3.1866.
Shunter Herbert was run over by a train near Cootamundra. Yass Courier 6.10.1903.
Sibraa Esther. Inquest held at Catherine's Creek near Yass into the death of Esther Sibraa aged 41 years, the wife of James Sibraa, Innkeeper. She died of heart disease. Yass Courier 20.8.1864.
Sidebotham Mr John, son of Mrs Harrigan, brother to Mrs James Collison and Mr Thomas Sidebotham died aged 44 years from hydatids on the brain. He leaves a widow, daughter of Mr Andrew Bullman and several young children totally unprovided for. Yass Courier 21.6.1895.
Silk John residing with his son-in-law William Oxley choked to death Tuesday. Yass Courier 24.3.1891.
Sims Robert, native of Dublin, resident of Sutton Forrest, fruit hawker arrested for horse stealing on Wednesday, found dead in the Yass Goal when they took his breakfast in. Inquest. Yass Courier 27.6.1876.
Simpson Maria died at the Yass Goal Hospital on Wednesday night from alcohol poisoning. Her husband was charged with neglect. Yass Courier 14.1.1882.
Simpson Sarah a married woman committed suicide by throwing herself into the Yass River. Inquest held at the "Rock of Cashel Inn". Yass Courier 12.11.1864.
Simpson Thomas, funeral notice for this day Tuesday. Yass Courier 3.10.1882.
Simsom JM of Telba Station accidentally shot himself getting over a fence last Wednesday at Gunnadah. Yass Courier 4.6.1901.
Sister Mary Clare died at Mount Carmel Convent Yass on Monday. Yass Courier 4.11.1892.
Sister Mary Joseph died Monday last at the Yass convent, she arrived from Ireland on 29.12.1875. Yass Courier 8.5.1896.
Skillen John died in hospital aged 35 years from phthesis- diseased lungs, native of Cooradigbee. Yass Courier 31.10.1902.
Skillion Mr John of Cave Flat died on Saturday aged 75 years. Yass Courier 31.10.1905.
Slater. Infant child of Ellen and Henry Slater died on 15.1.1877 aged 8 months 14 days. Goulburn papers please copy. Funeral notice to leave Lead Street Yass this afternoon. Yass Courier 16.1.1877.
Slater Mrs James died at her residence Yass River on Tuesday last aged 58 years. Yass Courier 5.3.1889.
Slattery Mr James, son of John, Yass died at his residence in Parramatta on Wednesday afternoon, leaving a widow and two children. Yass Courier 18.10.1895.
Slattery John, maintenance man, resident of Yass died on Friday. Yass Courier 23.11.1897.
Slayter Mrs William of Limestone Creek died Monday aged 54 years. Yass Courier 14.9.1897.
Slavin Mr Edward of Fish River died on Sunday morning. Buried in the Burrowa Cemetery. Yass Courier 19.6.1894
Small Mrs George of Lang's Creek near Burrowa, daughter of the late Mr John Hutchinson died Thursday last. Yass Courier 4.12.1903.
Small Mr, of Murrumbidgee died Friday morning last. Yass Courier 4.10.1870.
Smallhorn Wilfred Joseph aged 15 years died of natural causes in Goulburn Goal on Tuesday morning. Yass Courier 9.2.1900.
Smart James, lost overboard on 9.9.1861 from the ship "Christopher Newton" on the passage from Singapore to England, aged 30 years, eldest son of William of Dundee and nephew to Mrs James Wood of Yass. Yass Courier 18.6.1862.
Smart William, eldest brother to Mrs James Wood of this town, died at Dundee on 28.3.1862 aged 62 years. Yass Courier 18.6.1862.
Smith Ann of Young went missing Wednesday last, she was found down a shaft on the diggings. Accidental death . Yass Courier 15.12.1874.
Smith Dorothea scalded to death at Temora on Friday. Yass Courier 8.3.1901.
Smith Edith Doris infant aged 11 months died on 27.3.1903. An inquest was held , she was playing with her grandfather Mr Richard Smith at his residence at "Springfield near Murrumbidgee, when a bucket slipped off the hook and fell splashing boiling water over the child. She died of shock and scalding. Yass Courier 31.3.1903.
Smith Mr Fell from Binalong died on Tuesday night in the Yass Hospital. Yass Courier 8.6.1894
Smith Frederick Hezekiah, son of John Newman died aged 25 Years. Yass Courier 5.1.1900.
Smith Mr George of Gundaroo died in the Prince Alfred Hospital on Wednesday. Yass Courier 9.9.1902.
Smith Mrs H, (Allie), youngest daughter of Dr Blake died on Tuesday aged 38 years. Yass Courier 8.12.1905.
Smith James died at Bourke on Thursday last. Yass Courier 8.3.1901.
Smith James Senr funeral notice, this Tuesday afternoon to move from the residence of Mr Batty North Yass, aged 85 years and first employed by CF Brigstocke and then opened a Butcher's Shop. In later years he became blind. Yass Courier 22.10.1889.
Smith Mr James Snr, employed by Mr Thomas Barber as a miller, died yesterday in Polding Street Yass aged 66 years. Yass Courier 15.8.1893.
Smith John also known as John Barber-Smith left North Yass in a sulky accompanied by Edward Davis proceeding to Blakney Creek to his residence. One hundred yards from his house the horses shied and threw Mr Smith against a stump, died and hour later aged 70 years. Twice married he was once well to do and owned property at Blakney Creek. Yass Courier 15.10.1901.
Smith Mr John George funeral notice, leaves his residence Meehan Street Yass this day, Friday at 3 pm. Yass Courier 16.3.1877.
Smith John died at Callan Park Asylum on 9.2.1886 aged 37 years, leaving a wife and 4 children. Yass Courier 12.2.1886.
Smith Mrs John of Blakeney Creek funeral notice to reach Yass at 3 pm Tuesday afternoon. Yass Courier 26.6.1888.
Smith John was sent from Gunning by Police to the Yass Hospital died on Tuesday, buried on Wednesday. Yass Courier 18.11.1892.
Smith Master Lovel James, son of Mr and Mrs AA Smith of Cooma Street Yass died from inflammation of the kidneys aged 4 years 8 months. Yass Courier 12.7.1898.
