Martha Broadhurst baptised 18.9.1796, whom we believe to be the daughter of John Broadhurst, farmer and Mary Percival from Warrington, Lancashire, England had a son John William Percival Broadhurst, baptised 17 February 1822 .
In the Warrington Census for 1851 Martha is shown as living in Battersby Lane Warrington.
John married Margaret Bate, daughter of Joseph and Rachel Bate in St Paul's Church Warrington on 11.4.1841.
Children born to John and Margaret in Warrington were James Bate born 31.12.1840 and Joseph born 6.12.1842, buried on 4.8.1844 aged 18 months.
Martha died in the workhouse at Warrington and was buried on the 1st June 1861 aged 65 years. 
On the 18th September 1843 John aged 21 was committed for trial along with John Jefferson, aged 14 and William Norman, aged 13, charged with stealing thirty knives, the property of Mr James Peacock. John was transported to some part beyond the seas for 10 years, whilst William and John were remanded in custody for one year (hard labour).
John was transported to Hobart, Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania), Australia on the convict ship "London" and arrived on the 10.7.1844. On 11.9.1849 he gained his Ticket of Leave and a conditional pardon was granted 3.2.1852.
He applied for permission to marry Sarah Evans, who was transported to Tasmania on 21.7.1847, and did so on 29.10.1849. There were two daughters born, Sarah and Martha.
John's first wife, Margaret and their son James arrived in Australia around the late 1850's. They followed the gold rush through Victoria to Adelong, New South Wales and then onto Tumbarumba, New South Wales. Here they had three more sons;
Joseph born 1859 Upper Tumbarumba
John born 20.5.1861 Upper Tumbarumba
Thomas born 24.11.864 Upper Tumbarumba
John owned his own gold mine at Back Creek Upper Tumbarumba and Margaret ran the Commercial Hotel at Back Creek. He died a sudden death of about three hours on 30.1.1869 aged 46 years. Margaret later remarried to Walter McBowling at the age of 45 years. Margaret died at Back Creek, Tumbarumba on 27.5.1904 aged 78 years and was listed as a widow. 
James Bates Broadhurst first son of John and Margaret Broadhurst married Rachel Elizabeth Parish, born 10.5.1854 in Hobart Town Tasmania, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Parish nee Taylor in Adelong on 8.5.1871, he was listed as being a widower at the time.
They had nine children:
James John born Upper Tumbarumba 12.3.1872 , married Ann Brickmore.
Rachel Maria born Upper Tumbarumba 11.4.1874, married William Kenneth Murray.
Elizabeth Jane born Upper Tumbarumba 11.9.1876, married James Edward Gordon.
Thomas Joseph born Tarcutta Creek 9.4.1879, married Gertrude Emma High.
John William born Upper Tumbarumba, 13.8.1881, married Mary Higgs.
Ann Margaret Martha born Upper Tumbarumba 29.2.884, married William McPherson.
William Manly Beach born Upper Tumbarumba 9.9.1886, married Alice Undine McDermott.
Lily Amelia Susannah Charlotte born Upper Tumbarumba 24.9.1889, married William George Allen.
Myrtle Mabel born Upper Tumbarumba 7.1.1893, married Ritchie Arthur Whitehead.
Joseph Broadhurst second son of John and Margaret Broadhurst born 6.12.1842 and died in Warrington on 4.7.1844.
Joseph Broadhurst third son of John and Margaret Broadhurst married Margaret Lupton born c1863, on 11.1.1883 at Tumbarumba NSW. they moved to New Zealand in 1911 to live at Huntley.
They had five children
Rebecca born c1886 and married George Knight.
William Percival born c 1887
Ernest Albert married Topsy?
John married Beatrice Brown.
Joseph Eli born 7.12.1896 Upper Tumbarumba, married Marie Lupton in 1931. Went to New Zealand to live in 1911.
Joseph Broadhurst is buried in Huntley New Zealand.
John Broadhurst fourth son of John and Margaret Broadhurst married Rebecca Harriet Wright from Grabben Gullen NSW on 11.5.1892
They had five children: 
Joseph born 27.3.1893 at Courabyra Via Tumbarumba and married Clarice Jessie McDermott in 1913.
William Thomas married Hilda McDermott sister to Clarice
Harriet Rebecca born 20 April 1896 at Back Creek Tumbarumba. Harriet married Arthur George Bevan and then John Henry Doherty.
Alice born 17 .9.1906 married Robert Story.
Thomas Broadhurst fifth son of John and Margaret Broadhurst married Harriet Rose Christian, daughter of Peter Christian and Sarah Jane Woodbridge on 25.6.1888 (26 June 1887) at Tumbarumba NSW. Link to Woodbridge Family site.
They had fourteen children
 Rachel May born 17.6.1888, Upper Tumbarumba and married Ernest George Whitehead 24.10.1910.
Charles born 26.3.1890 unmarried.
George William born 13.12.1891, unmarried
Alexander James born 20.9.1893, unmarried
Rose Kathleen born 3.9.1895 died aged 8 years.
David Harold born 1898 and married Margaret Gilbert
Edward John born 27.1.1900 and married Mary Ann Donnelly 24.5.1920.
Robert Oliver born 21.12.1901.
Norman Oswald born 8 .11.1903 and married Jean Ruth Walter 14.3.1942.
Henry Warren born 12.11.1905, unmarried.
Peter Oscar born 29.11.1907 and married Elsie Dugan.
Benjamin Eric born 18.1.1910 married ? Jeffries.
Selwyn Percival born 1911 and married Dorothy Crain.
Leonard Howard born 10.9.1913 married Mary Rudd on 4 June 1934.
The four brothers owned a gold mine at Cherry Hill, Back Creek Tumbarumba.
James died 30.9.1894, buried at Tumbarumba.
Joseph died 6.6.1938, buried in Huntley, New Zealand.
John died in 1941.
Thomas died in 1929.
I have about 1400 descendants listed for John Broadhurst, if you are connected to any of the families please send an Email.
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