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Beyond Federation
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Congress Archive
Sydney Shove speech by Beyond Federation's Deputy Convenor Michael Cranny on 30 June 2009
Meliorist piecemeal tinkering with federalism: recipe for disaster? by Dr Klaas Woldring
at the Australian Federalism: Rescue and Reform conference, Sir Henry Parkes School of Arts Museum,Tenterfield NSW, 23-25 October 2008
Article titled 'Abolish the states and save $50 billion', on page 4 of the Summer 2009–2010 edition of The Order, the National Magazine of The Order of Australia Association.

Abolish the States Collective (ASC)
Home Page
Objectives and Convenor's Invitation
John August in a radio discussion, 22 November 2006

No State Governments political party running for the NSW State Parliament in March 2011
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Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans of the Australian Democrats running for the NSW State Parliament in March 2011
Abolish the States: Why and How?

The Australian Progress Party running for the NSW State Parliament in March 2011
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Policies, including a "common set of National Laws"

Foundation for National Renewal - RestoreAustralia
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Draft Constitution

Citizens Constitution Australia 2009 by Anthony Nicholas
Home Page
Executive Summary
Draft Specifications

Eclipse Now
Abolish the States Summary Page

Australia 100
Issues, Problems and Solutions in State Abolition, by ASC Convenor John August

Republic Now! and Professor Klaas Woldring
Home page
Address to the Nation from Klaas Woldring
What kind of Republic is the real issue
Improving Federalism, by Klaas Woldring, Independent Australia, 4 October 2012

The Australian People's Party
Homepage and Welcome

Beyond Federation - Abolish State Governments
2007 Senate Election Campaign Statement

Abolish State Government political party
Home Page
The Key Benefits of Abolishing State Government

The Progressive Labour Party's Policies for Political, Electoral & Constitutional Reform, Adopted by the National Council, January 2000
See especially Section 2 Item F titled The creation of a two-tier system of elected government with STRONG local government units

Roger Wegener's Blog
Abolish State Governments

The Australia Institute
Seven in 10 Australians support a Commonwealth takeover of public hospitals, and similarly with education and other functions, according to polling released by the Australia Institute on 28 July 2009
State of denial: The impact of the CPRS [Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme] on state government budgets, by Richard Denniss, June 2009
See also the 1 July 2009 Lateline report titled States to raise carbon trading concerns

Bob Buick's Website
Should there be a change to how Australia is governed if/when we become a republic?
Australia-One Country or Seven States?, by Hon. Clyde R Cameron AO presented at a conference University of the Third Age 29 September 1992

Who We Are: A weekly column about Australia, by David Dale
The next big thing is a Statectomy, by David Dale, Sun Herald, 17 February 2008
Come join us, please, by David Dale, Sun Herald, 26 July 2009
A State of quivering expectation, by David Dale, Sun Herald, 9 August 2009

Andrew Carr's Chasing the Norm website
A state without the means of change is without the means of its conservation, 26 May 2009

Northern Truth, by Lance T. Royce
Abolish state governments, says Barnaby Joyce

Injury Support Blogspot
Abolish state governments, 8 August 2006

Various Draft Constitutions
An Alternative Proposal for the Australian Constitution, by David Shannon
Proposed Constitution for the Democratic Republic of Australia, by Garry Bates
A constitution to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a republic, by Simon Bastin

newDemocracy's Citizens' Parliament, Old Parliament House, Canberra, 6-9 February 2009
Final Report
Executive Summary
Should we simplify our system of government?

Can do better
A Two-Tier Australian National State, by John Marlowe

Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)
A New Federation with a Cities and Regional Approach, by Richard Murray, February 2012
Grand design for federation, article on Richard Murray's paper by Verona Burgess, Australian Financial Review, 14 September 2012
Former Treasury deputy secretary Richard Murray's paper proposes abolishing state governments, by Peter Michael, Courier Mail, 28 September 2012
Comment on Richard Murray's paper
as above, by Anthony Nicholas, October 2012

Another Aussie who wants State governments gone!
Cynichook writes: "Veteran journo, George Negus, wants Australia to abolish state governments. Too bad he feels alone; many agree with him"

Abolish the State Governments of Australia
We Support The Abolition of State Governments

GetUp, 2020 Ideas Forum
Over-governance, BigNev's idea

Roy Broff's Vision for Australia includes:
"abolish the states and have just one government – lean, efficient, responsible, transparent and focused on social reform rather than endless state/federal bickering"

Senate Inquiry into an Australian Republic
See Dr Lionel McKenzie's thoughts (on pages 7-8) in response to the question: What is the best way to deal with the position of the states in a federal Australian republic?