Smith Mr, died last Friday at Murrumburrah from diabetes. Yass Courier 1.7.1902
Smith Mrs died at Mrs Sidebotham's residence near the old tannery, she had been an invalid for several years and employed many years ago by Mrs O'Brien of Douro. Yass Courier 20.3.1903.
Smith, son of Mr James Smith died from measles aged 16 years. Yass Courier 24.10.1884.
Smith Monteith Charles was shot dead by Ernest Walsh on Sunday aged 2 years. Inquest held, accidental death. Yass Courier 18.11.1892.
Smith Philadelphia, daughter of Mr Henry and Amelia Smith of Tangmangaroo and sister to Lydia Smith died on Friday last aged 17 years from an hydatid tumor. Inquest held. Yass Courier 8.5.1894.
Smith Richard, third son of Richard and Esther Smith of Yass River and grandson of Mrs W Tate of Yass died at Cootamundra on Saturday 17.5.1890 of typhoid fever aged 18 years. Yass Courier 20.5.1890.
Smith Mr VF, married to the step daughter of Mr Fell Smith, died Sunday last at Binalong from an accident from a horse aged 46 years, leaving a wife and five children. Inquest held, also continued inquest on 5.9.1893. Yass Courier 1.9.1893.
Smithers Mr Samuel was found dead in bed by Mr Davis of Yeumburra on Thursday morning aged 80 years, he was kept by Mr James Duff and Mr Davis. Yass Courier 27.9.1895.
Smythe Master Jack son of James Smythe, North Yass died from blood poisoning. Yass Courier 13.1.1903.
Snodden Henry late of Cavan near Yass, stepfather of Mrs George McFarlane died at the residence of NL Potter Esq Tumut on 18.4.1881 aged 63 years. Irish papers please copy. Yass Courier 29.4.1881.
Southwell Mrs Thomas, of Ginninderra, daughter of late Mr Somner of Ginninderra, died Friday last from blood poisoning. She leaves a husband and ten children. Yass Courier 19.9.1902.
Spencer Henry died at Targagullen aged 70 years on Friday last. He was ill for 38 years. Yass Courier 4.10.1901.
Spering Anne wife of James of Spring Creek died on the 1.1.1869 aged 55 years, leaving a large family. Yass Courier 5.1.1869.
Spring Mr Gerald, brother of Mr Tom Spring, from "Moorong" near Young dropped dead Monday last. Yass Courier 11.9.1903.
Stadtmiller Mr Valentine an old resident of Bowning died last Wednesday aged 72 years. Yass Courier 10.11.1899.
Staines Mrs Jeremiah died at Young after being struck by lightning when she was standing on the verandah of her house with her husband. He son John was also struck and the house caught on fire. The couple had made arrangements for their return to Ireland to spend the rest of their lives. Yass Courier 28.1.1896.
Staniforth Samuel, groom at the Carrington Hotel at Harden died suddenly last night, Tuesday. Yass Courier 6.12.1895.
Stanislaus Sister Mary located at Yass then at Tumut died at Tumut Convent Tuesday. Yass Courier 30.5.1884.
Starr John A accidentally drowned at Young aged 25 years 3.1.1900. Yass Courier 21.8.1900. Memorial Tablet unveiled at Wesleyan Church Young.
Starr Mary Jane wife of Timothy Starr of Eshcol, Dalton , sister of John Gale of Queanbeyan and Albert Gale of Cooma, died at Dalton on 13.7.1875 aged 55 years. Yass Courier 20.7.1875.
Stear Herbert of Bowning second son of R Stear JP, Storekeeper, died aged 23 years on Monday. He was connected with the Council of Education at Dubbo. Yass Courier 10.5.1901 Friday.
Steele Lucy Ann drowned in a well, aged 10 years. Yass Courier 17.7.1867.
Stephens Edward, a shepherd working at Kangiaroo, the station of NR Besnard Esq died Monday last. Yass Courier 27.3.1858.
Stephenson Matthew died in the Yass Hospital from a fall from a horse aged 63 years. Yass Courier 25.8.1882.
Stephenson Mrs wife of Senr Constable Stephenson of Jindabyne, eldest daughter of Samuel Carter of Binalong, died at the Commercial Hotel aged 35 years. Yass Courier 9.8.1901.
Stevens Mr John of North Yass, better known as John Crago because he was reared by the Crago family, died on Thursday aged 81 years. Funeral notice. Yass Courier 24.8.1894.
Stewart Mr Donald Senr died at Kangiara Wednesday aged 72 years. Leaving a widow, three daughters and four sons. Yass Courier 1.7.1904.
Stiles Elizabeth, widow of the late John Stiles, formerly CPS of Yass died at Windsor 17.8.1887. Yass Courier 6.9.1887.
Stiles John Esq late CPS at Yass , died at Windsor on 23.12.1868 aged 57 years. Mr Stiles was 15 years of aged when he left England for the West Indies and then he was on board a ship, slave hunting off the west coast of Africa. Yass Courier 29.12.1868.
Stinson William Inspector of Nuisances at Armidale died when thrown from his horse on Sunday. Yass Courier 31.12.1901.
Stone Mr Hugh of Bowning, funeral notice. Yass Courier 17.11.1891.
Strachan Mr a wardsman of The Yass Hospital died at Cowra. Yass Courier 18.11.1898.
Stubbs Mrs T of Yass died in Melbourne of diphtheria, leaving a husband and 3 young children. Yass Courier 9.6.1899.
Study Mr Arnold who was shot at a rabbiters camp near Murrumburrah on Saturday last, died in the Young Hospital. Yass Courier 25.8.1903.
Styles Ada Marie Louise, infant daughter of George and Laura Styles died at Arncliffe on 9.4.1893 aged 4 months. Yass Courier 25.4.1893.
Styles Harold Leathart, son of George and Laura Styles died at Bayview Arncliffe on 27.3.1891 aged 6 months. Yass Courier 31.3.1891.
Styles Joseph Thomas second son of JTA Styles of Silverside Bowning died at Yass from hectic fever aged 24 years. Yass Courier 30.11.1880.
Styles Joseph TA died at his residence in North Yass on 24.6.1897 aged between 73 - 75 years, leaving a widow and eight children, funeral description 29.6.1897. Yass Courier 25.6.1897.
