1800 - 2000
Michael Casey born in Ireland, son of William and Mary Casey, married Catherine Ryan born circa 1813, in the Parish of Drom and Inch, Diocese of Cashel and Emily on 3.3.1837 in St Mary's Church, Drom Thurles, County Tipperary.
Michael's occupation was that of a Caretaker and he died in Ireland. Catherine arrived in the Colony in 1874 and resided at Adaminaby New South Wales, died at Fryingpan, Adaminaby on 17.3.1883 aged 70 years. They had four children, all of whom emigrated to Australia.
Mary Casey born c1839 Ireland.
Johanna Casey born c 1845 Ireland.
William Casey born c 1849 Ireland.
Michael Casey born 28 July 1850 Ireland. 
Mary Casey arrived in Australia on board "Fitzjames" travelling with her cousin Patrick Casey arriving 1.4.1857. On her arrival in the Monaro district she married Henry Chalker at Cooma by the Rev. Father Kavanagh. They were living then at Eucumbene Station and in the early sixties they selected a property on the Eucumbene River.
Mary and Henry moved to Bolaro where Henry was in the employ of the Cosgrove Family. They had a family of ten children;
John Henry born 1861 - married Jane Law.
William born 1862.
Catherine born 1864.
Priscilla born 25.7.1866 - married James Trayner (Trainer).
Edward born 1868.
Mary born 1870 - married Edward Brayshaw.
Michael Born 1872 - married Agnes E Westerman.
Henry born 1874.
James born 1876 - married Elisha Westerman.
Johanna born 1878 - David Perry.
Mary died on 16.12.1907 in the Cooma Hospital aged 68 years and buried in the Cooma Cemetery.
Henry Chalker died 6.11.1909 aged 74 years and also buried in the Cooma Cemetery.
Johannah Casey second child of Michael and Catherine Casey was born in 1845. At the age of 19 she sailed from Plymouth in the "Sandringham" for Australia, second daughter of Michael and Catherine Casey nee Ryan of Tipperary. She could read and the ship arrived in the Colony on the 26.6.1864.
On the 14.6.1868 Johannah married William Rees at Adaminaby. William came from Milford Haven, Wales, the son of Joseph Rees and Mary Roach. Witnesses were James Chalker and Elizabeth Chalker. William and Johannah had nine children;
William born 11.3.1869 married Alice Burch.
Michael born 9.9.1870 married Anne Eccleston.
Maryanne born 21.12.1871 married Victor Fraser.
Elizabeth born 19.9.1873 became a Catholic Nun, SR Blandina.
Christopher born 25.12.1875 married Eliza Sims.
Catherine born 10.2.1877 married James Riley.
James born 19.9.1879 married Maggie Reddington.
Johannah born 13.5.1881 married Henry Jones.
Francis born 21.6.1885 married Mabel Trune.
The family lived on a small farm at "Frying Pan" near Adaminaby and then moved to Murrumbucca, later into Cooma.
Johannah died on the 19.3.1915, buried at Cooma.
William died 21 .11.1910 aged 79 years also buried at Cooma.
William Casey, third child of Michael and Catherine Casey nee Ryan.
William was born c1849 in Tipperary Ireland and sailed for Australia from Plymouth at the age of 15 years on the "Sandringham" and arrived in New South Wales 26.6.1864 with his sister Johannah Casey. Listed as a herd boy.
William married Mary Flannagan, the daughter of William and Mary nee Heaney/Heeny/Meany. They had eleven children;
Catherine born 1870 .
John born c 1871 .
William born 1872.
Mary Maria born 1873.
Sarah born 1877.
Johanna born 1879.
Michael born 1881.
Charles Christopher born 1884.
Alice Ellen born 1886.
Margaret Florence born 1888.
Cecelia Jane born 1892.
William worked in the gold mines at Adelong and lived around the Tumut Batlow area. He died on 4th September 1924 aged about 75 years at his sister's residence, Mrs Melville of Kogarah.
Michael Casey was born 28.7.1850 County Tipperary Ireland, fourth child of Michael Casey and Catherine nee Ryan married Margaret O'Neill, the daughter of Simon O'Neill from Fethard Tipperary Ireland and Mary Frances Stopp.
Michael arrived in Australia at the age of sixteen on board the ship "Sir Robert Sale" on 13.12.1867. Listed as a labourer and could read and write, his brother William living in the Colony.
Michael owned a property at Adaminaby called "Addicumbene".
They had four children;
Michael Patrick born 29.11.1885 at Adaminaby and married Mary Jane Sims. Seven children.
Mary Emma born 4.10.1896 at Adaminaby and married Ruben Baker, one child.
Catherine Ann born 18.1.1890 and married Ernest James Willimott, nine children
William born 2.5.1900 and married Linda Eileen Cullen and they had five children.
Michael died at Adaminaby on 14.5.1924 aged 73 years and is buried in the Old Adaminaby Cemetery.
Margaret Casey died at the residence of her daughter Mrs EJ Willimott "Homebush Park" Adelong Road Tumbarumba on Wednesday morning 16.10.1946 aged 86 years, also buried in the Old Adaminaby Cemetery. 
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