In my PhD thesis:

Appendix 3E, titled Recent Media Reports Calling for the Abolition of State Governments, provides a compilation of over 500 media report extracts (including letters to newspapers), dated from 1986 until July 2006, that contain calls for the abolition of State governments or closely related reforms;

Table 4A-1 in Appendix 4A, titled Proposals to Transfer the Education Function, or Part Thereof, from the States and Territories to the Commonwealth, provides extracts from over 50 media reports, dated from 2002 until 2006, that contain calls for a national education system under Commonwealth control or closely related reforms;

Table 4B-1 in Appendix 4B, titled Proposals to Transfer the Health Function, or Part Thereof, from the States and Territories to the Commonwealth, provides extracts of over 190 media reports, dated from 1996 to 2006, that describe support for a national health system under Commonwealth control or closely related reforms;

Table 4D-1 in Appendix 4D, titled Proposals to Transfer Law, Order and Safety Functions from the States and Territories to the Commonwealth, provides extracts of over 80 media reports dated from 1984 to 2006 that describe support for national approaches to at least some element of law, order and safety, including proposals for national laws, a national court system, a national legal profession, national policing efforts, and an Australia-wide approach to domestic national security.

Table 4E-1 in Appendix 4E, titled Proposals to Transfer Multiple Functions from the States and Territories to the Commonwealth, provides extracts of over 100 media reports, dated from 1994 to 2006, that describe support for national control of multiple government functions, including proposals to transfer functions from State and Territory governments to the Commonwealth government, and calls for national approaches in functional areas besides the areas of education, health, and law, order and safety that are addressed in Appendices 4A, 4B and 4D.

ABC Fora
Should State Governments Be Abolished?, 27 May 2009

ABC Unleashed
2020 Unleashed - Get rid of the states, 16 April 2008
Abolish State Governments, 28 May 2009

ABC reports
Push on to abolish state governments, ABC News, 10 July 2003
Two-tier govt preferred in Qld, NSW: study, ABC News, 29 April 2006
Federalism failing Australia: Costello, ABC news, 2 July 2006
Costello renews call for ports handover, ABC news, 2 July 2006
Treasurer backs Commonwealth control of tax, ABC news, 2 July 2006
Federalism failing Australia: Costello, AM radio program, 3 July 2006
Downer backs push to take powers from states, ABC news, 3 July 2006
Costello steps up federalism push, ABC news, 4 July 2006
Cook's O'Brien wants state dismembered, ABC News, 8 August 2007
Country areas better off without states: Windsor, ABC News, 23 August 2007
Councils see benefit in no state government, ABC North Coast (NSW) News, 17 April 2008
Abolish states to avoid duplication: Fitzgibbon, ABC news, 4 July 2008
Abbott wants to overrule states in Constitution overhaul, ABC news, 10 July 2008
Scrap the state: NSW councils, ABC News, 28 October 2008
Global downturn 'spells end of state govts', ABC News, 11 May 2009
Abolish the states?, Australia Talks with Paul Barclay, 30 June 2009
Abolish states, says former NT chief minister, ABC news, 1 July 2009

Blogocracy, by Tim Dunlop
The states are dead, 14 November 2006

The LaborTribune on Republicanism - see especially:

A democratic constitution should ... abolish the states and introduce strong regional-local government.