Styles Mr Percy Septimus, seventh son of Joseph Styles JP of North Yass died in the Yass Hospital aged 35 years. Yass Courier 8.7.1904.
Styles Walter Norman infant son of George and Laura Styles of Bayswater North Yass and grandson of Mrs Leathart died on 25.3.1895 aged 8 months at Bayswater North Yass. Yass Courier 29.3.1895.
Suddaby Ann wife of WT Suddaby died at her residence, Glebe Street, North Yass on 7.4.1876 aged 59 years. Yass Courier 14.4.1876.
Sullivan Mr, one time teacher at Public School near Euralie died at his residence near Chain of Ponds on Wednesday last. Yass Courier 26.9.1893.
Sullivan Mrs. wife of MS Sullivan, daughter of Mrs Maloy of Yass River, died at Jerrawa of cancer of the liver aged 55 years. Yass Courier 13.5.1902.
Sullivan. three year old child of Mr Sullivan's died on Wednesday after being burnt on Tuesday at Derrengullen near Yass. Yass Courier 24.5.1904.
Sully. Infant child of Mr and Mrs H Sully died at the parent's residence, Dutton Street, Yass on Saturday afternoon. Yass Courier 12.7.1898.
Sunderland Mary, wife of William Sunderland Senr and mother of William Jnr was found dead in her chair Thursday last. Inquest held. Yass Courier 14.11.1893.
Sunderland William drowned Friday last. Yass Courier 12.12.1899.
Sunderland William drowned in the Murrumbidgee River endeavoring to save others. Four lives were lost 8.12.1899 (See Jerry Mead) Yass Courier 6.12.1901.
Sweeney Patrick, father of Mrs Murphy of O'Connell Town, died aged 90 years. He was granted the old age pension only weeks ago. Yass Courier 3.9.1901.
Swift Louisa, wife of Mrs John Swift died at Cooradigby on 11.4.1861, aged 68 years. Yass Courier 13.4.1861.
Swift Mary, relict of Quinton Valentine Swift, late ensign of HM 28th Regiment died at the residence of her son-in-law Mr Charles Scott, Waterloo Street, Strawberry Hill on 17.9.1872 aged 50 years. Yass Courier 20.9.1872.
Sylvester Patrick of Malone aged 33 years died in Sydney Hospital on Monday of an overdose of headache wafers, native of Yass, eldest son of James (dec) of Lead Street and grandson of William Faulkner of Yass. Yass Courier 7.12.1900
Taggert Charles died in the Yass goal on 12.6.1871 on Monday, whilst being in transmission from Deniliquin to the Liverpool Asylum. Inquest held. Yass Courier 16.6.1871.
Tanswell William, Fairy Hole Creek, Yass, married to the sister of Mr Thomas Goodwin of Tangmangaroo once owned a butcher shop in Yass father of John, died Friday 18.5.1905 at Parkes aged 80 years. Yass Courier 23.5.1905.
Tart Mr Quong a Chinese merchant, who came to Australia some 39 years ago and worked in the gold fields at Braidwood, died last Sunday in Sydney, aged 53 years. Yass Courier 28.7.1902.
Tate Caroline Louisa the fifth and youngest daughter of William and Ann Tate, wife of John Harris, Tumut, died at her residence Church Street Yass on 1.2.1885 aged 27 years. Yass Courier 6.2.1885.
Tate Mrs James died of typhoid fever on Saturday aged 34 years, leaving a husband and eight children. Yass Courier 26.4.1892.
Tate William died at his residence Church Street Yass on 18.3.1886 aged 72 years. Yass Courier 19.3.1886.
Taylor Frederick late of Clapham Common, Surrey England died at Little River Cooradigbee near Yass on 11.1.1868 aged 53 years 6 months. Yass Courier 15.1.1868.
Taylor James from Yass Plains. An inquest was held at the White Horse Inn yesterday, heart disease. Yass Courier 20.10.1871.
Taylor Mary committed suicide by taking strychnine, she was the wife of a shepherd employed by Mr Lehane of Reedy's Creek aged about 50. Yass Courier 4.12.1858.
Taylor Mr Samuel of Sydenham Murrumbidgee River died Thursday last aged 74 years. Estate comprises of some 3,000 acres of land. Yass Courier 28.3.1871.
Taylor Mrs Wm wife of Mr W Taylor, Commercial Traveller died at her residence Meehan Street on Tuesday aged 27 years. Leaving 3 children youngest only 8 months old. Yass Courier 18.6.1886.
Teakle Mrs Lucy Annie wife of Horace S Teakle of Petersham, sister of Mrs CD Jones of Yass, died yesterday morning aged 33 years at her residence "Sunnybank". Yass Courier 5.6.1903.
Tear Tack Rev Chinese Missionary of the Wesleyan Church died at Cairns. Yass Courier 23.8.1901.
Tebbutt Mr Thomas Esq, uncle of Mrs Stiles Yass died at the Peninsula, Windsor on 3.2.1866. Yass Courier 10.2.1866.
Tempest Henry Percival, son of GH Tempest Esq of the Australian Joint Stock Bank Yass died on 1.9.1868 at North Yass aged 2 years. Yass Courier 2.9.1868.
Terry Harry Montague, eldest son of the late Hon. Samuel Henry Terry MLC of Ashfield near Sydney died at Kenilworth near Yass on 14.11.1891 aged 36 years. Funeral notice. Yass Courier 17.11.1891.
Thane Annie Flora, beloved wife of Phillip Thorton Thane LRCP, London and eldest daughter of James AC Willis of Atherfield, Darling Point, Sydney, died at Atherfield Yass on 16.2.1895 aged 32 years. Yass Courier 19.2.1895.
Thomas Mrs Charles, wife of an Innkeeper at Goulburn died late Tuesday while interfering to prevent a fight at the bar. Inquest held. Yass Courier 21.4.1871.
Thomas John Harvey died at Broken Hill whilst laying lines at the mine. Yass Courier 13.8.1901.
Thompson Mr George Jnr, second son of George Thompson of Yass and brother to William died at Beechworth Victoria died aged 35 years. He worked as the assistant secretary for the Beechworth Hospital. Yass Courier 24.7.1903.
