Gungahlin Secondary College - excessive delays in the provision of the full set of K-12 public schools for the Gungahlin-Hall district of the ACT

Gungahlin provides a classic example of a neglected and peripheralised outer urban district.  Here we are in the ACT - by far the most educationally and financially advantaged of Australia's eight States and Territories - and Gungahlin is not going to receive the full set of K-12 public schools until its population is about that of Wagga (NSW's most populous inland city).

The following documents have been prepared to draw attention to this extraordinary story of contemptuous neglect of a significant fraction of the ACT population:

Submission to the ACT Government Schools Education Council (GSEC) on Future Directions in ACT Government Schools, dated October 2003, recommending that a Secondary College should be built in Gungahlin as a matter of urgent priority

Australian Bureau of Statistics Evidence That Gungahlin Has Already Surpassed the "280 Year 11 Students" Hurdle Set by the ACT Government as a Requirement to Begin Operations of a Gungahlin Secondary College, dated August 2005

Gungahlin Secondary College – An Example of a Moving Target!, dated November 2005

Fact Sheet on when Gungahlin Secondary College will have its First Year 11 and 12 Classes, updated to January 2009, which indicates that Gungahlin Secondary College will operate Year 11 classes for the first time not in 2010, as promised for the past few years, but in 2011.  It is acknowledged now that the planners and builders need to be able to do their jobs properly.  Politicians are responsible for the excessive delays in providing Gungahlin residents with the full set of K-12 public schools.

If Gungahlin Secondary College operates Year 11 classes for the first time in 2011, that will be a full four years later than Burgmann Secondary College operated its first Year 11 classes in 2007.

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