Discussion paper by Bruce Atkinson, Deputy President of the Victorian Legislative Council and State Member for Victoria's Eastern Metropolitan Region
Is it time to abolish state governments?, January 2008

GetUp Campaign Ideas Forum
Get rid of states governments and give more power to local government

Recent newspaper articles
Some proposals for reforming government in Australia, by Bob Gould, Ozleft, 4 August 1999
Ending great divide, by Vernon Graham, The Land, 24 February 2005
Australia doesn't need states: Howard, by Tim Colebatch, The Age, 25 March 2005
State governments may become a thing of the past, by Tony Wright, The Bulletin, 8 June 2005
Australia without its states, Gippsland Times, 7 July 2005
'Crazy' state system costing us billions, by William Birnbauer, The Age, 6 August 2006
'No need' for the states, by Jonathan Pearlman, Sydney Morning Herald, 9 March 2007
Let's just dump the states: Natoli, Sunshine Coast Daily, 28 May 2007
Defend indigenous land rights, fight for a democratic republic, by Marcus Strom, Labor Tribune, 8 July 2007
Abolishing state govs would save $30bn, by Paul Kerin, The Australian, 28 August 2007
MPs' brainstorm creates whirlpool of ideas, by Michelle Grattan and Misha Schubert, The Age, 19 September 2007
Nationals candidate Hajnal Ban rejects State politics, by Steven Wardill, Courier-Mail, 4 February 2008
The next big thing is a Statectomy, by David Dale, Sun Herald, 17 February 2008
Nation tired of confrontation, says Hawke, by Paul Kelly, The Australian, 5 March 2008
Fletcher to speak at Rudd’s 2020 summit, by Lynton Grace, Dubbo Daily Liberal, 2 April 2008
Call for states to be abolished, The Age, 19 April 2008
The big idea at the 2020 Summit, Sydney Morning Herald, 21 April 2008
Mary's radical 2020 vision ends in tiers, by Letea Cavander, Bundaberg News Mail, 22 April 2008
Local delivery, by Lindsay Tanner, The Australian, 10 June 2008
NSW coalition to get rid of federation 'relics', by Imre Salusinszky, The Australian, 13 June 2008
Voters want Rudd to sort out states, by Mike Steketee, The Australian, 3 July 2008
Abolish state governments: Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon, The Australian, 3 July 2008
Fitzgibbon after Federation: abolish the states, by David McLennan, Canberra Times, 4 July 2008
Call to abolish costly states, says Defence Minister, Herald Sun, 4 July 2008
A classic cop-out, by Mike Steketee, The Australian, 4 July 2008
Call to end state governments, by Dennis Atkins, Courier-Mail, 11 July 2008
Ain't broke, but it needs fixing, by AJ Brown, The Australian, 26 July 2008
Former premier Bob Carr's plan for state governments, by Linda Silmalis, Sunday Telegraph, 3 August 2008
Replacing Federation is An Urgent Matter, by Klaas Woldring, The Epoch Times, 5 September 2008
Abolish state governments, says Michael Costa, by Simon Benson, Daily Telegraph, 13 September 2008
Abolish state governments, says Costa, Daily Telegraph, 13 September 2008
Abolish state governments, says ousted treasurer, by Alex Tibbitts, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 September 2008
Michael Costa calls for state governments to be abolished, by Simon Benson, Courier-Mail, 13 September 2008
No accounting for states, by Mike Steketee, The Australian, 13 September 2008
Throw Off the Yoke of State Governments, by David Fletcher, Wagga Wagga Guide, 16 September 2008
Abolish state tier: Council push to shrink government, by Jacqui Jones, Newcastle Herald, 1 October 2008
Abolish state rule, says Joyce, Courier-Mail, 17 November 2008
Abolish state governments, says Barnaby Joyce, Courier-Mail, 17 November 2008
SOS: Abolish State Governments, by David Fletcher, Wagga Wagga Guide, 1 December 2008
Feds must take over Murray: GetUp, The Independent Weekly, 8 April 2009
Spill no tears for the middle tier, by Barnaby Joyce, Sydney Morning Herald, 25 May 2009
Queensland voters want to axe state MPs, by Steven Wardill, Courier-Mail, 24 June 2009
Minister wants to abolish state governments, The Australian, 01 July 2009
Come join us, please, by David Dale, Sun Herald, 26 July 2009
Billions 'wasted' in health system: report, by Siobhain Ryan, The Australian, 27 July 2009
Health reform needs a federal fix first, by George Williams, Sydney Morning Herald, 28 July 2009
Former mayor says state govts not needed, by Peter Gardiner and Bill Hoffman, Sunshine Coast Daily, 1 September 2009
Is it time to ditch the states?, by Merran Hitchick, The Land, 13 September 2009 (online - was in print edition on 10 September 2009)
Reducing red tape key to reform, by Lindsay Tanner, Sydney Morning Herald, 30 November 2009 (see also in the Age and the Brisbane Times)
At least one state deserves to be abolished, by David Penberthy, The Australian (not available online but see this article at the Punch website), 13 February 2010
Kevin Rudd to cut away the dead tissue of our ailing health care system, by Sue Dunlevy, Daily Telegraph, 2 March 2010
PM sidelines states on healthcare, by Sue Dunlevy, Courier-Mail, 2 March 2010
Is it time to abolish state governments?, by Michael Lund, Courier-Mail, 5 March 2010
Health could prove terminal for the states, by Mike Steketee, The Australian, 6 March 2010
Former health chief backs takeover, by Peter Caton, Tweed Daily News (see same article in the Northern Star), 6 March 2010, includes: "We should abolish states altogether"
Shift the state of play, by Paul Williams, Courier-Mail, 9 March 2010 (not available online)
Ron Clarke Wants States Abolished, by Melinda Marshall, The Gold Coast Bulletin, 5 April 2010
Rising support to abolish state governments, by Mike Steketee, The Australian, 10 April 2010
Government should be on the level, by Mike Steketee, The Australian, 10 April 2010
Political sacred cows turned out to pasture, by Michael Stuchbury, The Australian, 10 April 2010
Independent to run for Richmond to abolish states, Tweed Daily News, 10 April 2010
We need a system to save us from state stuff-ups, The Australian, 12 April 2010
Do we still need state govts?, by Bernard Keane, Crikey, 19 April 2010
How voters feel about state governments: it’s not healthy respect, by Bernard Keane, Crikey, 20 April 2010
Bob Hawke and John Howard question why states exist, Herald Sun, 22 April 2010
Bob Hawke and John Howard debate our future, The Australian, 22 April 2010
Border escape for criminal, Tweed Daily News, 22 April 2010
Abolish the states say independents, Tweed Shire Echo, 22 July 2010
Hung parliament a chance to overhaul whole system, by Peter Beattie, The Australian, 11 September 2010