Thompson Master John, youngest son of Peter Thompson of Ridge Hall, drowned in the Yass River on Thursday last. Inquest held. Yass Courier 13.1.1885.
Thompson. Son of William Thompson aged 8 years died after drinking a pint of gin, mother was censured for misconduct. Yass Courier 21.4.1871.
Thompson James of Greenfield Farm Yass River, storekeeper died Tuesday aged 69 years. Yass Courier 30.11.1883.
Thompson Thomas died near Hume Bridge on Saturday. Inquiry held, he died of Syncope of the heart. Yass Courier 8.1.1884.
Thomson Master A, son of Mr George Thomson of Church Street Yass died at his parent's residence on Friday aged 11 years. Yass Courier 31.7.1888.
Thomson Alexander son of G and E thomson died on 27.7.1888 at his parent's residence "Montrose Cottage" Church Street, Yass aged 11 years 3 months. Yass Courier 10.8.1888.
Thomson Mrs John wife of the late Mr John Thomson of Yass River died at Gundaroo on Friday last. Buried at Gundaroo. Yass Courier 11.4.1899
Thomson Mrs Joseph of Grenfell owner of the Railway Hotel, sister to AJ Grogan died at daughters residence, Mrs Martin Collins on 10.7.1900. Yass Courier 14.7.1900.
Thomson Master A, son of Mr George Thomson died at his parent's residence, Church Street Yass Friday last aged 11 years. Yass Courier 31.7.1888.
Thomson Alexander died at his parent's residence "Montrose Cottage" Church Street Yass, youngest son of G and E Thomson aged 11 years 3 months. Yass Courier 10.8.1888.
Thorn Mr DH for Brisbane Grove Goulburn died Thursday last. Yass Courier 14.7.1860.
Thorn Mr DH of Brisbane Grove, Goulburn died Thursday. Yass Courier 14.7.1860.
Throsby Mrs Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr William Broughton, Commissary-General,married the late Mr Charles Throsby at Liverpool NSW in 1824, died at Throsby Park Moss Vale on Wednesday last aged 84 years, leaving eight daughters and three sons. Yass Courier 20.1.1891.
Tobin James died from a fall from a horse at Wombat yesterday. Inquiry held. Yass Courier 23.11.1888.
Toohey. At Homewood near Murrumburrah on 9.5.1879, son of of William and Hannah Toohey died on the 9.5.1879 aged 9 months 4 days. Yass Courier 23.5.1879.
Toohey Mrs John Senr died this morning, Tuesday at the residence of her son at Jerrawa Creek. Yass Courier 16.1.1883.
Toohey Mr John T, MLC of the Standard Brewery Firm died. Yass Courier 12.5.1903.
Tout Mr George , son of Mr S Tout of Calabash Marengo died yesterday when he was thrown from his horse. Yass Courier 16.2.1892.
Tout Mr Samuel of Calabash near Young died Sunday morning. Yass Courier 3.9.1895. (It was when Mr Tout became ill that Dr Campbell was killed going to his place).
Tout Ina Emily Colls , third daughter of James and Annie Tout died at her parent's residence, Melrose Plains Station on 3.2.1880 aged 3 months 3 days. Yass Courier 13.2.1880.
Tout Mr Samuel of Calabash near Young died on Sunday morning at 7 am. (Dr Campbell was killed when going to see Mr Tout when he became seriously ill). Yass Courier 3.9.1895.
Townsend James, the youngest son of Mr William Townsend of Gunning, brother to Mrs Howard, Golden Boot Yass, died at Goulburn on Sunday 13.9.1874 aged 20 years. Yass Courier 22.9.1874.
Townsend James, youngest son of Mr William Townsend of Gunning and brother to Mrs Howell, Golden Boot Yass died on Sunday 13.9.1874 at Goulburn aged 20 years. Yass Courier 22.9.1874.
Townsend Mrs Jane Mary, wife of Thomas Townsend funeral to be held tomorrow at 3 pm. Members of the Daughters of Temperance will assemble at the Church for her. Yass Courier 16.6.1876.
Tracey James, a student at St Patrick's College, son of Constable Tracey of Binalong and grandson of Mr T Moran Snr of Goulburn died on Thursday from pneumonia aged 14 years. Yass Courier 6.8.1895.
Trembicki Eliza Ellen wife of AL Trembicki Esq CE, died at Gundagai on 29.6.1867 aged 36 years. Yass Courier 3.7.1867.
Trenery Mr T of Goulburn, native of Goulburn and nephew of Mr P Digman, he was also a reporter for the Penny Post and Herald died Wednesday aged 33 years. Yass Courier 15.6.1877.
Truelove James of Bowning, a native of Newford Pagnell, Buckinghamshire England, died at his brother's residence, Cungegong on 30.10.1876 aged 43 years. Yass Courier 7.11.1876.
Tribbets Dr, of Dubbo died Wednesday last. Yass Courier 13.12.1901.
Triggs Mrs AB , daughter of Mrs Ritchie, died this morning, Tuesday, at Linton North Yass aged 29 years. Mrs Ritchie has lost two son and now her eldest daughter, leaving only one surviving member of the family, Mrs McGibbon of Sydney. Full description 27.4.1897. Yass Courier 20.4.1897.
Tuckwell Mr Charles, husband of Mary dropped dead yesterday. He was a free selector. Inquest held 9.5.1872. Yass Courier 5.4.1872.
Tully Mr Patrick drowned in the Derringullen Creek, he was an employee of McBean Bros. at Black Range Station. Inquest held. Yass Courier 11.10.1872.
Tunn Mr Jasper, an old resident of Argyle died on Monday last at James' Station at Mullengullengong. Yass Courier 7.9.1861.
Turnbull Edward killed when the dray he was driving capsized crossing a creek near Burrowa. Yass Courier 10.10.1863.
Turner Elizabeth widow of the late Thos Turner and daughter of the late GT Wingate, Commander Royal Navy Sterling, died at her residence Lightwood North Yass on 13.10.1884 aged 75 years. Yass Courier 17.10.1884.
Turner Mr Henry died at his residence Nottingham House, Yass on 6.6.1864
Turner Mr John Entwistle died at the residence of his brother in North Yass on 6.7.1877 aged 73 years. Probate notice, Gentleman deceased late of North Yass, probate to Thomas Turner North Yass Sheep Inspector. Yass Courier 10.7.1877.
Turner Susan, wife of AD Turner, Telegraph Stationmaster, Louth died at Louth on 20.7.1881. Yass Courier 23.7.1881.
Turner Thomas died at his residence in North Yass on Friday last. He was a resident of Yeumburrah then moved to the Grange near Burrowa. He lived 3 score and ten years. Yass Courier 9.10.1883.
Turner Thomas died at his residence "Lightwood" North Yass on 5.10.1883 aged 71 years. Yass Courier 16.10.1883.
Umpleby Jane, native of Goulburn died at the Yass Hospital, aged 24 years. Yass Courier 26.10.1877.
Uther Reuben died at his residence Crown Street Surry Hills, Sydney on 10.7.1880 aged 90 years. Yass Courier 13.7.1880.
Vallance Mrs George of Murrumbateman, daughter of Joseph Franklin, sister to Messrs George, Thomas and John Franklin died aged 57 years. Funeral notice. Yass Courier 28.4.1896.
Vallance Hugh Snr died at Murrumbateman near Yass Friday last on 7.12.1877 aged 79 years. He worked as a Postmaster and was the grandfather of Margaret McClung. Yass Courier 11.12.1877.
Vallance Joseph, father of Mrs Leary, wife of William Leary, daughter-in-law of Arthur Leary, died last Friday at Murrumbateman . Yass Courier 28.8.1900.
Vallance Mr Donald P found dead at Manly last Friday, ran the Tarago Hotel at Lake Bathurst and well-known in the Yass area. Deceased scribbled a note "Ada everything, Tired good bye, Teeny I give and bequeath everything to my sister Ada. Look after Jack. Don Vallance. Yass Courier 7.4.1903.
Vaughan Mr Alex, son of RM Vaughan died at the residence of his parents, Sydney aged 35 years. Yass Courier 5.7.1904.
Vaughn Cicerio Matteson Thomas son of Robert M and Sarah A Vaughn died on 27.2.1868 at the Commercial Hotel Yass aged 11 months 3 weeks. Yass Courier 29.2.1868.
Venables John a faithful and honest servant for 25 years at Broughtonsworth on 2.4.1859 aged 52 years. Yass Courier 23.4.1859.
Vicq John Henry George, son Mr and Mrs Vicq, died at Bookham on 19.1.1870 aged 13 months. Yass Courier 21.1.1870.
Vicq John Henry, son of John and Honora Vicq, died at his parent's residence Bookham on Sunday 9.1.1887 aged 16 years 3 months,. Yass Courier 18.1.1887.
Vicq Mr of Bookham, married to the daughter of the late Jeremiah Lehane of Reedy Creek, died on Tuesday last aged 63 years, resident of Bookham for 30 years. Yass Courier 5.4.1895
Vincent Eliza widow of the late Rev John Vincent died on 24.7.1867 at 183 Macquarie Street North Sydney, grandmother of Mrs WF Wilkinson of Yass aged 74 years. Yass Courier 28.7.1867.
Waddell Mr John Jackson, father of Col. Waddell MLA, also Mr Waddell of the AJS Bank Yass died on Tuesday at his residence "Coree" Bondi Road Waverley. Yass Courier 22.9.1899.
Wade Mr James died on Christmas evening at Bookham. Mr Wade's two sons whom he had not seen for ten years returned home to have Christmas with him. Yass Courier 31.12.1895.
Wade Mr John second son of Mr Abraham Wade of Narrengullen Station, married Miss Brassil, second daughter of Mr John Brassil of Warro, died leaving a wife and one child. Yass Courier 15.3.1904.
Wade Unknown died at Galong. Yass Courier 8.11.1901.
Wade Baby, child of John Wade of Cavan died aged 7 months. Yass Courier 7.1.1902.
Wade Mrs Ellen, widow of the late Mr Joseph Wade, farmer of Bookham near Yass, died Thursday near Queanbeyan in a buggy accident aged 64 years. Yass Courier 12.6.1896.
Walker Mr Richard of Harden, driver in the railway was run over by the express train from Sydney. Coroners Inquest. Yass Courier 23.4.1901 Tuesday.
Wall Miss Bridget Agnes Gertrude, youngest daughter of Mr W Wall of Limestone Creek died at Yass on Saturday of typhoid aged 17 years 7 months. Yass Courier 3.4.1894.
Wall Bridget Agnes Gertrude, daughter of William and Eliza Wall of Limestone Creek near Yass died on 31.3.1894 aged 17 years. Yass Courier 6.4.1894.
Wall Mrs Ellen, mother of Mr William Wall of Limestone Creek, died last Sunday aged 92 years. Born County Clare Ireland 1810, England had recently concluded the Union with Ireland and was in the midst of the Peninsula Wars which ended at Waterloo in 1815. Came to Australia many years ago on the same vessel as Mr John Burke of Euralie. Yass Courier 2.12.1902.
Wall James died at Yass on 29.3.1886 aged 35 years. Yass Courier 30.3.1886.
Wall Thomas Michael, fourth son of William and Eliza Wall of Limestone Creek and was employed by the Australian Gaslight Company, died in St Vincent's Hospital 26.5.1902 of Typhoid Fever aged 30 years. Buried in at Breadalbane. Yass Courier 6.6.1902.
Wall Mr Wm Senr of Limestone near Yass native of County Clare Ireland died on Thursday aged 66 years. Yass Courier 29.3.1904.
Wallis Herbert George, son of William James Wallis died when he was run over by a buggy aged 4 years 6 weeks. Inquest held. Yass Courier 8.5.1894.
Wallis James died at his residence, Cooma Street Yass on 15.3.1882 aged 34 years from consumption. He leaves a wife and two children and arrived in Yass five years ago, worked as a Storekeeper. Buried in the Wesleyan Cemetery. Yass Courier 17.3.1822.
Wallis Lily Maria infant daughter of Mrs James Wallis died on 7.4.1882 at the residence of her parent aged 6 months. Yass Courier 11.4.1882.
Wallman Christopher of Binalong died Wednesday last aged 60 years. Yass Courier 30.10.1900.
Walker Catherine, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs CP Walker of Ledgerton, died in Sydney aged 20 years. Yass Courier 22.11.1904.