Letters to newspapers available online
Answer to tax stoush is to abolish state governments, by Robert S. Buick, Sydney Morning Herald, 25 March 2005
Extra Level Of Government Means We're Tripping Over Ourselves, by Peter Arthur, Sydney Morning Herald, 15 February 2008
States rule, and the country as a whole misses out, by David Catchlove, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 December 2008
pare us another 100 years of parochial politics, by various writers, Sydney Morning Herald, 27 May 2009

Searches on the FACTIVA media report database provide strong evidence that the numbers of media articles discussing the abolition of State governments or closely related reform ideas has significantly increased in recent years.

Online Opinion articles (besides those linked to near the bottom of the main Government Structure Reform page)
National Development and the Constitution, by Lance Endersbee - posted Thursday, 15 July 1999
The Economic Consequences of the Constitutions and of the GST, by Lance Endersbee - posted Wednesday, 15 March 2000
Why Australia's states are doomed, by Gavin Putland - posted Saturday, 30 June 2001
Abolishing the states - the benefits ignored, by John August - posted Tuesday, 30 August 2005
Would Kevin Rudd deliver two-tier government?, by Klaas Woldring - posted Thursday, 4 January 2007
Australia’s federal structure is no longer appropriate, by John August and Klaas Woldring - posted Tuesday, 1 May 2007
Burgeoning crisis of federalism, by Marcus Strom, posted 18 July 2007
Canning federalism - the Liberals' legacy?, by Klaas Woldring - posted Monday, 3 September 2007
Cost-shifting, blame-shifting and profligacy, by Paul Kerin - posted Thursday, 6 September 2007
Early moves towards replacing federation?, by Klaas Woldring - posted 23 March 2010

Larvatus Prodeo
Do state governments still matter?, 2 March 2009

Petition to Abolish State Government in Australia
And another petition to Abolish State Governments

Numerous past and present Commonwealth, State and Territory parliamentarians have publicly supported the abolition of State governments or similar reforms.   Current Commonwealth parliamentarians who have openly supported such reforms are described here.  This website will soon display similar lists for former Commonwealth parliamentarians and State, Territory and local politicians past and present, in addition to this website's local government page.