Walker Catherine, daughter of Mr and Mrs CF Walker of Ledgerton Yass died in Windermere Hospital, Moore Park on 17.11.1904 aged 20 years. Yass Courier 22.11.1904.
Walker James Smart, a mechanic, nephew of Mrs G Thompson of Church Street Yass died at Balkallia Montrose Scotland on 7.11.1888 of heart disease aged 36 years. Yass Courier 11.1.1889.
Walker Richard driver in the railway, died when an express train ran over him at Harden. Inquiry. Yass Courier 23.4.1901.
Walmsley Mrs Joseph, daughter of Mr and Mrs Henry Paterson, sister to Maude and Mrs John Leahy, died last Wednesday at Gunning. Yass Courier 16.6.1903.
Walsh Mr Thomas was brought into Yass on Wednesday and died on Sunday, 5.4.1898. Yass Courier 18.3.1898.
Walsh Mrs ET nee Miss Jennie Duncan, wife of Mr ET Walsh, Solicitor at Temora, had a baby aged 14 days when she died aged 27 years and had only been married for 12 months, buried at Goulburn. Yass Courier 21.10.1898.
Walsh Mr George Spence, son of the late James Walsh Esq JP LD of Kensington Park near London died of heart disease on 7.9.1869 leaving a wife and three children. The late Mr Walsh was a Crown Lands Office Bailiff, Clerk in Crowns Lands office at Binalong for the last 9 years. Yass Courier 24.9.1869.
Walsh Mr Thomas of North Yass, who arrived in Yass 50 years ago, died Saturday last aged 70 years. Yass Courier 6.9.1892.
Walsh Mrs Thomas of Bowning Hotel died Wednesday last, aged 80 years, leaving three daughters and two sons, Kate Walsh, Mrs O'Leary , Thomas and Nicholas Walsh. Buried Roman Catholic Church. Yass Courier 19.1.1900.
Walton Mr James, married to the daughter of Mr Robert Cox, died at his residence Limestone Creek near Yass on Sunday last aged 88 years, leaving a wife and ten children. Inquest held, natural causes. Yass Courier 25.12.1894.
Walton John, formerly of Burrowa, Yass and Gunning died at his residence St Clair, Enfield near Sydney on 5.2.1877 aged 77 years. Yass Courier 13.2.1877.
Walton Louise late of Yass formerly of Litchfield England died at Petersham of consumption on 2.10.1881 aged 38 years. Home papers please copy. Yass Courier 6.10.1881.
Walton Miss M died at her father's residence Redbank, Jugiong, aged 31 years. Yass Courier 1.7.1904.
Walton Mrs Storey of the Yass Railway Station died in Sydney Friday. Yass Courier 11.8.1885.
Ward Mr Edwin Miles died at Gininderra. He was a very old resident and came to the district some 40 years ago. He helped his son-in-law Mr George Harcourt who owned the local store at Gininderra. Buried at Canberra. Yass Courier 14.7.1903
Ward Mrs JJ , fourth daughter of Mr Patrick Roche of Chidowla, sister to Mrs JJ Garry of Mylora, Lawrence Roche of Chidowla and John Roche of Bowning, died on Sunday at Yass aged 40 years. Leaving a husband, one son and two daughters. Funeral today leaving Rossi Street Yass. Yass Courier 6.11.1894. Full funeral notice Yass Courier 9.11.1894.
Ward Snr Mrs of Murrumbateman died at sons residence, John Ward, leaving daughters, Mrs Bourke, Mrs Klunes, Sister M Agnes. Service at St Mary's church Murrumbateman. Yass Courier 22.5.1900.
Wardell GWH Esq Lieutenant HM 83rd Regiment aged 22 years, drowned at sea on his passage from Bombay to Australia on 14.7.1861. He was the only son of the late Captain George Wardell of HM 28th Regiment. This promising young officer was a native of this colony and at the early age of 19 years acted as Staff Officer to General Holmes during the late Indian Rebellion in Bombay. He also had a medal and clasp awarded to him by her Majesty from his service in Indian. Yass Courier 17.8.1861.
Waters Mary Ann of Manton's Creek died last Tuesday, inquest said she died from want and neglect. Yass Courier 20.7.1867.
Waters Mr John of Gunning died last Tuesday afternoon aged 79 years. Leaving one son living at Rye Park and also a daughter Mrs Wm Holgate of Rye Park. Yass Courier 19.9.1902.
Watson Arthur from Maitland aged 14 years was accidentally shop by William Carter who walked away and shot himself. The gun was found to have had a defective lock. Yass Courier 21.5.1901.
Waugh Mrs, relict of the late Dr Waugh of Goulburn, born in Goulburn niece of Hamilton Hume, also the sister to Mr Thomas and Mr Alfred Barber of Yass and Miss Barber of Alma School, Bradley Street is a sister died at the residence of her son-in-law Mr CC Robinson, Manager of the NSW Bank at Burrowa on Tuesday aged 73 years, leaving a son and daughter. Yass Courier 3.8.1894.
Weatherby Mrs George died Wednesday last. Yass Courier 2.11.1883.
Weatherby Joseph son of George Weatherby died yesterday 29.1.1900, aged 20 years. Buried 31.1.1900. Yass Courier 30.1.1900.
Weatherby Mary Gardiner wife of George Weatherby, bootmaker of Yass died at Yass on Saturday 19.5.1894, funeral on Sunday. Yass Courier 22.5.1894.
Weatherby Mrs W, mother of Mr George Weatherby of Yass died yesterday at Goulburn aged 82 years. Yass Courier 26.4.1898.
Weatherby Mr William Snr, resident of Yass for 30 years, died at his residence in Goulburn Saturday last, leaving three sons. Yass Courier 26.8.1884.
Weatherby William, late of Yass and native of Cheshire England, died at his residence in Goulburn on Saturday 23.8.1884, aged 72 years. Home papers please copy. Yass Courier 2.9.1884.
Webb Emma Fletcher, wife of Thomas Geake Webb, sister to Mrs GH Tempest of Dutton Street Yass, and her sister Annie Glasson died on the 10.12.1872, the third daughter of W Tom Esq, died on 2.12.1872 at Springfield, Orange aged 39 years. Yass Courier 17.12.1872.