Historical newspaper reports - newspaper articles dated 1954 and earlier (obtained from the national libraries of Australia and New Zealand and Google newspapers):

To Correspondents (compilation of many news reports), The Argus (Melbourne), 23 November 1880, Pages 4-5, includes, on page 5:
The economic section of the Social Science Congress met yesterday when the Hon. T. Loader delivered the presidential address. There were indications, he said, of an approaching general confederation of the seven colonies of Australia. Many questions of uniformity of practice might, however, be resolved upon without waiting for a federal union. The Quixotic dispute over the border duties was one small instance of this, and the best way to end this dispute was, he contended, by abolishing the boundary, and uniting Victoria and New South Wales into one large state, with only one Parliament, one Government, and one Supreme Court. He thought also that there should be a uniformity of gauge on the several railway systems, so that the capitals of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth might be connected by railway.

The Union of the Railway Systems of New South Wales and Victoria: Celebration at Albury, The Argus (Melbourne), 15 June 1883, Page 6, includes:
Sir JOHN ROBERTSON ... observed that Victoria separated from New South Wales when she was herself rich and the parent colony poor. New South Wales, however, cherished no ill-will towards Victoria, but would gladly receive her daughter back again with open arms, and would let bygones be bygones. ...
I [Sir JAMES SERVICE, Premier of Victoria] have given notice to the Premier of New South Wales of the intention of my Government to take the first opportunity of pressing the unification of Australia on New South Welshmen and Victorians. And now, gentlemen, I am going to address you in a new capacity. I wish to tell you that I verily hope to see the grand Dominion Parliament established in my lifetime ...

The Premier at Tamworth. His Scheme of Federation. A Sketch of a "Unified" Australia, Broken Hill Miner, 22 May 1894, Page 2
New South Wales and Victoria: Sir George Dibbs's Proposed Scheme of Unification, Sydney Morning Herald, 28 May 1894, Page 5
The Federation Question. Sir George Dibbs's Scheme. One Government and One Parliament., The Brisbane Courier, 28 May 1894, Page 5
Pedlar's Pack, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill), 28 May 1894, Page 2, includes:
Sir G. R. Dibbs' [unification] scheme is merely an adaptation of that of his political father, Sir John Robertson, who always held that we should go back to the days before separation when all Australia was one colony, and there was only one central Government in Sydney.
Sir George Dibbs on Federation: The Colonies to Form One Union, the West Australian, 4 June 1894, Page 3
The Unification Scheme: Dibbs Opens Negotiations with Victoria, Barrier Minier (Broken Hill), 15 June 1894, Page 1
Unification of New South Wales and Victoria, South Australian Register (Adelaide), 30 June 1894, Page 5
The Unification of Australia: the Country Press on Sir George Dibbs's Proposal, Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 21 June 1894, Page 3

A Federal or a Unitarian Commonwealth?  The Latter to be Desired, by T. J. J. Bakhap, Launceston Examiner, 3 February 1897, Page 7

Address by Mr. Lyne, the Queenslander (Brisbane), 3 June 1899, Page 1007
The Attitude of Mr. Lyne, M.L.A., An Opponent of the Bill, Unification Preferable to Faulty Federation, Sydney Morning Herald, 31 May 1899, Page 8

The Cost of Government, the Register (Adelaide), 17 February 1902, Page 6
Australian Parliaments: Suggested Change, Kalgoorlie Western Argus, 18 February 1902, Page 34
Altered States, Western Mail (Perth), 1 March 1902, Page 32
Reform, Meetings in the Suburbs, The Argus (Melbourne), Thursday 3 July 1902, Page 7, see especially:
At a meeting of the Tennyson Farmers' Association, held at Tennyson-hall on June 28, for the purpose of discussing the reform question, it was moved by Mr. T. Watson and seconded by Mr. T. O'Brien, and carried unanimously:- "That, in the opinion of the association, the time had now arrived when we should have unification of Australian interests and abolition of state Parliaments, as we think one Parliament with the assistance of the municipal councils, quite sufficient to legislate for Austnlia. We also favour the increasing of the number of federal members to twice as many as we have got at the present time. We would then have a member for every 14,000 approximate; also the leasing of   railways and the abolition of the free-pass system, together with the consolidating of the national debt of Australia."