Webb Lucy, relict of the late Mr WF Webb died at her residence South Yarra Melbourne on 14.3.1883 aged 38 years leaving three children . Yass Courier 27.3.1883.
Webb Sarah Jane, daughter of Mr Alcon Henry Webb died at Yass on 18.6.1866 aged 1 year 9 months. Yass Courier 23.6.1866.
Webster Mr A Senr of Gininderrra, brother to David Webster of Murrumbateman and at one time managed Bloomfield for the late Dr Campbell, died at the residence of his brother-in-law on Sunday. Yass Courier 10.8.1897.
Webster Mr Arthur Snr. died at Woodside Murrumbateman, near Yass on 22.3.1872 aged 76 years. Yass Courier 26.3.1872.
Webster Elizabeth wife of Arthur Webster of Bloomfield Murrumbidgee died on 10.12.1878 aged 42 years. Yass Courier 13.12.1878.
Webster Mrs Mary, third daughter of David of Murrumbateman died on Wednesday aged 31 years. Yass Courier 9.3.1897.
Weekes Mr Charles of Killarney near Burrowa died aged 63 years. Yass Courier 12.5.1903.
Weekes Mrs. Wife of Mr Charles Weekes of Marengo died Wednesday last. Yass Courier 25.10.1898.
Welch Hannah of 56 Buckingham Street Redfern. died and was not found for several days aged between 60 to 70 years. Yass Courier 14.1.1902.
Weldon Mr Joseph, employed by John P Ryan of Burrowa River, died Friday last at Frogmore. Yass Courier 21.7.1903.
Welman Mr JC, JP of Barwang near Murrumburrah, son of Captain Welman who died in Tasmania, married to the sister of Mr Beckham, died from influenza aged 62 years. Yass Courier 4.8.1871.
West. A Snake charmer died at Grenfell after being bitten by a tiger snake. Yass Courier 26.1.1893.
Weston Mr John, who married the widow of the late Mr A Swift of Cooradigbee died on Tuesday in the Yass Hospital, leaving a wife and four children, funeral Wednesday. Yass Courier 8.10.1897.
Whalen William died in the bush after losing his way at Grenfell. Yass Courier 12.6.1900.
Wheatley Mr David, one of the oldest residence of Gunning died last Friday of old age. Aged three score years and 10 (70 years). Yass Courier 30.7.1878.
Wheatley Henry Charles of "Willowgrove" Gunning died last Thursday at his residence aged 55 years of paralysis. Yass Courier 29.7.1902.
Wheatley Mr Josiah died at the residence of his son-in-law Mr AH Line, on Friday morning. Came to Goulburn from Junee six years ago. Children are Mrs AH Line, Mrs Kellet of Brisbane Grove, Mrs Southwell, Golspie, Mrs Fairley, Laggon, Mrs Iseley from South Australia, Walter, Cecil and Arthur of Junee, Oswald, Bungonia Road, Mrs Lord, Junee. Brother to Mrs Avery, Lithgow St Goulburn, George W, Fairfield , Henry W, Gunning. Buried at Goulburn. Yass Courier 22.10.1901.
Wiltshire Mr, funeral notice Tuesday last. Yass Courier 11.9.1896.
White Mrs, of Coolalie, wife of the teacher at Drofwal Public School died Tuesday last aged 72 years. Yass Courier 31.3.1899.
White Mr White, Jeweler of Cooma Street Yass, lost a child aged 8 months on Wednesday. Yass Courier 17.2.1902.
Whitehair William eldest son of the late William Whiteside of Middlesex London died at Yass on 14.1.1872 aged 40 years. Yass Courier 16.1.1872.
Whiteside Ann died at the residence of her son-in-law Dr Harley, Upper Baggott Street Dublin on the 10.10.1871, she was the relict of JP Whiteside Esq of Felside Cumberland aged 72 years. Yass Courier 2.1.1872.
Whiting Mr Robert Best, storekeeper of Taralga found dead after being thrown from his horse. Yass Courier 28.6.1862.
Whitmore Baby. Mary Whitmore the mother charged with the murder at Gunning of her baby. Yass Courier 9.2.1875.
Whybrow Emily died at Wombat after falling into the fire. Yass Courier 27.5.1902.
Whybrow Mr William of Murrumburrah died last Wednesday aged 78 years. As a child he was kidnapped by blacks in the Camden district and kept at Burragorang Mountains for years before escaping. He could speak the aboriginal language as good as the natives. Yass Courier 6.2.1903.
Whytt. Mr and Mrs Whytt of "Rathluba" North Yass lost their son aged 9 months. Yass Courier 7.2.1902.
Wildash Francis brother of CC Wildash died last Monday week at Burrowa aged 72 years. Yass Courier 3.9.1901.
Wildash Susannah beloved wife of CC Wildash of Ashford, Burrowa died at Yass 5.5.1877 aged 53 years. Yass Courier 11.5.1877.
Wilgoss Mrs Edith wife of Mr Albert Wilgoss, third eldest daughter of Mr James Weir Brierly, late headmaster of Yass Public School died at Keira Mount Street North Sydney yesterday aged 40 years. Yass Courier 8.5.1903.
Wilkinson Rev. Jonathan MA of St John's College Cambridge, father of WF Wilkinson, Solicitor of Yass, died in St Omer France on 26.2.1880 aged 85 years. Yass Courier 23.4.1880
Williams Alice wife of Mr Jacob Williams died at Yass on 2.7.1869 aged 50 years. Yass Courier 6.7.1869.
Williams John George Llewellyn died at his residence Rosebank North Yass on 7.3.1880 aged 65 years. Yass Courier 12.3.1880.
Williams Mr John on Murrumbateman, residing on a farm with his wife belonging to Mr James Garner of Walgrove died aged 82 years. Yass Courier 15.3.1892.
Williams Maria beloved wife of JGL Williams JP died at North Yass on 29.12.1875 aged 50 years. Yass Courier 31.12.1875.
Willis Mr Wm of Picton, father of Senr Constable Willis died at his residence in Picton aged 95 years. Yass Courier 25.6.1897.
Windeyer Louis Adam, Solicitor, died at Yass on 5.6.1876 aged 36 years. Yass Courier 6.6.1876.
Willison Mr Christie, resident of Murrumbateman died Thursday last. Yass Courier 10.5.1904.
Wilson Ethel eldest daughter of James Wilson Jnr of Hume's Bridge died aged 13 years. Yass Courier 2.12.1902.
Wilson Mrs George, second daughter of B Chapman of Bellvale died Thursday last aged 27 years. Leaving a husband and four young children, the eldest being 2-1/2 years old. Yass Courier 10.4.1896.
Wilson Mrs George of Rye Park died at Picton on 10.3.1898. Yass Courier 22.3.1898.
Wilson Hannah beloved wife of Paterson Wilson of Lancefield near Yass died on 26.8.1877 aged 86 years. Funeral notice arriving Yass 2.30 pm. Yass Courier 28.8.1877.
Wilson Mr James formerly of the Gundaroo and Gunning districts died Wednesday last aged 60 years. Buried in Goulburn. Yass Courier 21.8.1888.
Wilson Mrs, wife of Constable Wilson died at Yass on Saturday. Yass Courier 11.7.1905.
Wilson Mr Samuel of Allendale near Gunning on Friday last. Yass Courier 2.7.1889.
Wilson Mr William JP of Cunningham Plains near Burrowa died on Thursday. Yass Courier 22.8.1893.
Wilson Mr WJ, married to the eldest daughter of Mr Bain of North Yass who is the sister to Mr John Bain of Derringullen died at his residence near Bowning on Thursday. Yass Courier 21.8.1894.
Wiltshire Mr, funeral held last week. Yass Courier 11.9.1896.
Wolf John Christian Esq, uncle to Mrs Crerar of Yass, died at his residence, Fairmead Lodge Peckham, London on 24.8.1872 aged 90 years. Yass Courier 29.11.1872.
Wood Adam lost in the Bay of Bengal with the whole of the ship's crew in 1861 aged 36 years. First Officer of the ship, youngest brother of Mr James Wood of Yass. Yass Courier 18.6.1862.
Wood David James, son of John and Elizabeth Wood died at Kensington Road, Summer Hill on 19.10.1882 aged 9 months. Yass Courier 24.10.1882.
Wood Edith Lina, eldest daughter of Mr AC Wood who was born in Yass 30.3.1877 died Saturday 4.7.1893 of quinsey and diphtheria. Yass Courier 7.3.1893
Wood James died at Yass on 29.9.1873 aged 60 years. He lived at Meehan Street and died 6 days after his son-in-law Mr Henry Elliott. Mr Wood was one of the founders of Yass, born 15.7.1813 at a farm called Banff on the North East side of the Hill of Garroch, two miles from the seat of Viscount Arbuthnott at Bervie, County of Kincardine, Scotland. Funeral notice. Yass Courier 30.9.1873.
Wood Mrs relict of the late James Wood of Yass, only daughter of Mr John Smart, a corn merchant in Lawrencekirk, Kirkcairnshire, Scotland, born about 1811 and came to the Colony 1837, had 11 children and 40 grandchildren died at the residence of her son Mr Alexander Wood, Surry Hills Sydney on Monday 11.2.1895. Yass Courier 15.2.1895.
Wood Peter J Esq of the Surveyor's General Department of NSW died from over exertion and exposure in the discharging of his duties on 31.1.1860 aged 27 years. He was the youngest son of the late Rev B Wood Vicar of Haverland and Alderford, Norfolk and Rector of Inwardleigh, Devon and brother of Mr AF Wood of this Colony. Yass Courier 17.3.1860.
Wood Captain Samuel of the ship Invergordon, nephew of Mr James Wood of Yass died 17.12.1869 when the ship foundered at sea, all hands lost. Yass Courier 22.2.1870.
Woodman Charles Henry, only son of Albert Woodman died at his parent's residence Cooma Street Yass on 24.11.1895, of diphtheria aged 3 years 10 months. Yass Courier 26.11.1895.
Woodman Mr James, father of Mr Charles Woodman of Yass, died suddenly at Uriarra Canberra on the 6.7.1872 aged 67 years. Yass Courier 16.7.1872.
Woodman Walter the fifth son of Charles James and Matilda Woodman died at Cockatoo Hill Murrumbateman on 31.1.1880 aged 9 years. Yass Courier 3.2.1880.
Woodward Mrs Robt died at Waratah Street Gunning Wednesday last from dropsy and bronchitis aged 62 years. Yass Courier 9.6.1885.
Worden Mr John, native of Yass, brother to Mrs B Chapman of Bellevale near Yass , twice married, died on Friday at Tamworth from typhoid fever aged 38 years, leaving a wife and several children. Yass Courier 12.10.1897.
Wotherspoon Janet Bell eldest daughter of Mr Andrew Wotherspoon died at Round Hill near Queanbeyan on 2.3.1859 aged 19 years. Yass Courier 19.3.1859.
Wotton Mr Thomas Edward Esq died on 25.1.1867 of congestion of the lungs at the Bank of Messrs William Deacon & Co, 20 Birchin Lane Cornhill London, of which he was Manager, aged 73 years. He was the father of Mr William JE Wotton CPS Burrowa. Yass Courier 27.3.1867.
Wright Hannah wife of George H Wright, eldest daughter of the late George Davis of Gounyan near Yass died at Barney's Flat near Yeumburra on 17.7.1880. Yass Courier 20.7.1880.
Wright Henry of Alice Street Newtown worked at JC Young & Co at Circular Quay killed while hauling wool . Yass Courier 5.7.1901.
Wright Mrs John of Burrowa died Wednesday last. Yass Courier 7.5.1897.
Wright. Second son of Mr Wright died suddenly on Saturday aged 8 years. Yass Courier 11.2.1887.
Yates died Monday evening at Pudman. Yass Courier 4.2.1898.
Yates Mr Thomas, resident of Blakney Creek, married to the sister of Mrs William Smith, a Miss Delaney. died in the hospital on Monday night. Yass Courier 11.12.1903.
Yeo Mr John C died 9.5.1898 at his residence in Rossi Street, late of Holsworthy Devonshire England. Yass Courier 10.5.1898.
Yerbury Mr Wm, Innkeeper of Wombat died at Grenfell from a disease of the heart on Sunday 28.4.1867. Yass Courier 11.5.1867.
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