Political Labour League: The Annual Conference, Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 2 January 1903, Page 6, see especially:
The principal proposals on   the agenda paper are as follows -Trades Union Act amendment ..., national system of water conservation and irrigation, ... abolition of State Parliaments in favour of liberal federal representation and comprehensive local government, ...
The Unemployed: Deputation to Sir Edmund Barton, Some Wholesome Advice. Abolition Of State Parliaments, The Argus (Melbourne), Friday 27 March 1903, Page 6

Unification v. Federation, Adelaide Advertiser, 2 May 1904, Page 9
Abolition of State Parliaments, Adelaide Advertiser, Tuesday 10 May 1904, Page 9
Albury, Sydney Morning Herald, 7 July 1904, Page 6, includes: "Mr.H. F. Ogilvie, selected Liberal and Reform candidate for Albury ... favoured the abolition of the State Parliament ..."

Australian Unification, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill), 11 March 1905, Page 4
Mr. Austin Chapman, Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 15 March 1905, Page 7, includes: "He advocated the abolition of State Governors and State Government Houses, and he also aimed at one Parliament for Australia."

Overgoverned Australia, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill), 14 April 1905, Page 2
Are we Overgoverned?, the Examiner (Launceston), 1 May 1905, Page 4
The High Commissioner, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill), 5 May 1905, Page 2, includes:
All patriotic Australians look forward to the time when there shall be little if anything either spoken or thought or New South Wales or Victoria or Queensland or South Australia, when the very existence of the States as such shall be for- gotten in the recognition of the great fact of the Commonwealth. And because, as Senator Mathe- son appreciates, the presence of a High Commissioner for Aus- tralia in London will promote the recognition of Australian unity, and even make for Australian unification, patriotic Australians are anxious for the early creation and filling of the office. For the same reasons State officialdom would delay the appointment for just as long as it is able.

Is Unification Coming?, Adelaide Advertiser, Thursday 19 July 1906, Page 6
Cowper, Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 26 November 1906, page 8, see address by Mr Eugene F. Rudder in Kempsey

Is Australia Overgoverned? Public Meeting in Victoria, Abolition Of State Parliaments Urged, Adelaide Advertiser, Wednesday 24 July 1907, Page 7
The Cost of Government, by George Prout, Adelaide Advertiser, Thursday 22 August 1907, Page 6
Anti Humbug League: A Unification Movement, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill), 2 September 1907, Page 2
To Abolish State Parliaments: Southern Cross Wants Referendum, Sydney Morning Herald, 13 September 1907, Page 7
State Parliaments, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill), 18 October 1907, Page 5

Unification – One Parliament for all Australia, Northern Territory Times and Gazette, Friday 24 April 1908, Page 3
Movement for Unification, the Mercury (Hobart), 16 May 1908, Page 5
The Cost of Government, by "Female Elector", Adelaide Advertiser, Thursday 21 May 1908, Page 9
Unification: the Devenport Meeting, the Examiner (Launceston), 8 June 1908, Page 7

Unification, the Examiner (Launceston), 15 June 1908, Page 7
Unification Movement Meeting at Ulverstone, the Examiner (Launceston), 13 July 1908, Page 6
Unification, Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 4 September 1908, Page 9
Unification: Petition for a Referendum, The Mercury (Hobart), Saturday 26 September 1908, page 5
The Unification of Australia, by R. A. Hobbes, Northern Territory Times and Gazette, Friday 9 October 1908, Page 2
Unification, The Argus (Melbourne), Saturday 17 October 1908, Page 21
Unification, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill), 21 October 1908, Page 1, includes: "The committee estimates a saving for Australia by unification of £6,000,000 per year. "

Unification: Mr. J. C. Watson's Views, Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 23 February 1909, Page 7
Unification for Australia, Adelaide Advertiser, Monday 8 March 1909, Page 12
Movement for Unification, Sydney Morning Herald, 2 June 1909, Page 8
Unification, The North Western Advocate and the Emu Bay Times (Tasmania), Thursday 3 June 1909, Page 4
Young Australia National Party, Adelaide Advertiser, 17 June 1909, Page 5
Young Australia Party, Adelaide Advertiser, 1 July 1909, Page 9

Young Australia Party, Adelaide Advertiser, 15 July 1909, Page 9
Young Australia Party, Adelaide Advertiser, 29 July 1909, Page 10
Unification of Australia: Dr Creed's Views, Sydney Morning Herald, Friday 13 August 1909, Page 7
Young Australia Party, Adelaide Advertiser, 21 September 1909, Page 8
What Australia Needs, Wanganui Herald, New Zealand, 30 October 1909, Page 4
State Parliaments and Governors: Their Abolition Proposed, Adelaide Advertiser, Thursday 11 November 1909, Page 10
Young Australia Party, Adelaide Advertiser, 23 November 1909, Page 9

Young Australia National Party, Adelaide Advertiser, 22 December 1909, Page 6

Federal Politics: A Unification Candidate, Sydney Morning Herald, 8 January 1910, Page 8
Unification: Political Labour League, Motion Discussed, Brisbane Courier, 29 January 1910, Page 4
The Labour Party and Unification, the West Australian, 29 January 1910, Page 11
Political Labor League: Abolition of State Parliaments, Railway Travelling Question, Adelaide Advertiser, Monday 31 January 1910, Page 8
Government of the Commonwealth, Colonist (New Zealand), 31 January 1910, Page 3
Unification of Australia, Evening Post (New Zealand), 31 January 1910, Page 7
Young Australia National Party, Adelaide Advertiser, 3 March 1910, Page 10
More Labor Unificationists, Sunday Times (Perth), 27 March 1910, Page 13 (also stated as "Second Section, Page 5")
Unification, the Advertiser (Adelaide), 2 April 1910, Page 20
Unification: Australia the "Joke of the World." How to Save Eight Millions a Year, Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 30 May 1910, Page 4
"Abolish State Governments": A Federal Bill, Adelaide Advertiser, Thursday 14 July 1910, Page 9
Unification: Motion in Federal Parliament, Sydney Morning Herald,14 July 1910, Page 9
Abolish State Government, Commonwealth Provinces, Grey River Argus (New Zealand), 14 July 1910, Page 6
Abolition of State Governments, Ashburton Guardian (New Zealand), 14 July 1910, Page 1
The Labor Party and Unification, Adelaide Advertiser, 15 July 1910, Page 6

Abolition of State Parliaments, the Register (Adelaide), 18 July 1910, Page 3
Social Democratic Party, Adelaide Advertiser, Wednesday 3 August 1910, Page 13, see especially:
The fighting general platform includes the abolition of State Parliaments and Legislative Councils; abolition of the offices of Governors in Australia; one Parliament of 150 members in the Commonwealth, and as the population increases at every six years so shall the representation increase ...
Abolishing States: Mr Bamford's Bill, the Advertiser (Adelaide), 14 September 1910, Page 12
Unification: Mr Bamford's Bill, Sydney Morning Herald,14 September 1910, Page 9
Unification: Mr Bamford's Bill, Sixteen Provinces Proposed, Brisbane Courier, 14 September 1910, Page 5
Unification of Australia: Mr Bamford's Measure, Abolition of State Parliaments, West Australian, 14 September 1910, Page 7
Unification Bill: Proposed Reconstruction Of Commonwealth, The Mercury (Hobart), Wednesday 14 September 1910, Page 5
Unificationists at Work, Brisbane Courier, 16 September 1910, Page 4

Unification, Mr Griffith's Declaration, One Parliament Only, Sydney Morning Herald, 18 March 1911, Page 15
The Referenda, the Advertiser (Adelaide), 29 March 1911, Page 12, includes the following from James Jefferis:
More than 39 years ago, in a lecture on the "Federation of Australia," delivered in the Adelaide Town Hall, with the Governor, Sir W. F. D. Jervois, in the chair, and several Premiers and ex-Premiers on the platform, I ventured to define the respective func- tions of Federal and State Governments. At that time Sir Henry Parkes had de- clared himself in favor of legislative union as against Federal union. He advocated the abolishment of all our State Parlia- ments, and the creation of a single Par- liament for au Australia. Instead of State Parliaments we were to have--I use his own words--"a more competent order of municipalities, with powers for dealing with local improvements."
State Parliaments, Evening Post (New Zealand), 20 April 1911, Page 7
Unification: Young Australia National Party, The Argus (Melbourne), Friday 6 October 1911, Page 9
Unification Proposal, the Examiner (Launceston), 6 October 1911, Page 8
Young Australia Party, the Mercury (Hobart), 6 October 1911, Page 3

For Unification, Sydney Morning Herald, 10 October 1911, Page 10

Labour Conference: Startling Proposals, Six Hours a Day, Abolition of State Parliaments, No Imperial Titles, Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 4 January 1912, Page 9
Federal Affairs, Alice Springs as Capital, the Advertiser (Adelaide), 12 July 1912, Page 10
"One Parliament.", the Young Australia Party's Policy, the Advertiser (Adelaide), 4 November 1912, Page 10
Unification, Federal Referenda Proposals, Mr. Hughes Moves the Second Reading, Strong Reply by Mr. Deakin, Brisbane Courier, 20 November 1912, Page 10
Unification: Mr Bamford Supports it, Cairns Post, 13 December 1912, Page 8

Unification Again, the "Young Australia" Party, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill), 5 April 1913, Page 8
Federal Elections: Labour and Unification, Sydney Morning Herald, 12 April 1913, Page 22

Labour Party and Farmers, the Advertiser (Adelaide), 2 June 1914, Page 5, includes "State Legislatures should be abolished altogether and more power given to the Federal Parliament, and in order to have local matters attended to greater powers conferred on district councils"

Local Government Engineers' Conference: Mr. Griffith on Unification, Sydney Morniong Herald, 11 May 1915, Page 7
Possible Unification: State Parliaments May Go When the War is Over, Barrier Miner (Broken Hill), 5 November 1915, Page 2

Labor Favors Unification, Adelaide Advertiser, Wednesday 6 September 1916, Page 6
Abolition of State Parliaments, Adelaide Advertiser, Monday 11 September 1916, Page 9
Labour Party for Unification, Cairns Post, 20 September 1916, Page 4
One Parliament, Adelaide Advertiser, 15 November 1916, Page 10
Party System and National Government, the Advertiser (Adelaide), 29 November 1916, Page 8

Local Government: the Coming Elections, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 April 1917, Page 8, see under sub-heading 'The Superfluous State Parliament'
A Plea for Unification, Cairns Post, 10 October 1917, Page 3

Labour Conference ... Unification a Plank, The Mercury (Hobart), Friday 21 June 1918, Page 4
Unification Movement, Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton), 25 July 1918, Page 6
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Mr. J. C. Eldridge's Address, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 January 1931, Page 10, includes:

The plain fact facing this country was that the Senate should be abolished. This with the abolition of State Governors and State Parliaments would save millions per annum, at present being squandered in a monstrous manner. Australia was the most over-governed country in the world. The cost of legislation was staggering.
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See last paragraph, under sub-heading 'CANON ROBERTSON'S SERMON'
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Simplified Laws and Taxes.—The Lord Mayor of Brisbane (Ald. Jones), speaking at a Real Estate Institute luncheon, said that Australia should have only one land tax, one income tax, one Parliament, and one Governor. Some day the Australian sentiment must prevail, and then no imaginary borderlines would separate the one people with the same ideals and aspirations.
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At a special meeting of the Abolition of State Parliaments League, a council of 12 was formed to work for the "abolishing of State Parliaments and the vesting of more powers in local government bodies, similar to the system of government in London and Glasgow."
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"ONE PARLIAMENT" Party Claims Progress, Canberra Times (ACT : 1926-1954) Tuesday 6 July 1943, Page 2
Note that the One Parliament for Australia (OPFA) political party referred to in the 8 May and 6 July 1943 articles as above is described by Paul Davey on pages 47-48 of his book Politics in the Blood: The Anthonys of Richmond (UNSW Press, Sydney 2008).  Davey writes that "J. W. Anderson ... formed a movement called One Parliament for Australia (OPFA), the underlying objective of which was to abolish the states."
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